Pisces Moon-Neptune Water

Pisces Moon-Neptune Water


Water was freshly collected from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta the day before this series election, on the full Pisces Moon. This was used as the base water for a hydrosol of blue lotus, ritually harvested atropa belladonna, oyster mushroom, and other proprietary ingredients, then consecrated alongside the other Moon-Neptune offerings.

This water has a naturally imbued purple cast, inspired by the liminal colors of dusk, the Pisces palate, and the blue lotus flowers which feature heavily as an almost narcotic note.

This can be sprayed upon the self or a medium/ scryer to promote trance states and increase permeability between the body/ mind and other realms or entities. It can be used to prime a ritual space or sprayed on bed linens, to enhance dreamtime and induce magical sleep.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass spray bottle for $27, or 2oz for $81.


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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 x .80 x 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains no animal ingredients

Creation Date

Water collected on the full Pisces Moon August 25, 2018. Consecrated with the rest of the series on August 26th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.


  1. The first time I used this spray was on vacation, in a hot tub with my Pisces boyfriend, while the moon was in Pisces applying to Neptune. Needless to say, it was a super dreamy experience (we gave each other foot rubs, THAT’S how Pisces it got up in there!). I spray it on my pillow when I’m having trouble sleeping, or around my altar space when I’m working with my crystals. It’s definitely a mood enhancer for me, aiding in feelings of floatiness and serenity.

  2. I use this regularly in my ritual space, and I love how easily I am able to slip into trance. I find that I connect with my astral temple and the beings there very quickly and deeply, with no feelings of distraction or loss of focus. Wonderful stuff. I’m a big fan of all of Kaitlin’s waters.

  3. I want to start by saying that I never remember my dreams. Ever. So having a tool that gives me such vivid clear dreams is truly astounding to me. Twice I’ve sprayed my pillow before bed and both times I’ve had vivid dreams and visitations from my known spirit companions. This included one very vivid past life regression, and I can’t help but wonder if this might have something to do with the fact that it came packed with a hermanubis spray, but given that I’m deeply applying myself to ancestor work at the moment, it could also just be connecting to my current work. At any rate, dreaming again is really wonderful and adds tremendously to my practice.

    I have also found that it is an invaluable aid while doing astral work. Not only does it help me slip more easily into my astral self, I’ve also found that it lends a beautiful protective energy while doing that sort of work. Applying it to my skin leaves a shimmer on my astral self that is somehow both anchoring and trance-like.

    And no matter how I use it, it lingers with a peaceful floaty energy that really soothes my anxious and fearful cancer nature. It’s a way to ground myself via my preferred element of water without needing to be touching it or near it, which has an everyday benefit as well as a ritual one.

    Thank you for such a lovely lunar gift!

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