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Regulus Oil II

Regulus Oil II


In a similar formulation to our first Regulus oil, organic sunflower and apricot kernel oils were ritually poured over the Regulus herbal mix containing the main ingredients associated with our patron Royal Star.

These include celandine, mugwort, wormwood, and mastic, along with proprietary additions of saffron, frankincense, 24k gold, bee pollen, yellow trumpet flower, dandelion root, chrysanthemum, eyebright, red ginseng, and other herbs associated with personal empowerment, light, and Solar beneficence. Created as the Moon conjoined Regulus on the rising, in the hour of Jupiter, along with a natural preservative.

Anoint your heart center or other areas of the body to invoke Regulus’ influence and aid, especially before public or important appearances. Can also be used in weekly Solar devotions, or as a component in other magical works for sympathetic ends.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial with 24k gold, saffron, and 6 pieces of keepsake garnet, marked by hand drawn Regulus glyph.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Fixed Star


1/2 oz




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of January 22nd 2019. Moon and Regulus conjoined the Ascendant, hour of Jupiter. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Believe-in-yourself juice

This oil is so warm and encouraging, like a soothing golden honey balm for the soul. I’m a Leo sun but I struggle hard with confidence and self-doubt when it comes to achieving my goals, including magical ones, due to never feeling like I could live up to my parents’ expectations in childhood (Saturn square Cap moon in the 4th here!) Working with Regulus along with Exalted Sol has helped SO much with this <3 Regulus truly does instill this radiant and glowing self-assuredness that flows from within rather than without. Sundays, especially, are an absolute treat + supercharged with this materia!

Heart warmth in a bottle

This oil is just so delicious. It’s the radiating warmth of a loving heart, a heart empowered and sovereign enough to love. Beautiful.

Everything they say is true.

It's that good. I wore Oil of Regulus III for the first time this week when I needed support before a big event that was consequential not only for me, for many others. I felt like the very best version of myself and the response to my role within the program was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you, Sphere + Sundry, for this beautiful oil!

Vibrant and strong energy

I waited to use the Regulus oil until I'd been working with other Regulus forms for a little while (salve, body butter, water, and incense), and I'm so glad I did it this way, because I can really discern the power of the oil now. The oil brings a powerful, powerful presence and strength to one's being. I wore it today on my feet, wrists, heart, and back of the neck and I had one of the most genuinely joyful and easy-going days I've had in years. I am so happy to have attuned to this incredible power and I'm excited to see how my relationship with Regulus unfolds over time.

Shining In The Shadows

Just for context Leo Sun/Chiron in 12H. Regulus III brings a natural progression from isolation to illumination. My interactions have been more friendly, welcoming but I believe it’s because I feel more comfortable putting myself out there now. Less absorbing of outside influences. It’s kinda like Regulus took “ weighted blanket” I had no idea I was wearing.

A gentle push into the light

You know that cute kids puppet show Nanalan? Have you ever seen the clip of the little green girl talking to a cat under a couch and slowly, gently coaxing him out? This oil feels a lot like that— real Strength card energy. I’ve been using it alongside a small handful of other mostly benefic materia, so I don’t feel like I can totally say what Regulus III has done on its own, but as a person who struggles with depression, I can say that my mood has lifted a solid amount in the month or so since I started using this oil regularly. As a 12th House Sun, I also have a very hard time with ~being perceived~, and I feel like it’s safe to say this has helped me ease into putting myself out there more at a time where I *really* need to do that for my own good. Regulus III has been a soft and reassuring start to my days, and I’m bummed I missed out on the tincture because I imagine this vibe would be fantastic in a cup of coffee or green tea. Feels like a great ally for the Strength year and I imagine I’ll get more of at least something else from the series once my mini oil runs out. If you’re curious about it, I say give it a shot and be patient— it is, like most people are saying, not at all a showy energy, which I think is for the best. It needs time to get comfortable and reveal itself, just like the woman in the Strength card needs to earn the lion’s trust. It’s got a grounded, modest confidence, like a Leo who goes to therapy. Excited to see where continued use takes me, but just enjoying the lift in the meantime :)

Re: scent profile: warm, fluffy, citrus musk, kind of like how I imagine a vintage freshie from the ‘70s might smell. It makes me think of golden hour sunlight peeking into the living room of an old, lived-in house, illuminating the dust in the air. It’s not really my kind of scent, but it’s pleasant and definitely cheery. Kind of reminds me of Brooklyn by Gallivant.

