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Degree of Exaltation Mars Candle

Degree of Exaltation Mars Candle


Flaming red candles hand-poured while Mars was in the 28th degree of Capricorn, his point of peak performance. Each candle features a dose of Mars powder, made the same evening, comprised of five hand-ground herbs and resins sacred to Mars. These include hot red pepper, genuine dragon’s blood resin, and yohimbe bark, among other proprietary sympathetic ingredients, and small bits of iron and rust.

A keepsake in the form of a bloodstone arrowhead is revealed when the candle has fully burned, to be kept indefinitely by the owner as a talismanic generator of Martial potency.

Each candle is in a large 12 oz jar that, depending on burning habits, can provide 45+ hours of burn time. They feature a glass cap with Mars’ glyph, Agrippa’s seal of character, and the kamea or magic square, all inscribed during the operation. As their burning will often be accompanied by that of incense, they are unscented.

The first time you burn a large candle, try to let the pool of wax get as far out as possible because it will leave a ‘memory’ in the wax and create a tunneling effect for future burns, which will greatly reduce the life of a candle. Magical candles are sometimes lit for short periods of time during prayers or petitions, so sometimes this is unavoidable. If you have issues with tunneling, there are ways of fixing it.

Ten candles were poured, 7 were offered by Sphere + Sundry. They are now sold out.

Click here for information about the use of these items for remediation of natal configurations or during Mars’ retrograde. 


Out of stock

Out of Stock... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 3.75 × 4.5 in
Candle Size

12 oz Jar — Approximately 40+ hours of burn time



Wax Type




Chart Remediation

Mars — Good for people who are Mars deficient and need support for the natal Mars

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

Creation Date

Night of May 10, 2018. Chart in the image gallery.

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  1. I was lucky to snag the last one of these and for that I am grateful for that. The energy it give off is warm and energizing. The candle smells lightly of cinnamon. the wax is so red its crazy!
    I’m excited for the arrowhead in the bottom but I don’t want to use it all at once.

  2. I burn this candle during meditation on the day and hour of Mars. It provides an unshakeable confidence in my ability to take action, achieve goals and overcome walls, and provides a defense to shield me from delays.

    Sphere + Sundry calls their items offerings – but that’s only half true. They are also gifts from the Spirits themselves, transmitted to us by the hand of Kaitlin Coppock. I am immensely grateful that she is willing to work as an intermediary. To be certain, the community is enriched by her work and effort.

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