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Water of the Luminous Sovereign

Water of the Luminous Sovereign


Freshly drawn well water, distilled via copper alembic starting at sunrise on the Luminous Crown election and left to bask upon the altar. A combination of herbs and gems allied to the dignified Luminaries and planets attending — the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Exaltation, supported by Venus and Saturn in rulership. For more on the effects of this series, see the description.

Eyebright, life everlasting, and colloidal gold and silver to represent the dual Luminaries. For the Sun, Mastic gum, sunflower seed, rosemary, and bay laurel. For Luna, white lotus, orris, chamomile, and saltwater pearl. Feathers of a Solary and Lunary nature. Tahitian vanilla, apple, damiana, and diamond in honor of the Fairer Benefic. Mullein and sassafras for Saturn. Alkanet, High John, and ruby for Mars. Mugwort, rue, and sweet woodruff for potency. Grains of Paradise. Cinquefoil and Solomon’s seal. Angelica root and abre camino. The list goes on.

The water smells of Huachuma, opening brilliant floodgates of luminescence. Spray the crown of the head and body as a potent invocation of self, to fortify one’s auric density and reinforce boundaries. Brings composure, and results in a warming, energized calm. Centering, grounding, illuminating. Aids in matters of diplomacy and personal import.

Apply to facilitate manifestation and bless space before ritual work of a compatible nature. A small amount of grain alcohol has been added as a natural preservative.

Arrives in your choice of 1/2 oz glass spray bottle for $30, or a 2 oz for $66





Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

, , , ,

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Sol rising. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Caitlyn Post
Crown of clarity

I've been in a real brain fog soup lately, and this water has been a godsend. When I feel the least capable of stepping up and showing up for life, it puts on a warm and just-heavy enough cloak of power around my back that makes me sit up straighter, while also lightening my outlook and demeanor. Serious the way talking to Aslan is serious, I feel I remember deep down the fact that there is only one being who will ever be me and it matters that I show up for it (but can also be really delightful when I do).


This gives me confidence, especially at work when I struggle to feel powerful.

all-time fave

The waters are often my favorite form of any given series, and LC is in my top 3 favorite series. This hydrosol immediately brightens and reinforces my energy, and it's so powerful that it provides an immediate boost to any workings I do.

Subtle but powerful

This water has had such a grounding and fortifying effect on me in the months since I've started using it. I use it almost every morning, sometimes pairing it with Deneb Algedi or Venus Aerial Delight materia, and it's like a scaffolding of beautiful power and clarity around my entire being.

A new definition of luminosity

I've used this water sparingly so far. Partially because it is so very veery strong that a little goes a long way, and the vibe is rather long lasting. It beams with brightness and an incredibly clear heart-centered energy. I've used it when heading into some meetings with very official folks (from industries like law and banking) in which I wanted to stay clear headed, self-sovereign, and collaborative. I really pick up on the cosmic luminosity here. It's extremely strong and supportive without generating excess heat. Astounding really!

Alex Ess
changed my life

Some lyrics that I feel serve as a tl;dr for how I feel about Luminous Crown:

Who will you become, darling
When your skin is torn asunder?
Turned inside out
Now you have found all you wanted

I engaged very heavily with Luminous Crown until I ran out of candles and oil.

During a recent look back on my last few years of hardship, I see in hindsight how the many heartaches and challenges were integral to the change I unknowingly welcomed with this series. The "unknowingly" was on me, because I didn’t truly understand what it means to be sovereign. This series taught me that, for sure.

LC ignited change that felt frightening at the time. I realize now that S+ supported me through the chaos. Though it was unlikely, I always had the resources I needed to get out of situations and move to the next stage. My roads felt open. I had a few essential revelations about my life and my self as a result of the difficulty I endured and triumphed over.

The caveat in this field report is that I did use this series heavily at a time when it seemed like there was no way out, so ymmv. Regardless, engagement with LC will likely make you face yourself by putting you through difficulties that will play out and pay off over time. You'll have a chance to be brave. Will you take it?


