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Immortal Heart Attuning Tincture

Immortal Heart Attuning Tincture


Organic and wildcrafted white water lily, blessed thistle, motherwort, meadowsweet, lily of the valley, skullcap, honeysuckle, valerian root, vervain, hawthorn, white willow bark, chamomile, tulsi, sweet woodruff, milky oats, honey, and 12k white gold, fumigated in frankincense and benzoin on the Immortal Heart election, alongside prayers to the Divine Mother for comfort, emotional support, and Her pure, unadulterated, and unconditional love.

Immersed in top shelf brandy and left to incubate for a full Lunar cycle, agitated on the Moon’s days and hours.

Use to anoint items you would rather not get oily, or add to floor washes and spiritual baths to expedite emotional metabolic processing.


Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Any internal use is undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.

Offered in a glass vial with dropper cap and 12k white gold, mother of pearl heart, and cape amethyst for $27 in the 1/2 oz, or 1 oz for $51.



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Planetary Body


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunset of September 16th, 2020. Evening of the New Moon in Virgo III, Neptune rising.


1 oz, 1/2 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

The most mind-altering offering in the whole IH series when ingested internally. I like it for meditation and dream-work.

Life changing - IH is good for everything

Phenomenal product - I highly recommend this tincture to everyone and for all purposes. I see this treasure as the core and foundation of S+S’s offerings and while it’s invaluable on its own, it also improves the outcomes of all other work, including work from vastly different traditions.

My results have been unbelievable and far reaching. I began using this tincture 3 months ago in an open ended fashion as support through some difficult transits. The best case scenario for transits like these is to lay low and hopefully avoid damage, but instead this has been a wonderfully beneficial period. The results have included very positive physical and mental effects and material improvements, including some leading to secondary subsequent benefits. This has been absolutely astonishing and as I mentioned, IH tincture has also helped with all the other work I’ve done, too.

I think part of what caused all this is the timing, but I’ve experienced similar transits before and yet never with comparable results. It seems safe to say IH is responsible for my current outcomes. To be more specific, this has been solely with the use of IH tincture and honey and Asclepius tincture and oil. I haven’t even begun to incorporate the use of bathing or incense yet.

I should also note that I had some initial difficulty tapping into IH. I tried placing a single drop under my tongue and didn’t notice much. About a week later, I remembered that when my old teacher would administer flower essences she would do so in a glass of water, so I tried that instead. It made all the difference for me. From the first glass I could feel it and let me say, IH tincture is much, much more powerful than flower essences! (My teacher would have loved this.)

My current recipe is 3 drops of IH tincture and 1 drop of Asclepius tincture in 46 oz of water. I sip this casually throughout the day and I can definitely tell the difference when I don’t add any to my water. I plan to continue this through our current eclipse season at minimum. I started my second 1/2 oz bottle yesterday and I already know this is something I’ll be keeping on hand and recommending to others from here on out.

Dorothy Long
Extremely Powerful!

Inspires openness and ability to recognize as well as attain heart’s desires…

Kathy Flynn
Lovely, Comforting Support

I never really thought about working with this, but my guides were quite clear that I was going to need this for the upcoming Venus rx in Leo, which will be conjunct my NN and MC. The first few nights I used this, my dreams were intense, and not at all what I expected, but both involved things I was grieving. As if I had to get those out of the way first. I am heading into what I know will be an incredibly intense period of my life, and I am already feeling much more ready to deal with the reopening of core wounds head on. I'm using the attuning tincture, so it's a drop on my heart and a drop internally every night, before bed. It's soothing and comforting, but more than that, there is a strength there too.


Wonderful tincture for use in conjunction with therapy

Sandra Smith
Nurturing and powerful

The first time I used this tincture, it released ancient fiery grief over severe neglect and emotional abuse from my mother. I was able to see and affirm my self. The second time I used it, I became deeply attuned to my needs and boundaries in my primary relationship. And my partner also stepped into full accountability and desire to show up emotionally. We apply the tincture to our chosen stones that we hold during daily check ins, and more than once we have been deeply inspired to state our deepest needs in a way that manifests easily. This tincture is pure magic. Thank you for this powerful offering!


