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Jup-Juice II (III?)

Jup-Juice II (III?)


I don’t know whether to call this iteration II or III because technically Jupiter’s Lightning Rod was also JUP-JUICE, but regardless, it’s BACK! Just in time for the holidays!

For a detailed description, the one from Jupiter in Sagittarius I is basically the same, just from their respective elections, lapis instead of citrine, and the addition of blood orange and colloidal gold.

Arrives in a glass spray bottle with hand drawn Jupiter in Sagittarius glyph and keepsake citrine, available in a 1/2 oz travel or sample size for $28 or full 2 oz for $64

Golden and clear drops of essential oil resulting from the distillation are still present, in some bottles more than others. These are completely natural, not any indication something is amiss.





Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2.00 × 2.25 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Chart Remediation

Jupiter — Good for people who are Jupiter deficient and need support for the natal Jupiter

Creation Date

Jupiter ascending on October 18th, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Obsessed with this blood orange-y Jup-Juice! During the dreariest days of New England winter/early spring I used this as a room spray to bring some warmth back into my home and mood. It's uplifting without being *hyper*energizing the way some daytime-use series are.

JUP Wisdom

I look to this materia to help me be more aware. My request from this materia is usually for wisdom. I find it to be very helpful I use other Jupiter material for wealth and bounty but this fits the bill for my needs.

a bit milder than Jup-juice 1 but also more versatile

ahhhhh jup juice, who doesnt love her? the old one really packed A PUNCH which was AWESOME but sometimes a punch is a lot and you just need a light affectionate little slap/tap on the cheek, saying BUCK UP BABY WE GOT THIS. its dad (not the guy you have that super complicated relationship with, but Cloud Dad, who has big Uncle Vibes and has never made you leave the dinner table in tears) making a fist and silently mouthing "alriiiiiggghhtttt!!!!" at you from across a room. you do got this. also you will smell like a wreath 10/10

Holiday cheer in a bottle

I never had the opportunity to enjoy the previous iterations of Jup-Juice, so I am so glad that S+S brought it back! As someone who grew up around a lot of cinnamon for different sweet and savory dishes, I think of home in the best possible way when spraying this on myself or my space. I would say of the sprays I've tried, this Jup-Juice feels very external like it shifts my engagement with external space attitude-wise versus some of the more internal work of other sprays for me (VAD, Immortal Heart) that focus more on mending within.

I like to use this spray on linens, clothes, pillows, etc. more than other materia as I feel like it has works its magic in really passive ways to just make the living space feel lighter and therefore make it easier to recognize all the good things. If you can tolerate cinnamon-esque things then give this one a try.

Absolute jovial go-juice!

Such a brilliant lift!

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
Subtler than OG formula, but still essential

Since securing a large bottle of this Jup Juice, I've been saving my smaller OG formula bottle for special occasions/needs. The old formula was absolute 'liquid luck,' facilitating so many incredible opportunities and helping me acquire difficult-to-obtain items. I've tried using this formula for similar results, but find that this one is better suited to facilitating a general sense of optimism and openness to 'whatever' on my person, rather than helping me achieve very specific aims. I use it to surround myself with an aura of good fortune, uplifting my mood and setting the stage for more direct workings with compatible materia. Weirdly, I'm leaving this review right now because I just sprayed some of this on me before using some Butter Ocean materia, and then within a minute of doing so, I received a notification email that this Jup Juice was back in stock! I don't need more at this time, just thought the sync was pretty strange since I haven't used it in awhile...


I looooove this Jup Juice. My job is very heavy and this brings a feeling of expansiveness before going into the depths.


Just glorious! This has to be one of my favorite products ever. I sit on the waitlist, and it seems to go VERY quickly each time. As a Sag Rising, it's such an affirming boost of positivity, assuredness, and absolutely results in a smile (unintentionally). The scent is spicy and Christmassy, and is absolutely one of my favorite waters, it's almost in another league. The naming "Juice" is quite earned!

Jup Juice II

I am in love with this water and use it to spray my clothing and my jupiter talisman. It is a Powerful & optimistic energy, like drinking a pot of coffee and then needing to run a marathon with a smile on your face - so very saggittarian in nature. Like it's Christmas every day. The water and salts have also made manifest my magical workings for financial abundance, and have aided in my family signing on a new home within days of anointing my talisman. Truly a gift of good luck and abundance. Be careful of eating too much as Jup loves excess!


I have the original Jup Juice in Sag, and this one. This one is actually less spice heavy, and more citrus. Both are uplifting, but somehow I feel like the OG Jup Juice was much more get up and go, and this one has more of a "yes but". Both are invigorating, but OG JJ felt like a 5 hour energy drink and this Jup-Juice version feels more like a Monster energy drink. There is in fact a difference, and this Jup Juice may be more sustainable. Also cheerier and less firey.


  1. This spray is wonderful and so versatile! Great for broadening your mind and keeping things running smoothly during international travel as well as (for me) expediting all things relating to home buying (my 4th house cusp is in Sagittarius). I found my dream house and went from under contract to closing in less than four weeks, using this spray (and the oil from this series) to request that things move as swiftly as Jupiter’s lightning bolts. Plus it smells like holiday warmth—very cinnamon-y!

  2. An iteration of Jup Juice that is deliciously enlivening and cheering. Made with rainstorm water, it carries the cleansing refreshment and opening of possibilities that follow the storm. The fragrance is enticing and gourmand. Luxuriant and eager. It’s renowned for a reason!

  3. My 15yo son has adhd and works with an executive function coach. He also tends towards issues falling asleep. A few weeks ago he caught the scent of my JupJuice and told me he reallllly liked it. I ended up giving him a bottle to spray on his pillow at night and whenever he’s feeling stressed or overwhelmed… fast forward to today and we now have 3 bottles in the house and he’s sleeping like a baby anytime he utilizes this spray. And I’m loving that for him, especially since his Jupiter is in Sag.

  4. The Jup Jup Juice smells warm and inviting. It uplifts and adds positive energy. It is so warm and optimistic. My day gets better every day I wear it. It is a must have.

  5. This was my first time getting to use the Jup Juice since I wasn’t around on the first release. And, I have to say- it’s amazing. Not only does it smell amazing but it is motivating and uplifting at the same time! I finally understand my boyfriend who natally has Jupiter in Sagittarius. I am not the natural optimist and this is good for getting you through those dark periods hence the whole LIGHTS IN THE DARK co-release! Really love JiS even more than his Piscean domicile 😉

  6. How can this not have any reviews yet??? Impossible. Jup Juice III lives up to the hype of Jup Juice I, no doubt. Its pure joy in a bottle. I love the way it smells, and it definitely creates an aura of well-being, effervescence, and joie de vivre. I’m so glad this came out, since I didn’t have a chance to try Jup Juice I. Thank you, Kaitlin!

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