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Water of Golden Sol

Water of Golden Sol



Water freshly collected from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, distilled via copper alembic from one hour of the Sun to the next on the day of the election. A combination of herbs and gems under the governance and accord of Sol, with Jupiterian emphasis — sunflower, cedar, saffron, bay laurel, ginger, sweet cinnamon, rue, orange, clove, hibiscus, bloodstone, ruby, heliotrope, and colloidal gold.

The result is an uplifting and warming hydrosol, honoring the Sun’s invigorating, purifying nature. Use as a body or aura spray as an invocation of the Sun and authentic self, to help uplift, heal, clarify, and bring about better alignment. Can also be used as a room and linen spray to prepare for ritual operations of a Solar nature.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass spray bottle with 24k gold leaf for $30, or a 2 oz for $66




Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, August 9th, 2019, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I use this with great success to increase positive visibilty. Whenever i wear this, i find people are drawn to me and i have many many positive/ enjoyable interactions. I have a sense of being seen in a more positive light. Or as I have a Leo sun, the way I would like to be seen.

  2. I really enjoy Sphere + Sundry hydrosols for quick, immediate boosts and layering with other things. I love Golden Sovereign and my experience with it made me think I would also enjoy the Golden Sol in Leo water. And I do!

    It’s super nice for a burst of optimism and alertness, and for feeling more aligned and centered within myself. It’s been a great ally through the difficulties of the past year. I also sprayed it on my husband once (with his consent) when he was feeling down and he liked it too.

    I love Regulus materia, but I sometimes feel a “drop” or “letdown” after using it. I don’t get that with Golden Sol – it feels like it helps me recharge from within.

  3. I purchased Water of Golden Sol for a dear friend who has Sun at 0 degrees Aquarius in 8th house, as a possible remediation. Usually the day or two after he does a few sprays, it reliably generates an influx of money or clientele! It absolutely brings a warming, generous light that helps him to be seen and lifts any melancholy mood. This stuff definitely works!

  4. I feel like out of all my recent S+S purchases, this is the easiest one to review. I hardly relate to Leonine or Solar stuff. I regularly deal with anxiety and carry emotional deadweight a lot of the time, especially in the winter months. I bought the water kind of impulsively because it seemed like an uncomplicated experiment to try. When it arrived, I opened the bottle to smell it and accidentally spilled a little on myself. Normally this would piss me off, but the immediate feeling was lightening up, and I let out a laugh that didn’t seem to come from me. Like something really funny just happened and no big deal, what a nice surprise – Ha! It’s basically the feeling I get now when I spray it. Kinda irreverent and light. I don’t believe I relate to it on a deep level but that might be what’s nice about it. Sometimes you just need a break from your Big Bad Planets. I like to use it when I’m dreading something about the coming day. Better than Paxil. The smell makes me smile immediately.

  5. Who knew it was possible to bottle up the life-giving and life-affirming power of Sol in a hydrosol? I seriously cannot get enough of this stuff! Whenever I’m feeling low in any way, whether it’s emotionally, mentally, or physically, this hydrosol is there to give me a little pick-me-up. It’s my go-to whenever I have to be seen in any way, and I also love to use it as a mental clarity boost before giving readings (I’m an astrologer). I give myself a spritz on my chest whenever I feel the need and it enlivens my spirit almost immediately. I bought it twice, that’s how great it is!

  6. Water of Golden Sol was one of the first offerings I tried from S+S. Initially, I purchased it hoping it would inject more of a sunny outlook into my every day disposition and cut through what felt like a constant storm cloud over my head.

    I’m not sure I can credit it with magically clearing up the skies around me, because life’s storms are inevitable. But it certainly gives me the strength in my own sovereignty to weather them without constant worry of being struck off my chassis. I adore this spray for times when I feel my personal will is sure to be tested, in situations where I feel I may acquiesce to the pressures imposed by those around me, and when my self-confidence could use a boost. The scent reminds me of gingersnaps, a welcome sensory note that now sends me right into the spirit of the materia. I’ve also taken to adding a spritz to the water in my diffuser on days I could use a little more ambient sunshine. Summed up in one word, Brilliant. ☀️

  7. I purchased the Golden Water of Sol to prepare for the dark days of winter. It didn’t last that long! I loved the experience of sunshine days whilst in the throes of the darkling season.

