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Bluing of Deneb Algedi II

Bluing of Deneb Algedi II


Bluing is a common laundry additive used to make linens appear whiter and stave off the natural yellowing of soil over time. It was adopted by Hoodoo and Folk Magic practitioners as a means of purification and protection, to promote luck and to drive away evil.

Consecrated Deneb Algedi herbal mix tinctured in whisky, alongside colloidal gold and bluing formula. Add a few drops to glasses of water and put them on wealth altars for protection, maleficia and Evil Eye aversion.

Fill and seal small vials to bury at the edges or entries of your property; keep a fresh bowl by the entryways of the home and office. Store a small vial in your purse or wallet to protect against theft. Use to launder ritual raiments or clothing before meetings with those in power, including judges, bosses, and law enforcement.

One of the more powerful and active items in the Deneb Algedi series.

Intended for dispersion in water, not safe to consume, will absolutely stain.

Arrives in your selection of 1/2 oz glass dropper bottle for $30, or 1 oz for $55

Testimonials for original talismanic bluing can be found here






Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


1 oz, 1/2 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

I work in a job that’s very prone to recurrent boundary crossing, and I have a lifelong habit of trying to feel peoples feelings for and with them.

Using this bluing creates a sense of protection that initially felt very uncomfortable, but am getting used to. I’m definitely learning about energetic protection and how to relate with people without crossing their or my energetic boundaries.

Laurence BL
My favorite S+S product so far

I’ve been using it to make wards, with success, but I realized it’s potency after putting some blueing in the ritual bathing protocol. My partner and I were both able to do what needed to be done in some spheres of our life where we needed to install some boundaries. I couldn’t recommend more this very versatile item.

true blue

This is one of my favorite offerings. I feel so protected and supported by this bluing. I've made several bluing jars over the past year with this that have really helped and made a noticeable difference. I feel like it's just created that baseline energetic household health that was needed

M. Lemon
Versatile form of DA

This is my second bottle of DA Blueing tincture and it is the most versatile form of DA thus far. I dropped it at every entrance of the house for protection. I carry vials of tincture in my purse, and vials are in every 4 corners in my room. I even carry a diluted tincture to hotels while traveling to ward off yucky energy and spirits. The use is endless, thank you for this offering!

Anita Fuller

I cannot get enough of Deneb Algedi- it is safety in a bottle. I had previously used the oil and decided to try a different form, the bluing felt right. So far it has been excellent for warding spaces and environments, it brings that feeling of safety that i so enjoyed with the oil, to the whole room. the bluing is incredibly effective. it makes everything feel secure - even in a particularly trying environment. Highly recommended!

Protection like no other

It catches strange things - I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t witnessed it many times now myself. Even the small bottle goes a long way. An absolute must in your toolkit.


I can't imagine not having this in my toolkit! A versatile staple, I add the bluing to witch bottles and floor washes and ritual baths. Deneb Algedi has been such an invaluable help to me. I agree with others who say if you can only get one thing from this series - make it the bluing.

Staple in my life

The DA bluing is a staple in my household. It’s potent and super effective in helping me feel safe in all kinds of circumstances. I feel divinely protected when I carry bluing bottles and am so grateful that Sphere and sundry has created this amazing product. Thank you!

Tina R.
Brilliant on its own, hyper-effective in tandem with Throne of the House

Let me say right away that this is a review and also a recommendation for a combined purchase. The bluing itself is fantastic and fascinating, too, to watch in action. It’s a staple product for our family and I would not dream of being without. What I’ve witnessed is that since I’ve folded in the Throne of the House protective perfume from this same series, I haven’t needed to change out our bluing at all. The waters are staying clear with none of the same indications of interference I’ve seen before. My recommendation is to double up if you can.


The DA bluing is the first and foremost product I recommend to friends and to help introduce them to the magic of Kait's products and series. I'm always amazed at the way the bluing responds to the different energies and situations. It's alive and I love DA's communication and protection. I put a fresh bottle in my car when my teenage son was borrowing it and he was pulled over by the police for driving on a learners license with other mates in the car, but also driving dangerously. I had been worried about him speeding or not treating the car correctly and his interactions with the police were firm (mates sent home, fines for my son to pay), but the officer treated my son with kindness and he's not borrowing my car anymore. I didn't quite realise what he was getting up to with my car and it felt like a very protective experience with the law. One to stop the shenanigans but to also protect both him and my car from future damages. I'm grateful.


  1. An absolute must-have for spiritual protection and space clearing. It goes great in floor washes and on tealight candles. I’ve used it to make protection bottles for myself and family while traveling, too. I honestly love this series and DA!

