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Bath Salt of Asclepius

Bath Salt of Asclepius


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

As detailed in the series description, ritual baths were one of the first steps taken to cleanse those who made pilgrimage to temples of Asclepius in pursuit of healing, and salt is a natural agent of purification in ways both physical and metaphysical.

Dead Sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and epsom salt were combined with essential oils of frankincense, cypress, and tea tree, alongside herbs from the incense mixture, with Asclepius’ blessing.

Draw a bath and add the mixture to the water. Includes a prayer to Asclepius and suggested times for ritual potency. Fully immerse yourself, occasionally wetting the full head and hair for best results. Soak for 13 minutes or more. 

The formula of this salt is highly concentrated with essential oil to make less go a longer way. Available in an eight ounce jar, enough for 2 deeply purifying baths, or add smaller amounts to many, utilizing the principle of contagion.

Out of stock

Spoken for... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in

8 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

26th of June, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Helpful for Injuries, Sore Muscles, and When Ill

I bought my latest bag of these salts when ill with the flu recently. They are a must-have if you have a chronic illness or otherwise want to make whatever ails you go on its way.

Good for energetic detox

I was feeling really heavy, negative, and stuck all day for various reasons. Everything that can be done mundanely is being done; I was just energetically and emotionally low. Within 15 minutes of submerging in a bath of this (with candles and myrrh incense burning and pleasant music playing), I started feeling lighter, more emotionally/energetically at ease, and more able to approach the situations with grace.

Serious & special.

These Asclepius IV bath salts do not disappoint! They're my first choice for the energetic cleansing ritual bath protocol, or whenever there's an injury or illness I'm worried about.
Incredibly supportive, cleansing, and protective--like being held in very skilled, safe, and helpful hands.
The visual & scent experience that comes with these salts is also delightful and deserving of mention. The curly bits of Rose of Jericho and the gorgeously fragrant cypress pieces -- absolutely worth the need to run a strainer through the bath before draining.

Asclepius Bath Salts are always a must have

Asclepius bath salts are probably the single most used S&S product that I use, and that I have had to rebuy. Great for cleansing, feeling better, and just overall supportive of health. Always worth to keep in stock.

Karen Locker
Levels Up Energetic Cleansing Baths

I’ve been following Kaitlin’s energetic cleansing bath protocol for the last year, to great effect — but these bath salts really juiced up my most recent post-eclipse bath!
I’ve recently been on a food elimination protocol, trying to get to the root of some digestive issues and a lifelong struggle with weight. It had been a bumpy few weeks, but two days after bathing with these, I experienced a total body reset. Aches and pains are gone, along with brain fog, and I am consistently dropping weight. My sleep is the best it’s been in years and my mood has shifted out of some really dark places.

Needless to say, I’ll never bathe without these from now on!

The Ultimate Reset

You can't beat these bath salts for energetic cleansing. They smell incredible and medicinal (in the best way) and I always emerge from my bath refreshed, renewed, and pain-free, both emotionally and physically. Highly recommend that everyone have these on hand.

Energetic sovereignty for days

These bath salts are THEE best for following Kaitlin’s energetic cleansing protocol. Clarifying and soothing at the same time, a bath with these will knock me OUT into a deep sleep no matter what is happening in my zoomy brain.

A must-have

Out of all S+ materia, I think this should be the one item that everyone has in their arsenal. Whatever your goals may be, we all have cycles where we just need to clear the old shit out, and this salt really gets the job done quickly and effectively without fuss.
I like to mix a tablespoon with a cup of regular bath salt for an actual bath, but ALSO something I love doing with this salt is mixing a few pinches with a small 1 oz bottle of distilled water. Initially I was using it as a spray, which doesn't work well because of the herbal matter (the ritual salt might work better for that), but now I use it as an anointing mixture before bedtime and it works like a freaking charm. A little dab on the forehead, crown, and lower back. Nothing knocks me out faster.


Asclepius is such a reliably cleansing, clarifying influence. It's great to soak in these bath salts during eclipses- I consider them a must-have S+S item.

