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Degree of Exaltation Mars Spray

Degree of Exaltation Mars Spray


Five pure essential oils of Martial nature, including black pepper, cassia, and ginger, mixed with distilled water and tequila, along with other natural preservatives and emulsifiers. Mixed and sealed while Mars was in his exaltation degree, and left to incubate with the rest of the series. It was moved into individual spray bottles on the day and hour of Mars and includes a small chip from the bloodstone arrowheads used in the candles.

Note that this not intended to be used as an everyday spray, or for the primary purpose of scenting a room, linens, etc. It is a highly potentiated and specific formula for intentional or ritual application. It can be sprayed around oneself to establish a productive, motivated, and empowered state, or in a space to set the tone for a working or interaction. It can also be used as an anointing wash to empower Martial objects. A small amount should last for quite some time and provide many applications under circumstances such as these. Keep covered and in a dark place when not in use, shake well before application.

Click here for information about the use of these items for remediation of natal configurations or during Mars’ retrograde. 

$20 for 1/2 oz spray bottle, or $30 for 1 oz



Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Spray Bottle Size

1 oz, 1/2 oz

Planetary Body



Chart Remediation

Mars — Good for people who are Mars deficient and need support for the natal Mars


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium, HOT/ SPICY — May cause irritation and contact reactions, MAY DAMAGE SURFACES — Usually contains an essential oil that reacts with petrochemicals

Creation Date

Night of May 10, 2018. Chart in the image gallery.

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  1. Avatar

    I love this powerful magical treatment. I cherish it and use it sparingly for motivating support. Shortly after my first application, all of the things I’d been procrastinating suddenly became interesting and worthy of immediate attention and problem solving became effortless. I caught up on my entire year in two days. And the peace of mind that came with all of that self confidence and completion was the best part. It makes you feel like anything is possible. I completely trust in it’s purity and potency as it delivers powerfully for me every time.

  2. Avatar

    Kind of bowled over by the effect of this one. The cassia dominates, providing a dynamic and vivifying quality that is still grounded. The energy draws down into the kidneys/lumbar spine and then disperses stagnation in the lungs and belly. The overall effect has a “calm warrior” vibe. It seems extraordinarily well suited to my constitution, which tends toward qi deficiency/stagnation, and rouses my sleepy 12th house Mars.

  3. Avatar

    The BEST pre-workout I’ve ever used! I say a small prayer to Mars in the locker room, and spray generally, or sometimes the specific muscle groups I’m focusing. The assist on treadmill hill programs is real.
    Upon receipt, I put the package in the bedroom for safe-keeping, and gradually realized temper was stoking in my partner – yipes – so now the spray’s honored (and contained!) in a black pouch wrapped in the included red tissue in my red gym bag!

  4. Avatar

    This Mars item is very special. I work in a museum and it was funny cuz my boss said “this package came for you” and he didn’t know he was holding such a powerful item lmao. I took it out on my lunch break and immediately felt it taking such a presence. I sprayed this on three red journals during the day of mars and hour of mars and said a prayer to bring me productivity. I have since been super active and the rest of that day I had so much energy during my shift. You literally feeeeel it shifting your energy level. I’m gonna cherish it so much. Excited to combine it with Mercury items for writing. I have a Mars in Capricorn in 11th house natally and Mars is moving thru my 12th house during this retrograde and so I felt I needed this.

  5. Avatar

    The Degree of Exaltation Mars spray is extraordinary. I have used it twice now during the Mars retrograde, spraying it VERY lightly over my head, and both times I had ridiculously productive days. The first time, I tackled a bunch of stuff at work that I honestly just haven’t had the mental energy for AND cleared my desk in the same day. The second time, I cleaned my house REALLY thoroughly (for me, hahaha) and cleared out a load of stuff that needed to go to Goodwill. As I recall, I also made a record number of calls to elected representatives that day.

    I do not believe I have a lot of Mars influence in my chart, nor am I a particularly Mars-ish personality, so this is clearly a really helpful line for me.

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