  2. This tincture is perhaps some of the best protection I’ve ever experienced, and versatile, too. I dropped it on front door carpets and other entrance of my house, I mixed a tincture solution for traveling, and I smudged a tiny bit of it on official documents that need processing (without delay and within the right justice of the law). I also put drops on bowls of water around the house just whenever I feel some psychic disturbance is coming. Thank you so much, powerful stuff!!

  3. Hey,

    I know my story wouldn’t probably amaze anybody per se, you’ve been around here reading testimonials and stories since DA came to be, but since it is my first order of S+S materia ever ( i got bottles from 13 different series) I really wanted to share what has happened.

    First I want to say that this materia is a-ma-zing.

    So my story is as follows:
    I decided to use the DA bluing between eclipses and put a really small glass of water with 3 drops of the bluing close to the entrance of our house. My family lives in an apartment building in Eastern Europe.

    We have a lot of neighbours and almost all of them are super nice people of all ages, social circumstances and all.

    There is one particular family with 3 kids, their eldest son being 21 now – I will call him John – a very nice boy who offers his help all the time even just by holding the door of the elevator and helping me with carrying my bike up the stairs. Several years ago he happened to be late at night in an area where a close friend of mine lives, and she was going back home when she was attacked by a pickpocket and John (probably 17 yo back then) saw this and ran after the pickpocket, saved my friend’s purse with all her belongings and salary in it, helped to catch the pickpocket and went back home. She took him somewhere after that to buy him dinner 🙂

    Fast forward to 5 Nov 2022 – I am at home, kids at school, my husband comes back earlier around noon and we chat about the day. Somebody rings at the doorbell and I see that it is John, I open the door and he runs inside and closes our door while also locking it and looking wet, scared and pale. This is really strange because we never had any close relationship with his parents or his family at all, nor with him and he never came at our place, nor has he appeared at the door for the last 15 years, we usually meet downstairs or in the elevator.

    We found out he was in trouble of a document/money nature and some people pretending to be COPS or some authority are following him to our building on this very day while he has no keys and cannot enter into safety in his home. He starts running downstairs and rang randomly on the doorbells and I happen to be at home and open. The fake COPS/authority are trying to bulldoze him.

    We helped him with clothes and food and several hours later he left with some advice from us how to proceed to fix his document/money issues.

    I was stoked.

    I decided to put the bluing because we got robbed 12 years ago and the cops never found our belongings nor the burglars. And I have some strange feeling since then, so decided to use DA and keep my mind calm.

    Nothing else happened since that day with John and I think DA was reinforcing those boundaries and just checking on me.

    I felt like this situation was like a draining aways for something bigger that might have happened and we just got cleansed in this “mild” way.

    Thank you S+ team for the magic you make.

  4. DAII and its bluing have of course had its praises sung to thee highest heavens, but that won’t stop me from chiming in with my own experience!
    My partner recently had a job interview for a promotion that would potentially be a decent financial step-up for us, but there were other factors at play that could get in the way of how things would turn out. Plus, this particular Mercury Rx has been kicking our butts, i.e. car trouble, clumsiness + injuries, breaking things around the house, petty arguments, etc.
    We decided to follow & perform Kaitlin’s energetic cleansing ritual bath protocol. I am the magically inclined, but because my partner was obviously involved in this situation & the outcome we wanted to see (a promotion with a specific salary amount), we decided to make it a dual venture. It was my first time doing the ritual in general, and as a spoonie I was worried it would exhaust me – but it did the opposite! I felt more and more invigorated throughout the process. Although the Sun is in fall right now, it made sense to ask for Sol’s help for this particular desire. We entreated Sol (via my Regulus water), DA (via bluing), as well as other spirits involved in the bath, plus Hermes Chthonios afterwards. The whole thing was imperfect, a little messy, but we both felt good afterwards.

    Lo and behold, we found out a couple days later that he got the job, we avoided the aforementioned obstacles, AND the salary is even more than we asked for. There were, of course, many moving parts, so the outcome can’t be attributed to any one God /Planet /Star /Spirit or materia, but the bluing absolutely helped with clearing all the worry, anxiety, and general murkiness we were feeling the past several days. I could FEEL that it was going to work as I was putting the bluing in the bath. I have so much gratitude for the Higher Powers involved, as well as to magic and generosity of Kaitlin & team.

  5. I love the DA+Jupiter series so much. Without getting into too many details, I’ve been in a situation where I need as much protection as I can get, and Deneb Algedi has been incredible. On a personal level, I’ve found working on self-improvement and growth comes so much more naturally than it ever has. It brings discipline, self-control, and a quiet strength. On a larger scale, it’s saved my ass SO MANY TIMES! It’s protected me from dangerous people and dangerous situations that could’ve been so much worse. I also had an encounter with police that has NEVER gone so smoothly in my life. It’s hard not to use DA every day. I’m so thankful.

