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Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil

Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil


Plants ritually harvested the day before the cazimi on Mercury’s day and hour were dried overnight. These were ritually combined with other herbs, grains, and essential oils of a Mercurial and Virgoan nature, in a base of organic sunflower oil, on the day of Mercury’s cazimi as it conjoined the Midheaven. The oil was then sealed and left to bask in sunlight for the remainder of the day. The scent is an invigorating, stimulating blend of earthy citrus and peppermint.

Apply to the base of the skull, the third eye, and optionally, the palms or wrists, before setting out on activities that require mental rigor and dexterity. The perfect anointing oil to initiate a day of writing, researching, editing, or responding to written communications. Can be layered with other charges to point results in a specific direction, for example, pair with items from the Exalted Mars series to induce type-A qualities of drive, precision, and motivation, while supporting premier mental function, or Venus to heighten aesthetic sensibilities, and write and speak more beautifully.

Only a handful of these oils remain, 19 of which arrive with a turquoise rollerball.

RIP Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil! You will be missed! 🧡




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Daytime September 20th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. If you want to brainstorm a complex issue on the spot, Mercury Cazimi is the stuff I find that when it comes to flipping coins, rolling dice, drawing cards, Mercury strikes me some rather amazing odds. When I roll dice with my friends to see who goes first in a game, Mercury usually secures my odds that I get a roll that I like. Some games I’ve gotten so many good rolls that my friends joked about it. When I’m drawing a card when I’m playing Magic: the Gathering and praying I can counteract whatever is happening in the game, I get a card that addresses my concerns. If you like to play games of any variety (but especially card games), Mercury Cazimi is a true friend.

    It’s good to remember that Mercury is a communicator and writer, but I think it’s also good to remember that Mercury is more than that too. Mercury can be a rogue, a craftsperson, a merchant, an editor. If you need to be deft of hand and sharp of wit, Mercury Cazimi is a wonderful ally.

  2. I have been using the exalted mercury cazimi oil for quite some time and I must say I’m a big fan of it. This works wonder for me whenever I need to get rid of any mental clutter and focus on what I’m working on.

  3. I’m surprised I haven’t written a testimonial sooner for this oil! I’ve put both this oil and the spray to good use with both my fanfiction and original fiction. Mixing it with venus in libra oil helped me write a really beautiful, romantic 150,000 word fanfiction that I’m so proud of! Like, I took that story to places I don’t know would be possible without that combo of oils.

    Helps with focus, writing stamina, ideas, as well as writing clearer, sharper, and more succinctly. Perfect for someone with mercury in sagitarrius <3 Grateful I ordered more cazimi oil before it sold out.

    Can't wait for S+S's next mercury line!

  4. I used Exalted Mercury Oil today due to the Mercury Retrograde and to do a little Mercurial prayer. My Mercury is in Sagittarius, so for me, the devil is in the details. This helps not just keep the big picture in mind, but also the nitty gritty, and ensuring that I stay focused. I am probably going to continue to do a weekly thing on Wednesdays.

  5. I’ve been in love with this oil since first whiff! Smells cheerful and uplifting and feels super energizing. I have been working with this oil for several weeks now and it helped me finish strong on a very tight deadline. It was for a job application which involved coding/cloud architecture implementation (very Mercurial, I know) and I!! GOT!! THE!! JOB!! 😀 Praise Mercury!!!!!!!!
    Always grateful to Kait & Co. for this offering, and I will be sad when my last bottle runs out.

  6. This oil is the one that has had the most immediate response on me every_single_time. I bought this because Mercury is my time lord this year. But it has helped me to be better spoken at work, study for school, and in many other general situations. If this is elected again, you MUST purchase one!

  7. This was my first S+S offering purchase, so it fits that it would also be my first review after working with it for a over a year now. The height of my use of the Mercury Cazimi oil was while I worked a year long production job, and it helped wonderfully with my ability to focus, pivot, and multitask in a high demand environment. My only note is that sometimes I would use it for five days straight, leading to zombie “overclocking recovery time” being a necessary part of my weekends. While I no longer work that job (hooray for my mental health), I do enjoy having a bottle in my purse, as it seems to be the materia most suited to being ready on the go.

    My favorite story success story with it was asking if Mercury could help my (scientist) mother with a job she wanted. My weekly offering is usually caffeinated tea in a special caduceus mug. On the day and hour I asked if he could help my mom, dressed and lit a candle, and left it up to him. A few weeks later, my mom tells me she got an out of the blue, even better job than the one she had been considering–at one of the biggest tea suppliers in the world. Hail Mercury! And thank you Kaitlin!