    Not only did it lift my mood and tend to make me feel better, generally, it also attracted the attention of others.

  8. The Leo ♌️ hydrosol is, quite simply, my newest health regimen ally. Along with daily exercise, proper nutrition, and meditation, I currently employ this thrice daily, in the morning as an aid to resuscitate from bed, and prior to exercise and meditation. I realize how much of a party animal I must sound like, but my life depends on consistent measures to combat life-long, crippling MDD.
    I find the Sol of Leo water to be much more supportive in observing myself as a centered being, free from quotidian boundaries. As cerebral chatter is paused in favor of tranquil fortitude, it also serves as an excellent companion for meditation.
    From an entire family to you, we thank you, Kaitlin, for providing such essential, high-quality magical materia.

  9. A warm, beautiful essence. I love that the carrier is water, seems to balance fire and water for me (fire alone can easily throw me off).

    A little goes a long way. I like to lift it high above my head and release a single spray, breathing it deep and letting my breath carry it throughout my body and circulate it through the room.

    Great for aligning my working space and myself for solar prayers and intentions, for staying grounded yet uplifted on the phone with a troubled friend, or even to ease a heavy atmosphere on dark nights when I can’t sleep.

  10. Sol in Leo spray on my solar plexus uplifts and returns me to myself, especially when I feel a little too open and need to fill myself up from the inside out. Wish I had it last winter for SAD, it’s working a treat this winter.

  11. The Water of Golden Sol is like a splash of sunshine and brightness to my being. A wonderful remedial to Saturn’s heavy weights, it re balances my emotional energy and reminds me of the gold at my centre. Truly wonderful followed up with the Golden Sovereign oil. Results in feeling encased in protective amber.

  12. My natal Sun is in my 8th house and has also been hit pretty hard by big transits from Neptune and Saturn these past couple of years. Needless to say, my sense of Self and general vitality has been dull and murky, to put it mildly.
    The Water of Golden Sol has been such a boon for my heart and spirit. It’s effects are immediate, warm and peaceful. It is uplifting and illuminating without being overly stimulating.
    Also, I regularly teach fitness classes and ever since I started using this spray my boss has used the word “sunshine” to describe my demeanor as a coach. My MC is ruled by Venus in Leo. You can’t make this stuff up!

  13. The last two years have been emotionally tough while dealing with our current political climate on top of death in the family the drama that happened afterwards. This is liquid Sunshine that can brighten any day even holidays with the family.
    A side effect is you tend to have random strangers approach you just to connect and talk about some wildly interesting topics. If you are a fellow introvert do know you will have this happen if you wear this so be prepared.

  14. I am going to call this spray my “amplifier”. When I use this in conjunction with any other S+S materials, it adds such a bright, quick boost. In fact, couple with ViT oil, I ended up meeting someone new within the hour and ended up on a date that night which happened to be one of the funnest dates I’ve been on in months! When my mood and life were feeling some heavy transits last week due to Mars hitting my 1st house Scorpio stellium, adding a little Sol to ViT and ‘Thy Vigorous Force Inspires created a lovely lifting from all the heaviness. Once again, S+S has created magic in a bottle.

  15. PS from my recent review:
    It should be noted that Saturn has been squaring my Moon basically all of 2019. So, engaging with Sol in Leo feels more “remedial” (not sure if that’s the proper way to use that word) than purely “bathing in sunshine” like some of the other reviews.

    For example, at my performance that I mentioned, I didn’t feel like the Star Of The Show as much as I have in the past. But the fact that I was back on stage taking real risks, instead of being stuck in a Saturnian rut, is enough for me at this point. It just feels nice to have support keeping hold of that warm glow inside. I saw Austin Coppock mention on Facebook that Sol can help with a “troublesome Saturn” – I agree based on this one experience!

  16. So I have been using this every day for just over a week I think. Have been spritzing it on pillows and self early in the day.

    Yesterday I brought it to a performance I had (performing in drag as the Prime Minster of Canada, someone who has an eyeroll-inducing Royal vibe a lot of the time). I didn’t spray it on anyone else, just myself in secret, but I felt like I wasn’t the only one shining. In the dressing room there were a few people staying in character, and one woman was HILARIOUS, I had a hard time concentrating on being serious. My performance also went well, and hanging out with everyone after was a blast.

