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Body Butter of Deneb Algedi II

Body Butter of Deneb Algedi II


Herbs in correspondence and right relationship to Deneb Algedi’s protective, stabilizing, and wealth drawing power, fumigated and immersed in a blend of proprietary oils during the height of our DAII election.

Marjoram, mugwort, chamomile, goat’s rue, rue, gotu kola, kava kava, calamus root, juniper berry, slippery elm bark, mullein, valerian, catnip, skullcap, Solomon’s seal, 24k gold, and more.

Strained following many months of immersion and combined with shea butter and coconut oil, whipped, and combined with organic essential oils befitting its purpose.

Apply to steel the nerves, and act as a barrier that protects against psychic intrusions.

Excellent during tough conversations, interrogations, or to safeguard oneself against all manner of predators.

Encourages the favor of those in power, and fair treatment in the eyes of the law.

Cultivates mature, dignified, and responsible qualities.

Good for keeping the self and others in check during situations where that’s the wise thing.

Protective, self-reinforcing, boundary protecting.

Maleficia and Evil Eye averting.

Offered in a 2 oz glass jar for $33, or 6 oz bulk pot for $73

Note: These Body Butters will go out of stock and be resurrected as additional batches get (quite literally) whipped up. Peruse reviews of our others to get a sense of their efficacy…





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


6 oz, 2 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Fantastic Protection!

I’ve been using this body butter for protection during dream and astral work. It provides excellent protection and security, keeping yucky stuff far away. It pairs very well with Luna in Cancer, being a vigilant protector without interfering with important work being done by the subconscious while asleep, dreaming, on the astral or meditating.

I’m just now starting to use it more regularly in the daytime, for its other qualities. Very much looking forward to creating a great partnership with this strong, capable product.

I use it daily

I immediately feel a sense of protection and safety when I have it on. I’ve been applying it to my hands and back of my neck before leaving the house or before seeing clients and I absolutely love it. It’s creamy feel and gorgeous smell is a plus too!

My go-to for reassurance and grounding

This body butter got me through a very stressful family situation in which everyone but me was sick. I isolated from them as much as possible and I relied *heavily* on this body butter to reinforce my own boundaries and health. I slathered myself in it during the hardest days. The scent was so reassuring and the energy was strong. It helped me not panic at my situation. And I never got sick, either, which never happens to me! I'm so grateful. This is one of my staples as a result.

Lynn McM
Fearless foraging

I find the body butter to be really helpful when I have to go out foraging in the wider world these days. I am less fatigued, physically and psychically, when I return, which is a nice bonus I was not expecting. I’m also less likely to make those impulse indulgence buys, which is funny and also helpful!

Thanks to Deneb Algedi II

Good Stuff! I use it for shielding out in the world. I feel much more grounded, too.

Soft armor

What a treat the DA BB is! It is both soothing and protective at the same time. Jupiter’s influence in this form of DA is very noticeable - it feels optimistic and comforting. Glad I got the bigger jar, because this immediately went into my daily and /or nightly rotation.

Tania C
Body Butter of Deneb Algedi

I needed something to help me when I work with my clients as sometimes some come in to my practice with negative energy which can stay around. Since using the body butter of Deneb Algedi this has improved dramatically.

Lisa K
Dramatic effects

I got this BB for personal/bodily warding and interpersonal boundary-keeping, and it's worked miracles for both. It does work the way the write-up says it will, though. A local unhoused person had been chronically harassing me while I walk my dog. I was hoping he'd just be put off by DA and stop, but instead the local police swept all the unhoused people out of the area where he was staying (literally the first day I wore the BB, everyone had just been swept out). Not something I would have initiated intentionally! So I would advise to be aware that the mechanism of action isn't in your control and might not necessarily be something you particularly agree with, but it will get the job done. I've also used it for benign boundary-setting with colleagues in a new workplace, and it's been very effective at that without alienating anyone or compromising the friendliness of those new relationships. It's not the best-smelling S&S series, which is uncommon (the correspondences are what they are, what can you do!), but it's not a foul smell (I'd probably describe it as kind of musty?) and it fades quickly and is easy to cover up with perfumes.


This body butter feels like reliable frond who is there to calm you down and reassure of sucurity and protection. very pleasant smell that was welcomed even during my nauseated pregnant state. Equally good for morning or before bed.


