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Venus in Libra Oil

Venus in Libra Oil


Venus was ritually called upon during one of her finest Libra elections of 2018 to bless this oil and imbue it with her luxurious, beautiful, and joyous qualities. Damiana, raspberry leaf, yarrow, honey bee, emerald, diamond, and other ingredients sacred to Venus were combined with cold pressed almond and apricot kernel oils, along with copper leaf and sakura blossoms.

The result is a lovely perfumed oil, beautiful and fascinating to even gaze upon, let alone to experience. Upon application to the body, stress, anxiety, and worry instantly give way to an easy going, pleasant, and self-satisfied state. The heart itself opens into a beautiful bloom, ready for pollination by company or indulgent activity. It will act as a powerful attractant for those around you, helping you be seen in your best, most beautiful light, and feel that within yourself.

Apply to the heart or over common perfume points (wrists, neck, behind the ears) before parties, family events, or social activities where you would like to get maximum enjoyment and fawning from the experience, date nights, or when you want to give yourself an emotional vacation and enjoy some much needed time off and self-care.

Magically, this oil can be applied before performing Venus rituals to create a sympathetic link between yourself and the fairest benefic. This oil can be applied to yourself, sigils, or magical icons to induce and enhance glamours, ingratiate others to your person or a desired cause, and promote a charming, magnetic, and lovely persona.

Available in a half ounce glass vial for $63.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

1/2 oz

Planetary Body




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday August 24th, 2018, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Emily Stutzman

The smell of this is one of my all time favorite scents. So, so beautiful. If I could lather myself in this so I just smell like this, I absolutely would. One of my favorite ways to use this is to put some of this and some of Regulus on my hands and then scrunch my hair with it before I brush out the curls. It gives me gorgeous, huge, shining hair, and I get so many compliments. That combo is my favorite one for socializing, when I want to feel good and be told I look good, and/or when I want to make a good impression and receive favor. This is a series that knows about social navigation and finds it fun. Also, it will help you flirt and be flirted with. I find that I do like to ground this with something like Regulus because it can be quite airy and will have you talking, but I do like to experience it unimpeded sometimes if for no other reason than to learn more about the nature of our Aerial Queen.

Isavella Vassilakis
One of my top 3 faves, good to the last drop.

The Aerial Queen is one of my top three S & S series. It interacts with my natal chart (Libra stellium, Virgo Venus) in a nice way — AND in a Plutonian way (the election chart Moon is right on my natal Pluto). I mention all this because it seems to intensify those aspects of my psyche in a way that allows me to embody & accept them more fully. (You try having a Libra stellium ruled by Virgo Venus lol.) It makes me more social for sure, but I’m already social enough & primarily call upon it for romantic confidence & embodiment — for when I need to sort out the overanalysis and lean into the FUN of it all. It allows me to remember what I already possess, if that makes sense!
I have a few from this series and I love them all, but this oil is my ride or die.
5 stars. One of my absolute faves.

Lizzy Berezy

Definitely adds social ease, conversations are sweeter and more intimate. Helps with social anxiety, feeling beautiful and joyful romance. 4 stars only because, interestingly unlike the salve, I do notice at times a loneliness when using this oil when alone, and at times people are almost TOO talkative - which actually speaks to the social boost of the oil, though just something to note :)


This is the ticket when I’m going to enjoy any of the Arts, theatre, dance etc. Feels beautiful and beautifying, like an inner companion. Am waiting to open once Aries season is over.


The Aerial Queen, by herself, can be a little...volatile. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I never know what I'm going to get in social interactions when wearing her. The way this materia hits my natal chart, I have found that she is best worn for work, especially when I have to be "on." I do like to pair Aerial Queen with Empress materia - Empress makes Aerial Queen a little more serious, and Aerial Queen curbs the imperiousness of Empress.

Oh my Fair Queen

I have been using my VAD oil lately to relieve the stress and pressure of work. I annoint my wrists during my Venus devotions and notice a real boost to my ability to balance priorities, to connect with others, and be a fair leader. As a 10th house Libra who works in the arts, this has been my go-to when days are tough and I need a lift.

Michel P.

Amazing company with amazing products, will stay customer for a long time!!