The first time I worked with this series it ruined me. too much, too fast, too soon. I took a break for well over a year, closer to two. And recently it has come back into my life. Slowly, surely, drop by drop, week by week, the tiniest portions at a time. I brought the immortal heart into my own. And things are beginning to heal which I never let myself know were broken. Relationships with family members brought into stark relief, the illusions shattered, the healing finally begun. She moves in her own time, but to quote Hozier: when she moves, you're moved.

Compassion in a bottle

This is one of my all time, favourite series from S&S. I love using the tincture before applying the salve or the oil. I have gained so much integration from this series and used it daily for months when it first arrived! I have had a rocky relationship with my mother and apply the tincture to her photo before I chat with her on the phone in order to open both of our hearts.

Life Changing

This tincture has single-handedly changed the relationship I have with my mother. I find that we're both kinder to each other, more understanding and less nitpicky.

I've also been using the tincture before going to therapy sessions and it really helped dig up and heal parts of me that I hadn't even known needed healing.

Another bonus is that all my female friendships have flourished even more so since I've used this tincture.

Tina R.
Immortal Heart Attuning Tincture

Immortal Heart is an incredible series and bringing this collective, loving, motherly force right into my bloodstream via a drop in some tea is comforting to me in an almost umbilical way. (Feeling this hard in the wake of the loss of my own earthly mom.) I do dress candles with a drop the tincture as well, for myself and for others, and I honestly love being a liaison for this force where others are concerned as much as I love using it for myself.

Don’t sleep on this series, it’s so special.


  1. A few drops of this before a therapy session always results in profound discovery and breakthroughs. Not too heavy, not like being sucked back into old grief: just as the write-up says, this tincture helps heal and integrate wounds that are long overdue for integration. This is one of the first S+S products I ever purchased and I still use it regularly!

  2. This is a superb tincture and was one of the first products I used. It is excellent with initiating release of stuck trauma and energies from the system, however it does so in such a gentle manner and it really feels like you are being held in a loving embrace while you release and process it all. The tincture is incredibly potent but flows and moves things in such a gentle and seamless manner. It really is an excellent addition in trauma releasing, grieving and in shadow work as well. I definitely recommend this, if these are areas that are prominent in your life.

  3. When Immortal Heart was released, I ignored it. I didn’t see any relevance to my life. Later I had a minor uterine surgery and when I came out of anesthesia, I received a message to use IH for healing. It was just “in my head” as I awoke. I ordered the tincture and oil and began using twice daily.= for 2 months or so. I’m an Earth-heavy person with Moon in Capricorn, and always hated crying. It physically hurt my throat and head. When people said “crying makes you feel better”, I had no idea what they meant. Since using IH, tears flow easily. I can release sadness, grief and frustration without being stuck or harmed by it in a literal way. I suspect there are more long-term healing things going on under the surface, but just this change improved my well-being.

  4. This is the first tincture I’ve used magically and it has been astounding, genuinely. As someone with generational trauma (doesn’t everyone have some though?), this has been such a clarifying, opening materia. I personally use it on my Monday practices with the Moon in order to reach out, create a connection, and hopefully in the future, begin healing my matrilineal trauma. As someone with a Gemini Moon, I tend to be a fairly unemotional person and this tincture opens up something in me that allows me to process and feel the grief that I know I carry with me. I highly recommend this tincture if you feel emotionally blocked as I did— it’s probably had one of the most intense affects on me of any of the materia I’ve gotten from S & S.

  5. I began taking Immortal Heart in conjunction with Luminous Crown Oil about a week ago, largely to deal with issues surrounding my mother and father. It’s been stirring up a lot of stuff, the main thing being compassion for them despite all the pain they’ve caused, something I haven’t been able to get back in touch with for a long time. It was almost exhausting all the stuff it stirred up, to be honest, BUT it was also accompanied by a true sense of calm. The first drop I took sent an electrical shock through my system in a way that I’ve almost never experienced taking any herbal tinctures before. I was guided to take horsetail flower essence after a few days of it, which is specifically for exhaustion from grief, which made a lot of sense. This tincture will last essentially forever, 1 drop at a time is *plenty*.

