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Deneb Algedi Oil

Deneb Algedi Oil


Sold out… but a new batch is available as part of Deneb Algedi II 😘

A blend of organic almond oil ritually imbued to talismanic standard on the Full Moon conjunct the fixed star Deneb Algedi, 2019. Marjoram, mugwort, cat nip, and blue chalcedony, with other insulating, grounding, and protective ingredients such as Solomon’s seal, holy basil, mustard seed, silver leaf, and frankincense.

One of the gentler items in the Deneb Algedi series. This oil can be used to anoint boundaries and thresholds for protection, the self for evil eye aversion and earning the favor of those in power, as well as encourage fair treatment by law enforcement and the justice system. Invokes a Saturnian sense of groundedness, security, and pragmatism, while simultaneously promoting a wise and empowered perspective.

Use to anoint Deneb Algedi talismans and empower evil eye wards.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $66 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roller w/ blue chalcedony rollerball for $53. A handful of custom cast 24k gold plated rollerball editions are also available, for $108.


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Chart Remediation

Sun — Good for people who are Solar deficient and need support for the natal Sun


Benefic, Malefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, August 15, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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Deneb Algedi Info Sheet



  1. As this star is conjunct my ascendant, I feel a special affinity to it. This oil is my go to when I want to feel secure and protected, and reminds me to keep my boundaries instead of bleeding my energy out all over the place. I’ve made gifts (evil eye bottles) for others with it. This series is special and I can see why it is sold out!

  2. I am in love with the Denab Algedi series. It goes on my children everyday and has influenced how they are received by their school administrators… The change in attitude is dramatic. My children still get in trouble for things they may have done wrong but they aren’t singled out. It has been a life saver.

  3. I have become so fond of this entire DA series, and the oil is, of course the foundation. As other people have noted, it really has the most delightful smell–clean, herby, but distinct from the Asclepius series, with which it works very well.

    I struggle intensely with boundaries and using this series along with Asclepius and Aldebaran has been effective in helping me build myself up. Meditating with this oil helps me focus on the necessity of right conduct as I strive to stake out my own sovereignty.

  4. I LOVE this oil. It is beautiful, in the most pragmatic, non-sexy way! It pulls me into an alignment with goodness, uprightness, and a capacity to make decisions for the benefit of the group. Use it as a parent to help firmly but lovingly lay down boundaries.

  5. Wonderful scent! Very grounding, immediately upon applying I feel more “rooted” on this plane, so to speak. Matters of discipline come easier using this oil. I’m able to keep things that would have me frazzled otherwise in perspective and deal with them in an objective way. 100% recommend!

  6. This oil smells amazing–if the incense smells very sky-grandpa like, this has a sky-grandma like feel to it, like nutmeg. Strong, but also supportive. My first vial broke, so I have whatever’s left in a small sauce cup, and used it to anoint two enamel pins to make into amulets. But I feel like it’s a good idea to have a second vial around in case I need some strong protection.

  7. I use this oil on a regular basis to “feed” a Warnock DA talisman I bought. I have to say that the brass loves the oil. I used the oil itself as well to help consecrate the talisman. While I’ve used the oil for other purposes, including self-anointing, its my go-to for helping keep my talisman humming and happy.

  8. I was heading into a 12th house profection year in the middle of 2020 (yikes) and picked this up in hopes of bolstering evil eye protection and promoting prosperity and good outcomes. It’s been a huge help to that end and has been my pandemic go-to especially while engaging in anything higher risk (leaving the house, going on an urgent travel, meeting people or going on public transit). I often work with it before difficult work situation that I suspect could involve bad intentions or shadiness. It’s a frequent goto for me also for cleansing and protecting my home. It’s a real easy breezy influence to these ends that pairs well with many other offering I’ve tried!

  9. I immediately felt a sense of clearheaded, regal class when I held this bottle of oil for the first time. Before even receiving it I noticed my coworkers beginning to treat me differently- lots more respect and regard. And I started getting high profile projects to work on.