I picked up Water of the Luminous Sovereign on whim, feeling nudged to have this in my arsenal. After using it I was gifted $3500 and had intense dreams of my materal Grandmother having conversations with me while we played Rummy (a favorite of hers). This is a really sweet, powerful water. I feel seen and in my element when I use it.

Oooo! I am so happy to have this stuff

Ok I missed this series initially but recently when the team found a jar of this water I jumped on the chance to finally work with it! People in the private client community have recommended it to me over and over and now I see why. Really nice stuff that boosts my mood so much. I can't express how grateful I am to have it. I am ordering another little bottle just to have more on hand when this one runs out :)


This water immediately emits beautiful and powerful energy to set the stage for important things in your life. It almost feels like you confirming to the Universe - yes, I am taking this question/lesson seriously and so I do need serous resources as well.


Makes you face your shit.


  1. I am in love with this water!!!
    This particular hydrosol seems to help build an attitude within of taking one’s life seriously (in the good, honorable way) and then more responsible actions seem to flow outward from that inner shift. While wearing LC, I’ve also noticed that I’m more observant of my own behavior that is less mature than what I’m capable of, or that is otherwise not congruent with my values. I feel a gentle but firm “calling out” from this materia when I could stand to do better. Wild! And much appreciated!

  2. This water wants me to take myself seriously. It’s very very centering and grounding. Embodiment through, for example , Empress
    Hydrosol comes with a lightness and a want for joy and all the nice things, but through LC hydrosol, it’s a very different very sobering influence. It provides support in boundary setting. It helps you see Where those boundaries need to be put. Awareness in a bottle. Very strong. When I first read the accompanying pages I thought the don’t be a tyrant part couldn’t possibly be something I needed to look out for. And it hasn’t happened, but I can now see how it could happen. I could see how constant use could be a problem.
    I don’t use it frequently because I usually prefer something to help me chill or something outright productive, like exalted sol, but when I do, I definitely feel the power.

  3. Sometimes you need to just focus on the duties at hand, regardless of the barriers in your way. LC water is my go to for those heart fortifying moments, when one needs strength and courage. On days where emotions overtake like wild cannons, I use LC water to center myself and to boldly carry on.

  4. I was pleased to experience this mixture’s perceptible differences from the oil of the same series. It has a gentle, mellow confidence to it. Creating a sense of aplomb that is almost cooling – as opposed to the oil which is perhaps a touch more commanding. It was also a healing and fortifying balm during the off-putting sensations triggered by the recent solar eclipse. The Water of the Luminous Sovereign is great for a boost in energy, mood, or physical health in general. As well as social or professional situations with its subtle charisma and effortless poise.

  5. This is alignment in a bottle for me. I was hesitant to try the LC series, but I’ve realized there is a lot of flexibility in ways to direct it. The water is very helpful to me for quick bursts of healthy energy. The first time I tried this (conscious of planetary day and hour), I was able to go get some errands done, all the while feeling a clarity and gentle embodiment I haven’t felt in months. It felt like my energetic being was fortified, I was less prone to being affected by outside influences and was able to focus.

  6. A spray of this water is highly centering. I would describe the effect as cool, calm, and collected (I know Kaitlin describes this series as warming, but for me there is a distinctly cool presence to the water). With Luminous Crown on, I feel alert and solidly in my body and this tends to be great for pretty much any activity, so I use this series a lot! Other descriptors I have for what this water offers: subtle refinement, embodied confidence, cohesion, fortitude, grace.

  7. An incredible hydrosol.

    Water of the Luminous Sovereign is immediately centering for me, right on application. It delivers the sort of focus I imagine a Hall-of-Fame quarterback feels with plenty of time in the pocket, well-protected and surveying the field. A special kind of vision, calm and decisiveness kicks in, a readiness for the right action, unbothered by mental fluff/noise.

