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Jup-Juice II (III?)

Jup-Juice II (III?)


I don’t know whether to call this iteration II or III because technically Jupiter’s Lightning Rod was also JUP-JUICE, but regardless, it’s BACK! Just in time for the holidays!

For a detailed description, the one from Jupiter in Sagittarius I is basically the same, just from their respective elections, lapis instead of citrine, and the addition of blood orange and colloidal gold.

Arrives in a glass spray bottle with hand drawn Jupiter in Sagittarius glyph and keepsake citrine, available in a 1/2 oz travel or sample size for $28 or full 2 oz for $64

Golden and clear drops of essential oil resulting from the distillation are still present, in some bottles more than others. These are completely natural, not any indication something is amiss.





Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2.00 × 2.25 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Chart Remediation

Jupiter — Good for people who are Jupiter deficient and need support for the natal Jupiter

Creation Date

Jupiter ascending on October 18th, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Jup Juice gives an instant uplift. It smells sweet and spicy, and carries a jolly, Jovial presence. I reach for it when I need an *immediate* attitude adjustment, and it always works to make me feel better.

Warm optimistic embrace

I used this on a bad day, and the remarkable thing is that this Zeus juice knows just how to lift your particular individual spirits up. It’s grandma’s kitchen, twinkling lights and devotional music in a bottle!

Yes, it's THAT good.

Holy god. I finally had to do the plunge for the 2oz bottle, it is THAT special. The scent, to me, is sort-of what I always imagined Jupiter to smell like, and to me, experiencing astrology on a somatic level is one of the greatest gifts of the S+S menagerie. The Jup Juice is spiced, cozy, warm, expansive, wintery - HEARTH. I can't recommend it enough.

It makes you smile!

Jup-Juice II is excellent to work with! I was surprised by this product because I thought it would be take longer to experience some effects from that. Nope, it was instant than I expected! It made me feel so free from pessimism vibe! It makes me feel I can do anything without second guess. In some days, I had short duration of effects and other days, it was more longer than previous. I have natal Jupiter is in Capricorn sign and twelfth house. Sometimes, it causes me some headache lol. I am Libra stellium with Aquarius rising sign. Some days, I want to have good laugh. I don’t know why lol.

Intense expansion energy

I've been taking a break from Jupiter energy for a while because it is INTENSE (like nonstop working / grinding / seizing all work opportunities). So I only used this a bit (in my "rest era" right now). Very energizing. I hope that after I'm well rested, I can continue to use this to ~~~expand ~~~


I spray this above my head after applying the Jup in Sag II oil to kind of intensify its effects, at least on an emotional/mental level. I find that my crown is very sensitive to materia, so sprays are an absolute must for me. The smell alone is absolutely to die for and I would wear this every day if I knew it wouldn't run out eventually :)


This gives me an even keeled uplift. I can trust that my mood will improve even when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed


Obsessed with this blood orange-y Jup-Juice! During the dreariest days of New England winter/early spring I used this as a room spray to bring some warmth back into my home and mood. It's uplifting without being *hyper*energizing the way some daytime-use series are.

JUP Wisdom

I look to this materia to help me be more aware. My request from this materia is usually for wisdom. I find it to be very helpful I use other Jupiter material for wealth and bounty but this fits the bill for my needs.

a bit milder than Jup-juice 1 but also more versatile

ahhhhh jup juice, who doesnt love her? the old one really packed A PUNCH which was AWESOME but sometimes a punch is a lot and you just need a light affectionate little slap/tap on the cheek, saying BUCK UP BABY WE GOT THIS. its dad (not the guy you have that super complicated relationship with, but Cloud Dad, who has big Uncle Vibes and has never made you leave the dinner table in tears) making a fist and silently mouthing "alriiiiiggghhtttt!!!!" at you from across a room. you do got this. also you will smell like a wreath 10/10


  1. This spray is wonderful and so versatile! Great for broadening your mind and keeping things running smoothly during international travel as well as (for me) expediting all things relating to home buying (my 4th house cusp is in Sagittarius). I found my dream house and went from under contract to closing in less than four weeks, using this spray (and the oil from this series) to request that things move as swiftly as Jupiter’s lightning bolts. Plus it smells like holiday warmth—very cinnamon-y!

  2. An iteration of Jup Juice that is deliciously enlivening and cheering. Made with rainstorm water, it carries the cleansing refreshment and opening of possibilities that follow the storm. The fragrance is enticing and gourmand. Luxuriant and eager. It’s renowned for a reason!

  3. My 15yo son has adhd and works with an executive function coach. He also tends towards issues falling asleep. A few weeks ago he caught the scent of my JupJuice and told me he reallllly liked it. I ended up giving him a bottle to spray on his pillow at night and whenever he’s feeling stressed or overwhelmed… fast forward to today and we now have 3 bottles in the house and he’s sleeping like a baby anytime he utilizes this spray. And I’m loving that for him, especially since his Jupiter is in Sag.

  4. The Jup Jup Juice smells warm and inviting. It uplifts and adds positive energy. It is so warm and optimistic. My day gets better every day I wear it. It is a must have.

  5. This was my first time getting to use the Jup Juice since I wasn’t around on the first release. And, I have to say- it’s amazing. Not only does it smell amazing but it is motivating and uplifting at the same time! I finally understand my boyfriend who natally has Jupiter in Sagittarius. I am not the natural optimist and this is good for getting you through those dark periods hence the whole LIGHTS IN THE DARK co-release! Really love JiS even more than his Piscean domicile 😉

  6. How can this not have any reviews yet??? Impossible. Jup Juice III lives up to the hype of Jup Juice I, no doubt. Its pure joy in a bottle. I love the way it smells, and it definitely creates an aura of well-being, effervescence, and joie de vivre. I’m so glad this came out, since I didn’t have a chance to try Jup Juice I. Thank you, Kaitlin!

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