  6. This materia has helped me with so many things. It is magic of the highest order.

    Since it came into my life, I have quit Facebook and Twitter, cut procrastination by a large measure, sought help for ADHD, and so much more. So much gratitude to Sphere + Sundry for this practical magic. What an adventure!

  7. Praise and honor, Deneb Algedi, for protecting me and my son from harm.

    At the end of the week, my water glass with bluing usually looks unremarkable. Sometimes it has a couple of floaties. Sometimes it’s still faintly blue. This time, the water seemed almost gloopy. Something that looked like a jellyfish was in it. I flushed this water down the toilet and refreshed the bluing. I’ve been slathering myself with the salve and using the salts as a shower scrub.

    Today, I found out that someone had broken into my building and ripped the bill changer from the laundry room, which is right by an entrance to our apartment. This really chilled me. Our neighborhood has gotten noticeably more dangerous over the last year, and our landlord cheaped out on our door materials and locks. Whoever took the machine could have easily broken into our apartments as well. I can’t help but feel like DA saved us from great danger.

    Also, perhaps significantly, my DA talisman has gone missing.

    This story has another, more happy ending: earlier today I found out I got the apartment I wanted! Yaaaaay! It was absolutely sent by the gods because it ticked off pretty much everything that mattered to me in addition to other things like proximity to my son’s school and safe streets. Hail, Jove! Hail, Venus!

    Thank you, DA and thank you Kaitlin for providing us with what we need to protect ourselves and others

  8. The Bluing is one of my favourite products. Simple to use and super strong. I have found the protective boundaries around my home much stronger since using the bluing around my house. A wonderful product

  9. In lieu of an actual talisman, I use these blueing bottles like a talisman…to start, use as regular adding drops to a glass of water or jar until the color it right. Eventually when I feel needed, at half bottle, more or less, I add water into the bottle itself and place it somewhere to stand guard until nature decides to remove it. The radiation of this magic with or without the above ritual is real and profound.

  10. Within a few days of using this bluing, a long term water issue that had been being ignored presented itself in such a way that it had to be repaired. Thank you Deneb Algedi!

  11. Grandpa Algedi must have done a thorough cleaning in my house during an eclipse because right after the eclipse, all was left was the bottle cover in the altar. I miss Grandpa, but I am also grateful for doing the job without being asked.

  12. DA2 bluing just upon opening has very strong “do not trespass” energy. Its signature feels very much like a fortress in that you feel protected but it doesn’t feel overbearing. Upon opening, my very Capricorn cat was all over this series, rolling in the paper that wrapped the bluing and purring up a storm.

    Here’s a story about my first week with DA2: I brought a vial of bluing with me to work. Some interesting things happened. The first was that there was construction around me which isn’t so surprising, it’s the season for it, though it’s notable because others who have worked with DA have noticed significations for construction. The second thing is that through sheer coincidence I ended up having to play gatekeeper for said construction workers to get into their worksite. For an entire week I was the one who had to let them in. It was only the one day when I refreshed my bluing and forgot to bring it with me that this pattern broke.

    In terms of protection although I haven’t had any bluing turn yellow or clear, the DA I bring with me to work has taken a few hits as evidenced by the odor it’s taken on. DA bluing doesn’t inherently have much of a smell besides a neutral one but I’ve noticed when the bluing is hard at work protecting me it can take on a foul odor.

    Finally, let’s talk about some personal effects DA has had: DA is my guide to grounding myself. I’ve noticed I’m not as glued to technology as I have was since DA entered the picture. I am constantly reminded to slow down and take my time. Always a multitasker, Deneb Algedi has called upon me to not do that so much and just enjoy the moment. I really love this energy and it’s the gentle discipline I’ve needed for a long time.

  13. I’ll take all the help I can get. Just recently moved to a beautiful, rural, remote area with a bit of a meth and drunk driving problem. I anointed my keys, keep a vial at the house, and have not experienced any problems, nor do I have kind of anxiety I might normally have from this sort of situation. This sweet little cabin deep in the mountains feels safe to me.

