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Water of Venus in Libra

Water of Venus in Libra

After making appropriate offerings to the spirits of a local stream and the attending genius loci, water was collected on August 14th, 2018 as the Moon conjoined Venus in Libra during Venus’ hour. This was used as the base for a hydrosol of star jasmine, honey, vanilla bean, and other herbs ruled by the planet of love and beauty, then distilled in a copper alembic before being consecrated alongside the rest of the Venus in Libra series.

The resulting water has a sensually sweet, skin-musk aroma, finishing with a juicy citrus note. It can be used as a body spray to induce a pleasant emotional and mental state and as a psychic and emotional attractant to others. It can also be used to set the stage for social or romantic interactions by application to any given space or linens.

This water was given a naturally occurring green cast to further ally it with the powers of Venus, as that is her primary color association, but is light enough that it won’t stain.

Arrives in a 1/2 glass spray bottle for $28 or a 2 oz for $56




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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Water collected August 14, 2018. Consecrated Friday, August 24th, 2018 in the hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Such a lovely water

I *adore* this water, and I should probably use it way more than I do! It is among my favorite Sphere + Sundry waters (maybe in a three-way tie with Asclepius + Regulus). It is an instant mood lifter, and it smells so delicious! I feel more content with myself, more at peace with my life, and a deeper sense of connection to Earth. Working with VAD always makes me want to go tend my garden outside! If you're looking to start working with VAD, I think this water is a great introduction to the energy of this series.

Social armor

As a Libra Rising, this series has definitely helped me ease into more self-love and calm my kind of feral unaspected moon. I definitely have social anxiety, and while I've had some nice synchronicities after wearing VAD, it mostly makes me feel less worried things will go wrong socially, like potential gaffes will at least be navigable. The water is especially fun to spray on before going out because the glitter is so glamorous, and if you're worried about it getting on stuff, I've never noticed any transfer (though the downside is, if you're like me and have occasionally *wanted* some of that glitter to show up on your skin, well, sorry). As befitting its domicile Venus nature, it's nice just look at it!

Immediate solace

While I love *every* form of VAD, there is something very special about the immediate attitude shift that this water can produce. One spritz and the blahs or the dreaded do-I-have-tos loosen their hold. The sense of play, of socialability, of genuine appreciation for the beauty that exists all around us comes bubbling to the fore. The world can appear and feel as sparkling, as gentle, as lightly caressing as the dancing mica in this bottle.

Fun & Sparkle

I love spritzing this on me to uplift my spirits and put me in the mood to socialize. I imagine if this were paired with Froggy subset it would make for a great party experience. And it’s not as though I’m covered with sparkles after spraying it, but I do feel more sparkly on the inside for sure.

Like a Fairy Godmother’s blessing

This jewel of a mist feels like a fairy godmother has just doused her sweetness upon one’s countenance. It feels so light and refreshing and lifts the spirits and the heart very sweetly.

Long term effects of Venus in Libra

I've used Venus in Libra (1 & 2) the most of any series, since 2019, almost always applying it in some form before any social event. All my life, I have experienced social anxiety and sometimes the feeling of being alone, or with tenuous friendships. But at this point in my life, I have many wonderful friends that bring me great joy, and feel much more social ease than I used to. I think this must be a cumulative effect of working with this materia for 4 years. This beautiful shimmery green water I spritz on myself if I'm rushing out the door to a party and want an extra-fast hit of sociability.


This water is light and pleasant mood shifter - works very subtle with noticeable and quick results I was resisting the purchase at first because did not want glitter, but after trying found it subtle and easy to take away.

Venus in Libra I

This hydrosol is one of my top 3 favorites of all-time based purely on the scent - but the magic lives right up to the fragrance! It's also one of comparatively few items I've used completely up. I couldn't wear it to work, as I became entirely too relaxed and chatty, but applying it at home and before artistic endeavors cast a lovely, vivacious shimmer over all experiences. The emotional equivalent of a flower crown.

Divine Gift

Beautiful hydrosol and love the sparkly mica - I don't find it really leaves a noticeable gleam to whatever I spray this with, it's just a nice added touch of glamour. Upon anointing, I am filled with Venusian peace and a general feeling of all is well - much like the oils/powders but muted in comparison. It's just a lovely feeling. I use this hydrosol to cleanse and anoint my Freya altar as well to which she heartily loves. Get some, you will love it!

Kait L
Peaceful Shimmer

I love this shimmer water. I wear it before going out into the world, especially if I’m going to something difficult. It’s like a spritz of peace…and it shimmers! What could be better?


  1. I love this product: it offers beauty and balance–emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. I like to use whenever I want to connect deeply with others–especially when I’m teaching yoga or going into potentially conflict-ridden meetings.

  2. This is one of my favorite offerings from Sphere + Sundry to date, I’ve used it constantly since buying and am now trying to control myself so that I don’t finish it off so quickly!

    The scent alone is absolutely lovely. I didn’t expect that the S + S sprays would would carry scent so well, but I’ve found ViL to have a kind of addicting smell: it’s a little powdery, minty, and floral, overall refreshing and inviting. A light, airy scent that fits perfectly with ViL’s aims.

