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Jupiter’s Bounty Oil

Jupiter’s Bounty Oil


Following a ritual feast as an offering for the Greater Benefic’s blessing, consecrated Jupitarian mix — including organic fruits, nuts, and Jupitarian herbs and spices — were ritually combined with citrine and amethyst in equal parts organic jojoba and almond oils on a prime Jupiter election, before the addition of frankincense and other essential oils befitting the operation.

Bright, uplifting, supportive, patient, centering. Anoint yourself to promote embodiment, improve head-game and outlook, center, ground, and motivate yourself to work toward the enrichment of yourself and others, materially and otherwise. Great for supporting meditative activities, teaching and consulting, Jupiter remediation and propitiation. Purifying and generous, protective and nourishing.

Use in Jupitarian magical workings or those designed to promote steady growth, medium and long-term gains, and charitable causes.

The greatest benefits from Jupiter’s Bounty will result from routine applications over time. Wear every Thursday to invoke Jupiter’s ongoing blessing and support.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $72 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roll-on w/ citrine rollerball for $60

Important allergen note: While this does not contain peanuts, it does contain other nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, and cashews) that were processed in a facility that handles peanuts. Not suitable for use by those with peanut or other nut allergies. Buyer/ user agrees not to apply, gift, or make available to those with nut allergies, assumes full responsibility for any allergic interactions to self and others as a result of exposure, and releases Sphere + Sundry from any and all liability. Keep out of reach of children. 




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Chart Remediation

Jupiter — Good for people who are Jupiter deficient and need support for the natal Jupiter




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

26th of March, 2019. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in the image gallery


COMMON ALLERGEN — This formulation contains a high risk allergen, disclosed in the copy

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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t written a review for this oil yet. I probably have, but I’m too lazy to check. If that’s the case, think of this as a 2022 update.

    I’ve been using this oil since it came out in 2019 and it has never failed me. I’ve used it on my person and to dress candles. Today, for the second time, this oil helped me get an apartment. This oil also sends random jobs my way when I use it with the intention to secure some cash.

    Back to my apartment since I’m so quacking excited: I petitioned both Jupiter and Venus. There’s no doubt that the place I scored was from the gods. After feeling relief that I’d beaten an incredibly competitive and batshit expensive rental market, I finally realized that the place ticked all of my boxes. I had listed these traits during my prayers, thinking as I prayed that it was an enormous longshot to find a place I could afford, much less a place that was exactly what I wanted. Et voila, this under market-rate apartment near my kid’s school pops up with all the amenities I wanted, right down to the brand-new kitchen and bathroom renovations. People swarmed this apartment the day of the opening house, and I got there first-thing!

    Then the same day I got the good news, my neighbor pointed out that someone broke into our building and stole/damaged property, but thankfully left my son’s room (which was next to the crime scene) alone. I hear the gods loud and clear.

    Hail, Jove

  2. This oil is fantastic, every time I smell this oil my mouth waters (which is weird, but I took this as a sign that whatever magic was in this I clearly needed).
    I am a Sag rising and had no specific use for this other than to help me shake some of my hard, Saturn in the 1st tendencies which has a tendency to ‘freeze’ some otherwise much needed positive Sag expressions. Working consciously with this oil has helped me to relax and just BE without overthinking or being critical of how others might perceive me.

  3. When I wear this delicious smelling oil, I feel large and expansive in spirit! Actually. I’ve used it now for over a year and notice there’s something grand, abundant and generous to my creativity when I wear it. I use it to honor Jupiter on Thursday’s and Sunday evenings. I’ve noticed it attracts good luck, generosity from others, and joy. I especially notice and LOVE sunshine when I wear it

  4. This smells like fruity walnut oil. I used this in combination with the water (applied a few hours after the water), and had a day that both balanced the things we had to do, including going to a local farmer’s market (and coming home with a quart of the the season’s first strawberries – already consumed in a day). It ended with us running an unexpected errand, completing the errand, running into a friend which turned into an impromptu dinner, and a night of socializing.

    One side effect that I noticed post-oil application was that I ended up making purchases that supported some of my friends’ businesses. I was fortunate to receive some Jovial blessings almost immediately after acknowledging an unintentional offering bowl as Jupiterian, and Jupiter’s Bounty 100% assists and encourages you to spread the wealth around.

  5. This is one of many items I have bought from Kaitlin. My life circumstances have been challenging and stressful. Using Jupiters Bounty has really helped me stay bouyant and creative, instead of depressed and stressed.

  6. I love Jupiter’s Bounty oil. I use it to anoint candles for Jupiter work and apply it to my person to increase feelings of abundance and gratitude. It’s earthy and grounding. Just the scent of it boosts my mood and mellows me out when I’m feeling all angsty. Highly recommend.

  7. I’m very Saturnian with a natal Jupiter in detriment, and need all the help I can get in Jupiter’s realm. It is wonderful. Kaitlin’s work is really top notch, magically and beautifully.