  8. I’ve been using exalted mercury cazimi oil while revising a project and it’s really helping me focus. I loaned some to a friend who has been having business trouble. She has a debilitated and afflicted Mercury in her natal chart. Today she called me to say her business has been improving like crazy and she’s getting all sorts of communication on her social media from prospective clients.

  9. I purchased the exalted mercury cazimi oil, to assist with focus and reduce distraction. I have a lot of air in my chart and can get easily distracted. Upon the first application, I sat down and wrote for 4 hours. I dislike the editing process, but this oil kept my eyes on the details and a process I dislike came with ease, and with little effort. I was so impressed with it – I brought a second bottle !

  10. Exalted Mercury Cazimi oil is always in my purse, just in case. And recently, it manifested the results I was praying for. There was a mistake, or an unfortunate oversight, in my son’s medical records going back 18 years, and a university didn’t want to accept his registration. After a week of going back and forth between the admission office, doctors, and LabCorp, I decided it was Mercury Cazimi time. That was the end of all troubles! There was no more obstacles, all documents were in place, everything went smoothly, and the results were exactly what I hoped for. I should have known better by now, but am still amazed every time how beautifully and precisely Kaitlin’s talismanic offerings work. Thank you!

  11. Mercury rules my profected house this year, so I thought by experiencing the oil it would be a good way to connect with that current. The oil truly delivers. It’s very uplifting and potent. It cuts through distraction and helps when I need to focus especially with writing or reading complex material. I love the smell of the oil and it just makes me feel bright and filled with direction.

  12. The smell of this oil is very uplifting, the peppermint really helps with concentrating. At a time I could not concentrate at all in the midst of the lock down. “Accidentally” quite a lot spilled on my work desk, I believe this together with the Mars in Scorpio helped me get back on track. I have not used it by its own much.

  13. This stuff is amazing! I’ve got a Gemini rising, with Mercury in Taurus in the 12th house, so Mercury Rx tends to be pretty rough on me. Using the oil has made a huge difference in easing things up.

  14. This is the most amazing oil! used for the first time during mercury retrograde when an important package was getting severely delayed. I wrote on a piece of paper that my package arrive the next day or ASAP. I anointed the petition with the oil. The next morning I woke up to a notification that it would be delivered that day. It came at 9:30 AM!! I was astonished. Aside from that, it is a very stimulating oil and uplifting. Side effects, it makes me a little jittery so I make sure I have lots to get done if I use it

  15. I love this oil. With Mercury in Sag my mind goes many places at once, but whenever I need to feel clear, I dab on a little Mercury cazimi oil. In addition to mental clarity, it also has a lovely uplifting effect.

  16. The likening of this materia to nootropics is spot on.

    Working for a tech company primarily doing analytics and light coding, I can say the Mercury Cazimi oil does wonders for when I need to pour myself into hours of eloquently scribed queries probing the cloud.

    Layered with Jupiter’s Bounty has made for really successful teaching and enablement sessions. Within a few weeks of regular use I received a promotion!

  17. I’d originally bought the oil to help me with my writing. But I used the oil before my work review session with my supervisor last week. Before, I was nervous and anxious, and kept second guessing how the session would go. I anointed myself an hour before and my mind felt immediately clear. It got rid of the mental clutter and really helped me during our discussion. It went beautifully as I was able to diplomatically articulate a touchy subject I’d been avoiding and how I wanted our work relationship to change.

  18. Just smelling this oil gave me a waft of energy, but actually applying it is a straight jolt that cuts through brainfog and fatigue like no other. My Mercury in Cancer tends to hesitate and approach things side-on, and suffers badly from burnout issues in the 8th house; this is basically rocket fuel that gets me jetting forward and helps mitigate those issues with Cazimi solar energy.

  19. I love Exalted Mercury Cazimi oil. With my mercury in Pisces in creates the focus I need to apply myself to any task, but especially ones that require great attention and tenacity. With my sun in Aries in my first house, I love starting things, then my Pisces rising takes me down the rabbit hole. This oil helps me pay great attention, remember, and complete anything I choose. Totally complements my Mercury in Pisces in my 12th house.

  20. This has helped me concentrate at work and communicate more clearly and effectively.

  21. instantly i could tell that i was energetically charged. i have tons of virgo placements and i have felt like my life has instantly improved. i feel more grounded and blessings have continues to enter my life.

