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Water of Deneb Algedi

Water of Deneb Algedi


Sold out… but a new batch is available as part of Deneb Algedi II 😘

Water freshly collected from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, where and when the blue chalcedony used throughout the series and on the working altar was obtained and cleansed. Austin and I also had the friendliest, fairest, and most productive exchange with a police officer we’ve ever had that day, testifying to Deneb Algedi’s ability to bring the favor of the law (but also, bring the law).

Traditional associations for Deneb Algedi are marjoram, mugwort, and the aforementioned blue chalcedony. All were combined, along with the tail hair from a happy (and very much still alive!) goat-friend, as this fixed star represents the tail of the sea-goat in the constellation of Capricorn. Other herbs for protection, fortification, and wealth generation were also present, and distilled via copper alembic the night of the Full Moon conjunct the asterism, 2019.

Spray to reinforce boundaries, physical and metaphorical, and provide protection. Facilitates a grounded and somewhat stoic sense of uprightness and right mindedness. Helpful for thinking through tactics, logistics, and topics of import. Aids in establishing a sense of security and containment. Averts the evil eye. Ever so slightly intimidating.

Bottled and marked with a hand drawn Deneb Algedi glyph in a 1/2 oz glass spray bottle for $27, or a 2 oz for $63


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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, August 15, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I came late to the S+S party, and so I was only able to purchase the small water. It’s not the first item I’ve purchased from S+S, but it is the first S+S item I’ve used up. Some of that can probably be chocked up to the way that the waters spray compared to the smaller amount of oil or perfume that is used per application. However, as someone who engages we with the legal system frequently, this was my most used S+S item until it ran out. It was frequently used on court clothes, petitions, wards and office space. It seems to function somewhat like a boosted Just Judge oil and less like a Court Case oil for those familiar with those terms. This water is incredibly effective at getting the attention and respect of judges. It does seem to attract a law enforcement presence generally, but I haven’t noticed an increase in attracting surveillance specifically. I would highly recommend DA material to a DA or anyone in a law-adjacent field.

  2. I’ve had the Deneb Algedi water at work for quite some time now. I sing a little song “oh Deneb you’re so fine, hey Deneb! Hey Deneb!” ( like Hey Mickey!) and draw His sigil in the air with my finger. It always centers me and stops negativity.

  3. I came across the Deneb Algedi materia at a synchronistic moment in my life; just as Jupiter was making three passes over my natal north node, which is conjunct this fixed star– during a third house (Capricorn, containing natal Sun, Moon, and Mercury), Saturn ruled profection year. This time period has coincided with a sudden, but deep involvement in grassroots activism and legal battles in defense of the environment and my community. Given the multi-layered Jupiter/Saturn/fixed star significations triggered in my energetic and irl circumstances, it seemed mandatory to develop a relationship with DA in support of my endeavors, and as a protective force. My first encounter with the materia upon arrival was wholly supernatural; upon application, during ritual, I started to spontaneously chant in polyphonic overtones. This has never happened to me before, and it felt like a sort of channeling of the DA energy I was petitioning. Consequently, my activism has caused me to be very vocal about government injustice, through a lot of public speaking and writing. The influence of S+S materia in facilitating my inner workings, and assistance in reflecting them in the outer world, is quite tangible, and mind-blowing. I am so grateful for this magickal vehicle.

  4. I applied Deneb Algedi water in anticipation of an important series of interviews for a new job, hoping to curry the favor of the powers that be – due to DA’s association with law, power, authority, and wealth. The interview went swimmingly, as I hit it off immediately with all my panelists. I was offered the position, which offered great pay and full benefits, easily the biggest career move I’ve made up to this point. I apply this before any big meetings or important interactions where I need to navigate power dynamics. Love this product for confidence, boundaries, and favor from high positions: highly recommend!

  5. This is my favourite S+S offering to date. Deneb Algedi is prominent in my chart, and regular application has hepled me accept, appreciate, lean into this calm wholesome unconcerned-with-fashion energy. Truly excellent for setting/maintaining boundaries and feeling grounded and supported.

  6. This (and other items in the series) were not what I was most excited about trying but sounded pragmatically beneficial so I made an order. Well, now they’re up there with my favourite/s – the internal and external benefits include:
    – feeling safer in my space
    – less propensity to waste resources on emotional whims
    – clearing/smoothing traffic conditions while driving
    – ensuring fair/right relations in disagreements with others
    I wouldn’t be without it and until I had it I didn’t know how much I needed this influence in my life. It has been grounding, strengthening and just an overall positive tool in my energetic practice and mundane life!

  7. I use this spray when I want to reinforce boundaries, refocus, and project a more authoritative air when making calls on my work phone. Outside of work, I mainly use it to quickly reinforce a shift in feeling/energy and for respectfully asking for aid / protection. I often use other DA products in conjunction, or in the same day, as the spray.

    Oddly enough, I sometimes get fewer people picking up the phone when I make outward work calls with this spray on me. I have no idea if that is a coincidence or if the spray makes me seem a bit intimidating (and with me being so gentle and yet in a decision-making position where I must be firm at times, anything helps! “A little intimidating” could translate into just what I need in some situations).

    Regardless, I find the spray useful for feeling like I am “taken more seriously” when I should be. It is also useful for instilling a feeling of security and regaining my composure when my nerves are unusually shot in a given situation.

    Overall, I suggest trying this spray or other Deneb Algedi items if you need to be taken more seriously in any challenging situation. Or, if you need favor in some form, especially in legal or justice related situations.

    Thanks to Deneb Algedi for all of his help! His products are very versatile.

  8. I’ve used the water of DA for protection around the home and in the office, spraying it both in the atmosphere and on myself. This is my second time using the water to prep a space, the first time was when I received a Warnock talisman. Now, its just to say thank you to Sky Grandpa.