Like the Strength Tarot Card in a Bottle

This oil is potent! But in all the best ways. The body butter and salve are more useful for daily use for me, but I turn this oil when I need a higher boost. Job interviews. Presentations. Forced socialization with colleagues. It's the best ally for any situation where I need to be seen and heard. And the best part is--all of the nerves and tension dissipate. It amplifies my inner strength. It's also lucky AF! Things seem to go my way when I'm wearing this. And I'm also convinced that it helped me get my new job. :)

Mary Scott
Performer's Dream Oil!

About a year ago, this was the first S+S materia I purchased to help overcome anxiety in public facing spaces and stage fright as a musician. I have used this every show this year, including at a show just last night. When I was coming home last night, I felt so proud of how easily I can navigate my nerves now, and how much fun I'm having performing. Ease and glimmer is abound, I can hardly believe I have overcome this once-debilitating blockage!

Recently, I have started layering this with Oil of Mercury on Sunday's and Wednesday's for a merc remediation. Every time I wear this in my day-to-day life, my self-confidence is so comfortable and warm, I always get compliments from strangers or at work, like little praises and lots of smiling. It's so comfortable and subtle for anyone who struggles with self-esteem or confidence issues, I can't recommend it enough.


Christina Hartman

Oil of Regulus III

TJ Rubio
Lights my heart up!

Amazing materia. It took a while for me to overcome my natal chart resistance. I'm seeing the effects slowly but certainly. Looking forward as I'm just building momentum with this materia.


  1. I expected Regulus to have a personal-wattage-amplification effect, but it spoke instead of self love & self esteem (and the wounds) through dreams and sudden piercing insights. It is very heart centered, glowingly wholesome and whole-making. I experimentally applied it over my name on an art related application on my computer screen, and the next morning I had an out-of-the-blue email from a celebrity-ish singer I know (who I haven’t seen in years) asking about using my art for an album cover. I don’t know this person’s chart, but I would not be surprised if Regulus was in there- they really have that leonine golden vibe.

  2. This is probably my favorite S&S offering of all. It delivers kindness and charisma, and a response from others that is ideal for any public speaking or presentation engagement. It exudes pleasantness and power that others seem to find compelling, yet approachable. If applied before a social or professional engagement where I may anticipate feeling intimidated, everything goes smoothly while rapport with others is easily established. I use it sparingly because I find it so valuable, a little goes a long way.

  3. Since purchasing the Regulus II oil, I have been anointing with it during either Jupiter, Mars, Venus or Sun hours of the day before work and reapplying before I meet clients. The first week of use, my boss offered me a 5% raise out of the blue, I also sold a home and got a new listing. When I wear Regulus oil with Regulus II tincture and Venus in Taurus oil, random people talk to me, a lot. Granted, strangers usually talk to me but hot dang this ups the percentage of other humans wanting to interact or be friendly by a large margin. Two days ago, I applied Regulus II oil, used 4 drops of Regulus Attuning Tincture, and anointed with ViT before a business meeting. The meeting which would normally have taken about 20 minutes took 1.5 hours since we were chatting away like old friends. This was great since I really wanted my business contact to perceive me favorably. At the end of the meeting, he affirmed that he really liked me. (Verbal affirmation of efficacy by target= added extra bonus!) When I went to a few stores afterwards, in each line, the wonan next to me initiated conversation at some length. This is unusual in the sheer volume of connection. Thank you very much for your amazing and potent creations, Kaitlin and Co.! Two thumbs WAY up.

  4. This oil is so powerful! It fills you with confidence and certain sassiness (when needed) to demand and reclaim what’s yours and grab the attention when you want it. I usually use it on its own, since I think it has a very independent spirit.

  5. I like using this oil at work, on the days I feel anxious, or not at my best. I like pairing it with Mercury calzimi for an extra boost!

  6. I… am not even sure if I can properly articulate the magic of this oil. I’ve been struggling on and off with depression for about a year now, and thought to try the Regulus oil for the mental health healing effects. Since putting it on regularly during Sun, Jupiter, and Mars hours for the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my mood – I don’t know if “happier” is the right word, but I don’t get stuck in the bad feelings like I used to. Before using Regulus, I would get bogged down in really negative self-image spirals for days on end. Now if a bad thought enters my mind, I move on from it without having to put in a ton of time and effort. It literally feels like Regulus has given me a life-rope out of a really dark place, and if I just keep going, I’ll be out of there for good.

