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Jupiter’s Lightning Rod Powder

Jupiter’s Lightning Rod Powder


This powder is 100% pure uncut herbs, barks, wood, gemstones, and resin. Saffron, lightning struck peach wood, fulgurite, lapis lazuli, 24k gold leaf, frankincense resin, cinnamon, allspice, clove, orange peel, mullein, and other Jupitarian herbs were ritually suffumigated and combined to create a potent draw for benefic Jupiter energies, opportunities, and sudden positive change.

Use in magical operations designed for sympathetic ends. Use to dress candles, or in any manner sachet powders are often used. Can be cut with other powders to make it go a longer way. Not intended for consumption. Much like the Exalted Mars powder, the effects are heating and quickening.

1/2 oz vial for $28

Out of stock

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in


Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Thursday November 8th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. In addition to its gorgeous warm, spicy scent, this potent powder is very easy to work with. I’ve been dressing plain candles with olive oil & rolling them in the powder and sprinkling petition papers with it. These simple techniques employed on Thursdays have resulted in great opportunities and sudden, unexpected support from friends during difficult times. I’m breaking out of a stagnant patten & am inspired to strike out in a new direction.

  2. The potent force and power of this offering cannot be understated. I absently bought this powder without any concrete plans for it. Eventually I got around to creating a Jupiter altar and while I still didn’t know how exactly I would use this powder, I decided to start somewhere! This is what I did.

    – I anointed my candles with the powder before every ritual, every Thursday and Sunday (during Jupiter’s night).
    – I sprinkled this powder over my ritual petitions.
    – I also rubbed a pinch of it into my palms to attune myself to Jupiter’s energy before I began a ritual.

    The results were nothing short of extraordinary. As soon as the powder touched my hand I felt an energetic chill run right down my spine. I can safely say that this offering supercharged my rituals to such an extent that I had several miraculous incidents happen one after the other, including:

    – Getting recognition and attention at work to the point where I am considered the sole point of contact for a large, expensive project
    – Finally garnering the promotion (in a matter of weeks) since I began my Jupiterian rituals with the powder. I had futilely chased this promotion for two years and had all but given up.

    – Last but definitely not the least, it’s consistently put me in a frame of mind that can only be described as an amalgamation of hopeful, productive, and goal-oriented, which has been an unexpected bonus! While productive, I’m definitely a firm, pragmatic realist, so this feeling of buoyancy has been fantastic. I feel like I can do anything, that nothing is beyond my purview.

  3. I adore this powder more than words can describe. I was fortunate enough to by 2 and from the moment I clicked buy, it was a lovely series of syncs with the Great Benefic. The pieces feel warm and held to one’s heart was like having electric joy transmitted through. Dreams of success strategies dominated my sleep for days.

  4. I love that Sphere + Sundry provides the herbal powders consecrated with the particular elections. It provides for better versatility for use as the energy can spread into other mediums or within your own herbal mixtures to give that extra oomph of planetary energy. With this particular herbal blend, I’m finding that my attunement with Jupiter has intensified quite a bit, often times it looks like there is portal forming above my Jupiter altar. My opportunities and presence of Jupiterian figures in my life has grown substantially. I am so grateful these offerings exist!

  5. As I use Jupiter’s Lightening Rod Powder to dress candles and provide a little oomph to my rituals I notice a lot of good luck omens coming thru: a broken candle holder while a ritual candle burns out, a sign of good luck; unexpected gifts and gratitude; abundance of time and favor at work

    It excites me to see what this new year has to bring

  6. I’m still experimenting with my first foray into Sphere + Sundry-ville, but have used the powder enough now to ‘testify’.

    I like that the powder works just as well in casual, living-my-life ‘ritual’, as it does in a more formal setting.

    More than once I’ve sprinkled a tiny bit on a candle, said a quick prayer to Jove-as-friend-and-Uncle for energy and optimism, and have been met with both.

    I look forward to further experimentations.

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