    I have to say that the water works great for protection, boundary enforcement, and providing security.

  9. I gifted the full size bottle to my boss this Christmas to help her at work with our new supervisor (her new boss). Ever since he arrived in march 2020 he has been attacking my boss and trying to push her out of the department and company. There is no good reason for it. She is incredibly accomplished and she has taken our department to its highest performance since joining the company. I could tell the entire story but it’s completely petty and not worth the time. Some people who end up in VP positions never grow up I guess? He’s also completely misogynist. After fumigating her business card with Deneb Algedi he stopped being mean to her- a few days after I gifted her this water he sent her $100 giftcard for Christmas. She was completely shocked by it. She also told me now when she speaks to him she does so without fear and while feeling empowered. He doesn’t make any rebuttals. He’s started taking her seriously. Even if she leaves the company on her own- I wanted her to be able to do it with dignity and not be falsely slandered. Well Deneb Algedi hasn’t let us down! If you have any doubts about buying anything from this series- DON’T. It will help bring you the favor and protection you need.

  10. I felt cautious about using the spray when it arrived because I didn’t want to casually expose my Black housemates or neighbors to a higher risk of interacting with the police.

    Then major disruptions happened at my work. Someone was laid off (badly), and I had a twelve hour day where I was asked to do an unreasonable amount of work. I got a migraine that stuck around overnight, and the next morning it felt like the right time to use the spray.

    Almost immediately I went outside and felt compelled to thoroughly weed my garden for the first time all season.

    After weeding I send the clearest, most direct email to my boss calling out sick. It was very matter of fact and I think it was the first time I’ve given zero detail about why I needed to take time off.

    I met with a friend in the early evening and as he started telling me about his wife getting into an accident I had a tingly feeling that ~this~ was how the spray had “brought the law” for this round of use.

    My friend’s wife hadn’t stopped in time and had totaled their car in the back of a large police SUV, which was totally fine. When she walked up to check that they were ok, they were entirely unconcerned and had driven off.

    As far as totaling a car goes, it turned out as well as possible since it won’t affect their insurance that she was at fault because there’s no record.

    A few weeks later I used the spray to anoint a sigil about focusing my attention that I put inside the case of my cell phone. I noticed afterwards that since I was away from home I was using my cell phone to navigate everywhere, and I felt *extremely attentive* and compelled to follow speed limits at all times even though I was in a pretty rural area. I also saw a greater number of state police cars for the next few days than I’d seen earlier.

    I hope it helps to have some examples of how the “bring the law” part might show up in a small-scale way. I plan to continue using the spray (judiciously!) for specific applications when needed.

  11. This works amazingly well for me when I need to assert boundaries and receive respect from masculine figures who don’t tend to give it to women. It is privilege in a bottle. Thanks again for your amazing magic!

  12. I used this water immediately before working with a superior who was always passive aggressive towards myself and other team members. I felt more confident in asserting my boundaries, being direct and requesting that she be direct with her concerns as well. She was respectful of all of us during our interactions that day.
    I find this water provides me with a calm confidence even if I just have it near me.

  13. I have used this so much lately, for protection. I spray it during this pandemic whenever I am going out. I also usually add Thy Vig’rous Force Inspires & Skill’d to Heal Mankind when I need to deliver things to my 92 yr dad who is very healthy. But….
    I drive about 90 mins to the coast often & like to drive very fast so my DA is on me and my car as well as the bottle in my door panel to keep me safe from everyone, but especially patrol cops. They don’t seem to share my opinion of my outstanding driving abilities. But have gotten a couple warnings.

  14. I use this product daily as part of my attunement to Deneb Algedi. I spritz this before I recite an adapted version of the Orphic Hymn to the Stars as recommended by Austin Coppock in his essay “A Feast of Starlight” for ‘The Celestial Art: Essays on Astrological Magic’. Its effects are immediate: the herbaceous scent of spiced earth both grounds and centres. I feel protected and focused when I spray this over my head. It primes me for my day ahead to be calm and secure. Its apotropaic attribute reinforces the above qualities. It feels like a guardian. I will re-purchasing this offering.

    I use this on ritual objects, candles, my altar space itself, divination tools. It imbues space and objects with discernment. The ability to judge well is necessary when I consult the I Ching or the Tarot. It is rooted and crowned by the clarity that boundaries gifts us. There is sympathy with this observation and the clear blue of the liquid.

    The Water of Deneb Algedi, for me, has an aura of seriousness which is felt swiftly on application. It quickly burnishes my natural earnestness, thoughtfulness and depth. I have noticed it can facilitate the ability to counsel and witness: for another or for oneself.

  15. This offering is so powerful. There are so many things you can use for Deneb Algedi’s influence. The most common for me is before a Tarot Reading, I use the spray on the area in the room and on my hands to introduce boundaries. These boundaries help me to clearly understand what the cards are trying to say and not say and put a deeper light to things that go past just judging and into real areas of reflection needed. There is a calm presence and a sense of authority on our side and helping us get through to what the reading can really offer. It has such a helpful, confirming, and present feeling. I use it to study. I use it during “scary” transits. I spray it on my 82 year-old man’s bed I care give for to help guard him from the evil eye and be protected from having bad dreams at night. By the way his review of it is he loves it and loves the smell. He says he hasn’t had one bad dream since I’ve been spraying it on his pillow.

    Needless to say, this stuff will keep the bad shit away. Can’t recommend this enough for anytime you’re new to a situation/project to get a better understanding of things and to be respected. Thank you Coppock Family!!! (I also learned Tarot from Austin Coppock and can’t recommend him enough)

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