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Ritual Salt of Deneb Algedi II

Ritual Salt of Deneb Algedi II


Dead Sea salt, blue algae, a small pinch of consecrated DA II + Saturnian King Powders, organic essential oils, and genuine 24k gold. Fumigated with frankincense at the height of a supreme Deneb Algedi election, conjunct Jupiter.

Absorbs negativity, provides protection, and battens down the energetic hatches.

Add a sprinkle to spiritual baths, cleaning solutions, floor washes, and energy clearing sprays — to purify, promote responsible conduct, to protect one’s wealth, and insulate against exterior meddling.

Use as an ingredient in mojos or witch bottles to avert the Evil Eye, maleficia sent your direction, and quell the poisonous, overactive tongues of those who would wish harm upon you + yours.

Add a pinch in your wallet and/ or purse for financial protection and increase, deterring thieves.

Keep a small mound at the bedside, or sprinkle upon the headboard and under the mattress to protect against psychic disturbances and attacks while most vulnerable, as well as stop nightmares.

Form lines, mounds, or sprinkle upon thresholds to reinforce energetic barriers.

Arrives in your choice of 1/2 oz glass vial for $13, or 2 oz bulk for $39

Similar to Saturn’s Ritual Salt, reviews of which can be found here





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


1/2 oz, 2 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Used these for setting up and reinforcing energetic boundary protections, and the change in atmosphere is very palpable. Grounding, solid, fortified. Like a particularly devoted protector deity. :) Esp good if you have a period when there’s a lot of somewhat random visitors, like when selling or renovating a place. Burying vials with a salt/ bluing solution at corners of property/ gate also excellent technique, and this series’ secondary alignement with Jupiter makes doing this during Jupiter day/ hour even more effective. The salt also easy to add to things, even floor wash or cleaners. Great resource for the toolkit!


As a 12-house stellium, I am used to feel a little like a ghost - people bump into me, drivers do not see me when I am crossing streets, and so on. After DAII materia is going with me on my walks that all changed! I forgot at first that I put this salt in my backpack and was surprised thinking why everyone is so polite? "Like I am wearing a uniform," I thought, and then it dawned on me - DAII ritual salt is in my backpack! Of cause, I guess I am wearing a kind of protective uniform. It made me feel like I am more in my body. The sense of complete presence.

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
Doesn't necessarily repel mice, but it gets the job done right!

So I originally purchased this salt to sprinkle around the interior of a car that mice were habitating in, hoping to repel them. The mice continued to invade my space, though, prompting me to resort to a catch-and-release trap, which worked a treat. Since then, I've found it quite easy to catch and relocate any little invaders, and the salt has the added benefit of making my car smell fantastic! It's really long-lasting, too; many months after that initial salting, I can still smell that clean, fresh scent when it heats up (SOOOO much better than mouse urine!).

Most used S+S item

S+S has so many wonderful offerings, but the Deneb Algebi ritual salt is probably my most used materia. Some of it resides in my purse 24/7 as well as my partner's car. I set up a small water offering at work every week, which has done wonders for helping me feel safe in my office space and keep intrusive folks out. I've also added it to baths and floor washes.

A little bit goes a long way, so don't be afraid to try it! Everyone can benefit from a bit of boundary reinforcement. This one is a gentle, but constant reinforcement that also helps keep your own awareness of others' boundaries too.

So cost-effective!

The DA ritual salts are so versatile. I can use it like a powder and sprinkle it on thresholds for protection. I can also put a bit in floor washes and laundry for cleansing. I sometimes mix a little bit in my bath salts for a salt cleanse. Recently, I've dissolved a small amount in a water with a little alcohol and store in a spray bottle to use as an ambient spray. I never want to run out of this handy little salt.

True Blue

Like some others noted in the reviews, I carry this around in my purse for some everyday protection when I am out & about, driving around, going on dates, etc. I also like to sprinkle some on my swiffer pads to combine some magical support to my mundane cleaning, which leaves my house feeling fortified, allowing my to ease into the comfort of my own safety. Also ridiculously affordable for how much use you can get out of these salts. Deneb Algedi never fails & is a true blue friend.

A favourite

I use this in water beside the bed table to support energetic protection and calm sleep; sprinkle it in my teenager's room to promote room cleaning (!); sprinkle it in my car for protection and pull it out when I have semi-gnarly business issues to resolve in order to promote the best outcome. I love and am eternally grateful for Sky Grandpa.

Reviewer avatar
Permanently in my bag!

I always carry one of these in my bag at all times by now. They are such an affordable offering it makes it easy to just invest in these and carry them on you and refresh as you need. I travel alone a lot and I feel great when I have this. I leant it to my BF when he needed to go to the DMV and City Hall and it helped him receive kindness and compassion from the notoriously difficult bureaucratic personalities at play- they even made an exception for him. I gifted one to my boss during these times of change and fear at our company! We are favored by all! So easy and simple. A no brainer.

Everyday Protection

I love the ritual salts! There are two ways I usually use these salts. The first way is putting a pinch of it in spiritual cleansing baths to purify and protect my whole person. I've also used a pinch in wash water to cleanse and protect my home. The second way is in witch bottles or sprinkled in corners of my home to protect it and keep ooga-boogas away. Quick and easy solution - will be adding it to a spray bottle with water as an instant and discreet aura cleansing potion.

Reliable and Budget-Friendly

This ritual salt is excellent! I’ve been using it in multiple ways during my monthly DA ritual, and it’s really versatile. I’ve used it to encircle a S+S DA candle as part of a monthly offering, as well as an ingredient in various types of wards. I’ve found that a little does indeed go a long way, which is especially nice for someone like me who’s on a tight budget. (I also really like the color and scent, and the glass vial makes for a pretty container, although the appearance aspect is obviously less important!) I’m definitely planning to buy more ritual salts in the future, now that I’m more familiar with how to use them—especially since the price is on the lower side. I also wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up purchasing more of this particular salt in the future, since DA materia has been such a big help to me when it comes to personal protection.