  22. Having a Mercury dominant chart, with Mercury in Virgo, I am used to doing highly analytical tasks with incredible efficiency. I have been using the Exalted Mercury Cazimi oil to give myself even more of a boost for the most difficult project of my career thus far, and I am loving the results. Things that should take days to do, literally take hours. Laser focus plus the ability to multitask like a pro – minimal transition effort. Incredibly effective communications resulting in immediate changes. I also feel that it is affecting those in close proximity to me as their output is noticeably increased when I’m around, which in turn is helping my progression. It’s amazing. I’m going to try layering this one up with Venus in Libra because I expect to be rewarded for this level of high quality work!

  23. I love this oil, when I used it I wanted to sit down to do some work that required memory, focus, and concentration, but my mind was feeling a bit foggy. I anointed this oil on the pulses on my wrists went about my business. Well, I didnt’ think I would see much of a change but after a little while I noticed that the mental fog was gone, and that I was actually able to concentrate on the readings, and understand what I was reading. This oil is ideal because it is not overstimulating like drinking caffeine or taking other supplements to help with focus and concentration can be. I highly recommend it.

  24. This oil is incredible! My natal Mercury being combust the Sun and ruling difficult houses/houses containing malefics, I keenly felt the marked difference a strong Mercury makes as soon as I applied it. Very good for getting small things done, keeping a keen eye on logistics and time, and blindingly clear thinking. Only thing I’d note is that it does bring a buzz of nervous/flighty energy alongside such focus – this might be to do with my natal placements, but also seems to make sense as a general mental stimulant. That in no way detracts from the focus given when I direct my attention to something deliberately; I can just imagine it being detrimental if not applied purposefully for Mercurial tasks!

  25. A dab of this oil plus a dab the Mars oil are extraordinary for breaking the self-doubt that comes with writers block, and getting work finalised for deadlines. Just a little of one or the other is subtly supportive for me on a tricky work day, but the two together really rev me up for complex writing tasks & problem-solving.

  26. This oil makes my already airy mind more zippy and electric than usual. Perfect for studying and doing fussy paper work and such, as well as giving you an extra mental edge for video games, haha! Glad I have this as I’m not a coffee drinker. It feels remiscent of a little charm I used to drop on a friend for fun, that I’d call “Haste”. If you want the real version of the fantasy spell that’s named after, this is the stuff! Rubbing it on my forehead and temples really gets the job done! I have yet to try it, but I can easily see how it could give an athlete a competitive mental edge as well. Fly!

  27. As someone with a debilitated Mercury, I can find it hard to properly focus while writing. This oil, always used in conjunction with the Venus in Libra oil as a softener, really supports my focus when I’m working on writing projects.

    It’s also been enormously helpful when I’m preparing to teach in a situation that I’m nervous about — careful use of this oil to anoint my person and an amulet pouch directly supports a feeling of confidence prior to teaching, and assists a concise clarity during class.

    I’ve recommended this oil to some of my clients with struggle-bus Mercury placements, and they’ve been well-helped by this magic, too.

  28. As others have acknowledged, this oil is great to use as an aid in mental focus, but I also wanted to add my new favorite way to use it.

    The other day my friend was complaining that his outdated laptop was on it’s last leg and was acting up. So after asking his permission I anointed it with this oil. Four dots down the right side of the keyboard, four dots down the left, and then a little criss-cross pattern to “connect the dots”. Voila! The screen flickered, his programs booted up flawlessly, and the internet became unbelievably fast! Love it!

  29. The mercury cazimi oil has been a powerful aid for me in graduate school. Better than coffee, it has helped to sharpen my mind, make my words more precise, and ease the flow of my academic work. 100/10 recommend.

  30. This Mercury Cazimi oil is wonderful! I tend to struggle with maintaining practical study habits, I figured it would be a perfect fit for me. When I applied the oil, my stress eased up and within 30 minutes I was able to notice my focus strengthening. For the first time in a long time, I was able to sit down and finish my work without feeling the need to check my emails, listen to music, or take unnecessary breaks. I am completely satisfied with this purchase, thank you Sphere + Sundry!

  31. Using this oil I was able to complete two screenplays in about a three month period. Granted I was working from outlines, but I deviated from these blueprints significantly and was able to take the material further than I thought possible. Usually it takes me three or four months to write one and that’s if I’m really applying myself. If you do any kind of creative work then this is the product for you. I cannot recommend it enough.

  32. I am finding that the Mercury Cazimi oil has a noticeable effect of brightening and sharpening attention upon application. It reminds me of the effects of nootropics like modafinil and the racetam class of smart drugs.

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