  14. I made my 16 year old daughter a bottle of bluing ward for her car to protect my young driver. But something else has occurred and I have seen the most incredible transformation unfold in her. She is a very sweet and kind person and this often puts her in a position where she is taken advantage of and treated like a doormat. Since bringing the beloved Sky Grandpa into our lives she has cut ties with an ex-girlfriend who was cruelly stringing her along and laid down some serious boundaries with a toxic friendship that has fizzled out since she did so. She also filed a report with the police about a boy that has been harassing her since middle school. She is asserting her boundaries and self worth like I have never seen her do before. I’m SO GRATEFUL because this is the “scaffolding” (as Kaitlin puts it) that she desperately needed for her life. My husband and I are kind of shocked by all of this and once again, completely blown away by the magic❤️❤️ Beyond grateful, Kaitlin and Co

  15. Absolutely love this stuff. I keep a vial of it near spaces where I don’t want to be disturbed as well as my wallet/ bag when I go out. It’s very effective.
    I had a couple of relatives whom I had always gotten iffy vibes from and absorbed all their nasty icky stuff which manifested as mold! Believe me there was no logical explanation for the mold growing in the bottle. Everything was clean and sanitized.

  16. P.s. wanted to add, I also believe this saved my kid’s life. There was an eclipse directly on my son’s sun, and in my 5th house of children. A few days later he was in a series accident. As remediation I had used this materia along with offerings to Ketu on the eclipse date, I used the bluing on my kids, both Scorpio suns, and I followed Sphere + Sundry eclipse remediation guidelines.
    My child miraculously did not sustain any broken bones or long term effect from an accident that by all accounts could have been fatal.

  17. This is incredible stuff. I’m wrapping up a Mars ruled Scorpio profection year… I’ve faced theft, property damage and attacks by new neighbors. First I was trying Kali and Algol remediation… But it was way too yang and may have invited more conflict rather than protection. Once this series came out, I purchased several offerings including this bluing. I used it in a wash to clean my house and doors, salt in the mailbox, car, even on my kids.
    All that noise I’ve been dealing with completely disappeared. Like gone. Nobody has come to yell at us, nobody has been messing with our property. Also I’ve forgotten to move my car several times for street cleaning and I’ve never gotten a ticket after I put a vial of bluing in the car, and salt sprinkled on the carpets.
    This series has given me the courage to live my life and not worry about my “stuff”, it’s also given me the courage to take legal action against several people. I carry this collection on me all the time. It definitely cools down overactive Mars type energy. I’m surprised and delighted it’s not completely sold out, will be getting more for sure. This is the only series I’ve re-ordered, truly amazing results.

  18. i got a non-prison sentence in court yesterday.. during a 12h saturn return.. ive been fighting this case for two years. i used the spray from the first series at first too.

  19. This is a little long, so fair warning if you don’t like walls of text.

    Sphere + Sundry saved my son’s life. I’m eternally, utterly grateful to Kaitlin Coppock. Anything you ever need, KC, pls call on me. I owe you.

    I was in the audience of my son’s high school musical on Thursday night. The kids were having fun, the audience loved it.

    My kiddo sang and danced through a big number and left the stage. About five minutes later, the drama teacher came out and stopped the show. I had a horrible feeling in my gut, and he asked if I was in the audience.

    I went backstage and my son was on the floor getting CPR. My brain couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking, “They don’t need to do that, I’m sure he just fell!” But someone said he had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. Someone got me away from the scene as the EMTs came in.

    He went into cardiac arrest. He’s 16 years old!! They had to intubate him and bring him to the ICU. I was beside myself.

    I’ve been praying with materia to Asceplius, the Sun, and Jupiter to heal his mind and body. I pray to Venus to ask Mars to take it easy on my son (you’ll see this is relevant later), and to Saturn, who rules my son’s ascendant.

    He is bouncing right back. The doctors are pleasantly surprised at how quickly he’s recovering. The day after his heart stopped they were able to remove his breathing tube. He woke up the next day and still has some short-term memory problems, but he seems to remember more and more. He’s back to himself!

    I dread to think what his fate would have been had his heart stopped at the same time the very night before, when he came home exhausted from rehearsals and went straight to bed. Or if he’d been alone on the subway. Instead, he was at school where they have a defibrillator on-site, as well as someone who knows CPR. The hospital was also a few blocks away, so the ambulance got him there instantly. After he was stable, they took him to the best cardiatric hospital in the country, which is a subway stop from my apartment. Jupiter and Venus co-present with Mars definitely made this horrifying situation the best it could be.

    I looked up the chart of his cardiac arrest: Mars (hence my asking Venus to intercede) was on my son’s IC, opposite his midheaven in the 9th. A recent eclipse in Taurus took place last week a degree away from my Sun.

    After a bunch of tests, the docs have deduced that he has a ventricular arrhythmia. He’s getting a defibrillator tomorrow, which the docs say is pretty much a simple procedure these days.

    Again, KC, I owe you. Thank you and bless you.

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