    I particularly wanted to share a story from the other night: My bad depressive episodes trigger physical responses from my body; my heart starts beating really fast, I lose my appetite, and also feel like I’m about to puke. Two days ago, I received some really distressing news in the morning, and it sent me into a really bad depressive spiral for the whole day. I felt like I was constantly on the verge of puking, and also like a massive fist was constricting my heart and lungs. All I did the entire day was try to get my breathing and heartbeat under control. When I got home, I somehow managed to wait until the Jupiter hour and then put on the Regulus oil over my sternum while asking him to remove the pain from my heart. I sh*t you not, about 10 minutes after administering the oil, I fell asleep on my couch (I never fall asleep that early- it was like 10:15 pm- and never on my couch). When I woke up (TMI maybe), the area around my sternum was very sweaty, but my heart and breathing were completely calm, all the symptoms of nausea were gone, and the emotional/mental anguish had also significantly decreased in its intensity. All the physical stressors onset by my depressive episode had completely disappeared. I’m still so shook by this lmao I’m not even sure if I can process it properly. I’m just.. deeply, incredibly thankful.

    Other noticeable effects since applying Regulus regularly: Everyone around me has said that I seem to be in a better mood than I have been in a long time. I find myself smiling more. I sing out loud, without even being conscious of it sometimes! I’m friendlier and more talkative than I’ve been in months. I owe so much thanks to Lord Regulus, who’s power I am so in awe of, but also, thank you Kaitlin, for doing what I can only describe as healing work, for bringing so many of us towards the light. I’m really, really grateful to have found your work.

  7. Very warm and fragrant: simultaneously soothing and energizing. I applied it to my resume/portfolio-case for meetings and I noticed that I got lots of positive comments and feedback, and just more attention in general; lots of friendly glances from strangers in public. Felt imbued with confidence and glowing radiance. Would 100% recommend!

  8. I accidentally wrote my last review for this oil in the regulus I section but thought I’d pop in and say that the thing about drawing cats is true. Last time I wore this on an evening walk I was followed by a neighborhood cat for three blocks! Also lots of other cats have appeared out of the woodwork during my walks, coming up to be pet! Such an interesting side effect…

  9. This is the real deal. For the first time in years, I’ve finally begun getting traffic online and within one day of applying this oil to a picture of my ebook, I made a sale! This has renewed my hope and strengthened my fortitude to be successful! I applied Regulus II, Expedite, and Aldeberan. Get this oil. You will not regret it. It can work absolute miracles.

  10. I love this oil! The first time I used it we were visiting a rental property that we really wanted and both the landlord and owners were instantly and abnormally ‘glowy’ about us. We had our dream home in a day after meeting them and normally this is a very long and arduous process of weeks or even months. I also used it when meeting people in the film industry and noticed people gravitating towards me, being super interested and engaged in talking to me (I can hide in the background) and even my partner was especially loving and complimentary after the meeting! Highly recommend this oil and it seems to work well with Jove/Jupiter workings as well.

  11. This oil is quite amazing! I anointed myself and my business cards on the Regulus day and I promise I received over 200 followers on my social media page over night. I offer Astrology readings and I received new clients from Egypt and Fiji! (I live in Florida!) I highly recommend this product!

  12. When I first received the oil in June, I didn’t notice much happening, but it appears it ages well and gros stronger with age. Today I put some on for the first time in a while because I have been feeling dejected and the uplift in mood was very noticable, including me being a lot less irritable than lately (something that was probably appreciated by everybody who has to work with me).
    I also used it to dress a beeswax candle for a friend with the sun in Leo and she starte drawing in new customres like there’s no tomorrow.

  13. This review is long over-due! My initial sense of this oil was muddled by difficult transits to my chart (involving Regulus which is conjunct my Ascendant by longitude, no less). What soon emerged as the primary vibe captured by this series is Regulus as a gentle, guiding lamp. It has been supporting my positivity and ability to stay connected to the long-form picture of my aspirations as I build confidence-momentum, and has likewise been helping me overcome fears around visibility and criticism. My Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn where all the fun is happening these days and this oil is wonderful emotional first aid. The sense of it feeding my inner, guiding light is oh so beautiful and real. I often just need to think of it for some benefit, though the full sensory experience is of course preferred. Thank you, S+S!

