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St. Expedite’s Self-Igniting Incense

St. Expedite’s Self-Igniting Incense


The herbal Expedite mix, combined with makko powder and salt peter to make it self-igniting. Burn during invocations of St. Expedite or as an offering to fuel his works. Can also be burned to bring about good luck and progress in material circumstances. Suffumigate petitions and sigils in this incense to bring about faster results and kick-start workings.

Available in a 1/2 oz vial with hand-painted label for $27

Out of stock

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in

Benefic, Neutral

Planetary Body



No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

Creation Date

20th of December, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. Salve, Expeditus! HODIE! I made a petition for some fast cash using a blend of Jupiter’s Empyreal Vantage powder and this incense in Jupiter’s day and hour, and less than a week later I received a promotion AND a surprise extra paycheck! I’m truly floored by the potency of these offerings and the swiftness of this saint. Thank you, S+S, for this incredible creation, and for spreading the good word of St. Expedite’s blessings to the world!

  2. Thank you St Expedite for all your help. I am not done with my workplace trying hard to get rid of me, I will thank you again when I hear more positive from them, until then, once again, Hodie Hodie Hodie thank you thank you thank you St Expeditus!!!

  3. Using this incense in my offerings to St. Expedite has helped form a real connection with him. I associate the smell with my prayers and it fast tracks my contact with him. On his feast day this year, I felt prompted to bake a pound cake and made the whole experience one of offering and love towards him. It provided a big shift from it being a fairly hollow experience to one now where I feel a genuine connection. I will definitely be buying more from this series. Hodie!

  4. This works! I’ve used it quite a few times, and generally feel good about its efficacy. One impressive story: trying to contact the EDD (california’s unemployment department), and after doing a urgent petition to St. Expedite and suffumigating with this incense I was able to reach someone within 4 minutes. Other people have been calling for weeks without reaching a live person, sometime’s calling for hours at a time. So, I very much appreciate this incense! It gets the message across to our guy St. Expedite! Hodie! Hodie! Hodie!

  5. My new favorite powder! I recently used this at my business before a big day and I had the best sales of the year! I highly recommend!

  6. This was my first time working with Expedite, so this is both a testament to his efficacy as well as the incense, but color me impressed.

    Tl;dr: I needed to get out of my current apartment, but the odds weren’t in my favor because my lease prohibits subleasing and my management company is pretty unforgiving. I could have been on the hook for the entire security deposit plus extra fees if I got caught renting out my room without their permission (aka thousands of dollars), so I decided to do things above-board.

    After a petition to Expedite, my initial email to my landlord was met with a “normally we don’t do this, but you’ve been a good tenant, so we’ll let you sublease.” Okay, first win!

    Second win: I was pretty stunned when I wound up having the keys to my new apartment not even 4 days after I got initial permission to start looking. As in: it’s ready to move in now, no waiting til May 1, and don’t worry about paying for April because it’s free. I’ve moved a ton in New York City, and this has easily been the quickest, least stressful apartment hunt I’ve ever had. Normally I’d be losing sleep and running myself ragged for two weeks, but Expedite really is, well, expedient.

    The incense didn’t stay lit for very long, but it has a nice, spicy scent, and worked well for offerings.

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