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St. Expedite’s Holy Water

St. Expedite’s Holy Water


On the Wednesday before the election, poundcake, palm frond, and crow feather were distilled to create the base hydrosol for St. Expedite’s spray. This was ritually combined with colloidal gold and essential oils of cinnamon and citrus during the series election and prayed over for Expedite’s blessing. Holy Water from a Catholic Church, collected freshly after a Sunday mass, was a final addition just before bottling.

Spray before prayers to or invocations of St. Expedite, as an olfactory draw and offering. Use in spaces that need be impacted by his influence — for instance, if you are asking for money, spray some inside your bank or on a blank check you’ve made out to yourself; if you are asking for a raise, apply in your office or on your business card with your old title crossed out and your desired title written in. Spray upon your person as you undertake any material work toward achieving the goals you’ve asked Expedite to help you deliver.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass spray bottle with hand-painted label for $27 or a 2 oz for $56.


SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body


Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

20th of December, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. I’ve had St. Expedite’s holy water for several months, and I’ve admittedly been taking my time feeling his energy out, not wanting to bother him with frivolous requests so that he is able to assist where — and when — he is truly needed. But over time, St. Expedite has been showing up for me all the same (including in a dream of pound cake!), teaching me that it’s ok to put my trust in his powerful, generous spirit, which brings forth efficacious results — and fast. I suspect he played a role in mitigating the worst outcome in a recent disappointing delay in matters of the law (a difference which could amount to mere months rather than years), and after he speedily heard my request to waive the late fees on a parking ticket I was not aware was active and had gone into default due to a notice lost in the mail, I’ve accepted the gracious invitation to set up an altar for him, get clear about my desired results, and put Big Faith in his kindness, generosity, and speed to bring forth a favorable outcome in a court case that’s gone on for decades. Thank you, St. Expedite, for teaching me that action supersedes words; that love is an act of faith, and faith is an act of love; and love wins the day. Always. Always. HODIE! HODIE! HODIE!

    (P.S. St. X also reminds me to floss my teeth every night — not sure why, but maybe because it’s like saying my prayers before bed? Either way, I’m grateful!)

  2. Since I was making a prayer to St. Expedite to recover some packages, I decided to boost my petition by spraying myself and the room I’m in with some of St. Expedite’s Holy Water. The water itself has a slight cinnamon-citrus smell, as well as slightly metallic undertone. It’s got a pretty strong scent, but I do feel like it helped St. Expedite acknowledge and deliver on my petition. Definitely a great booster item if you want to petition HODIE. Praise HODIE, who came through in a major way for me.

  3. I love this water! It smells great! Its is uplifting and a great tool to use when working with Saint Expedite! Thank you Saint Expedite for coming to my assistance!

  4. I love the scent of this so it is a delight to use. It would seem that St. Expedite likes this water for his own reasons since he was particularly helpful in finally clearing up a particularly hairy administrative nightmare.

    So, thank you Kaitlin for you wonderful creations and thank you St. Expedite!! HODIE!!

  5. I’m completely new to astrological magic and St. Expedite’s Holy Water was one of my first purchases. The scent is spicy and sweet and I just love it. Within 4 hours of placing my order I had an extended family member offer to pay for half of my yoga teacher training I was wanting to do ($2000). The next day another family member offered to pay the rest (I didn’t ask for money from anyone)!
    Wowed by St. Expedite’s super speediness I petitioned him for help in acquiring daycare for my daughter as I was returning to work in less than two months and was not getting a response after SEVEN messages left. I petitioned him on a Wednesday during Mercury’s hour, sprayed the water on myself and my phone before leaving yet another message for the daycare. Incredibly the daycare returned my call within five minutes, offering a spot for my daughter right when I needed it. I’m amazed by this product and so grateful for all it has helped with so far. Hodie!

  6. I love the scent of this hydrosol. The first time I applied it it brought a magnificent opportunity for my husband and me to move to a beautiful apartment. We weren’t actively searching but I had made the petition to find something beautiful at a good price, made my petition to St. Expedite and within a few days we got the lease.
    Another day he helped me find a card I had mysteriously lost. Since I purchased the hydrosol and Fast Luck oil my freelance business reactivated after months of not receiving anything.
    St Expedite likes you to have clarity in your goals, so make sure of it. He’s speedy and will surprise you in many ways.
    Thank you, Kaitlin, for such an incredible gift. HODIE!