Move with rather than against

I hopped right on the Eirene train, and while it's wonderful, I overlooked this simple gem. I recently started fumigating my home on Friday mornings and it has gently and delightfully shifted the energies. The incense has taught me how to let my everpresent guard down and lean back, letting Her guide me well back to simpler times. Why did I wait so long?

K. N.

I have social anxiety - which used to be worse before regularly engaging with this oil. I’ll anoint both wrists before going out and feel much more free for the rest of the night - chattier, more quick to smile, more active about initiating conversation with people I don’t know well. I also started a weekly Venus devotion when I got this and it’s made Venus’ presence in my life much more palpable. I still have anxiety, but when I apply VAD and have been keeping up with the ritual, my interactions with others - most notably with strangers - become far more enjoyable.


There are so many wonderful ways this series has impacted my life since I started engaging with it that I don’t think I could touch on all of it in a single review.
First of all, it attracts resources/tips/ideas to help you become the most embodied version of your personal beauty.
It attracts pleasant social interactions and makes people seek out your company more often.
It gently brings imbalances to the surface and helps people come together to address those imbalances.
With day-to-day use, I feel more confident in how I come across in social situations and it’s my go to “going out” materia.
Makes me feel poised and elegant and pretty, with longer lasting effects when I consistently use it.


  1. I was visiting an elderly relative who experiences a lot of grief and depression. A short while after I anointed her with the oil as a beauty treatment I found her sitting outside on her porch, soaking up the sun, and we had a very connected chat. She has lived in her house for decades and she said it was the first time she had enjoyed the sun on the porch in that way. Probably an exaggeration, but it felt like a turning point in her mood during my visit.

  2. Venus in Libra is the chillest Venus to me. It’s definitely about being social, not worrying about the details, and embracing life. It facilitates emotional connection. Even during an incredibly stressful time, this oil allowed me to put a “pin on it”, and just enjoy being out and about with my significant other.

  3. The oil took a few weeks to take effect, but the effect was pretty awesome and exactly what I was wishing for. I have Mars opposite my ascendant, so I come across as a bit combative and stern. I already own my Venus in Taurus oil, so I wanted the more sociable side of Venus to anoint me. And it has! People see me as less of a threat and they tend to start conversations more with me. I wear it when I work with clients, and they tend to confide a lot on me and trust me, which was a bit unexpected. All the virtues of airy Venus comes across: more diplomacy, empathy and understanding, and sociability. Highly recommended for social anxiety support!

  4. I only stumbled upon this oil in a fit of lateral thinking- I’m not at all a Venus in Libra person.
    It has helped me tremendously when I need to engage with other people in a pleasant manner (I’m more of the hammer them with it method of communication- not helpful!!)

  5. Another amazing Venus in Libra product. I use this oil on Venus’ day, whenever I’m teaching or presenting at conferences. It opens the way, creating more ease for myself, my students, and my audience. I love it.

  6. This oil wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it serves an important purpose that I’m grateful for. I’m not sure if this is because I ordered them at the same time, but to my nose, this oil has a bit of a savoury note that is reminiscent of the Mars in Scorpio oil – very strange, and definitely not as floral or sweet smelling as the other Venus oils. However, this is very useful when I am wanting to relax in a boundaried way. I find that using Exalted Venus can sometimes just make me feel worse, as it lowers barriers and can allow any repressed anxiety or sadness to come forward, which may be necessary but isn’t necessarily something I always want. As Libra is where Saturn exalts, I wondered if this oil might do the opposite in allowing me to almost have denser boundaries whilst trying to feel better – and it absolutely does! Very very useful, highly recommended to anyone who just wants some cocooning, but in a sweetening kind of way, rather than a shielded-for-battle way.

