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Regulus Oil

Regulus Oil

Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Regulus II ☀️

Sunflower and apricot kernel oil were joined with mugwort, yellow trumpet flower, helichrysum, turmeric, mastic, and garnet, along with other sympathetic ingredients to the fixed star Regulus, on the night of May 21st 2018. This election saw the moon and star conjoined on the MC with Jupiter, co-ruler of Regulus, rising. The oil glows with a golden hue and has a healing, warming, and cohesive feel.

Regulus was petitioned and the ingredients suffumigated and combined, sealing the jar and etching the seal at the height of the election.

It was then left to incubate with the rest of the series for a full lunar cycle before pouring into individual vials, on the day and hour of the Sun, which also happened to be Father’s Day.

Available in a 1 oz glass vial with 6 garnet chips, gum mastic, yellow trumpet flower, mugwort, and genuine 24k gold leaf in each bottle. As with all Sphere + Sundry offerings, there is no branding – only glyph of Regulus handwritten in gold. Sealed to prevent leakage during transport. Includes basic instructions for use and a natural preservative to stave off oxidation.


Out of stock

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in

Gold, Yellow

Fixed Star



Chart Remediation

Sun — Good for people who are Solar deficient and need support for the natal Sun


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Night of May 21st 2018. Moon and Regulus conjoined on the MC with Jupiter rising. Chart in the image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews

I love the confidence boost! I wear it for public appareances and I never go unnoticed, it makes people come to me and give me compliments <3

Rachel Cunningham
My favorite confidence boost

This is my second time ordering, I ran out of my first roller that I had for about it a year. I work in corporate sales and this stuff is liquid gold for me. It’s charismatic, confident, but not showy. The attention is positive, I wear it before presentations or at networking and conferences. Blends well mercury based oils, when you need to find the right words or get your message out.

Jaime L Irizarry
Regulus the Heart of the Lion is also the mystical Heart of Archangel Michael

I felt the amazing power of this oil at first use, a few results in days (like got elected unanimously to a Board of Directors) and even more in weeks. These are dedicated precious people capturing astrological energies for us. Blessings!

untame your mane

When I received this oil and went to use it for the first time, Spirit inspired me to put three "dots" of oil on my palm and rub them in my hair. I felt like I was wearing a mane of support + protection, and I have used it this way regularly since, often layering with other materia on my body. For a more direct Regulus hit, I've applied it on pulse points and get imbued with what's best described as a "buoyancy of spirit" - I feel uplifted, and energized but in a really deep, grounded way. People seem to be more drawn to me when I wear this in public - not intrusive, but a higher incidence of eye contact, smiles, nice interactions, and just kinda feeling like when I walk in the room, all eyes are on me (in a good way).


This oil has helped me learn that it's okay to shine. As someone who has consistently stepped aside for others to be in the spotlight and has also given credit to others for my own successes this has been an incredibly important lesson to learn.

This is the real deal

Since receiving this anointing oil, I have received two serious, unsolicited job offers! Amazing how quickly it manifests.

Gina Boyer
The funny thing about this oil is…

…whenever I wear it, people approach me and ask me if we’ve met before (last night after meeting a crew member after an off-Broadway show) or if I’m famous (at a party for a docu-series). I’m someone who spent most of her life trying to blend into the background, so this all is very interesting to me.

my love

I LOVE Regulus. I would drink this if I could. It's so warm and grounding, and it smells like a summer morning playing on fresh hay bales in the fields, the sun beaming down on you, delighted to see you because there is delight in this oil. There is love in this oil—this is a being that understands that love is crucial to life. It provides confidence, but I haven't found it to provide unearned confidence. It will do what it needs to do to make you worthy of that confidence. If you're speaking up in a meeting for instance, Regulus will make sure that what you say is worthy of the praise and recognition it receives. I also used this while I was recovering from covid, applying to the heart center and the calves (the second heart). I think it really does help make the blood and heart more healthy. In general, it's very life-giving, full of vitality.

Lizzy B.
Review after ~1 year of almost daily use - reliable empowerment

My first ever S+ item <3 I used this on my heart almost daily for about a year for 12H sun remediation. It changed me. I don't hate the sun anymore. Like, I think I get it now. I have had so many realisations about the honour and service of visibility too, which have helped me as an entrepreneur. It got me hired on the spot in my normie work too.

I have stopped using it for now as I feel like, I no longer need it :)
"But you taught me how to trust myself
And so I say to you, this is what I have to do" - Missy Higgins

My heart is stronger, my ability to withstand being here is stronger, my fear of visibility has lessened and it has created the most wonderful foundation for the rest of my magical explorations. I am most grateful for the prayer, which over the past year has been inscribed onto my heart. I find myself just... saying it sometimes for comfort. The best part is, somehow there's still some left in the bottle. This has been the most needed, beautiful, gentle, understanding, reliable and inclusive welcome into the light. I may have some tears as I write this and reflect on how much closer I have come to my centre over the past year. Less fear. More acceptance.

Feels like a friend holding your hands, looking you in the eyes while in the wings of the stage, telling you "you're amazing, go!" and you walk out there to realise no, the whole crowed doesn't hate you and you're actually kinda cool. The spotlight doesn't burn anymore and what matters is that you let yourself be yourself.

Divine scent

I am crazy about the scent of this special oil. The energy is very stable, radiant, and bright. I wear it on my fourth chakra and it feels like it amplifies self-love. Wonderful.