  1. This is my gateway to getting more ritual salts – so versatile yet economical. It has a light camphorous scent like the oil. I like to put a dash in my humidifier to clear the air, put a quarter teaspoon-ful in floor wash or laundry, and sprinkle some at thresholds. I am going to make my own salt spray from this too to clear the air after doing some rituals. With DA, the air feels clearer and your spine feels straighter.

  2. I have tried many different S+ formulations at my SERVICE INDUSTRY job- some to better effect than others (this Virgo Venus should never wear venus materia while waitressing) -but hands down, again and again, DA is the winner.

    Typically the work is hard, nonstop, can feel hit or miss, and yet at the end of the day my sales will be the highest and that goes for my tips as well. DA doesn’t offer up freebies or gifts, but protects opportunity and puts me in the right place to exercise my own efforts to maximum potential.

    Also keeps me vibing and protected.

    In fact the other day I had an oddly high percentage tip day-out of character actually- (and ahead of a trip I am making to help my friend move her young son and two cats to England) and at the end of the night realized I had put on an unwashed apron that still had some DA ritual salts in the pocket- so it seems like without application being On My Mind it worked even better.

    As a cap rising I am happy to put my hooves on and climb the damn mountain, and DA has been such an awesome ally- with very predictable results. Hard work, a payoff that requires accumulation to really appreciate AND YET are ALWAYS appreciated, and a sense of protection around my efforts.


  3. I have been surprised how well this product has worked. I have used it around my room and the attacks of a someone I live with subsided. I put some around my laptop during difficult negotiations with colleagues, including a performance review, and criticisms and attacks seemed to disappear. I have a debilitated Mars and would never have thought this type of aid would be as helpful as it is. I am going to buy more. In larger quantities.

  4. I really love this DA salt.. I use it each time in my floor wash and it really helps me me feel comfortable and protected in my own home, while giving me a spiritual incentive to do house chores haha. I hope this comes back in stock soon! It’s affordable and goes a long way. And it smells great.

  5. The DAII ritual salt is one of the most versatile products from the series for me. In particular, the salt has been helpful in applying its protective impacts to different spaces to reinforce the boundaries of “applied on the body” products (salves, body butter, etc.). I have been using the ritual salt specifically in work spaces (in water) as much needed additional support to reinforcing lines with nosey and habitual line-stepping coworkers, as well as providing support for long-distance travel by keeping a vial in the car. The use of the ritual salt and other DAII items have aided in my long-term work of establishing more comfortable yet respectful protection. A little bit goes a long way.

  6. My absolutely most used product! It smells delightful and it was the most affordable materia in my collection while also being the most versatile. A pinch in the bath, a little mound on my nightstand.. I never wanna be without it now! An extra layer of ritual protection

  7. I add this to my usual protection bags and mixes, sprinkling some around my doorways and car. Nothing bad has happened, so thats a plus! I don’t get anxious about general safety as much as I used to.

  8. My first S+S purchase was this DA II ritual salt. I’ve been using pinches in clearing baths and was finally able to quit a toxic friendship that I’ve been trying to move on from for years. I have real trouble with boundaries, but DA is a great teacher!

  9. One of my favorites from this series, almost as logistically versatile as the powder but with the added oomph and specificity of being cleansing salt – and I just adore that gorgeous blue (natural!) color. It also smells amazing, which doesn’t hurt! But since using this series I generally feel so much safer in my home and personal space and less fearful around people. *Insert salt bae meme here*

  10. This ritual salt provides a concentrated sense of deep cleansing and calm, and lessens the sting of strong emotions like anger. I like adding a pinch to the bath or even washing my hair with a bit of it. The lower price point is nice too because a little goes a long way.

    This salt is a multitasker and has a bonus effect of quieting my mind while providing a clean slate feeling. A good tool to have in case of emotionally challenging times.

  11. I think this write up is understated.

    “It brings protection, decency, and the consolidation of wealth — especially through prudence and responsible tending, but also via magical survey/ magnetism.

    It prevents theft and nuisance through unparalleled boundary reinforcement, and evokes responsible, mature behavior in the wearer — as well as those who meet its sobering, judicious influence, making it exceptionally useful for things like managing bad neighbors, messy roommates, meddlesome family, misbehaved wee ones, irritating co-workers, bosses, and management, false friends, envious competition, and the untoward (but unfortunately all-too-common) like.

    DA runs a tight ship — necessary for navigating life’s stormy seas… It is the ancient rock”.

    I am going to call it the unofficial “Vote for Pedro” elixir- all of your wildest dreams will come true. Only mine aren’t wild. They are stable and sober dreams that needed a little boost with boundaries and justice. I could expand details of my success after decades of failure. It would make this review tldr.

    I haven’t been disappointed in any of my purchases, and I know I say I love each one the best- but- here and now- and with the results I saw from deneb algedi II… vote for Pedro!

  12. I was just watching the ”Taking the lead with astrological magic” talk, and got to the part where Kaitlin talks about magic materia just exploding one day as it absorbs a really bad astrological blow…
    Well I carry with me 1/2 a vial of this salt, and also the bluing in a vial necklace. The day before my son got into a really bad accident, (right after the eclipse in my 5th house, and directly on his sun), both the salt vial somehow became uncapped and spilled all over my bag, and the necklace just straight up fell off for no reason and the bluing spilled.
    The kid was ok eventually.

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