  7. I bought all three Venus Oils together as my first purchase, and ViL was the first s+s product that caught my eye a long time ago. I really like this oil, it is less “intense” than the two others, where Exalted V is more emotional, and ViT is just so much “there”, this just kinda “is” … And it is really nice! I vibe well with it ass well, which probably helps along this feeling of just being. This is more like “me with amped up placements”, where Exalted is maybe more a version of me, that I work towards, and ViT is very different from my normal vibe. I have used all three for meditations, sleep, skin care and just intentional use and the like. I really like this one, to just “be” instead of having to tap into anything “more than”, which is also lovely qualities of the other two oils, but this is nice as well! Good work, I am very happy with this oil! 🙂

  8. This oil has helped me have the easiest and most fluid social interactions. I am a live-in caregiver, and have relied on this oil to help with talking and interacting with the nurses and other care-givers. It helps smoothe any social interaction and allows me to feel heard and helped out. It really helps me adjust to what I need to do, hear others and their needs, and have a more diplomatic mode of being. I have also been able to use this to help make things more flirty, and enjoy myself with others. It is like a balm that allows both parties to see each other for what is truly going on, and adjust things to be more fair. I can’t say how much I rely on this oil to help me relax and calm down before, or after talking to others. This Venus Rx would be hell if I didn’t have this and I really don’t know what I would do without it.

  9. This oil was my first ever purchase from Sphere+Sundry. The day I received my Venus in Libra oil, I had an eye appointment, so I decided to put some on before going to see if anything would happen. From the time I walked in until the time I walked out, it really felt like everyone was there for me and only me. This was in February before Covid-19 restrictions were in place, so this place was packed. I was in the waiting room playing games on my phone, looking down, not making eye contact or trying to engage in any conversation, and I was sitting at the far end of the waiting room, but strangers would come over and talk to me. I had staff members apologizing for my long wait. I think I waited 20 minutes and I arrived about 20 min early, so I only waited because I came early. I had my eyes dilated and went to another waiting room. I was texting on my phone trying to entertain myself while I could before everything was too blurry ( from the dilation). I still had employees apologizing for my wait and I had other employees who were with their patients stop and talk and also many patients who would stop and start small talk with me. I usually receive good customer service and care there, but that day was different the attention was over the top . ViL oil continues to make people gravitate toward me and in my experience, it isn’t one specific age or gender of person and it is more of a platonic rather than romantic connection for me. I noticed when wearing it to work, that communication was better between my co-workers and me and they were more helpful than usual. I would highly recommend getting this oil. Thanks, Kaitlin + Co.!

  10. It’s amazing how visceral the experience of this oil is. I use it on days that I’m stressed at work, and it soothes and lightens my emotions and those of my students. I’ve noticed that lessons are easier and everyone involved is more receptive to others’ viewpoints (myself included!). I know the item description mentions Venus’ aversion to hard work, and I do experience the edges of that inclination toward laziness, but the desire to communicate and engage outweighs it for me. That might not be the case for a job less focused on communication and interpersonal connection, though.

  11. Very happy with this, wonderful stuff, fun times and fun rituals, worked in unexpected ways, as mostly purchased to add an element of glamour to myself in being in final year of masters and wanting to make an impression at social gatherings in anticipation of launching self into ‘real world’ (am also autistic so having something in the arsenal that smooths over the social is very useful). Didn’t count on anything else. Am Libra rising with Venus in house 1, so suppose Venus is particularly exalted in my chart.

  12. To describe the Venus in Libra Oil experience in a few words, it would be fascinating, social, alluring, and relaxation. First, it smells wonderful and luxurious. Second, I noticed that people were more apt to be social and talkative, way more than usual. Small chats ran over-time more than once when using this, but in a good “It’s ok, relax and enjoy life” kind of way, as everything always worked out perfectly. If you are a high-strung, always on-the-go type (guilty) I would highly recommend this for a soothing, libra-style balanced calm. And people will definitely chat you up!

  13. I thought I’d pop in here and add that now that I’ve spent more time with this oil it’s now become my favorite? It seems like I’ve developed a deeper relationship with it, where everytime i go out to a social gathering I put it on and everything goes SO SMOOTHLY. I definitely use it more than any other sphere and sundry product. It’s just such a guarantee of a good time lol.

    It’s now an automatic part of my “going out” arsenal. Am thinking of buying more.

  14. This is the best smelling oil ever! I need to buy more because I don’t want it to run out! It really lifts my mood and helps me to be more social.

  15. I love this oil and may need to re-stock… I feel that it has really been a balm for social anxiety, which I’ve wrestled with more much of my life. I anoint myself with it on my perfume points as recommended, as well as my heart, usually while reciting the Orphic hymn to Venus (lengthy but worth it! I say it 7 times when I really need a boost) I feel more comfortable and self-confident when I wear it… it makes me feel like I’m worth it. The Venus in Libra energy is like a lovely, chatty friend who when you’re around her makes sure you feel included in what’s going on around you.

