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Talismanic Bluing

Talismanic Bluing


Sold out… but a new batch is available as part of Deneb Algedi II 😘

Bluing was a common laundry additive used to make linens appear whiter and stave off the natural yellowing of soil x time. It was adopted by hoodoo and folk magic practitioners as a means of purification and protection, to promote luck and to drive away evil.

Consecrated Deneb Algedi herbal mix tinctured in whisky, aged for a full lunar cycle, holy water, and bluing formula. Add a few drops to glasses of water and put them on altars for protection and evil eye aversion.

Fill and seal bottles to bury them at the edges or gates of your property; keep a fresh bowl by the front entrance of your home. Store a small vial in your purse or wallet to protect against theft. Use to launder ritual raiments or clothing for court appearances.

One of the more powerful and active items in the Deneb Algedi series.

Intended for dispersion in water, not safe to not consume, will absolutely stain.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass dropper bottle with hand drawn Deneb Algedi label for $27

Out of stock

Out of Stock... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3.3 × 2 × 2 in
Fixed Star


8 oz


Benefic, Malefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, August 15, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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Deneb Algedi Info Sheet



  1. I bought this to clear and protect my house and have found it very effective. A little goes a long way! I gave it to a friend who was having problems with an ex and it worked a trick!

  2. I bought this on a whim awhile ago & was hesitant to work with it because of the cop warning in the description but after a bad couple seasons of Roomate turmoil & trauma in my giant old super haunted house I started making the jars. things have largely calmed down with the big threats to stability and all the social madness and also I can really feel when theyre blown, like often ill feel something weird or different & check & the jars are blown. must be working. im about to get a bigger bottle.

  3. Powerful. Effective. Pragmatic.
    The first time I used this offering was just a couple drops, to great effect. Looking forward to the next DA series. Very grateful for S+
    Thank you, Kaitlin.

  4. The Talismanic Bluing has been amazing. I carry it with me when i am going into environments that are potentially challenging or draining. Generally in the work space. Its been a great asset. It shows through its various formations what its protecting me from and what i also might be harbouring. The bluing acts as a strange mirror which is super helpful in diffusing and navigating tricky situations. I feel like i have my best defences on when i have it with me.
    Thank you : )

  5. While I was initially hesitant to use DA, I have come to love and appreciate it over the past few weeks. Within a day of making my first bluing bottles, they contained a curse and I have the photos to prove the intense ‘lurk’ DA contained! I’m astounded and also very grateful to have DA. The feeling of safety it provides is second to none and I’m grateful for being drawn into developing more of a relationship (or at least a growing understanding of Saturn). Wards up and DA at the helm!

  6. Without going into too much detail, I had to call the police to my property. I had recently ritually used this bluing to protect the property. My interaction with the police did not start well and I told them to get out when they would not/could not help me. However they stayed, apologised and ended up helping in ways they did not have to and in ways that have helped me enormously. I am sure this happened as a result of this Deneb Albedi bluing talisman.

  7. This stuff is the bomb dot com! I’ve put small bottles of it on the corners of my property, and carry one in my purse. There’s also one in my car’s glove compartment, on my altar, and on my desk. A little goes a long way. So far I feel like the boundaries have been well maintained.

  8. Deneb Algedi bluing has been nothing short of amazing physical and energetic boundary protection. Absolutely grateful for this powerful offering. It is no joke how well this has worked!

  9. Have to give this some public love for how nicely it plays with Florida Water. Boom! Watch out problems, Officer Algedi is on the scene!

  10. I hadn’t used this tincture in a while until it occurred to me from reading the website that I could use the Bluing in the bath.

    In any case, I had a ritual bath last night with some of this and the last of my Deneb Algedi bath salts in the water. I then received detailed news at work today that was directly related to one of two main reasons I have been working with Deneb Algedi. The uncanny timing and nature of the news left me feeling better informed, hopeful, and secure about the next several months. I may be facing some other, yet-to-be-revealed outcomes, but I now know something critical that I didn’t know before.

    I’m thankful to Deneb Algedi and this line of products, and will certainly continue using the Bluing in the bath. I’ve found ritual baths to be an effective way to work with this line of products recently.

  11. One of my absolute favorite items from S+S (oh who am I kidding- they’re all my favorites, but seriously, this stuff is awesome!)

    This stuff really packs a punch. I’ve used it in baths, on floors, and diluted in water glasses around the home for protection. It covers everything from protection to cleansing to promoting Right Action to wealth generation (usually by promoting responsibility and discipline. 10/10. Will 100% order more when I run out.

  12. This talismanic bluing is very multi-purpose. Not just for home protection, carrying about your individual, but also for boundary enforcement. I have had it in my office and it has helped with any number of difficult conversations. 10/10, would recommend.

  13. We lost a number of bicycles from our apartment balcony and it has been annoying and doesn’t feel safe. But upon placing four bottles 0f DA talismanic bluing diluted in water on all four corners of our apartment and saying the petition, there had been no theft ever since . I feel we are protected, res ipsa loquitur. Thank you, Kaitlin!

  14. I’ve been using the bluing in various ways. I carry a 5/8 dram glass bottle of it, slightly diluted with holy water, & mixed with a teensy bit of Ancestral Empowerment powder, in my pocket when I go to work or when I’m out and about. A little prayer to the Star and to my ancestors, and I feel very protected. I also found a fillable glass Christmas ornament and filled it with diluted bluing. It’s hanging from the ceiling in a central location in my home–acts as a protective beacon. Love this stuff!

  15. A few months ago, I made a relatively involved Daneb Algedi petition on my apartment building, the main part of which was burying bottles of the bluing around the property. I oddly didn’t notice the effects for a while until one day I noticed how quiet the building had become.

    I then went back to inspect things. The lock on the back alley door (which was broken for over a year) was fixed. There was a significant down tick in street noise. My downstairs college student neighbors were obeying noise curfew. Dogs no longer wanted to pee in front of the building. My building owners are now extremely curteous. And most significantly, I noticed a major uptick in the potency of my other magical workings. When employed correctly, this bluing is a powerful weapon of defense and boundary setting.

  16. To me, DA is a base layer of stability and protection, keeping the evil eye at bay and preemptively steadying the storm and wobbles of this year of which I am writing this review 2020. Use as directed in the description, it’s terrific

  17. Deneb Algedi talismanic bluing and powder really helped us in a very difficult and potentially devastating situation. My daughter and a group of her classmates in college were accused of plagiarism while working on a project. The investigation was launched by an independent integrity committee and, if found guilty, she would fail the class and this incident would go into her personal records. She was in a great deal of distress as she had not done anything wrong. I already had a blue chalcedony perfume vial pendant filled with the bluing that I love to wear when boundaries need to be reinforced. I petitioned Deneb Algedi wearing this pendant and burned a candle with Deneb Algedi powder, asking for my daughter to be found innocent. Within a week, she received a “not guilty” verdict clearing her of all accusations. Thank you so much, Kaitlin, for such a powerful ally! I don’t even know how I used to live without your talismanic materia. It’s a real treasure!

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