    There’s no feeling of excitement, either—this is not uplifting materia. The feeling is dead serious but with zero worry. It’s uplifting in the sense that doubt is removed that the necessary thing is going to get done.

    All respect and gratitude for this stuff.

  8. This is probably one of my favorite waters. It’ calms, realigns, and invigorates. When I put it on, it allows me to just sit with myself without having to force myself to calm down. I imagine this is what a muscle relaxer feels like, but energetically, and without the side effects. It’s definitely medicine for the solar plexus and crown.

  9. I cannot reiterate enough the complete and total hail-Mary this has been for me during 2020, and how useful it still remains in the inception of 2021. In a Saturnine time, finding constructive and dignified ways of engaging with work ethic and delayed gratification is made absolutely more pleasurable with the support of Luminous Crown. The water, in and of itself, has helped me continually eschew the potential to stoop to lower, more base behaviors or instincts, and to relinquish some of the pettiness which arises from a period of time so reliant on social media. Thank you for helping create magic which aligns you with your dignity and your higher aspirations for security.

  10. I’ve been using this to own my day – I anoint myself (spritz the top of my head) before starting the day with the intention of being a me that no one messes with. It helps boot my confidence as I set out for the day.

  11. I’ve spritzed myself for mainly Solar purposes, but there’s been a touch of both Venus and Mars in action as well. I’ve used this when I energetically have not felt up to interacting with others, and have found that it eases who I am, provides a fair bit of grounding, as well as sparkle and a “just do it, and handle that business”, aspect to it.
    It does feel very multi-purpose (if a tiara can be said to be multi-purpose), and will enjoy experimenting with it in conjunction with other S+S products.

  12. Luminous crown is probably one of my favorite ones to ground with so far.
    The quickness of the energy is similar to other series, it was immediately noticeable. It looked like the energy found gaps in my auric field that I haven’t noticed before and and filled them in. These spots were deep and were blind spots. I hear stories about how psilocybin (I have yet to try mushrooms) can bridge gaps in your brain due to trauma and I’m wondering if this is like that but with your energy.
    It is very grounding in a comforting and subtle way. It makes me feel like I’m in my body but without the anxiety. There’s no rush to do anything other than just “being.” I wish I can just bask in it all day.

  13. The Luminous Crown series has made a magnificent difference in my life. I love this hydrosol. It smells glorious and imparts a sense of centeredness.

  14. I love the waters for quick and easy state changes. With repeated use, I find them helpful for changing ingrained tendencies by rediscovering qualities that were elusive. I didn’t really have any notion of sovereignty, but I could get used to it. Calm, clarity, creative energy, readiness, confidence, appreciation and finding joy in the challenge.

  15. Yes; it’s potent. Strongly energizes (physically & otherwise), and, for me, opens up the extrasensory channels. So far, has seemed to be profoundly helpful in accessing higher realms/knowledge + elevating to higher consciousness. I wasn’t really expecting any of these effects, but that’s because I had no expectations whatsoever. I just wanted to be receptive to the energy of the series in its purest form.

    I will note that, this being Water, the effects do not last long for me. After trying it, though, I definitely want to get the Oil! The Water has the ability to blast you into otherworldly states, different realities in which all of your questions are answered and the sheer power to manifest your desires is simply there. It’s easy to get addicted to such a “high,” but if you can see through it — see it for what it is — then you can bring that awareness into your everyday life. That is where I think the Oil will really be helpful, as perhaps sort of a grounding, anchoring force for the insights gained during cosmic exploration with the Water.

  16. After giving myself and my husband a few sprays of this over the last week or so I can definitely say this is an inspiring and enchanting water.

    It gives me the motivation to do, the illumination to know what to do, and the creativity to make the most out of whatever I’m doing. I feel capable and powerful when I use this spray, and indeed it does run hot.

    It smells spicy, rich, and has an intensity to it. Perfect for anyone who wishes to accomplish things in the here and now.

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