  16. For reference, if helpful:

    Mercury and Venus both sit in the first house in my birth chart and my Venus is in Libra. I am 30 and a Sun in Virgo with some fun stuff like Venus semisextile Pluto. Overall, communication and connecting with others, particularly one on one, is a big “thing” for me because I so value intimacy of any kind (i.e., meaningful talk/relationships/connections). Hence, this oil interested me as a potential tool to support my more Venusian qualities and affinity for facilitating harmonious communication.

    My opinion of this oil:

    Venus in Libra is my favorite Venus so far for encouraging myself to bring out the positive and more social side of my personality at work. I use it to aid me in feeling not only less self-conscious when preparing for new situations, but faster to perk up in the morning and be well-received socially when I do speak. As well, to promote harmony between others and I in my new work environment.

    This is an easy oil to “spam” and apply a lot of, especially because it smells like a fruity cereal mixed with honey on my skin. I will often reapply to simply encourage myself to feel better and release stress at work or home. Sometimes, this oil really helps fuel spontaneous smiles from me and/or I’ll notice interesting social niceties that occur. Examples include an unexpectedly good chat, interview, sudden offer of help, or compliment from a stranger.

    I also greatly enjoy the Venus in Taurus oil and prefer that one if the goal is to feel more assertive, attractive to my SO, grounded, deserving of self-care, and/or sexual. Or, to draw money. I haven’t applied Venus in Taurus and Venus in Libra together yet, but would be curious to see how that worked out.

    Bottom line: Do I need more?

    Yes, I’m concerned about running out and will buy another vial as funds permit. The previous sentence is probably my strongest recommendation of all – I don’t want to risk running out of such a nice-smelling oil that brings me smiles and “feels right” for who I am/want to project in my dealings with others.

    Good layering “combos”:

    Venus in Libra layers well with other S and S products. To promote maximum verbal clarity or productivity, I apply this with Mercury. For bravery and to minimize nervousness when facing a social performance of some kind (anything from an interview to an emotionally draining phone call), I apply this with Regulus or a couple oils from the Deneb Algedi line.

  17. I am not a social person, I can do about one out of every eight social gatherings or events that pop up in my life. I need a lot of alone time to recharge and re-orient myself. But it can go too far and it can be hard for me to find the right balance, knowing when to push myself out the door and when I truly need my introvert re-charge time. I’ve also experienced a fair deal of social anxiety which can keep me from wanting to try new experiences because it can be so discouraging when the anxiety comes up, so there’s the element of being nervous about getting nervous! Since I got this oil, I’ve been better able to flow with social opportunities; I am getting out the door when it is the right fit– and the social gatherings have been more of a restorative experience. Pairing with Regulus has been nice for having the courage to try new social experiences. Venus rules my 2nd house and my MC, and I have noticed the benefits in that way, as well. It’s not rocket science that talking to people (oh, yes, networking!) generates activity, but this oil has helped make that much more possible for me, and to enjoy it. Also, the weekend I got it, I proceeded to hang out with 3 different Librans 3 days in a row (2 Suns and 1 Rising/Taurus Sun) Thank you, S+S / Kaitlin!

  18. I have been having an amazing time with this oil so far, and I’m excited to continue using it and noting its effects. As a Libra rising, I can feel the oil working in tandem with my chart and amplifying that aspect of me–in all the best ways.

    My initial reason for buying this was to anoint myself with it for an art opening in which I had 12 pieces of art. I wore it the opening night, and the compliment I received the most was that I was a “goddess.” I also felt infinitely more confident and self-assured, whereas I tend to be fairly shy and often uncomfortable in my own skin. In addition to wearing it, I anointed the back of each of my art pieces, and they have been selling like hotcakes! I’ve also gotten a resounding positive response from people on this new body of work, and I do think that the oil has helped to amplify things in that way as well.

    I also took a goddess bath with milk, honey, rose petals, and a couple drops of the oil before doing some spell work, and the results were superb. I’m so excited to continue exploring this oil and may even make it a part of my morning ritual.

    Now I’m curious to try more of the various oils offered through S&S!