  7. Back in feb. 2019, I set up an altar for St.Expedite and prayed to him on his hour and day. I petitioned him with a very specific request, a new job, in the arts industry preferably in a museum that was better pay than what I was making (for me, this would’ve been was a step above my pay grade and slightly difficult as I am in school).

    However, he came through for me in a different way. I ended up getting an internship at a internationally known museum in the department I would want to work in once I get the appropriate degree. Despite being at the same job, having this internship was extremely important for me. Being in a field where in order to get good jobs is to know the right people, this allows me to meet people in my field that could potentially help me get a new job later down the line.

    So, Thank you St. Expedite!! HODIE!!

  8. Reposting my review of this amazing product. My first review of this product was mysteriously swallowed by the website / not processed during the Mercury Retrograde that just ended. RIP first review.


    I received this spray around mid-July 2019. I have used this, while requesting aid from St Expedite, several times for both “hastening events and ensuring events happened that were not entirely in my control, or not at all in my control.” I also use the spray to generally draw good luck or clear the path for “smooth sailing” on some days. A third use is to use this product to make me stop procrastinating/more active.

    The best example I have for my successful use of this product and opening the door to working with St Expedite is the insanely fast processing of the fingerprints I had done in mid-July for a new federal job. I got the fingerprints done on a Friday when I had a conditional offer of employment that would turn into a full offer if I got those done and they were processed. By Monday, I had a FULL OFFER OF FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT waiting in my email inbox.

    I mentioned this to a few federal employees and they agreed the speed of that was rare – lightning fast for government processing. I had fingerprints done for a previous job (my current job) in late 2017, which may have helped, but having my new federal agency get the “go ahead” from the fingerprints people *over a weekend* is still remarkable nonetheless.

    A second example: A client of my SO filed a fraudulent claim against my family member’s PayPal account in late July to try to get money – 2k – from my SO. I used this spray, the Jupiter’s Bounty spray, and my Venus in Taurus products while that was going on and I received word today that the claims were decided in my/my family’s account’s favor. The claims were closed before the instigator could get money out of my SO OR my family’s account. Yet interestingly, Paypal notified me that it had determined a refund was issued to the other person – even though my SO and this account hadn’t refunded her at the time. I feel my work with St Expedite and this spray may have supported the positive outcome.

    Other things worth noting: The energy of this spray is active. I am a skeptic by nature, but even I could feel the shift in myself when I spray this. It helps me feel more ready to take actions/stop procrastinating on stuff that needs doing and “on the ball.” As well, it seems like spraying a lot can impact or delay sleeping. That can actually help me at times to get more done before sleeping, but “your mileage may vary.”

    HODIE! <3

  9. I adore Kaitlin’s magical hydrosols and this one is my 2nd favorite (Jupiter’s Lightning Rod will always be my first love ). I keep this holy water on my altar to St. Expeditus and spray it before petitioning St. E to open up those divine lines of communication. I see the waters as a beacon to the spirits I interact with and always envision them coming into the space when the mist of the spray twinkles in the sunlight, the scent acting as a further draw (delicious cinnamon cake for St. E). I have sprayed this before important calls and the results have been quick and fruitful.

  10. With the aid of this divinely scented holy water I petitioned St Expedite for just a bit of extra cash somehow and for some inspiration to help me get back into my art practice. The following day I received a message from a woman I went to art school with (10 years ago!) asking me if I had any paintings for sale to hang in her bar! What’s more inspiring than confirmation that magic is real? On another occasion I was staining an outdoor table and chairs.. the forecast was rain but I had a party that weekend and I was determined to get it done. It starts to rain as predicted.. I asked Expedite to help me get the job done.. Hodie! The rain stopped and the skies cleared almost immediately. As his feast day is today I thoguht I had better share his good deeds. He’s also helped with empoyment .. combining Expedite and Regulus is quite a combo for that. I spray this once on his altar and on each of my shoulders, it fills me with drive and a buzzing excitement that good things are abound. You can work all day and fatigue is kept at bay. It is truly magnificent stuff. Thank you Kaitlin XXX

  11. St. Expedite really came through for me this week, particularly today, and I wanted to thank him for his super speedy assistance. I sprayed it in our little nook before lighting a candle and chocolate offerings for St. Expedite. It smelled cinnamony pleasant, and energetically very apropos to thank St. Expedite. HODIE.

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