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Immortal Heart Reliquary

Immortal Heart Reliquary


(Rather precious) Anubis reliquaries cast on the night of the Immortal Heart by Tony Mack, which open to reveal a small cavern, ready to receive whatsoever the client chooses. Keep as an altar piece, or carry along your daily Way.

Fill with ashes or personal concerns of some Beloved, magical powders, or whatsoever your heart desires —

Modeled in hard carver’s wax and cast in fine silver on September 16th 2020 on the planetary night and hour of the moon; during the new moon in the third Decan of Virgo. This casting was not accompanied by petition or suffumigation; its focus being on one’s personal relationship with the deceased.

A reliquary box, inspired in part by the canopic jars of ancient Egyptian funerary rites. The reliquary bears carvings in high relief: two versions of lilies, as observed on Egyptian funerary stele, flank the sides; and on the back a scarab pointing toward the subterranean. The front is set with a white mother of pearl cabochon. On the lid of the piece is a seated canid form of Anubis.

If so desired, the lid can be sealed permanently by folding the silver prong over the loop of the lid with a simple hand tool such as needle nosed pliers. The reliquary was made for the purpose of containing a small amount of materials (remains, hair, grave dirt, etc) of the deceased, though its purpose is up to you. It is recommended that very minute material such as cremated ashes be mixed into an amalgam [such as soft wax] before being deposited, as the lid is not hermetically sealed.

Seven such reliquaries are being offered to the public for $579; 3 being set aside for large Immortal Heart Altar Box Sets.

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 2 in

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