    As someone with an individualistic Aries moon, sometimes being in a live-in partnership can be intense. I have loved my experiences with Venus oil, but it was refreshing to have something self-centering as well.

  17. The Golden Sol in Leo hydrosol spritzed upon yourself is like taking a bath in sunshine. It’s full of warmth, comforting Solar energy. Being a solar child, this gave me a big boost in energy that I’m very comfortable with.

    Bring your own ray of sunshine, wherever you go.

  18. Since receiving the Golden Sol in Leo hydrosol, I’ve become much more confident, but (and) I’ve had several things I didn’t realize I was repressing come into the light of day. It’s a LOT. If you want to shine a light on your recesses, this is the stuff for you.

  19. After spritzing Water of Golden Sol on my second, third, and fourth chakras, I felt like my aura took a shot of whiskey. That proverbial golden glow suffused my whole torso. There’s no mental intoxication; just warmth (physical and spiritual), a steep decrease in anxiety, and a calm focus. (Note: Washing my hands in running water right after spraying seemed to mute its potency, but vigorously rubbing a few drops of Water in my palms afterwards reenergized the charge.) That steady burning glow lasted a good few hours after application, and I’ve applied it in conjunction with the Water of Asclepius for a solar boost to healing.

  20. a dear friend I go to almost daily now. invokes wellness on an emotional and psychic level that, as the sunrises, builds gently throughout the day. a reliable and steady support in a bout of depression, and calming mental anxieties.

    ive also sprayed pillows the night before an early morning where the day has required me to be up and alert before the sun has arrived to greet the day. didn’t disturb sleep, just made it lighter than normal.

  21. This is an amazing product. I’d love to have this forever. I love the smell and it feels great. I would recommend this to anyone that’s not allergic to the ingredients. It works and makes you feel great.

  22. This is a very uplifting, empowering, energizing spray! immediately upon spraying it on me, I felt extremely energized. I went off to the gym and it was if everyone was drawn to my energy. I had so much energy and felt strong during my work-out although I had not worked out in some time. I had been in a funk, and it was if I took my power back and remembered who I am! I really needed this. A little goes a long way, and next time I will spray a bit less of the spray. I really needed this cleansing and realigning of my solar plexus. Thank you!

  23. This is BY FAR one of the most powerful things I’ve ever put on my body, or even been in the general vicinity of.

    I’m going to start off by saying that it created a “purging” effect for me that was a bit more intense than what I’ve experienced with either of the Asclepius series’, yet this was so incredibly fleeting that it isn’t something to be afraid of. Morever, not everyone’s Solar channel is as damaged as mine, so for some, there may not be any “purge” at all. Because I know myself very well, and I FEEL and live with this Sun-related damage every second of every day, I actually expected such a reaction. In fact, I was prepared for the worst; I thought I’d undergo a rather long, drawn-out experience of sorrow before *potentially* reaching the light of Sol.

    Needless to say, what actually occurred was surprising. Immediately upon spraying (on my heart and solar plexus chakras mostly), I was overcome with emotion — that aforementioned sorrow! — and the sensation of energy attempting to ‘break through,’ out of my chest. I also cried, but only slightly, as all of this intensity only lasted for several seconds at the most. What seemed like simultaneously, something else happened: I was taken back to a time when my Solar-self still felt intact, at least for the most part. I was able to feel and see and remember what it was like to be whole, to be MYSELF, and these are things that I’ve been struggling to regain for… far too long. Yet that’s actually an understatement; what I’ve gone through in terms of losing myself, feeling broken beyond repair and having anything that could remotely resemble life force/joy/charisma/etc. disappear is more than just mere ‘struggling’ — it’s literally the central problem in my life. This seeming destruction of the Solar principle is what impedes my functioning, let alone my ability to embody or achieve anything that I feel would accurately represent who I wish to be, or who I feel I am on some deep level. I realize now that this is what the cruel negation of creativity must be.

    This one-time use of the Water has reawakened something within my conscious mind, something that reestablishes a sense of connection to the pure energy of Sol that I once knew, loved and personified. I imagine that future usage will yield even more profound experiences and permanent, stunningly positive enhancements of a life-altering variety.

    I feel as though I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to Kaitlin for crafting an undeniably divine gift to the world.

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