I feel the BBs are a great entry into a series and wearable but not too intense-so good for day to day application. Note that this is for the first batch of body butter from this series so maybe the texture is different in recent batches, but my DA BB has a different texture I feel to the others I've tried (Regulus is like unguent, VAD is creamy, JEV is super melty etc). The butter is kind of thicker than the others but melts really nicely and moisturises well. I like the fragrance-to me it's reminiscent of eucalyptus or camphor, that nice kind of herbal medicinal, with a hint of 'spa'. I also apply this to my lower back/tailbone (I figured, it's the goat's tail, so I'll put it on my 'tail').
I feel a subtle but powerful protection when I wear it. Calmer and at ease when I feel I will be in a place that makes me vulnerable, walking tall rather than feeling twitchy and uneasy. I wear it when going out especially at night, and I feel it has helped me feel shielded. When I wear this, I also become a lot more conscious of protecting others as well? Like once I wore it to a festival and noticed someone had put his phone somewhere where it could be stolen, so I told him and he was very pleased that I mentioned it. Another time I noticed a woman walking alone at night and asked her if she was ok with me keeping her company, again she was grateful for my help.
Definitely a butter with very immediate effects!


  1. I chatted about this in the client community, but I think it’s a good share here as well. I was going through a ROUGH January and February at work, and at home. A cascade of health insurance snafus and reluctance to spend money at urgent care with a higher copay, and a masking of symptoms meant I was extra exhausted for weeks before getting some antibiotics. I actually in my exhaustion mistook Deneb for Empyreal Advantage…I mean, both labels are blue right? Deneb Algedi was so comforting and restful to me, leaving me with a feeling of “everything is going to be okay” before going to bed, that I used a small amount nearly every night for two weeks before realizing it wasn’t Empyreal after all. Of course, Jupiter is involved in this offering, but at the time I realized it, I felt embarrassed that I had made such a consistent mis (judgement? application?) I dunno. I made apologies to both parties, but I really feel like the energies of Deneb and Jupiter understood I was in a tough spot and gave me leeway. I finally got to the doctor and got my semi-known problem resolved, but Deneb Algedi was key to getting me through.

  2. I’ve seen it work before but I love Deneb Algedi so much that I just didn’t see how He could repel the wrong sorts of people and situations until I used the body butter on my face. I felt like a strong, confident bug zapper. Now I know!

  3. The first time I tried this, the roof of my house developed two obvious, but previously absent, leaks. Not a lock, but definitely a breach of sorts. The company that had recently installed it came out and fixed it, no cost (appropriately) and no questions asked. On a body level, I appreciate the grounded “adulting” (love this description!) aspects that this confers, and I’ve found it’s excellent for helping achieve deep sleep.

  4. This has proven to be such a reliable and constant companion. Deneb Algedi has become my favorite choice whenever I need to feel more grounded and protected. The Jupiterian element adds an optimistic brightness that is also gently reassuring. I love the warm, slightly spicy scent of this body butter, and its mood of calm gravity.

  5. Wow! I’d been suffering from insomnia and racing thoughts and a dab of this on my heart and third eye have really helped me be able to recognize what is and isn’t myself and intentionally engage with thoughts on that basis, allowing me settled and restful sleep, finally! Highly recommend!

  6. By far my favorite product from all of Sphere + Sundry. I blasted through this product. It has been great for many things, including but not limited to: protection from invasive and abusive family members, deflecting malicious energy, grounding, confidence, and securing boundaries. If setting boundaries or clearly defining them is difficult for you, I highly recommend this specific product. The whole line is great, but the body butter is especially potent!

  7. Some of the most incredible body butter I’ve used. Its distinguished, regal, refined, confident, but subtle. It doesn’t bring attention to itself but makes me feel both protected and assured. Its not a leonine confidence booster, but instead it has often brought me back into a more assured sense of self. The steeling of the nerves is a fitting descriptor, but I think it does so not so much by applying external steel, but drawing out the steel within

  8. This body butter gently re-orients me toward the work of noticing, defining, strengthening, and enforcing my boundaries As a Mars in Cancer native, I’ve often let people trod all over me until I explode! A few hours with this materia reminds me that I am the only one who can define, communicate, and enforce my boundaries. A tough lesson worth learning.

  9. I am late the body butter game, but wowza do I love this one. I wear it almost every day–just a dab will do you–right under my favorite pendant, which is a consecrated protective item, and it this whole series does seem to have a stronger effect than the first one, and it also demands that you be at your best!

  10. DA2 body butter to me freshly applied smelled like I was coating myself in leather. Like sort of goaty too? Like I’m rolling around and encasing myself in a leather suit. Which is absolutely something some people want to smell like, and others may prefer to avoid. I have to say that about 1 hour later, I sniff myself and the only thing I can smell is some herbalness.

    From another perspective ensuring that you’re protected (lightly), and not enough to draw anyone’s attention. When combo-ed with the kolonia or water & a TAL, it absolutely makes you more ninja than normal.

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