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Water of Aldebaran

Water of Aldebaran


Water freshly collected from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, pasture grass, bull horn, milk thistle, ruby, rare coinage, and other herbs allied to the principles of strength, income generation, material command, and personal Sovereignty, distilled throughout the evening of the election and left to bask upon the Aldebaran altar. Mixed with a small amount of grain alcohol to preserve, along with colloidal gold and silver.

Use as a body and aura spray to steel and more deeply embody yourself, lending a temporary +5 bonus to your will save. Helpful for getting in touch with your honest worldly desires, and providing the drive and gravitas to make them manifest.

Best applied when working on creative and world-building pursuits.

May cause contention, especially where one feels under appreciated or under valued by those around them; promotes the confidence necessary to address conflict head-on. Encourages putting yourself and your own needs — especially in a material, financial, and magical terms — first. Heightens focus and determination.

Use before engaging in wealth magic and mist over wealth altars, sigils, and vision boards.

Each glass bottle contains one piece of carbuncle and a hand drawn label, offered in a convenient travel size of 1/2 oz for $30 or 2 oz for $63


SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

August 23-24, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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Aldebaran Info Sheet



  1. This water aids me in returning to my energy, ny body and creating firmer energetic! boundaries. When I use this I am much less swayed by other’s wants and their moods. It helps me be stronger in myself. It gives me the energy to finish whatever I need to do in a day. High recommend.

  2. I used my Aldebaran water for the first time today. With Saturn in my first house, I can really struggle to get moving on things.. but not today! I just motored through my home to-do list with no resistance, no drama, no languishing, just smooth, steady energy throughout the day as I checked things off my list. Love it.

  3. Love the Aldebaran goodies. This never disappoints. It’s like having a strong friend that encourages you when you feel you are not capable of accomplishing your task. This is willpower in a bottle!

  4. +10 for will power.
    This is my first time using the Aldebaran water, and it is a focus and determination blend on steroids. My day is filled with meetings, but I still have several to-dos, and currently I am crushing it at work. Enough so that I have time to post about how well I’m killing it and getting shit done.
    I am now super curious to see how this would power up any wealth generation work.

  5. This is ones of my favorites out of all the S&S products I’ve worked with so far. I often experience issues related to focus and motivation, which can sometimes make it hard for me to stay on track with personal or work projects. I’ve found that spraying myself with a bit of Adebaran water can consistently provide the right “push” needed for me to get up and start working on things. The added confidence boost is nice as well. In general, I get a great, energetic, get-stuff-done vibe from this, which I really enjoy and highly recommend!

  6. This water really packs a wallop! One morning, I used the spray for my work day and forgot about it. Then a couple of hours later, I was on a call with my clients and typically, I’m not that forceful. I try to be patient and listen — I’m probably more on the meek side. But I was being talked over while I was talking and it was frustrating. Instead of just letting the other person roll over me, I kindly but assertively said, “I’m still talking. Let me finish.” And I was given the floor. It felt really natural to do at the time, but afterward I thought, “Whoa, did I do that?!” At first, I sprayed my work area every day, but now I don’t use this spray often. Just having it here has helped me start embracing my own personal power and to be more assertive with people. There’s been a steady increase of feeling empowered and emboldened to express how I really feel and think. It’s scary good.

  7. Upon receiving the Water of Aldebaran, I simply recited the hymn and sprayed my palms and work area with it. Instantly, I felt more focused and committed to initiate an artistic project I had been procrastinating to begin. What Aldebaran seems to do for me, personally, is get me past the fear of failure and the anxiety behind possibly not creating an excellent piece. It’s only natural that I will fail before I create something substantial, and the process that I need to go through is what Aldebaran provides. Also, it’s been great for brainstorming ideas. I usually have ideas, but now I notice that I’m jotting some down just to keep track.
    Overall, it’s been a positive experience, and I intend to purchase the oil.

  8. Caution: this water may be addicting. I do not take testosterone despite my lower-than-normal levels, but I can only imagine that this must be what it feels like to supplement with it. When using this water, I feel a jolt that courses through me and commands me to do what is necessary to get what I want done in whatever capacity I need for things to go my way. I am generally an other-oriented person who uses a feminine register to soften my otherwise direct way of dealing with things, but in using this water, I feel more moved to speak directly without padding and to ask for what I want from others rather than provide it without being asked. It staves off the feeling of dread for possibly imposing myself because I have needs. It encourages asking for what is rightfully mine, even if it means the possibility of conflict. For me, this water helps direct my intense internal life outward, asking me to own what I think, what I want, and what I need so that I may take action toward getting it. Note: the above statements are an indication of my mood and behavior while using this water generally, though I do find that it does work extremely well for conversations surrounding financial and material issues. It lasts a relatively short period of time, perhaps twenty to forty minutes, but the intensity of this water is next level.

  9. Love this spray. I used it right before going to spin class, and I felt so driven and full of energy. I paired it with Sol in Leo hydrosol, and I felt so EMPOWERED! I powered through the whole class, and was able to vibrate and connect more with the energy of the room.

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