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Venus in Libra Self-Igniting Incense

Venus in Libra Self-Igniting Incense


Herbs sacred to Venus, ritually combined and suffumigated during one of her finest Libra elections, ground and mixed with intoxicating essential oils and self-combusting materials, so no coal is required to use it.

This is a loose incense that can be pinched into lines, glyphs, or sigils on a heat-proof surface before lighting. Burn during Venus rituals to invoke her influence, or during other sympathetic works for love and beauty. Can also be burned to prime a setting for pleasant social or romantic interactions.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top. No synthetic fragrances or fillers.


Out of stock

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in


Chart Remediation

Venus — Good for people who are Venus deficient and need support for the natal Venus

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

Creation Date

Friday August 24th, 2018, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
I wear this oil when I want to be liked and have a cute time (sag rising)

its subtler than I thought it would be but maybe thats the charm of libra that mystifies me, it NEVER COMES ON TOO STRONG, thats the whole point. I love it for flirting & friendship & playing with the in between as libra is my 11th house. I think this is helping me learn more about the wisdom of venus bc of how it confuses me (a brash, harsh, intense winter-baby night chart lol). gunna listen harder

Reviewer avatar

I remember this incense so well . . . just like the rest of Venus in Libra I, my introduction to S+S, it was a reawakening to the power of pure relaxation, peace, rejuvenation & joy. A myriad of other effects result too, but I feel like the primary focus of ViL was to reestablish a sense of comfort & equilibrium within the body/ person/ all Spheres of self. Very smoothing to rough edges, calming. It truly felt like a warm, free, gorgeous Spring or Summer day without a care in the world . . . just complete contentment, but with a visionary sense of building excitement toward pleasures, love & beauty right around the corner. This may make it sound like there was no power within the series to actually *manifest* those things, and perhaps there was a good amount of the fabled Libran/ Venusian laziness showing its face, but the way I see it is this: 1. you could either combine a series such as this with a less "lazy" one to increase the physical manifestation of Venusian/ Libran blessings within & around you; 2. you could embrace the series alone & see its effects as tangible blessings/ manifestations in and of themselves. Because they are! And we all need to be "lazy" sometimes, to have the dross stripped in order to see, feel & sensually experience pure L I F E through a more balanced perspective. Venus in Libra can be very healing & rejuvenating in this way. One of the best!

Has everything changed or it just the materia?!

Since using Venus' Aerial Delight over the last couple of weeks, my partner and I have noticed we are feeling wildly lighter, joyful, and more flexible! We both have heavy fixed placements that have been enduring some pretty difficult transits over the last year, but in the course of a single week it feels as though we've shed so much of that heaviness we've been contending with. The holidays were a great time to experiment, as they are typically challenging for us. But not so this with the aid of our Aerial Queen! After two applications, my partner (who is not woo-woo in the slightest and barely knows his own placements) keeps coming up to me before going out for social engagements asking if we're going to use our "potion"! I am absolutely thrilled & delighted with the results and cannot wait to continue exploring all S+S has to offer :)


This oil as lovely as it gets, chatty and entertaining but with those people who are really close. For myself I learned that it does makes me lazy, so not for work but for evenings after work :)

Sweetness and grace

This oil is so wonderful! I often wear it on Fridays, when I meet friends in the evening, and it just gently transforms my state from stressed and pacy to relaxed and generous, open and warm. I am able to enjoy myself, and rest within myself, so much more with this oil. I've also used it for public speaking engagements, pairing it with Luminous Crown, and that's been incredibly potent as well.

Jules B
Loving the Aerial Queen

I absolutely love this oil and reach for it more than any other. The fact it smells so divine is part of it. I find it bringing lightness and joy when I use it. It’s really powerful. Thank you for making this.

Inner Loving Mother

I have a 1H Venus in Virgo conjunct Mars. I also have an afflicted moon, and all of this is reflected in the very abusive relationship I’ve had with my mother. We’re estranged now and I’ve spent the last decade doing much trauma therapy, including inner child work. But as much as I’ve done (and overcome) it is still a deeply painful wound.
I’ve worked with this set for a few months and have tried different ways of engaging. I will say— that I’ve noticed *no painful* side effects. Which is saying something considering my afflicted Venus!
I’m currently going through a period of emotional turmoil and physiological burnout. I feel this powder has called to me and simply reminded me to lean into the inner loving mother archetype I have cultivated a relationship with, but so easily forget about when I am in pain. It’s an old pattern and feels more natural to shoulder the pain on my own, but Venus comes in as the Divine Loving Mother Herself and reminds me that I am not alone, that she is here for me, and wants to hold me and support me with her Love. She is very sweet, light and tender; but with a deep love that is true.
Another cool thing that just happened: I felt very strongly that this powder wanted to be mixed with a mugwort oil and applied topically. I have many other oils that are much more “Venusian” as I consider Mugwort to be Lunar. Anyway, the oil and powder turn out to be a wonderful combo and I feel even help me connect with Hekate (whom I have a relationship with). This surprised me for Venus materia. I feel this is related to Venus in her retrograde phase, which she is entering now. I just re-read the description here and I see that Mugwort is indeed a part of this materia! I ordered it so long ago and had completely forgotten. Magic is indeed real. ; )

Amy Spurway
Took some time

As a huge fan of Eirene, I decided to give Aerial Delight a whirl as well. At first, I was not keen on the scent - I was not expecting such strong greenness, probably owing to clary sage among others. But once I got past my general clary sage aversion, the results spoke for themselves. This oil is light and easy going, and I’ve found that my favorite thing to do after application is to go out into my garden or my neighborhood - not to do anything, but just to survey and admire both individual plants and my and others’ gardens as a whole. It has been great for my regular practice of plant communion, which was also unexpected! I still don’t love the scent, but I do love this oil almost as much as I love Eirene.

Love this series!!

At first I wasn’t a big fan when I tried this subset a year ago but recently I took a risk and ordered the oil in a whim. I love it now. So so much. All I can think is that I’ve done the work to develop a better relationship with venus and my perception has totally changed.

Calming & graceful energy

For context, my relevant placements are: Aries Venus & Libra Jupiter

I got the Aerial Queen oil to remediate my Aries Venus. Venus is the ruler of my Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter and I have a day chart so I was really hoping to kill three birds with one stone. The first thing I can say is that the oil has a very calming effect that makes me feel very serene and relational. And although I did not have intentions of glamoring others, I have noticed that the people I talk to are much nicer to me and I get away with mistakes quite easily. I have also found that I get upset less frequently. I have a 1H mars so I have a bit of a quick-to-arouse temper. But! I am less easily aroused and more patient with others.

I have yet to see any benefits with my Sun and Jupiter. Perhaps I need to do some actual rituals with the oil in order to remediate my chart.


  1. This incense is wonderful! I use it to delineate, initiate and “warm up” work with Venus or offerings to her. It lights easily, sparking and smoking beautifully. I cover a small metal tray with foil, create the sigil and light it. It’s a simple, unusual and potent offering. Just don’t use it close to a smoke detector!

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