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Water of Asclepius I

Water of Asclepius I


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius I.I ⚕

As further detailed in the series description, cypress, sage, and incense cedar were blessed using the words of Thessalos, given to him in dream by Asclepius, and harvested on the Summer Solstice in the hour of Jupiter. These, along with rose of jericho, were combined in a copper still and immersed in water freshly collected from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta. A hydrosol was produced, which was later combined with essential oils of frankincense and rosemary, carnelian, and grain alcohol during the Ras Alhague election, where the water was dedicated to Asclepius and received his blessing.

One of the beautiful qualities of this formulation is that upon vigorous shaking, it turns white — a color associated with healing and purity in many magical traditions.

Sphere + Sundry is pleased with all of the offerings we produce, but the Water of Asclepius in particular is truly something special. For a thorough application, shake well and use as a body and aura spray, making sure to focus around the head, but also applying directly to the chest, palms, and feet.

You will feel instant clarity and refreshment, and it will continue helping clear your field, heart, and mind over the next many hours. Apply before bed to invite healing sleep and potential dream visitations from gods and spirits. Spray in spaces in need of healing, purification, and renewal, especially that carry a negative charge or presence you wish to dispel. Produces emotional, mental, and physical clarity that deepens with continued use. As a regular practice, consider full body applications after showering.

A new edition of the Asclepius series was released on March 21st. Remaining offerings from Asclepius I are available at a discount while supplies last.

Available in a half ounce spray for $26 $19 or a two ounce spray for $52 $39.



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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

26th of June, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews

One of the best and most helpful items of the entire S&S catalogue IMO. It clears and refreshes energy and primes for layering of other series. It’s like a palate cleanser for materia. When I spray this over my crown chakra before applying any other series, the effects always feel more potent. Really great for a lift in spirit too as it feels like it’s clearing away heavy and lingering energy. An incredible reset.

Spray Bad Days Away

Not to sound like an informercial, but this stuff is versatile and smells wonderful. It's perferct for banishing ill feelings of the body, mind, and soul. If there ever was an S+S starter pack, I'd choose this water to lead the way. It will clear the space you're in and I like to shimmy under the mist to help slough off bad vibes. You can feel the difference right away and it's so easy to use and there's never any fallout with Asclepius products, at least in my experience.

I love using this spray to clear the space when I pull tarot cards. It's a lovely way to keep my cards clear of negative energy and it helps to make them feel cared for. Hard recommend!

Lisa Solari
Wake-Up Spray

This Water gives a refreshing, energizing boost. It is a potent reset spray. I love it.

Must Have Travel Item

The small bottle is perfect for bring along on trips for quick and easy cleaning of energetic gunk. I spray on myself and also around hotel rooms/airbnbs which often have a funky energy.

Hydrating & healing

A hydrating and healing spray that I like to spritz on my face and body before I head out to treat patients. A must have!

Staple in my house

This spray is a staple. So many different uses. I use it after working a very emotional strenuous job, spraying it anywhere on my body that feels like it's carrying something leftover (often solar plexus). I use it to refresh when I'm feeling like I can't shift out of inertia in some capacity -- a reset. I love spraying it on my sheets -- I've been having trouble getting quality rest, but when I use this on my sheets I fall asleep quickly and wake up rested. Will always want to have some on hand!

Jessica E.S.
Raise your vibration!

I am an intuitive healer, Reiki Master, Polarity Practitioner, Myofascial Eelease therapist and this is an essential part of my self care, shielding & clearing routine pre/post sessions with clients. I love this stuff and noticed a difference when I ran out. The best!!!

Laura M.
Water of Marvel

This wonderful, magical and miraculous water has helped heal both a longstanding addiction AND a recurrent ear infection for my beloved lil doggo (um, to be clear, I suffered from the addiction - not the dog. And am over a month clean!). I spent $1600 at the Vet over the course of 6 months and was loosing my proverbial shit as to how to help heal my dogs infection. As soon as I started spraying this water on my hand and cupping it near his ear while reciting the prayer (adding that Asclepius was also skill'd to heal doggo-kind!), his ear FINALLY started to turn around. I can't recommend this stuff with high enough praises and wish I'd found Sphere + Sundry sooner. Am super looking forward to trying more materia in the line (and future iterations thereof). Hail Asclepius!


I first ordered one bottle, and since it has been so helpful to me, I bought two other bottles. As I have chronical pain and tend to fall sick quickly (even if masking these years have mitigate this), Water of Asclepius has helped me when everything else didn't work as well as usual. It's also a great purifier when needed, in the physical or spiritual plan. I already cultivate a relationship with Asclepius, so it made sense to go to this serie.