  19. I use this oil everyday. Anointing my wrists and my heart with it. It provides a soothing clarity and beautification in the work that I do. It provides a soft power, gentle but powerful like the sakura blossoms it carries. It possesses a sweet fairness, in ways that only Venus in Libra could. It has help me grow in love to myself — cultivating tenderness and softness that allows me to do my work in the world with charm and excellence.

  20. It took me a while to understand the full effects of this oil, and I am still learning. I have a debilitated venus in virgo and the timing for this oil was not aligned with anything major in my chart, so it’s been a slower process to understand in comparison to others who have reviewed.

    The main things I have noticed are a subtle smoothing over of situations and relationships. Some days I notice that my senses are enhanced, and my leaning towards venusian things is intensified, such as choosing to watch lusciously romantic and sensual movies while lying in bed, eating chocolate and fruit!

    A memorable moment with this oil was cutting my own bangs in a style I never otherwise would have chosen. I don’t think I would do this style again as it was too much upkeep and didn’t feel like “me”. (venus in virgo would prefer simplicity), but I did get a few compliments on it by strangers.

    I recently ordered the Venus Exalted oil and am curious to see how they compare, as venus in pisces is much more complimentary with my own chart. I’m looking forward to exploring more with these oils!

  21. This oil plays a critical part in my daily morning ritual. I offer water and prayers to Venus and anoint myself with Venus in Libra oil over my heart, my throat, on my hands, and at the crown of my head, asking for Her blessings and guidance so I may be and beam Her grace, sovereignty, and beauty in the world.

    Since establishing this practice, I’ve found it much easier to extend compassion and patience to challenging situations/people, I receive oodles more compliments and verbal praise for my efforts, and I feel immensely more confident that the work I am doing is making a difference and bringing blessings to others as well as back to me and my beloved Lady Venus.

  22. I wear this oil for presentations, especially when I feel I need to really connect & build consensus with my audience, or when I need to facilitate a group discussion. Not only do the events go well for me, but I have the sense that I receive more positive feedback from audiences when I’m wearing the Venus in Libra oil than when I’m not.

  23. As a major Libra – 5 planets in Libra, 4 in the first house, including the Sun, Pluto, Mars and Venus & Uranus in my second house – this Venus series was what initially attracted me to Sphere & Sundry. I kinda expected…something…but really had no idea what that would be.

    It was so easy to make the decision to buy this. That’s what struck me at first. I just knew. There was some internal back and forth, but it was mostly theatre. And the effects began immediately. Even before the package arrived.

    Huge. Major. Transformative shifts. This series makes my inner world purr.

    There’s so much more to share, but it’s all very specific to me & likely not that useful for review purposes.

    So I’ll summarize: this is beautifully crafted and true. The Venus oil facilitated a seismic internal shift and helped me see myself in the light of the goddess. There’s a hard Saturn influence to my life, and I’ve been doing the work, but structures can still stand even when you dismantle the walls. This series helped me see and shift some of those structures, bringing more of myself into alignment and balance.

    I leave this review with deep gratitude for the creation of this series and of the work that has gone into manifesting and sharing with the world. Thank you. And an extra special thank you to my friend Rachel, who introduced me to Sphere & Sundry.

  24. I’ve paused to apply Venus in Libra oil to my heart chakra a few times before social gatherings and client meetings now (I’m a designer so definitely need Venus in on my meetings) and each time have walked away going “wow well THAT went well”. Theresa sense of ease in myself that it seems to bring up that translates into ease with others and a shared sense of joy and excitement. Although I’m a native of Libra (sun/rising) my natal Virgo moon and Scorpio Venus can trip me up with those free flowing lovey Libra social interactions that are supposed to be my birthright. This oil seems to help tip the scales on that dynamic, if you’ll pardon the pun I’ve used it sparingly and have plenty left but am already concerned about hoarding it for the future- would not want to be without this secret weapon!

  25. I love this oil. By nature I am an introvert, which is interesting because both my sun and rising are in Leo, and moon is in Sag. Maybe I am not by nature an introvert, but have been conditioned to shy away from social situations. Anyways, after using this oil, I felt much more open to socializing with others, and others were more open to socializing with me to. Further, I kid you not, I am not a drop dead gorgeous gal, but both times I have used this oil, I have gotten much more attention, its as if others were drawn to me.

