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Ancestral Empowerment

Ancestral Empowerment


The Ancestors mother-blend, combined with empowering, fortifying herbs such as Solomon’s seal, High John the Conquerer root, holy basil, and Balm of Gilead, along with proprietary others, golden copal resin, citrine, garnet, genuine 24k gold, and the intent to call one’s Ancestors to attention and arms. Organic cold pressed olive oil.

Increases your ancestors’ vigilance, ability to provide protection, and power to influence. Excellent for when going through big life changes or under attack, and you need the powers watching over you operating on all cylinders.

Should you have magical requests to make of your ancestors, use this sub-series before or during petitions to activate, empower, and fortify their abilities. Anoint/ smoke tools or weapons your dead used in life, or implements of power you’d like to provide for their use on the other side, in your defense or to achieve requested aims.

Anoint yourself or take a smoke bath to encourage your ancestors to watch your back, and walk at your side.

Note that giving troublesome ancestors a bunch of extra energy and strength to work with isn’t a great idea. This blend should be applied carefully (or avoided) for those with complicated and unresolved family histories, or asshole skeletons in the family crypt.

One may, though, choose to use the Ancestral Empowerment sub-series in work targeted toward blocks of very old and wise ancestors a la the work of Dr. Daniel Foor in regards to ancestral lineage repair, or specific deceased individuals of the happy, healthy, and well-adjusted variety.

Use after calling your Dead to the here-and-now via Hermanubis or The Ancestors, or standalone. Potentially effective before Channeling to make the dead louder, but also more willful. This and Comfort work to counter purpose/ cancel one another out, so I recommend avoiding that combination in the same session.

Pure and uncut herbs, resins, essential oils, metal leaf, and gemstones. No fillers or artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Half ounce glass vial of Ancestral Empowerment Oil for $66, 1/2 oz Tincture, Incense, or Powder for $27

Please Note: While the Ancestral Empowerment Tincture does not contain anything poisonous or inedible, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Use externally to anoint yourself or objects. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Any internal consumption is undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in

1/2 oz


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Saturday, September 7th 2019. Chart in image gallery.


Ancestral Empowerment Oil, Ancestral Empowerment Incense, Ancestral Empowerment Powder, Ancestral Empowerment Tincture 1/2 oz, Ancestral Empowerment Tincture 1 oz

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  1. The Ancestors Ancestral Empowerment is just that.
    After months of avoiding use of the materia, I slowly began with The Ancestors. Bringing the powder along to the family cemetery for visits. Mixing the powder into the soil and sprinkling over the names of chosen beloved dead. Then moved on to Ancestral Comfort having felt the need. I felt the connections growing stronger each visit.

    Most recently I visited with Ancestral Empowerment. Anointing myself with the oil. While tidying the area of the plaque and cleansing plaque with Florida water I spoke with my Mother asking for guidance as I navigate a Big life change. Then sprinkled Ancestral Empowerment powder over her name on the plaque, gently rubbing over it with fingertips.
    This visit to my Mother as well as my Father, Grandparents, and others not known in life, was the most pleasant visit. I left feeling a closeness with them and having a very profound sense of peace.

    The very next morning I had an email from my Aunt Jane, mom’s sister in AZ, who I hadn’t communicated with in 6 months. We began a very pleasant correspondence via email. My Aunt has lived through the same Big life change I have been planning and is a trusted source of knowledge. I’m grateful for this correspondence as my Aunt is the only living relative besides my now estranged brothers. I look forward to continuing this correspondence and credit working with The Ancestors, Ancestral Empowerment materia for this gift.

    Now feeling confident to continue my work with The Ancestors, Channel.

  2. Writing this review in late May 2020 after using this oil for over 6 months. I needed all the help I could call on in order to do deeply healing work for myself and my family. Using this oil brought far more than I ever could have imagined. In light of all that is happening in the world today I’d strongly recommend everyone do this type of work. This is for those looking to deepen their connection to the powers who truly do have your back: your own bloodline. Healing comes from many different approaches, and doing the work to connect with the life singing in your blood helps you lift your voice for others and can certainly offer supportive energy and clarity of vision and action. Our world needs magic from deep within. What is deeper than your own bones? I believe this oil helped me connect more powerfully with my bloodline and ancestors, and that connection fortified my healing journey in ways I never would have accessed alone. I’m grateful & hope others find using this oil, or any of the other Ancestor series, brings them deeper in to the empowerment that already exists deep within themselves. I hope we all use what powers we do have to help those without power.

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