  14. I own a yoga studio and my classes are suffering from the dog days of summer! I used this oil before heading to work and sure enough my class was packed! I had two to five people in my class all week, after using this oil, I had over twenty people in my class! Another day I was randomly recognized on social media and received several new clients. I am now using this oil every week and am amazed at how well it works! My husband is in a gnarly Saturn square cycle – I have been using it on him to ease the depression and it’s working!

  15. I have been using this oil before heading off for work and it has helped to make me feel more confident, especially during group meetings or presentations. When it comes to presenting my ideas, I felt that I’m more in control and there are generally more acceptance from my audience. Thank you so much for offering such a stunning oil!

  16. I have been fascinated by metaphysical oils for quite a few years and have amassed a collection of over 100, all purchased from very reputable establishments that have been running for decades. I have been buying from shops in rural England, in New York, in Los Angeles, and in New Orleans. Results have varied. There was a US-based vendor praised very highly by a big-name metaphysical author, and that shop simply took my money and never shipped the goods. On the other end of the spectrum, there was a wonderful vendor in the UK (in fact, a high-turnover corporation) whose oils proved to be wonderful for pain control, energy levels, and general uplift in the mood. There was a New York seller whose wares were hit-and-miss: OK for mild aches and pains, but completely ineffective when it came to anything else. I have been contemplating Sphere and Sundry for many months, but thought their prices a bit steep. I finally took the plunge after hearing Kaitlin talk on Rune Soup podcast about the elaborate calculations, conscientious approach, and high-grade materials that go into her creations. The Asclepius series stunned me the most, but Regulus also delivered some absolutely magical results. I first tried Regulus oil this morning dabbing a bit on my forehead and solar plexus before leaving home to do a round of my daily chores — bank, grocery store, flower shop. I don’t know who or what had suddenly taken over me, but I found myself interacting with people I would never have spoken to before — in a bold, cheerful, and self-assured manner. To give you an example, my way to the bank passes by a building whose elderly women like to sit outside scrutinizing passers-by in a rather inquisitive, intrusive manner. I have been ignoring them for years, but this time I raised my stick umbrella as I approached them and loudly trumpeted: “Salut, ladies!” And they all smiled and nodded. I was beyond shocked. Never ever in my life have I ever done anything like this and never thought I’d ever do. I am 45, British, and it goes so against my culture, my upbringing, and my temperament that I have no explanation for this apart from magical. Similar things with me initiating contact happened at the bank and at the store in rapid succession, so I am now sitting at home feeling utterly bewildered and practically shocked at what Kaitlin is capable of creating. Thank you, Kaitlin. Thank you, Austin. I think I am done buying my oils from any other vendors apart from Sphere and Sundry.

  17. Being a sensitive Cancerian, I often find it a challenge to be out of my shell. Using the Regulus oil has really helped me feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin as I navigate daily life. I feel the effects immediately after applying the oil. Thank you so much Kaitlin!!

  18. I was extremely skeptical of Sphere and Sundry products until a trusted friend told me how much the Regulus oil helped her. Having my own challenges around confidence and feeling seen, I decided to give it a go. WOW. One drop changes my whole mood. I was expecting it to give me a career boost, and its done that, but I was not expecting it to feel like a mental health solution. The oil is now a daily part of my self-care routine. It feels like a remedy to my Saturnian sads. I love it so much and feel so devoted to Regulus and his great power. The heart of the lion is mighty indeed. To say I am obsessed is an understatement.

  19. As someone who struggles with accepting visibility and “shiningness,” working with Regulus through Kaitlin’s offerings has been absolutely incredible.

    Use of this oil first led me through a gentle but firm heart-opening process, and I’ve progressively grown more comfortable with “being” and “radiating” in the ways that are unique to me. The sense of sovereignty is less “I’m the best ever” or something equally egoic; rather, I’ve experienced a greater comfort with my own self-ness and with allowing that self-ness to be observable by others.

    Stunning stuff, and I’ve been recommending it to folks I know with natal placements that could be nourished by connecting with this regal, lion-hearted warmth.

  20. I put this oil on before going to work at my job as a tarot reader and astrologer at a local New Age bookstore, and I had one of the best days at work I’ve ever had. Not only was I incredibly busy with clients all day, but I was at the top of my game in terms of how good I am at my job. I was accurate, attuned, listening attentively, helpful, and left my clients feeling empowered and excited. I’ve been reading for clients for over a decade and I’ve never been at the top of my game this consistently before.

    This is not a psychic skill enhancement oil, this is an “I’m the best at what I do” oil. I can’t wait to try putting this on before other professional opportunities for my other talents.

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