  26. Being someone who is socially awkward, it has always been a challenge trying to socialise with others, especially in a big group. I have used this oil on myself a couple of times when I have to attend group dinners and I noticed I’m feeling more at ease, making social interactions much easier than the usual. Definitely will be working more with oil to see what other experiences it’ll bring me.

  27. I bought the oil and the water of Venus in Libra a little over a month ago and I love it. I have noticed that people are falling over themselves to help me – which is nice and I do feel more attractive and that I turn more heads since I have been wearing it but the most interesting thing that has happened is that I noticed that I have more self-love. Almost immediately after using the oil and spray I started having more energy and a clearer mind that helped encourage me to start eating healthier and exercising – I have lost over 12 lbs since I started using this. I had been struggling with even having the motivation to do any of this. I looked at the election chart and it turns out that the Venus in the election is conjunct my natal own Moon – Pluto conjunction in Libra and opposite my natal Venus. My natal Moon is a mess, y’all, I really struggle with self-love and self-esteem and I really do attribute my new self -love, acceptance, and initiative to take better care of myself to this oil and water combo. I think the combo has helped to counter some of the the nasty aspects that my natal Moon makes – maybe I am way off base here but that is what I feel in my heart. This was my first order and I will definitely be purchasing more items.

  28. I think this may be my favorite S + S purchase to date, and it’s quickly become a “secret weapon” of sorts in any situation that might benefit from my ability to charm other people, feel myself, or merely relax and enjoy myself in social situations.

    It really does feel like I’m wearing a resplendent glamour when I put it on. It’s hard to describe, but it’s kind of like lowering yourself slowly into a perfumed bubble bath. I feel glowy, approachable and serene when I’m wearing it, and socializing feels a lot more effortless. I guess the best way I can describe it is that I have certain nights where I feel naturally “on” and I have no problem feeling wanted and desired, but often, I can be a bit more awkward and reserved. A dab of the oil helps put me in the zone and makes people want to approach me (versus the other way around). I think about Libra being the air element of Venus sometimes and what that means in terms of social dynamics, and the gracious cocktail party vibe of this oil has been pretty unmistakeable. I like pairing it with the Regulus spray when I really want to feel like the life of the party.

    Wearing this oil for three days in a row also resulted in a few funny synchronicities. Having worked with Venus in the past, I know that “people giving you shit for free” is a frequent side effect of maintaining a relationship with V. In those three days, I received some rather Venusian gifts, including an extra generous portion of salad from the Sweetgreen lady (she actually said “I hooked you up with that green stuff”) and a free ticket to the opera on a Friday night.

  29. Control freak kryptonite is right! And I can’t thank you enough. I ordinarily live by my super-strong Virgo Sun and Mercury, but I have a natal Venus in Libra rising, and this has really helped let it shine.

    I had read the other reviews, and somehow I was still surprised at the Venus in Libra oil’s potency and effectiveness. After anointing with just a dab, I find myself instantly in a state of calm and graciousness, compliments flow from and to me, I feel radiant, and conflict is easily resolved. And those are some tall orders in my world… But my favorite effect is definitely the passionate, mind-blowing sex!

    Due to its Virgo kryptonite nature, I’ve found that I need to be very judicious when using this oil on work days. I’m the CFO of a small financial institution, and my specialties at work involve company-wide process optimization and creating pretty, professional-looking forms and spreadsheets. I won’t touch this oil on days I need to be on point, but it has been amazing for upping my persuasion factor in meetings and in conversations with my CEO, and also for the creative and design aspects of my job. I used to wait for inspiration to strike, and sometimes that could take way too long. Now, even just a whiff of the oil can get me in the zone.

    I have also used the oil to anoint my Venus offering candles, and I store it in the beautiful green paper from its shipping box on my dresser-top Venus altar. I have not yet used it in a full-scale ritual, but will shortly, and I am so excited to see how this Venus turbo-boost works in real action!

    This was a perfect first purchase for me, and after the initial experiences I’ve had with the Venus in Libra oil I cannot wait to try more of the S+S offerings… Perhaps a Mercury offering to layer might allow for focus AND persuasion at work? Not sure what’s next, I just want them all!