    My experience with it has been overwhelmingly positive. I spray it on myself before going to Happy Hours and social events – the first time I wore it was a morning when I went to work, I ended up getting little done because everyone wanted to talk with me, from coworkers to family members messaging me, all in all it was a fun, positive, and even joyful morning but I got little work done! Now when I wear it out to social events I feel it has a subtle but noticeable influence. I feel more confident and lovely in my own skin, it also helps that I normally receive compliments when I wear it (especially when I combine it with Golden Sovereign)! It’s one of my most beloved S + S products and I can’t recommend it enough.

  3. So I’ve written about Venus in Libra before (new addition to previous post) but I just want to give it a little more love. I’ve been working with it to attract friends and help with general socializing since July and I really can’t explain fully how it has TRANSFORMED my life. I noticed that about a month after purchasing the spray, I met a woman through absolute chance who I am now good friends with. She IS Venus in Libra in person form, and I mean like really. She builds friendships and groups of people with absolute beauty and ease. Since meeting her in August, she has introduced me to many women who I love and connect deeply with. In addition to her influence, I have been able to find friends on my own very easily, I’m like a friend magnet! I now crave being around those I love and hosting potlucks, parties, and meditation groups. Before ViL I was pretty introverted and avoided parties all together. I am now the catalyst for others to meet people that they really connect with. I really feel that this materia caused me to attract friends and to meet this very ViL woman who then helped me build a beautiful group of friends. I’m so grateful for S+S and I think its reach and effects are far more intricate and expansive than we can really comprehend.

  4. I bought this when it was first released and it’s one of the products that I use most frequently after Asclepius’s Water. It gives me an instant “calm and confident” reset that makes any sort of social interaction 100x more pleasant for this confirmed introvert. I love ViL and it’s actually my Go To S+S Venus line. Very effective with zero unintended side effects.

  5. I purchased this water because of social anxiety, upcoming situations (networking/job search) where it would help to have people like me, and ongoing challenges relating with my spouse. I have a challenged natal venus (retrograde and caught up in a rough T-square with malefics) and the election for this water seemed complementary to aspects of my chart. I love the jasmine smell of this water and I’ve felt pretty good in social situations while using it. I’ve noticed it is easier to practice self-love and forgiveness. During these times I try to “venusify” myself a bit more than usual to pump up the results. I’ve also been using it before going to sleep at night and have noticed that I’m processing a lot more in my dreams. Things still aren’t great with the spouse but when I have sprayed the water on him he has suddenly been getting more recognition at work. It has been an interesting experience, first S+S product.

  6. C.S. wrote of their experience using the Venus in Libra water during a band performance via the support portal…

  7. I love love love this water. I tend to have social anxiety and I always spray this on myself when I need to be sociable and chatty. It always puts me in an amazing mood to just have fun and do pleasurable things 🙂 I started wearing it at work which I would not recommend, it made me not want to do work at all haha. Anyways, this is a lovely spray, highly recommend.

  8. Venus in Libra water is what I reach for when I am not feeling particularly social and need to go out and be “on”. I’ve found since using it, I’m enjoying the ritual of getting dressed up and taking time for beauty before going out. My mother-in-law even commented one day how she noticed how much I have put more care into getting dressed and carrying myself. I enjoy using it even as a daily spray sometimes just to help me float through the chaos of too many humans around, haha!

  9. This stuff is so good. I’m not exaggerating when I say it makes me feel like I’ve taken instant-action panic attack medication. I’ve actually had trouble when I used too much of it first thing on a weekday morning and was slurring a bit in an early meeting!

    It really opened my eyes to how potent a magickal product can be without being consumed or used during intense ritual!

    A hilarious effect I’ve also noticed is that if I wear it to work, people sometimes say aloud the inappropriate things that are secretly on my mind.

  10. Anytime I’ve used this, I’ve noticed people listen more intently than usually. Everyone is super nice to me and group settings I always find myself holding court. It’s very very nice and also has on days where I am depressed, has JOLTED me to get up n commune with others. It like helps so much. I’m almost out n now i cherish it

  11. The first time I applied the Water of Venus in Libra, I experienced a calm and sensual connection to my body. I am almost never relaxed, so this took a moment to acclimate to–once I did, the experience was very gratitude-inducing. Shortly afterward, I went out to my community support group meeting. I shared something personal during the group discussion, and as usual, felt vulnerable. But immediately after, a woman came up to me saying that she’d really connected to what I shared, and we basically started a new friendship that night. This was a really unusual experience–I usually keep people who approach me at arm’s length. It was an undeniably Venus in Libra night.

    Since then, I have applied the water on multiple occasions before going to bed, and doing so helps breathe properly, which I apparently forget to do on a regular basis. This water really helps me come back to my body. Thank you to Kaitlin Coppock!