  10. I have been engaged in daily practice with Deneb Algedi for a little over a month, and the discipline has held great rewards thus far. Deneb Algedi aids as a grounding witness to injustice and invites a deepening relationship with accountability t0 “make more right” through principled, measured action — his, one’s own, and that which is undertaken through others. In my justice work, I feel strong “Do not be afraid” energy with Deneb’s support, for the spirit of the law shall keep you, and injustice shall not be ignored. This is a beautiful, grounding, protective, and steady energy when channeled in relationship with Deneb, who also offers grace. While there is not instant gratification when it comes to the work of collective liberation, the invitation is there: Stand. Go deep. Make free.

  11. I LOVE this oil. I was in an unsafe situation at home and it was so pointedly useful for creating a safe space for myself. It is such a clear, resonant feeling of creating safe space. It seems to last a really long time, too.

  12. Feel a lot of gratitude for “sky grandpa”. Wearing this oil helps with boundaries, groundedness and responsibility – in a way that makes taking difficult decisions feel more easeful and natural. I have also used this oil to petition to sort out money issues, including where I was seeking a reduction in my utilities over Covid – everything worked out in my favour, and smoothly. I find DA through this oil to be a generous, straight-forward spirit to work with.

  13. I had a very urgent issue when I sought magical materia to help secure my house. I live in a resort area in Mexico where there is a great deal of construction, construction workers who basically live in the empty shell of buildings until construction is completed. It is known that when these out of town workers are around, there is greater than normal break ins and thefts. Someone indeed came in and took something very precious from me and unable to be replaced. A gift I valued for 20 years.

    I purchased the oil and incense of this series to help create a strong boundary of security around the house and me. With the arrival of the materia, an iron construction of my own was completed to create a mundane worldly deterrent for further break ins.

    I also created talismans of protection that I activated with the oil and placed in the burning smoke of the incense and placed the talisman, hanging, at the point of entry where the thief entered. In fact I placed two on both second and third level terraces.
    Immediately, a shift occurred. Not only in the feeling of the house and my ability to sleep with both eyes closed to gain refreshing sleep, but also in the manner of behavior from both neighbors and working crews only feet from my front door.
    The engineer in charge of the project has since cleaned up the concrete mess they flung onto the ceramic tiles on both floors. The construction workers, who make the international and unsolicited gawk of any woman, heretofore, no longer gawk, in fact they avoid looking in my direction at all, or my house. They have been put squarely in their place, thanks to the materia magica and talismans that have been infused and activated with these powerful essences.

    Probably helps that the talisman is a dehydrated, painted, sung to, dressed and painted nails, wrapped and hung with silk, feathers, bells, uñas de gatos, and conch shells with a bit of moss. Yes, they know now, they have made one angry witch scratch back. Now, I have peace again. And my girlfriend who owns a couple of stores here is interested in having the talismans for sale in her shops.

    Algeb Denebi has guided me out of my rage and into a cottage business product. Offering astro consults here in Mexico with the option to take home a beautiful talisman for security and protection.

    Algeb Denebi, a star found in Capricorn, brought me both the security I needed physically and an idea for business. Perfect.


  14. This is such an interesting series. The first time I held the oil in my hand, I got a distinct vision of a 19th century German merchant family — their house with heavy burgundy draperies, wood-paneled walls, silverware. Very respectable, very traditional, very well-off, very stable. If you read Thomas Mann’s “The Buddenbrocks” you’d know the vibe I’m talking about. The next thing I know an e-mail drops in my inbox from a childhood friend who is a priest and who I haven’t had any contact with in ages, and he writes to me this boastful e-mail telling me he’d recently been invited to speak at a dinner held by the head of state of the country where he lives. (A very powerful country with global influence, I just don’t want to mention it here). I don’t reply because I don’t really like this world leader, nor do I trust the priest any more. Next thing I know I get a phone call from an agency which tells me my social security number had been stolen and someone is using it for work. I panic, run to my local police precinct, file a report, alert my bank, alert all the credit agencies, alert my accountant, my tax office, spend the entire day running around, then finally visit my local social security office to ask them to start their own investigation (as my local police had recommended), and they double-check the details and it turns out there’s been a mistake — no one else is using my SSN but me. So the long story short: Do not use during Mercury retrograde. If anything else interesting happens, I’ll write again.

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