  30. The effects of the Venus in Libra oil for a Combust Venus in Aries cis male native when anointing oneself or drawing Venus’ symbol over the heart and/or throat:
    • Lowers anxiety, introduces and establishes equanimity;
    • Changes self-perception into from ambivalence to growing admiration of one’s own beauty when gazing at oneself in the mirror;
    • An inherent sense of acceptance of one’s sensuality follows;
    • Sweetens one’s relationship to oneself and therefore others;
    • Honeyed self-radiance attracts synchronicities relating to the arts and the feminine;
    • Greater ease with oneself realised as an embodied experience which then is grounded in a growing appreciation and love for oneself when used over time.

  31. ~~ *** I adore the Venus in Libra Series offerings. The Venus in Libra oil & Venus Sea Born oil instantly soothed me into a dreamy, calming meditative state before my mind could react. A secret treasure of energy when out in the world, powerfully restorative for home sanctuary time. Thank you, Sphere & Sundry. *** ~~

  32. This oil is really lovely stuff. It has a calming, earthy scent, and while wearing it I felt a definite calming and relaxed energy. I’m a Libra rising with a tenth house venus to start with, but found this oil to help my social interactions to be that much more smooth and pleasant. 10/10 would recommend!

  33. This oil is an absolute GEM. I used it during the Venus Retrograde to counteract some of the worst bits of that time, and it worked a treat for both internal softness and for external radiance. One of my most marked times using the oil was during a particularly high-profile event for me; everyone I encountered was appropriately charmed, even though my role at the event involved occasionally informing folks of some not-so-great things. I’ve also found it to layer excellently with the Mercury Cazimi oil when communication needs to be done efficiently but tactfully. Very glad to have this in my toolkit.

  34. loving this oil! it is an instant mood lifter and makes me feel like life is a party that’s been thrown for me. Definitely makes me reattune to pleasure and be more expansive, exuberant and socially confident. definitely helped during the retrograde and been feelin it much more since venus is currently in libra. I am more used to the taurus side of venus so i’m having fun exlporing the libra side. so comforting to have as an option in my back pocket if i am in some kind of funk. smells amazing too. As soon as I started wearing it I got free food, clothes and home decorations given to me by multiple people. Really enjoying all the articles and altar suggestions as well- have a venus and jupiter one set up in my appartment! l

  35. I’ve been using this oil on my wrists and also to feed a mojo bag that’s dedicated to a man with whom I’ve been on-and-off for a few years. He’s been notably more attentive and affectionate since I started using the oil, and the sex has also been stepped up a notch. Pretty good for initial results if you ask me! I’m looking forward to seeing what else develops as I continue to work with this series.

  36. I’ve had wonderful results with this oil even when not interacting with people in person. A lot of my professional and community work involves communications online and by phone.

    Each time I’ve annointed myself with the Venus in Libra oil in the past week, my communications have been received with appreciation and even enthusiasm. I’ve found it easier to write with the necessary efficient nuance and get things done with grace. The result has been that some local political leaders plus other community leaders have sought me out for feedback and collaboration. These alliances are the kind of healthy cross-pollination process my community needs and it’s an honor to be part of it.

  37. So, to preface this review, I work in Public Relations—which as we all know is a field that dropkicks you into the spotlight whether one is ready for it or not. Consequently, I’ve honed my social + communication skills and appearance to meet the stringent standards of my chosen career path. While I’ve dabbled with attraction oils and the odd Venusian libation over the years, I’ve always regarded them warily, because I could never discern if it was my practiced PR charm and ease kicking in during social situations, or my magical accouterment of choice at the moment. Suffice to say that they were all disappointing and anticlimactic and I swore off them a few years ago. Until this incredible oil. Hoo boy, where do I begin.

    I’ve dabbed it on my pressure points for three consecutive days, and this is what has happened so far:

    – A formerly reticent coworker who would make eyes at me but never approach me couldn’t stop seeking me out and chatting with me at every opportunity he got.

    – My social and professional calendar is quite lively, but never unmanageable. But these past three days, people couldn’t get enough of me. My inbox and calendar was so packed with people crawling out the woodwork begging for collaborative meetings and happy hours and lunches and whathaveyous, that it almost scared me with the sheer force and volume of it all.