  6. I have been for a witch for a long time but I let my practice go fallow and my altar go dark for years. Grief and trauma and the regular grind of life had left little room engage. But I was getting to a good place and in therapy to finally churn through the pain that holds me down. I missed Goddess and I needed Her. And then She appeared, in the middle of another session of the endless doomscroll, incarnate in a link to Sphere+Sundry. I wanted strength and flexibility in the material so the tincture was my first choice.

    I set my altar, began my devotions and prayed to the Ladies of the Immortal Heart. I was lovingly embraced and welcomed home. I was at the beginning of my new practice when the world exploded with grief and trauma. There was nothing for me to do but lean (collapse, really) into IH to dissolve old traumas so I didn’t pile more on top. The healing and catharsis I have experienced with Immortal Heart is profound. It builds trust- trust in myself, trust in the divine, and slowly, deeply, trust with others. I can do this is hard work because Immortal Heart supports and cares for me from where ever I’m at. I am accepted and loved for exactly who I am. It has helped me find my foundation again. It continues to help me build effective, deep practices from the loving arms of our divine Mothers. I joyful recommend calling to Them with Immortal Heart.

  7. Don’t sleep on this tincture! Oh my word it’s amazing and if you are reading this before the Venus retro in Cap, yes get it. There’s strength in its comfort, especially if you are working through generational femme trauma regarding your spiritual path. Cannot recommend this entire series enough, but especially this heavenly tincture.

  8. I was going to write a detailed testimonial, but those that have been shared already cover it all. Immortal Heart in general, but especially the tincture in baths, supported me through the death of my grandmother and great grandmother, throughly breakups, and through transitioning into a new home to live alone for the first time. sometimes I don’t even realize I’m emotionally wound up until IH softens me into what feels like my natural state. forever grateful.

  9. Powerful. The first time I used this tincture was before a bath, quite casually and almost forgetting I had used it by the time I had settled in. Not forgotten for long…What followed was a deep catharsis of released pain and compassion for my inner child. Tears were shed in that bath and also new found understanding and support for those ancient mother wounds, gently held and coaxed by the divine mother herself.

    Since then I have used the attuning tincture before a few group healing ceremonies to tune in and help call the Divine Mother’s healing and holding energies to support my healing and my ability to hold space for those healing around me.

    Highly recommend.

  10. I purchased this tincture because the death of my mother decimated my ability to cope with existence. Between the nightmares and the relentless memories of her last hours, there was no peace. So I got this and mentally prepared myself for more crying.

    Boy, was I surprised when what actually happened was a calming and cooling of my rage. I was expecting more feelings, not less, so the way this tincture, which I use a single drop of in my evening health drink most nights, has dimmed my notorious temper has been a welcome surprise.

    Using IH also takes the edge off of my dreams. I’ve always been nightmare prone and this tincture keeps the worst of them away. Or rather, it changes the way my subconscious expresses the fears that drive my nightmares.

    I have so much gratitude to Kaitlin and everything that led her to create these wares and me here to S+S. I’ve only been using materia since mid-April of this year but the impact IH has had on my well-being is immeasurable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  11. I use this most frequently before going to bed, often in conjunction with the oil from this series, and sometimes in conjunction with tincture from Banefolk. I almost always have a good night’s sleep that is restorative and healing. I also feel that the tincture helps me keep my own “cup” filled and able to actually support others when they come to me with their problems. If you’re like me, and people come to you with their burdens whether you’re ready or not, this can really help. My experience with S+S tinctures is that they get you more aligned in a way that helps you receive the energy of a series. To me, they’re actually some of the most powerful offerings in series. I would not sleep on them.

    Since engaging with this tincture and the oil from the series, I have had some accelerated matrilineal ancestral healing, what seems to be some healing with my living mother, and even just cute on-the-nose synchros like getting a lavendar/wisteria/Immortal Heart colored cashmere sweater from my mom, or a beautiful pop-up holiday card with a reindeer and wisteria tree.

    I’ve also had a lot of cathartic crying. I actually really hate crying or expressing any real emotion, even in private. But this helps me feel okay doing it, and helps me feel okay just releasing and opening.

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