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Aldebaran Oil

Aldebaran Oil


Organic almond oil, ritually imbued with milk thistle, ruby, and bull horn during an Aldebaran election heavily supported by Jupiter in Sagittarius. Other ingredients include proprietary herbal components to support materialization, money drawing, fortitude, strength, magnetism, and personal force, including frankincense, myrrh, genuine gold and silver leaf, rose absolute, and dragon’s blood.

Anoint yourself to reinforce strength, will, and drive. Promotes some degree of entitlement along with charisma and ownership over what one desires, which renders the world more likely to provide it. Commanding of respect, won’t shy from conflict. Helpful for combatting door-mat tendencies and helping to discover and execute what one envisions. Provides focus, consistency, and determination.

Aldebaran energies are best directed into creative and world-building pursuits. Use for money magic and to help make manifest your will in the world. Encourages embodiment, entitlement, intensity, and personal force, tools all necessary for supporting the ego-vessel in acquisition and achievement. For the sake of the innocents, please use responsibly. The possession of power is always best coupled with a sincere attempt to not be an asshole.

Each 1/2 oz glass vial includes a piece of carbuncle and three milk thistle seeds, offered for $72



Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

August 23-24, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Avatar

    I have a new boss this year, and everything about her communication style sets me on edge. She’s also fired one of my colleagues earlier this year, so headed into my annual Testimonial yesterday, I spent morning altar time with Aldebaran incense burning and wore Aldebaran oil to give me focus, strength, and power throughout the day. Another of my peers was fired at her Testimonial at 9am; I came through mine at noon unscathed, and I was able to calmly voice my concerns with how her lack of collaborative communication was affecting my work. The Aldebaran series has been my friend in dealing with the challenging conditions at work the last six months, but this experience of helping me shift from anxiety to confidence in a critical situation really demonstrates its efficacy.

  2. Avatar

    Aldebaran oil was the first product I purchased in the late fall from Sphere and Sundry. After reading the descriptions, this rang a bell as the perfect remedy for the predicament my son was in and my intuition proved correct for upon first use an absolute miracle occurred!
    He was a football star in high school but did not get too many scholarship offers when he graduated because he was only 6 feet tall. He was invited to play on a junior college team for a year but found the coach to be quite sadistic and only interested in kids he already knew. Jake had a difficult time getting playing time and was being severely disrespected. Anyone who has a child go through higher level competitive activities, sports, dance, drama, debate, whatever, knows how egotistical and contrary some coaches can be. This offensive coordinator was the worst I have seen.
    It was the last game of the season, a bowl game in San Diego and the starter was doing nothing and eventually tripped and hurt his ankle, nothing terrible but he would be out for a couple of sets of plays. I had anointed my son with the oil before the game and had been steadily praying in the stands for him to get a break for his career, that was all I asked for was a break. I had contacted one of my favorite nature spirits, a shapeshifter from my neighborhood near the Pacific Ocean, sometime octopus, sometime Pacific Islander, to help. I held him firmly in my mind while I watched the game in a somewhat liminal state.
    When the starter was injured my son was called in as a substitute. He came in and immediately moved the team down the field and scored on a touchdown pass, came in again on the next chance and repeated his extraordinary play. The coach was forced to give him good plays, which he usually did not because he never wanted him to look good but it was a big game the coaches had to win. After halftime they put him in again for some reason as I kept up the deep semi trance state and again Jake scored efficiently. The coach kept the starter out to punish him for weakness and to make him mad so when he came back he would preform like an animal. But he kept him out too long. Although he came back at the end of the 3rd quarter, the game had been won. My son had almost 300 yard passing in 2 quarters.
    I kept up the prayers, now mostly saying thanks. To cap it off the officials declared my son to be MVP in a ceremony after the game, much to the chagrin of the OC who never said a word to my son again. Such a surprise to everyone, so out of the blue that I have always attributed this miracle to the fixed star Aldebaran in conjunction with Kanaloa, and you too Kaitlin and team.
    Many thanks,

  3. Avatar

    The Aldebaran oil is wonderful! As a person with mars on this fixed star in my first house, I feel at home with this oil. It helps me tap into that powerful, focused energy when I’m feeling a bit adrift and allows me to remain focused on the goals that I set. Not to mention, its aroma is absolutely divine!

    One thing I would definitely recommend is setting a deliberate intention when using it because I get the sense that it doesn’t enjoy being used when there isn’t one. I’ve found the most success with the oil when I’ve written a list of things to accomplish that day or had a particular directive I was setting out to achieve.

  4. Avatar

    After wearing this oil a few times, one of the most notable experiences I have with this oil is my ability to stand up for myself and say what I’m really feeling. I am usually one to shy away from conflict or just accept certain terms, but I was able to stand my ground and get my voice heard.

  5. Avatar

    I fell in love with the smell immediately (big, exotic, comforting/ it may be my favorite S&S oil scent) but it took some time to understand it. I apply it during creative work and one night I found myself dancing around, feeling inspired, envisioning projects to come, and was suddenly hit with the feeling of being some kind of land or grain baron with vast holdings and wealth. There are such people in the world, but that is such a wildly foreign lifestyle/concept for me that it’s no wonder it took me a minute to connect with Aldebaran. I’m glad to be able to internalize that state of being, and make it part of myself. So now I affectionately refer to it as my “grain-baron oil”.

  6. Avatar

    So…it is early days still, but I just had to say what a wonderful experience it is getting to know this Aldebaran Oil. 

    I have been easing into it slowly, starting as I usually do with new materia, by just inhaling the fragrance and feeling the energies swirling around as they circulate throughout the body.
    There is something creatively potent about it, and definitely strong-willed (the latter of which I could definitely use more of).

    Now I have just begun applying to the lower, middle and upper chakras and the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, for creative work, in conjunction with the modified Orphic hymn provided with the bottle. Already I have felt the drive it carries and used that to complete a small creative project that has gotten sidelined time and again for several years.

    Fabulous stuff.  Looking forward to seeing where this goes as I keep working  with it.

  7. Avatar

    The Aldebaran Oil I highly recommend. Since its arrival it has left me centred, grounded and motivated. I work in an industry where burn out and high levels of energy are required, over long periods to time. I found that when these products arrived. I was able to do this without burn out. The oils is great especially if you need motivation to finish a lot of work, at a steady pace, with grace and charm. Feedback to my work has been extremely positive, and well received. Which is lovely to move forwards with. I feel lucky to have discovered these products.

  8. Avatar

    There’s strength and Calm ignited with this …. I feel guided in my creative work and opening up to realms I’ve not been privy to utilise before. Which is exciting.. new doorways opening with the support I feel tapped into. Thank you for your important and valuable work

  9. Avatar

    This oil has completely turned around my work life for the better. I went from runt of the department to royal. More respect. I’ve also noticed more opportunities and prestige coming. I’m clearer on and focused on my goals.

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