  1. I did manage to get my hand some OG Regulus. I find the oil to be the most raw form of vitality for me, and literally had a warming effect when I dabbed it on my chest. It’s like having a small sun glow on you (or arc reactor a la Tony Stark). The energy is fiery, and geared almost externally toward exaltation and ascension.

  2. I’ve been working on writing fiction lately and trying to improve my prose. When I started writing while wearing regulus oil, the clarity and skill level of my writing doubled in one use. I was stunned! I kept using it over the course of a few months and the visibility of my writing also increased. A lot more people were interested online in my work. I developed a bit of a following and made new friends within the writing community I’m apart of. Pretty spectacular.

    I stopped using it for a couple of months because I found the energy very FIERY and was starting to burn out. I noticed a slight decrease in attention as I continued writing without the aid of regulus oil. However, my skill level remained at a higher level, and I am still in a far superior position as a writer than I was before.

    I’m gonna start writing while wearing it again and see what happens. 🙂

    Excellent product as usual.

  3. Application over the heart for an event imparted a steady, almost unconscious confidence, whereas a direct appeal to Regulus with a dressed yellow candle resulted in a days-lingering feeling of heart expansion. <333

  4. This is probably my favorite offering of Sphere + Sundry’s so far! I wanted to wait a bit before giving my review to make sure I’d had plenty of chances to use the oil and see how it worked for me. Well… it works beautifully!!! (And the oil itself is a warm, sparkly gold that’s lovely to behold).

    I imagine anyone using this will be delighted, but if you’re heavily ruled by Saturn (especially the Sun), I’d add this to your cabinet of special wares!!! I don’t use this too often as I like to preserve it for special social occasions where I might anticipate awkward tension or when I want a boost of confidence. Each time I’ve anointed myself with the oil, I’ve been received exceptionally well. Seriously…I was surprised by how generous some people were with me when I felt as though I carried myself in the same way I normally would. That said, I did make an effort to project the light that the oil clearly possesses and this could have translated to me carrying myself in an apparently more confident manner. The influence might feel subtle, but the results are real!

    I’ve also used it for interviews and for a couple of client encounters which all went over very well! Each time, resulting in referrals for more work, getting hired, and/or highly satisfied clients.

    Thank you for this offering <3

  5. I love this oil. Typically, I use it to anoint my head, applying it like a crown of radiance across my forehead into my hair.

    I have been using this oil to influence my current employers in their attitudes and treatment towards me. It’s wrought some powerful results. Today I had my work evaluation (first one in over 7 years). I anointed my head, as well as the paperwork I was expected to bring with me. My evaluation was glowing. My boss said doing this review made her realize exactly how good I am at my job and that they had been taking me for granted.

    I have used this oil when preparing for interviews as well as for meeting with potential customers of my art. I define my feel it imparts a “glowing” to all those endeavors – it makes me glow in their eyes.

    Thank you for this powerful tool.

  6. I feel I’ve been waiting for something ELSE to happen before writing this testimonial, but I think that part is up to me. So here it is: this oil, given to me by a dear friend, gave me the first writing idea I have been excited about in at least seven years. That may not sound like much, but if you’ve identified as a writer as your life-path, and you’ve been struggling for a while to find something worth writing about, then well, that’s huge.

    Not only that, but I believe that using this product helped me gain insight into the magical nature of writing in general, and into how previous efforts of the craft were actually successful (or unsuccessful) magical operations. Self-expression goes this way sometimes if you have basic magical knowledge and bake it into your art. So have a care and know yourself better with this Regulus Oil.

  7. I’ve been buying magical oils for nearly twenty years. Out of all those oils, Regulus has made by far the best first impression. It has a warm regal glow that amplifies and creates an inner heat as you perform the included mantra. I’ve only begun to experiment with Regulus but I am humbled by its undeniable presence.

  8. Regulus is said to dispel the melancholic humor and this oils does that. The oil itself has a yellow golden hue to it that shines even in dim light. The oil is brimming with positive energy! I have used it one one candle so far and was enthralled by the warmth the candle combo made.

    definitely try to get this oil again when there is a second run if it

  9. So far I’ve used this on yellow candles on Sundays during the hours of the Sun, with petitions to help me be more present and visible. Like all the Regulus offerings, there’s an added benefit: the glow just feels good. I know this oil will be outstanding should I ever have the need to job hunt again, and in any situation where I must exude authority or gain someone’s good favor. I really love it!

  10. I bought this oil mainly as an aid in solar remediation and for use in mundane situations. This oil is incredible! It’s benefic influence is very strong and is felt immediately, expanding and deepening over time and with continued use. It is calming, strengthening and magnanimous – bringing sunny sovereignty and confidence into the game .

    I have worn the oil in various mundane contexts and it has made quite a difference – adding charisma and star power to the proceedings. This effect has been especially noticeable in situations where I might typically be struggling with anxiety or doubt. For instance, when wearing the oil during interviews, important meetings and presentations, I have sailed right through and felt good throughout and afterwards. I have even noticed the effect when interacting with strangers – in the grocery line, on the street – when wearing the oil, people seem to treat me with more deference and amiability than might normally be the case.

    I also want to say that I really appreciate the time, energy and expertise that Sphere + Sundry has put into the informational material that came with my order, as well as all of the very useful content that is posted on the site and through social media. Suggestions for use, appropriate timing and mantras, as well as more general astrological information and advice are all made available to help one make the best use of their offerings, regardless of a customer’s previous knowledge or experience. Thanks so much, Sphere + Sundry, I will definitely be ordering again!

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