  12. Highly recommend! It’s been personally very helpful in my healing journey.

  13. This Venus in Libra water is marvelous! My husband’s job can be stressful & so navigating the beginning of our evening can be chaotic, with multiple dogs that need to be fed & walked. Spraying this around the house has made a difference in both of our attitudes – we are more even-keeled & laugh about the chaos. Other uses for it that I enjoy:

    – I sprayed a bit of it in the air then swirled Valentine’s Day cards I was about to mail through the mist. Some of the recipients said that when they picked up the envelopes before opening them they felt my love & good wishes.

    – I spray a small amount into vases after I full them with water for fresh flowers.

    – I planted some spring bulbs late & after watering them I spray Venus water & they’ve already broken through the topsoil.

    – I’ve experimented with spraying my altar candles with Venus water instead of oil, then rolling them in a mix of powders & dried flower petals. Venus seems to really like this offering!

  14. been using the venus in libra water and i love it. my chart is really libra heavy and my venus is in libra so i thought it was a good first choice for my first sphere + sundry offering!!

    the first day i used it, this very busy surgeon i’ve been seeing was texting me way more often than usual – crazy cause he’s very busy at this point in his career, he works almost 24/7. and then he set dinner date plans for next week.

    i havent gone out with it yet, but i feel great when i do have it on. i usually get caught up in conversations when i really need to just recharge with myself, but when i had this water on i’m better at taking the time i need for myself and not letting myself get stretched thin energetically. like the other reviewer said, this product promotes TRUE harmony.

    i’ve also been using it on my skin and i did just get a microdermabrasion, but my skin feels so wonderful. i feel like my skin legit glows in light after i put in on 🙂

    my mom and aunt have been using the spray before going into work cause both have been having workplace problems. they were raised devout catholic so they don’t know much about this stuff – still gave them as much background info as possible.

    both said that people would just listen to them at work instead of fighting back – no arguments. for the first time. especially my aunt who has been having bad bad work problems with her workers fighting each other. she’s amazed that everyone is calm cause she had tried everything to get them to chill, but they suddenly started listening to her on these two days she wore venus in libra water.

    will come back and update – wearing it for a photoshoot tomorrow and upcoming dates 🙂

  15. I have many items from this series, most of which I dedicate toward one particular issue. However, I’ve noticed that whenever I spray this water on myself and leave for the day strangers are always nicer (the difference is very obvious in cranky NYC) and people I know want to hang out all of a sudden. I’ve also been given free stuff that I need, both by friends and randomly at cafes, etc. This water is a great magickal pal to have around.

  16. I bought this and have used this for the harmony aspect, and can attest that it does that. It boosts self confidence, happiness, and encourages a pleasant emotional state, which is great during the holidays or any stressful time of the year. It encourages you to be more empathetic/loving, which is great in maintaining any relationship.

  17. I’m still testing out most of my order. This water was the 1st product that I used in my set. I’ve only used it once so I’ll have to come back and update again with my experiences down-the-line. But upon 1st use for my holiday party I noticed a general feeling of well being confidence and happiness. I received so many compliments that night and people were really draw to my energy. There were a lot more flirtatious interactions when I went out to the casino. And even my partner was More complimentary than usual. Someone also told me that they saw a really bright aura around me and joked about feeling blessed when they touched me . I also ended up having a serious conversation with my partner that I had intended for later. But I was so confident and just fully grounded in myself that it happened naturally. And I was able to share lot of feelings with my partner that normally would have been more difficult for me to share. So I think that is also a great tool for easy communication.

    Over all I think that this water really helps to increase my overall magnetism in the way that I want it. I’ll be continuing to use it when I go out on dates or business meetings and times where I need to have tough conversations.

  18. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I had the best sex of my entire life thanks to this Water. All of my subconscious inhibitions disappeared, and it opened the way for the most loving, emotionally present, and pleasurable sexual experience I’ve ever had. This product has not-so-low-key changed my life.

  19. For me, this Water works as a stress reliever, bringing on the ‘pleasant emotional and mental state’ that Kaitlin describes. It realllly smooths out the energy field when you are frazzled, scattered or otherwise disharmonious. ‘Harmony’ is, in fact, the first thing I think of with this Water. It is my go-to when I need to even things out and create a vastly more pleasing experience for both myself and others. But, perhaps more importantly, it is almost as if the Water brings me back to my center, my core. This has taught me the great value of Harmony and how it relates to being centered. Far from being overly compromising in order to keep the peace (as people will often say of Libra/Venus), true Harmony is something quite different. Disharmony is created by allowing our energy to be pulled in many different directions, without the right discrimination or prioritizing. Only when we return to our center and follow the promptings of our inner truth can we achieve the kind of Harmony that really allows for everything we desire in life.

    So, basically, Kaitlin has crafted items that not only produce magical results but also teach. Yes, the items themselves are teachers for me. They hold many secrets which reveal themselves as you work with the offerings. These are honestly life-changing items because they guide you through evolution, healing, growth, difficulty and pain. You don’t just do a ritual or a magical working with them and bask in that energy (although you can LOL); you actually form deep relationships with these items, as strange as that may sound. I’ve never worked with any other magical items with such “personality,” if you will. These offerings are some of your greatest allies; trust in them and you will be rewarded indefinitely.

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