  8. What an expansive oil. I bought this in January and my life has dramatically shifted since. At the time, I was lacking much confidence, had little money, and generally was wishing for better circumstances professionally and personally. I remember when I saw it was out for delivery and I could feel it arriving. It came during Jupiter’s hour, and I applied it. I was giving my first astrology workshop that evening and I was extremely nervous and barely believed in myself. I stopped at Trader Joe’s beforehand and could feel how much the energy around me felt lighter, and had a great conversation with the gregarious cashier. The oil uplifted my spirits and increased my level of trust in myself and life, and the workshop went so well! I had multiple participants offer different ideas for future offerings, and had two astrology sessions booked.

    Since then, I’ve built out my business much more, and, most importantly, done so much healing internally. The level of self-belief I have is so much higher than before. I am incredibly grateful for this product. I bought it for my sister and my friend and have already seen better circumstances for them as well. Thank you!

  9. This was the first S&S oil I purchased, and it far exceeded my expectations. I have had a regular Jupiter practice for over a year, and adding Jupiter’s Bounty to it has really supercharged it. The tangible feel of Jupiterian energy just putting the oil on your skin is pretty strong, but once it is combined with candles, seals and invocations in a Jupiter hour it’s pretty unreal how intense it gets. I use it both to anoint candles in rituals, and anointing my beard on a daily basis. I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in working with Jupiter for prosperity.

  10. The scent of this oil is superb! No words can describe how much I love it from the first whiff. Reminds me of house parties and meals with my favorite foods and people. This, layered with the Venus in Taurus oil and accompanied with the right intention, made me win a raffle. What’s really surprising is I have never won at raffles EVER! Thank you Kaitlin and Austin for this fabulous offering!

  11. Smooth and potent, my all time S&S favorite. Powerful benefic at work in a little bottle of heaven. Petitions can be specific, or as simple as ”please make everything better”, and he makes it so. The effect is immediate regarding one’s confidence and care free attitude. Long term effects runneth underneath as one continues to build a relationship with the mighty benefic with the aid of this extremely pleasant and powerful product.

  12. I’ve used different items from this series, but I’m gonna focus my review on this oil since it’s probably the one thing (other than the candle) that I’ve used consistently on Thursdays. I’ve made petitions to Jupiter during the correct planetary hour after anointing myself with this. It’s very notable that I was offered two freelance jobs out of the blue, both of which were relatively easy and fairly lucrative, after asking for money to pay for my expenses. This NEVER happens to me, but there you go! I have total faith in S+S. Unfuck your life, as Austin would say.

  13. The first time I put on the Jupiter’s Bounty oil I felt a palpable sense of the star of Zeus in my being. I am an astrologer and writer, and the oil arrived just as I had to meet a writing deadline for an article regarding the waning square aspect between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces for a major astrology website. Noting the well placed timing I wore the oil for the first time and sat down to write about Jupiter: the article came out quickly in one sitting. During the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, I used Jupiter’s Bounty oil during the making of petitions to Jupiter. making Jupiter talismans, and charging Jupiter talismans. The biggest impact for me with the oil was that after wearing it for the first time, within a week I found an election to use for the launch of a Patreon campaign for my astrology website. I ended up launching it on an election with Venus and Spica on the ascendant in sextile with Moon and Jupiter on Jupiter’s day, and then later in the day made a Jupiter talisman with Moon and Jupiter rising. The launch of my Patreon was successful and it has steadily built in support since that time and has become an enjoyable community forum for me to share my astrological teaching and writing. I had been thinking of creating a Patreon campaign for my website for a long time, and receiving Jupiter’s Bounty oil (as well as spray) corresponded with me finally making it happen. I’ve also been consistently impressed by the excellent and attentive customer service of Kaitlin.

  14. Working with Jupiter’s Bounty has been VERY encouraging about my future, & very validating about my strengths. (keep in mind I am a natal exalted Jupiter on ASC person)
    It’s as if my flaws can definitely be worked around, no problem!

    For example, I have been insecure as a white, cisgender artist. Well, I got offered a paying job directing a theatre show by a non-binary hip hop artist who wants to address some really rich societal problems. I see eye-to-eye with them creatively on many fronts! Identity politics are not defining the way I relate with this new collaborator. PLUS, I also get to work with two older people involved who have been great mentors to me. PLUS, there were delicious fresh yellow-lemon-custard cronuts in the room when it got offered!

    Also, I really want to get pregnant – and kids tend to stare at me after I use this lol! One kid was staring from behind a yellow balloon for a whole metro ride…

    SPECIAL NOTE about customer service:
    Kaitlin is AMAZING! She tends toward including extra things if you encounter inconveniences, which has really helped me out as a Canadian; without a great exchange rate, and without cheaper shipping. Ordering from her is great!

  15. In The circumstances of separation involving lawyers and accountants I was feeling vulnerable and intimidated. I was surprised that my lawyer has been very noble in His advice in this difficult situation where it looked like I could be walked over….then the family account being faithful to my ex decided to cross the bridge with me & I wasn’t asking for that, ( in fact I asked him why he did….?)… I was shocked and Could share more but the thing is I felt supported in a situation that looked impossible … both this oil and dealings with St Expedite have surprisingly put the right people in my corner… thank you…

  16. This is probably my favorite S+S Product to date… I’ve have loved all that S+S has made, but something about this oil makes me want to wear it all the time. I put it on and feel much more at ease and much more grounded, like I’m emotionally and physically fortified somehow. I sometimes look to Jupiter as my “protector” and that is the energy this oil gives to me. I feel like my anxious thoughts calm and I am more focused on staying in the present and allowing things to flow. The ability to feel that way and to move through the world that way has brought me significant improvements in almost all facets of my life!