Ariana E
Ease in a bottle… the opposite of Dis-ease

I use this water frequently when I or my daughter are feeling “the yuckies” and its effect is nearly instant and obvious in helping to clear up our energies. The moment this water is on us we feel ease - and studying language is super useful for learning the root of problems - ease / dis-ease are an obvious pair. Nearly always follow this with the oil as well, this is just so fast acting that we love it!


  1. I bought this almost a year ago and I think it has taken me this long to fully understand how it has worked. Using this regularly caused a (long overdue) healing crisis that has helped me move through some deep down trauma. I feel like I am clearing out cobwebs. I have also successfully used Aesclepius for energy clearing in an old apartment that needed regular energy hygiene. Thank you Asclepius for the clarity and cleansing support!

  2. This is an amazingly potent, grounding, energy-clearing spray, so much so that I carry some in my bag to work for emergency use. Due to changing hormones I’ve developed premenstrual dysphoria; I have four or five days of severe depression and anxiety every month that resolves as soon as my cycle starts, but it’s hard to white-knuckle through the bad days. Spraying the Aesclepius hydrosol on the back of my head sends an immediate, palpable wave of calm down my spine and gives me space to ground and center. The calming effect lasts for a couple of hours. I’ve lately been drawn to spray my abdomen as well, and I rub the residue over my heart. The smell is astringent and medicinal, but not overpowering. I’ve already restocked from the Aesclepius II series and I look forward to working with this materia for a long time to come.

  3. I simply can’t do without this hydrosol. It’s far more refreshing than any smudge and feel a instantly refreshing. Friends love the scent and spray and welcome it, also saying they feel immediately refreshed. I have the oil as well, but I have to say the water is something special. I can feel and perceive white light as it helps me integrate my emotions into something more positive. It is also great for a simple space clearing. I feel everyone should have some of this at home, just in case; I made a habit of bringing it on-the-go! Re-stocking with the second series version, now!

  4. This is incredibly potent in a wonderful way!

    I’ve had some trouble with sore muscles and a foot that keeps puffing up. So I sprayed a little on said sore muscles last night and went to bed. When I woke up, no sore muscles and my foot felt fine. Of course, I’m going to an earthly doctor to check out why it keeps doing this, but in the meantime, this is some very nice relief. Plus, this smells wonderful–very medicinal in a great way.

    Thanks so much, Asclepius!!!

  5. So my original intention with this was to heal my skin. When I spray it on my face it has a euphorically calming effect. I have only been using it for a short period of time but my skin does seem to have improved. It did have another unexpected use for me, my dad has refused to go to the doctor for over a year now, I sprayed it on him and his bed and the very next day he told me that hes going to finally see a doctor for his condition. A miracle?

  6. I found Sphere + Sundry on a friends recomendation to try the Sea Born Beaty oil. I decided to take a look around and fate brought me to the Water of Asclepius. After reading all the wonderful Testimonials I decieded it was exactly what I needed. I’m excited for it’s arrival and will report back!

  7. For the very first time in my life I avoided a migraine, and I have Water of Asclepius to thank. My migraines are debilitating. I’m fortunate in that they don’t happen as often as they did when I was a teenager, but when I experience the telltale blindness and stroke-talk I go into a full panic. Usually I take way too much pain medicine and crawl into a dark hole, which doesn’t provide much relief and makes me a zombie for a couple of days, but this time I doused my head and neck in Asclepius water and had a lie-down…and no pain. None. A miracle.
    Thank you, Kaitlin.

  8. I love this so much that I bought it again after I ran out of my first bottle. I’ve found that one of my favorite uses for it is before and after a bath– I spray down the tub a little before turning the water on, and then I spray myself after the bath (usually as I’m about to moisturize). It’s so good!!

    Just last night I sprayed it on myself because I felt overheated before bed. The water helped cool me down and ease my irritation so that I could sleep.

  9. The effectiveness of this is beyond my expectations. A simple spritz on my face after an extremely grueling and aggravating work day–health and energy taxed, mood extremely dour–flushed all of that bad energy away within minutes and left me with energy levels restored and mindset shifted to extremely positive and joyful. I adore the heavily herbal scent.

    I’ve also tried and enjoyed the oil, but this feels brighter and more playful in its working, while the oil’s energetics are deeper and quieter.

    I love this stuff and am so grateful that Kaitlin made it and shared it.

  10. This was my first purchase from Sphere + Sundry, and I was not disappointed! I used it before a minor medical procedure that I felt nervous about, and it went really well. I also used the spray for energetic healing and was particularly impressed with the results. While it felt painful coming to terms with old stuff, I feel a lot better now and also understand that I’m not the only one who has been through similar circumstances.