Patricia H
I feel renewed!

I recently did an energetic cleansing/ritual bathing following S+S protocol using the Asclepius Bath Salts and incense. I felt renewed and I had such a good night’s sleep (and i’ve been having insomnia the past couple of weeks)


  1. I’ve only used the salts for a full bath once. I found it greatly facilitated a light healing trance. As I floated, I started to “see” sticky, dark grey energy drifting out of my hair like fluid draining from an abscess. I found myself crying and pulling and pulling the energy out of my hair with my hands, shaking it into the water to dissolve. It was hard work, and at the same time I got the feeling it wasn’t a particularly deep emotional wound being lanced; just a surface one that was ready to resolve. The bath left me tired but calm. I saved a jar of the water and have poured it into subsequent baths for mini-cleanses that are refreshing but not quite so intense.

  2. I’ve been using this bath salt over the winter and I’m happy to report that even a small amount packs a big punch! I’ve been using the principle of contagion for this and its been working really well. It’s provides a calming herbal background, and really helps draw out some of the negative things you’ve been holding on to. Would purchase again!

  3. My experience with the Asclepius bath salts was lovely. First off, the package arrived with the local Ascendant in Sagittarius, five degrees away from Ras Alhague! Secondly, I had the strong urge to go to the woods, not an unusual urge for me, but still it was strong… within 1/2 an hour I encountered an incredible symbol of Asclepius in the woods. A vine perfectly snaked around an exceptionally rod-like young tree, the vine having embedded into the trunk as the tree matured. Again, I see a lot of vines wrapped around trees, but this one is just astounding. Thirdly, the baths with the salts were wonderfully restorative (I split the jar into 2 rich baths, taken during Jupiter-focused elections). I was in a state of energetic starvation from a very rough late summer among Mars retrograde and the eclipses. On top of that, I was feeling the Venus move into Scorpio with some heavy confrontations with my past. The salts fed my spirit very nicely and space opened up for processing, integration, release. I have all together noticed an incredible boost in my acceptance of suffering, which may not sound like the most romantic notion, but to me that is gold. Oh, and the scent is wonderful!

  4. These bath salts are absolutely fantastic. Just as bath salts, the quality of the ingredients make this a wonderful bath time experience. The scent is wonderfully calming, medicinal and herbal without being bitter. Magically speaking, as soon as you open the glass jar (which is a really nice touch, and reusable!) you know you’re holding some potent stuff. I plan on saving this for the days where I really need a extra boost to wipe things away.

  5. Field report. This summer has been rough, with something like seven different planets going retrograde and three eclipses. I’ve been schlepping along with very low energy and almost zero motivation. The morning after the third eclipse of the season, I woke after a night of bad dreams feeling just awful. I decided to take a purifying Asclepius bath. I used half the jar and immersed myself for about 20 minutes, periodically dunking my head completely under the water as well.

    I felt better immediately, but the really amazing shiz started about a half hour after I got out of the bath. I started feeling like I had to cough some crap up out of my lungs, and I did in fact cough a bit. Then I sneezed violently maybe a dozen times in a row, and blew my nose for what felt like three minutes straight. For the rest of the day I physically felt like I was in the last stages of getting over a cold. I knew I was “getting better”, even though to my knowledge I hadn’t been “sick” if that makes any sense. I was also kind of sleepy, and I made sure I drank a ton of water. I feel like I got rid of a ton of gunk, both physically and energetically. In the days afterward I continue to feel lighter and have a bit more pep. I’m interested to see what the long term effects might be.

    This stuff works, friends. It really does. Kaitlin, thank you so much for this series.

  6. The Bath Salt of Asclepius arrived at our home just when they were most needed. We appreciated that the order was securely packaged and came with tracking info. We also enjoyed the beautiful jar containing the salts themselves. What we didn’t expect–but LOVE–were the detailed notes, prayers and rituals included. This offering is just perfect, and we are grateful to be able to source it from you. Looking forward to many future offerings!!

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