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Triple Purification of Asclepius Ritual

Triple Purification of Asclepius Ritual


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius II ⚕

This is a three step ritual involving the elements of fire (incense), water (spray), and salt (either form). The set comes with all of the required elements from the Asclepius series and a copy of the rite, with directions to perform it on yourself, others, or any given space.

Deeply purgative and sanitizing, useful for super powered cleansing and purification. Appropriate during times of sickness, dramatic negativity, grief, unwanted paranormal disturbances, streaks of bad luck, or before or after significant procedures, whether medical or magical.

The small set includes one half ounce glass vial or spray of ritual salt, incense, and water, for $52.

The large set includes a complimentary rose of jericho, both forms of salt and the largest available size of each item — one half ounce vial of ritual salt, one eight ounce jar of bath salt, one two ounce jar of incense, and one two ounce spray of Asclepius water, for $130. If you would like everything in the series, including the oil and/or talisman, the full set includes the rite for Triple Purification.

You may also choose to add organic coconut charcoal to your order. Note that the charcoal must be lit on a burner, as it contains no saltpeter.


Would you like to add charcoal?

SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 3.5 × 4.5 in

1/2 oz, 2 oz, 8 oz

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz

Set Size

Large, Small


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

26th of June, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. What a special special offering. I believe this started it’s purgative and purifying work the second it arrived at my door. Purchased to help heal from extreme emotional heaviness after a series of negative experiences and I ended up getting physically sick the week before I was planning to do that ritual. In fact, planned the ritual for 2/27 and ended up going to the actual doctor that day prior to calling the god of physicians. The illness seemed directly related to one of the negative situations having to do with patrilineal issues in the most Chiron and Asclepius way, manifesting as the shingles virus in my spine that came out through the skin and nerves.
    (where the serpentine kundalini energy is said to reside- reminding me of Asclepius and his rod with serpents ). The primary outbreak was even on a symbolic tattoo of father/child healing. Mind.blowing. synchronicities. These products are so beautiful, the scent, the cooling and supporting feeling they give. Truly feels like a baptism of sorts. I performed the ritual, sprayed my body with the water, even used a rose of Jericho by the bedside and ended up with what I’d say is a fairly mild case of shingles. I had lots and lots of dreams the first 3 nights after the ritual, not many sticking around to waking consciousness, but I believe they were healing. I also dreamt of a centaur the third night… Chiron? The sickness lasted about 3 weeks but there’s no residual pain and the best part is my attitude throughout the ENTIRE experience was one of wonder and not self pity and one of initiation. I’m still not totally clear on all of the meaning behind what I went through, but I truly believe this purification ritual set had a large part in all of this amazing start to my inner healing.

  2. Both my husband and I have a few relatives that didn’t passed away in peace, I was cleaning up my altars, assembling one specific space for our ancestors when this series was launched. I am too chicken for necromancy, even though I have experienced contacts with the spirits since very young, I wanted begin with baby steps as setting an ancestor altar was a firm recommendation that came from a reading. On my mind I had clear that the Asclepius series would be a good aid to clean the unwelcome and unwanted guest.

    I suffer from nasty migraines, my husband suffers from insomnia. Both he and I struggle with sleeping together: he says I talk while asleep, I say he doesn’t let me sleep deep – so it’s not unusual for me to move away from our bedroom. Little had I known that the series would be delivered while we were away on vacation, I didn’t get notified but all I know is that after lunch on my 4th day traveling, my migraine got so bad, so much worse than I have ever experienced before, I was to the point to pass out when I began to vomit everything I had in my stomach. My husband was with me, poor thing, he helped me to go to the bed, I was half awake and half asleep but the migraines were there, we thought I got poisoned by the food. He at the moment he touched the bed he fell asleep, until the next morning I got a message from my neighbors that there was a package of Sphere + Sundry by my door. Since then my migraines got less frequent and a lot more milder.

    Another thing I had noticed since I left some of the Asclepius salt on my altar is that the water I offer never turns gross, the offerings doesn’t rotten, they turn into this kind of wax or a mummified form, but they keep their “shape”, I can see that they get consumed but the aspect is a lot different, more clean.

  3. As we delve deeper into our hermetic practice, a purification process was necessary first and foremost. Asclepius was called upon for his healing blessings to help aid in moving forward with a new, but familiar endeavor within our business. Coming from a past of trauma, and unwanted paranormal disturbances, it was quite fitting to seek outside assistance from Sphere + Sundry before the next cycle continues. With much care and respect going into their offerings, the moment I opened the box I was taken over with tingles of the healing nature. The scent of the spray and ritual salt is an incredibly clean, and medicinal aroma. Perfect for purification. The incense puts me in a psychically positive space, as it is eerily similar to a smudge blend I made years ago when I first started our business. I am extremely pleased about this, since the psychic receptors are already beginning to open. We are so grateful to have and use these offerings in ritual for clearing out any of those unwanted energies, and bringing in a sense of renewal. Thank you Sphere + Sundry. We love the Asclepius Series, and the alchemy you have put into it. We will definitely be back for more of your offerings.

    Much love,
    Amy McLeod
    Hermetic Mountain

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