  11. I did not really know what to expect from this spray before I purchased it, other than I bought it for the healing aspects. It’s been a nasty cold/flu season, and I have definitely used it for that aspect! It’s helped tremendously in the healing for both, as well as helping de-clutter and keep our bedroom negative free!

  12. Wow! Honestly I did not know what to expect considering I don’t normally purchase astrological infused items. The Asclepius hydrosol was amazingly effective in aiding me in releasing all the negative energy I tend to build up. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has trouble maintaining a clean energetic field.

  13. This is probably my favorite item of the series. It smells wonderful and the effects are immediate. I’ve used it to clear up sinus relief as well as to clear out bad energy from people I encountered throughout my day. It’s super versatile and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

  14. Magical healing in a bottle. I have used this on painful cysts and it has reduced swelling and inflammation. I have used it on my abdomen when GI system was all out of whack and it corrected the issue. I have used it for lower back pain as well as for headaches. It’s amazing. As someone with a chronic pain illness, it’s rare to find something so effective and with no adverse side effects. I need to use it more than I have been (I habitually ignore pain till it’s teally, really bad), I should try to remember to use it before the pains are so bad!

  15. The craziest stuff ever, in the best way possible.

    I find it next to impossible to describe what I’ve experienced thus far with this incredibly magically potent item, but I am going to give it a try. First, though, I have to mention that I appreciate the information that Kaitlin included about the series within the package. While I have a lot of experience with the sort of ‘healing crisis’ and ‘detox’ symptoms that she has discussed in regards to the series, I believe this is always a crucial thing to continue to remind potential healees about lol. However, while I typically DO experience such things, in the case of this Water it was very minor (at least comparatively, for me) and occurred only after the first usage. Several hours after the initial ritual spraying, I found myself purging some stifling fear, emotional darkness and grief that has been unable to escape otherwise. On a day-to-day basis, I generally don’t feel better after expressing — or trying to express — the suffering I have inside. And that has been a major problem, as I have found that we are too often told that if we “have a good cry,” things will be much better & we’ll be safely whisked away to a happier place. Well, for me, that hasn’t been the case for a long time. At some point, expelling pent-up emotions and traumas literally stopped working for me. No matter what I did physically or non-physically, whether it be through talking or WHATEVER, I was just not getting anywhere and not feeling relieved of any level of burden, stress or pain. But this Water did a fantastic job of cleaning out some huge blocks, as evidenced by the fact that I actually felt lighter and freer once these particular emotions came up & out.

    Since receiving and working with this priceless bottle of power, I feel better than I have in so. effing. long. It’s kind of hard to believe. In my experience, once you release the most pressing blockages and heaviest, densest energies that you carry around (whether knowingly or unknowingly), any subsequent usage of the Water is going to be increasingly empowering, strengthening, solidifying. In other words, first you must experience the breaking down of that which is not only unhealthy, but also that which has grown and expanded into something of grossly unhealthy proportions. If you are overwhelmed and overtaken by negativity, whether from the past or present, I am almost certain that the offerings from this series will give you a sense of release. And then, after the breakdown comes rebuilding. The more you use this offering, the more powerful you will feel; the BETTER you will feel. The Water of Asclepius has been downright miraculous for me.

  16. Returned to the healing waters of Asclepius! After doing so – me and my husband endured a full on detox! Physically, emotionally and probably even spiritually. My sciatica is a million times better, and my anxiety subsides whenever I spray these magical offerings! I am very much into an “all is mind” mentality, coupling that way of thinking with the Asclepius trio I feel empowered enough to do whatever it takes for me to succeed, and live a happy, healthy, enjoyable life. Pain free!

    This magic works y’all! Been working with the Asclepius series a lot the past few months… & my life has changed in incredible ways ever since. New business opportunities, absolute renewed health, and have even gotten commissioned to do an Apollo staff for one of my clients, who knew nothing of my Asclepius work! More and more synchronicities keep pouring in!!!

    Sphere + Sundry’s offerings truly stand apart from the rest! ✨ there is no comparison to what she does!

  17. As an experienced practitioner who has regularly sampled products from other carriers, I have been pretty consistently disappointed in the past. That is why I quit buying spiritual products – until Sphere + Sundry showed up. The Asclepius series has left me in awe. The potency of these products is out of this world. I sprayed a bit of the Asclepius hydrosol on my back and, after weeks of hardly being able to stand up straight, I woke up feeling like a new woman. The pain was gone, and I could finally walk. I have also used these products in my spiritual house cleaning mixtures, and the results were truly incredible as well. Thanks, Kaitlin!

  18. This stuff is like divine crack. I don’t know how else to put it, lol

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