    – In several different meetings, coworkers would randomly throw earnest compliments and praise my way in the midst of discussing serious strategy, or even while disagreeing with me!

    – People have also gone out of their way to be friendly and attentive while I’m out and about. I chalked it up to my generally cheerful and outgoing demeanor, until I was handed free pastries at two different coffee shops at two distinct, entirely unrelated instances.

    In short, this oil is e.x.t.r.a.o.r.d.i.n.a.r.y. It works in incredibly nuanced and unexpected ways, and I can’t wait to see what else it does for me. Thank you, thank you Kaitlin!

  38. To present a concise but fully illustrative example of the power of this lovely oil: I anointed myself recently before a social event which had stirred some anxiety within me. I was an ad hoc host, with many guests attending who did not know each other. I didn’t even spend a reflective amount of time with the ceremony of anointing myself – just rubbed it on my wrists and neck and whisked out the door. At the event, my anxiety was fully overcome and replaced with a quiet, steady confidence. I never felt at a loss for a topic with which to engage someone in conversation. I felt fluid and calm, able to float from group to group without self concern. Conversations flowed, pleasant and unforced. It was a delight. I will be keeping this oil close!

  39. HOLY SHIT. Okay, so. My vial of oil arrived on Saturday and I wanted to put it on right away but couldn’t because I had essay to finish. I kept thinking about the oil sitting on my altar though and what its energy felt like and WITHOUT HAVING PUT THE OIL ON YET my essay’s ending turned into beautiful poetic language that somehow tied up what had been a very disjointed bit of writing with a neat little bow that spoke to the beauty of the cosmos.

    I put the oil on once my essay was done and felt AMAZING. Blissful, beautiful, charismatic, happy. I took the hottest selfies I’ve ever taken right away and within an hour a former hookup invited me to a party at her apartment. I had another party to go to first, and after putting clothes on and taking more selfies, I left to go to that party.

    I walked down the street feeling confident and gorgeous and flirtatious. When I got to the party I felt the same, but one interesting effect is that I felt more strongly that I was waiting for someone to come flirt with *me* than necessarily the other way around. Not my usual gender role but not a bad thing by any means. It was at that party that I noticed that my chronic anxiety had disappeared. Things that would have led to negative self-talk in my head just… didn’t. I was calm but lively and loved myself like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    I went to the other party after that and as soon as I walked in the host started taking pictures of me. I chatted with a bunch of people and everyone seemed fascinated by me, including one person who described my energy as “radiant.” There were musical instruments being passed around and at one point someone was playing a blue riff on the guitar, and I stole the show with an impassioned rendition of Tom Waits’s “2:19” and received massive applause when I finished. Also someone accidentally flashed me when showing off her shirt.

    I left the party by taking a shared Lyft back to my apartment. When I checked the app to see whom I was sharing it with, it said: “You are riding with Heaven.”

    The next day I met up with a lover who was in town for a little while. I put the oil on before I left and she seemed to get lost in my eyes over and over again. She was entranced.

    I should mention that both nights I felt an ease and naturalness to being funny and charming that seemed superhuman.

    Back to Sunday, we went on a lovely date and wound up at this dessert restaurant where both of us got so turned on by the raspberry chocolate cake that we nearly tore each other’s clothes off right there. We restrained ourselves long enough to get back to my apartment. I put some of the oil on my lover before getting down to it.

    Best. Sex. Of. My. LIFE.

    It was connected, intimate, funny, hot, and hangup-free.

    The next morning we had a heart-to-heart about what we were feeling, opening up about our fears and what we were holding back, freeing up heart blocks and connecting in a fulfilling, healing way.

    In conclusion,


  40. I just received this yesterday so I’ve only used it once, before going to sleep last night. I was astounded by the immediacy of the reduction in stress that occurred when I applied this! I am, unfortunately, dealing with what I believe to be Complex PTSD. It has been making my entire life seem to be an absurd, intense struggle. As you would expect of someone in my condition, I have tried many things to help myself. Although Kaitlin blatantly states that this oil diminishes stress, I was jaded enough to think that this probably wouldn’t have much of an effect for me in that way. It makes sense, though (as per my natal chart), that this Venus series would yield amazingly positive results in almost all areas for me. I can’t wait to use this oil in other circumstances. It is truly very special & powerful.

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