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Exalted Mercury Cazimi Water

Exalted Mercury Cazimi Water

A wide variety of mercurial plants were ritually harvested the day before the cazimi election, on Mercury’s day and hour. These and other herbs, along with Virgoan grains, were combined with freshly collected water from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta. The distillation process for this hydrosol was initiated the day of the cazimi as it conjoined the Midheaven in the hour of Mercury, and produced throughout the day as Mercury moved even closer to the heart of Sol.

Mentally activating with a grounded quality, with notes of soft fennel and pearl barley. Spray on the neck at the base of the skull and around the head for a cerebral boost before writing, studying, researching, responding to written communications, setting upon your to-do list, or performing any activity that would benefit from expedited mental processing, linguistic traction, and attention to detail.

Each glass bottle contains one stunning AAA grade Ethiopian opal with excellent clarity and colorful spark, ethically sourced.

1/2 oz spray for $27 or a 2 oz for $57


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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz




Yes — contains no animal ingredients

Creation Date

Daytime September 20th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.


  1. Avatar

    this really helped during the retrograde in pisces. I use it when I need to focus and get stuff done. it’s a nice way to rev up the engine without it feeling like a big kick in the ass. definitely worth getting!

  2. Avatar

    I am so glad I found Sphere + Sundry! The care, skill, integrity and documentation associated with their products astounds me. The photography alone is a blessing.

    I ordered three electional waters to help me understand the potency of the working. Packaging, guidelines and communication are all impeccable. And one spritz of the Mercury water this afternoon has helped me complete several work tasks (with pleasure and focus) and turn on my out of office email. This is the real deal.

    Thank you!

  3. Avatar

    I bought this in anticipation of the current retrograde. It is spectacular stuff. I’m actually mildly panicked that I forgot to pack my bottle with me for the week. Everything was smooth sailing until I forgot my bottle. Some things that have fritzed out so far: a misunderstanding caused my pharmacy to overcharge me for the generic version of an expensive medicine, a website didn’t accept a discount code and charged me the full amount, and another website refused to cooperate when I desperately needed to apply for something. I shudder to think what I’ve managed to avoid while wearing the water! This is good stuff, and I hope I make it through the rest of the retrograde without it, lol.

  4. Avatar

    I credit this spray with helping during our house hunt while on a Mercury retrograde. Sometimes the real estate world and the stars don’t mutually align. However, I used this spray very effectively to counteract whatever communications issues we may encounter. In fact, we did so well that I credit this with a successful hunt.

  5. Avatar

    This has been really wonderful when I use it during the hour of mercury or the day or both to sit in write. I feel though that you need to have a clear tasks and objectives in mind. It’s not for casual use. I’ve always used it before giving lectures and talks and it’s been really great for my mind recalling many different anecdotes and facts and being really focused.

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