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Incense of Asclepius

Incense of Asclepius


Sold out — new batches are available as part of Asclepius II + III

This loose incense is comprised of cypress and incense cedar, both harvested on the Summer Solstice and prayed over in the words of Thessalos, given to him in dream by Asclepius (as detailed in the series description). These were combined with wildcrafted white sage, sourced from a Native American owned local business, rose of jericho, frankincense resin, and 24k gold leaf, before invoking the Divine Physician’s blessing as the fixed star Ras Alhague began rising.

This incense is an exquisite smudging mix for the clearing of space and body — in general, after traumatic events, or before ritual. It can also be used to bathe objects you wish to cleanse and restore, such as crystals or ritual implements prior to consecration.



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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3.85 in

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

26th of June, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
sprinkle over pill organizer

I have used this so far for only one purpose, and it has been to try and get the most out of the medications I need to take regularly. I sprinkled it liberally over my pill organizer, which is a set of 7 pods inside a larger container. I haven't had to re-apply the product but still feel the impact of it. It's not that the medication works better, but I seem NEVER to forget to take my medications now. In the past, that had been quite the issue for me!

E. L.
Took a Hit for Me

I have used this powder in candle spells and in baths (the S+S bathing protocol is truly life changing even for a long-time witch). I felt invited to use it in a pretty major ritual that involved the bathing and was about dissolving the last bit of ties to a previous abusive relationship. As I was finishing the ritual, the bottle slipped from my hands and shattered on the floor! I felt truly that this was Asclepius showing me that I needed something a lot more intense than a sprinkle of the powder for the level of working I was doing! Anyway, I turned around and immediately ordered another powder. This (and the other items from the series) have been an absolute blessing. And that powder breaking dissolved those energetic ties so thoroughly I feel like I wouldn't even remember the ritual if the bottle hadn't broken. Praise Asclepius!


Highly recommend using the bathing protocol with this powder. It burns cleanly and evenly, and smells herbal - the smoke is profoundly clearing. I also sprinkled the powder in my shoes when going to doctor appointments and connected with caring and compassionate healers.

Helping Hands

I used both Asclepius and Son of Apollo incense interchangeably smoke bathing myself in ritual leading up to an important follow up medical appointment where I’d been trying to get an issue taken seriously and had been fighting to get into the ‘right hands’.

The incense does clear the space (and has many uses, all senses feel it clearing), but I also found it very helpful for my situation, and did in the days after find myself in the ‘right hands’, rather amusingly given I’m not from Greece and don’t encounter many Greek doctors… the doctor/surgeon/‘right hands’ is a Greek doctor (who trained in America in the speciality I ended up needing).

No matter whether you would consider that a lucky coincidence, beautiful synchronicity or helping hand. Regardless of which, I found the incense very helpful and it aided in providing me in what I needed and was working towards on a practical personal level with clearing my space, myself, and with medical arrangements.

A balm through troubled times

This iteration of ASC is the same as the others, but also very different in that v. 4 feels almost more insulating than 1.1 for instance. Like a touch more of CK " wrapped up in a heated blanket feeling". I love feeling the differences between elections, but I digress. I use the powder in ritual, but also dress candles and make healing mojo bags with it. So grateful to have the hunky healer in my sphere, especially during these times of strive - with him, I feel untouched by all the negative crap going on in the world - just in my own blissful bubble. Profound.


Perfect for devotional offerings/candle dressing. This one is a permanent fixture on my altar because it's so versatile and a little goes a long way.

Robert Walker
Aesclepius Incense + Powder, feeling cared for

I've been burning and anointing, during one of the most challenging periods of my life, but good. I feel really supported, and my throat and heart feel cared for in particular.

Ginny Talbot

I haven’t even engaged with the materia except to sit with it in meditation and the life shift that is taking place is profound. The transits have been intense for me and this materia has been indispensable

Denise Hancock
Physical and emotional healing

I invested in the powder for this series as an economical choice, and hand mixed it into some commercial body lotion. It's good for topical pain relief, and that was my intent. After a few days of application, it also generated a catharsis process for some long-buried grief and trauma. Support and care arrived immediately from unexpected ways to help me through it. How something so small can be so potent is mind-blowing. Ascelpius provides physical and emotional healing.


I only was able to buy a 1/2 bottle before it sold out so I now keep it for only special circumstances and eclipses. The eclipses on Scorpio/Taurus axis are super heavy for me as it hits my Asc/Des. Using this incense and modification of cleaning protocol that Kaitlin has shared truly brought me a great relieve and sanity during eclipse seasons.


  1. Burning this incense is like a sage smudging on steroids. I used it during the Aesclepius Triple Purification ritual and it’s potency was so impressive, I used it to clean the energy in my apartment. And when I say it cleaned the energy in my apartment, I mean it CLEANED it. I am not a tidy person, and no joke, I spent the whole weekend cleaning my entire place. As I write this review, my apartment is spotless. This stuff is amazing.

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