  17. I can’t attest to any experience working with this oil, because I bought it as a gift for a friend. But even without taking it out of the wrapping- this thing has juice! While I was holding onto this I had to keep storing it in different places in my apartment because light bulbs burned out everywhere I put it. The feeling emanating from the package was warm, generous, and very loudly present! I have no doubt this oil is the real deal.

  18. I have written elsewhere on this site about all the wonderful and unique properties of Kaitlin’s creations, but here I would like to mention that they also smell fantastic, which is so rare on the metaphysical wares market. In fact, Kaitlin is the only one I know who combines metaphysical and physical qualities of her creations with success. And I like to think that I know what I’m talking about because I grew up in a family deeply interested in high-end perfume and in a city whose boutiques allow shoppers to sample them at no cost. I am talking scents where you pay thousands of dollars for an ounce; I myself could never afford them but I know very well what they smell like. Kaitlin’s talent with scent really stunned me the first time I bought her Jupiter’s Bounty oil. Perfumery as an art is so incredibly elitist, taught to so rare few, and places such high demands on apprentices that I thought I would never smell anything half-decent created by a person who hasn’t dedicated their entire life to the art. But once I discovered Sphere & Sundry I was more than surprised. Jupiter’s Bounty is so delicate, so unpretentious, yet so sophisticated that I think Kaitlin could become a wonderful perfumer if she chose to. I know there are practitioners who have spent decades making metaphysical perfume oils and call themselves perfumers, but boy are their creations embarrassing to wear in public. Kaitlin is the only one I know who is instantly recognizable as a naturally gifted artist in this way. This is so unique and so inspiring. For the first time I can wear a metaphysical oil to a gathering of people who are knowledgeable about perfume and feel confident. Thank you, Kaitlin. You are so, so talented.

  19. I love, love, love the oil! It smells so yummy, and has been so helpful in times of need.
    Highly recommend this one!

  20. After having spent the last 4 months searching for the right fit for a new job, a good opportunity that matched all my criteria came along recently. The timing of the interview was itself most fortuitous, happening on the day and hour of Jupiter, but I wanted to leave nothing to chance and so as I prepared to depart for the interview, I performed a Jupiterian invocation using the Orphic hymn, and anointed myself with the Jupiter’s bounty oil.

    The feeling of pure confidence and absolute faith in the success of my endeavors that came over me as soon as I performed the anointing can not be overstated. I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this would go as I desired.

    I arrived at the interview and it can only be described as one of the smoothest experiences I’ve had at a job interview ever. Usually applying for a position such as the one I wanted would take 2-3 rounds of progressively tougher and more complex interviews often taking 4-6 hours total, but I breezed through the whole process in just over an hour, and left feeling very good about it. Just a few hours later I got the confirmation that they wanted to hire me and at a considerably higher rate than initially discussed.

    The potency of this series, especially paired with good timing and some ritual work can not be exaggerated. Worth every penny and then some

  21. Used my Jupiter’s Bounty oil for the first time last night after midnight and I AM IN LOVE. Wow. It’s potent as hell without being aggravating to the nervous system in any way. I annointed my forehead and heart and that expansive, steady, buttery presence parked itself in my field, and I can still feel it eight hours later.

    A cool effect is that neurotic or anxious thoughts can’t get purchase in this strong, silky atmosphere. One blooms up and it’s like it’s dismissed before it gets within fifty feet of the king. “Nah, you’re not bothering the king with that nonsense.” If a thought-form isn’t useful/worthy/profitable, it gets bounced.

    Truly awesome in all senses of the word. I’m blown away.

  22. This oil is beautiful and POTENT! I’ve been using it in my Thor’s Day rituals, as well as anointing myself with it before an important class that I take that has lots to do with my plans and dreams for the future. It gives me a feeling of confidence and positivity, and a jolt of energy that is calm instead of frenzied. LOVE.

  23. This oil is wonderful, energetically and physically. It provides a sense of calm that almost feels like you’re sitting next to a fireplace waiting to receive the bounty of life, which in turn creates that sense that everything is going to be ok along with a scent that sometimes makes me a little hungry. I use it to anoint myself, items on my Jupiter altar to attune to the abundance that the planet has to offer in its domicile, and anything to invite Jupiter’s more abundant aspects into my life. I alternate between this oil and the self igniting incense (which burns very cleanly and is having me want to try more of that out with the other series) that was given to recharge the talisman from the same series and it seems to work just as well, although a little bit more subtly. As with all S+S oils, they are excellent for attunement and propitiations with the planetary spheres. As always, the quality in the physical components as well as the metaphysical components with S+S.

  24. This oil has a beautiful, soothing, glowing energy that simply feels wonderful. It also smells delicious.

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