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The Ancestors

The Ancestors


Hermanubis was called to open the way and empower the entire Ancestral Series during a prime astrological election for contacting the deceased. Herbs and resins with necromantic and familial properties such as bloodroot, hops, mugwort, star anise, parsley, myrrh, and proprietary others, were combined, prayed over, and suffumigated using Hermanubis incense for the purpose of facilitating general ancestral contact.

This blend was infused in organic sunflower oil, with a portion reserved to create the incense and powder. The rest was used as the “mother” herbal blend for specialty categories within The Ancestral Series — Comfort, Empowerment, and Channel.

This sub-set, simply “The Ancestors”, acts as a primer for Ancestral work and devotions. It builds a bridge between you and your Dead, calling them to the here-and-now, wherever and whenever that happens to be. Use as summons before making offerings, or you can spike them with your own magic to facilitate personal ancestral goals.

To best establish close contact, use these or Hermanubis materia to issue the invitation/ bring all your Dead to the yard (so to speak!). Give offerings or follow up with items from specialized sub-sets to support your desired aims and outcomes, to help you and your ancestors resolve unfinished business, or to work toward specific magical objectives with the class of spirits we call the Dead. Your Dead, specifically.

Pure and uncut herbs, resins, essential oils, metal leaf, and gemstones. No fillers or artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Half ounce glass vials of The Ancestors Oil for $66, Incense or Powder for $27





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

1/2 oz


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Saturday, September 7th 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I love to dress candles offered for ancestral veneration with this powder. Very supportive in connecting with ancestors!


Smells alluring, even welcoming. I had to taper off use because it made my ancestors *too* active, disturbing my dreams and inviting problematic phenomena -- but I have some ancestral complications that make it a riskier area of engagement for me. In my opinion, my experiences demonstrate both the efficacy of the materia and the wisdom in following the instructions and cautions included with each order.


It's the time of year when I'm deep into ancestral work again, and nearing the end of this particular incense. Such a noticeable shift in the air as soon as it lights up. An invaluable tool at the ancestor altar.


Communing with the earth, but so grounded that it becomes the stillness of the dead. It was a bit disconcerting at first, but I guess that's what it feels like to be at the veil

For more-than-human ancestors, too

The first time I worked with this series I felt myself pulled deep into the Earth herself, and connecting to all Whom She had ever birthed. There was a strong message that these too are our ancestors and available for both reverence and connection. This materia acts as a “signal booster” in all my ancestral contacts.
I have since used materia from this series as an offering to my beloved human ancestors as well as in workings and offerings to Hekate, whom this is perfect for.


I bought this series after it came out to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and connect more deeply with my ancestors. After lighting it, I really heard their messages and heard their voices loud and clear. I've always been sensitive to the dead so it didn't take much for them to show up and be heard. I did have to spray Sol after to clear the field as I had some mischievous folx want to linger. I've developed a solid relationship with my loving, well ancestors now and this series is largely to thank for it.

Ancestor Powder

This powder sits on my Hermanubis altar and a little sprinkle with an offering or an ask works really well. Combines well with Saturn materia (Saturn rules my IC). When combined with Saturn, can bring some old lost memories that sometime feels like from a different lifetime.


Connects me with my ancestors and served as a way to honor them.

thank you

Brought immediate connection with my ancestors, who showed up through my parents suddenly finding never-revealed heirlooms. Really incredible.

Ayan Watson

My dead truly fux with this incense. I don’t know how else to put it, I just wish I could grab some more. Clarified and strengthened the connection, in the sense of… we were already on the phone, but the call got clearer. I’m on the waitlist for a reason.


  1. My dead truly fux with this incense. I don’t know how else to put it, I just wish I could grab some more. Clarified and strengthened the connection, in the sense of… we were already on the phone, but the call got clearer. I’m on the waitlist for a reason.

  2. I ordered the Ancestors oil to work through ancestral trauma during a moon profection year, and to connect with my beloved companion dog of many years who’d passed away. This material is *very powerful* as it really knocked me on my ass the first time I used it. But it really is amazing for its purpose and integrated into my altar work and upcoming plans for Samhain.

  3. The presence of The Ancestors powder, along with a few key things on my altar, it having been washed with S+S Hermanubis natron and the appropriate essential oil, helped me get off to a running start with the work on a good Saturn election.

    A beloved ancestor actually did me an unsolicited favour later that day that I wasn’t necessarily ready to accept, and I haven’t re-engaged yet!

    Thank you for helping with the way-opening, it’s an intimidating magical direction to expand into and using your materia will continue to help me develop confidence with it I believe!

  4. Throughout the year, I collected and dried wildflowers and plants to offer to my ancestors on Samhain, and I mixed The Ancestors incense in with this blend to honor them.
    After stacking brush and wood and dressing it with the offerings, I tried to light it, but to no avail. My younger brother was with me and he asked, “Are we cursed?” (Because the fire wouldn’t light and there really was no reason for it not to).
    I replied, “If we are, there’s only one person who could be doing the cursing.” And then I said our father’s (who we were abused by and no longer have contact with) name.
    Immediately the fire sparked and engulfed all of the brush and offerings.
    Essentially, our ancestors confirmed what I knew in my heart. My little brother, who is a fairly conservative christian, was dumbfounded and disturbed.
    I asked our ancestors to accept my offerings to them and to break the curse, to watch over us and protect us from any ill intent.
    It was a very somber 5 minutes waiting for the fire to die out (like I said, it engulfed everything I’d laid in the burn pile).
    But then, when I looked up at all the ashes flying around, I saw how perfectly clear the sky was, and I saw the moon in her fullness, and I was comforted.
    I am verh grateful for this experience, and I know that the Ancestors helped make this communication between my own beloved dead and I much easier.

  5. I use the Ancestor incense as part of my writing process, to connect with my literary ancestors and guides. It sparks my intuitive insights and softens the veil between the worlds. So grateful.

  6. I ordered the Ancestor incense and it’s been incredible for connecting with my ancestors. I’ve worked with ancestors for a while, but this series has really increased the depth and effectiveness of my work.

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