Venus in Libra Oil

Venus in Libra Oil


Venus was ritually called upon during one of her finest Libra elections of 2018 to bless this oil and imbue it with her luxurious, beautiful, and joyous qualities. Damiana, raspberry leaf, yarrow, honey bee, emerald, diamond, and other ingredients sacred to Venus were combined with cold pressed almond and apricot kernel oils, along with copper leaf and sakura blossoms.

The result is a lovely perfumed oil, beautiful and fascinating to even gaze upon, let alone to experience. Upon application to the body, stress, anxiety, and worry instantly give way to an easy going, pleasant, and self-satisfied state. The heart itself opens into a beautiful bloom, ready for pollination by company or indulgent activity. It will act as a powerful attractant for those around you, helping you be seen in your best, most beautiful light, and feel that within yourself.

Apply to the heart or over common perfume points (wrists, neck, behind the ears) before parties, family events, or social activities where you would like to get maximum enjoyment and fawning from the experience, date nights, or when you want to give yourself an emotional vacation and enjoy some much needed time off and self-care.

Magically, this oil can be applied before performing Venus rituals to create a sympathetic link between yourself and the fairest benefic. This oil can be applied to yourself, sigils, or magical icons to induce and enhance glamours, ingratiate others to your person or a desired cause, and promote a charming, magnetic, and lovely persona.

Available in a half ounce glass vial for $63.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 x .80 x 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz Vial

Planetary Body




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday August 24th, 2018, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.


  1. loving this oil! it is an instant mood lifter and makes me feel like life is a party that’s been thrown for me. Definitely makes me reattune to pleasure and be more expansive, exuberant and socially confident. definitely helped during the retrograde and been feelin it much more since venus is currently in libra. I am more used to the taurus side of venus so i’m having fun exlporing the libra side. so comforting to have as an option in my back pocket if i am in some kind of funk. smells amazing too. As soon as I started wearing it I got free food, clothes and home decorations given to me by multiple people. Really enjoying all the articles and altar suggestions as well- have a venus and jupiter one set up in my appartment! l

  2. I’ve been using this oil on my wrists and also to feed a mojo bag that’s dedicated to a man with whom I’ve been on-and-off for a few years. He’s been notably more attentive and affectionate since I started using the oil, and the sex has also been stepped up a notch. Pretty good for initial results if you ask me! I’m looking forward to seeing what else develops as I continue to work with this series.

  3. I’ve had wonderful results with this oil even when not interacting with people in person. A lot of my professional and community work involves communications online and by phone.

    Each time I’ve annointed myself with the Venus in Libra oil in the past week, my communications have been received with appreciation and even enthusiasm. I’ve found it easier to write with the necessary efficient nuance and get things done with grace. The result has been that some local political leaders plus other community leaders have sought me out for feedback and collaboration. These alliances are the kind of healthy cross-pollination process my community needs and it’s an honor to be part of it.

  4. So, to preface this Testimonial, I work in Public Relations—which as we all know is a field that dropkicks you into the spotlight whether one is ready for it or not. Consequently, I’ve honed my social + communication skills and appearance to meet the stringent standards of my chosen career path. While I’ve dabbled with attraction oils and the odd Venusian libation over the years, I’ve always regarded them warily, because I could never discern if it was my practiced PR charm and ease kicking in during social situations, or my magical accouterment of choice at the moment. Suffice to say that they were all disappointing and anticlimactic and I swore off them a few years ago. Until this incredible oil. Hoo boy, where do I begin.

    I’ve dabbed it on my pressure points for three consecutive days, and this is what has happened so far:

    – A formerly reticent coworker who would make eyes at me but never approach me couldn’t stop seeking me out and chatting with me at every opportunity he got.

    – My social and professional calendar is quite lively, but never unmanageable. But these past three days, people couldn’t get enough of me. My inbox and calendar was so packed with people crawling out the woodwork begging for collaborative meetings and happy hours and lunches and whathaveyous, that it almost scared me with the sheer force and volume of it all.

    – In several different meetings, coworkers would randomly throw earnest compliments and praise my way in the midst of discussing serious strategy, or even while disagreeing with me!

    – People have also gone out of their way to be friendly and attentive while I’m out and about. I chalked it up to my generally cheerful and outgoing demeanor, until I was handed free pastries at two different coffee shops at two distinct, entirely unrelated instances.

    In short, this oil is e.x.t.r.a.o.r.d.i.n.a.r.y. It works in incredibly nuanced and unexpected ways, and I can’t wait to see what else it does for me. Thank you, thank you Kaitlin!

  5. To present a concise but fully illustrative example of the power of this lovely oil: I anointed myself recently before a social event which had stirred some anxiety within me. I was an ad hoc host, with many guests attending who did not know each other. I didn’t even spend a reflective amount of time with the ceremony of anointing myself – just rubbed it on my wrists and neck and whisked out the door. At the event, my anxiety was fully overcome and replaced with a quiet, steady confidence. I never felt at a loss for a topic with which to engage someone in conversation. I felt fluid and calm, able to float from group to group without self concern. Conversations flowed, pleasant and unforced. It was a delight. I will be keeping this oil close!

  6. HOLY SHIT. Okay, so. My vial of oil arrived on Saturday and I wanted to put it on right away but couldn’t because I had essay to finish. I kept thinking about the oil sitting on my altar though and what its energy felt like and WITHOUT HAVING PUT THE OIL ON YET my essay’s ending turned into beautiful poetic language that somehow tied up what had been a very disjointed bit of writing with a neat little bow that spoke to the beauty of the cosmos.

    I put the oil on once my essay was done and felt AMAZING. Blissful, beautiful, charismatic, happy. I took the hottest selfies I’ve ever taken right away and within an hour a former hookup invited me to a party at her apartment. I had another party to go to first, and after putting clothes on and taking more selfies, I left to go to that party.

    I walked down the street feeling confident and gorgeous and flirtatious. When I got to the party I felt the same, but one interesting effect is that I felt more strongly that I was waiting for someone to come flirt with *me* than necessarily the other way around. Not my usual gender role but not a bad thing by any means. It was at that party that I noticed that my chronic anxiety had disappeared. Things that would have led to negative self-talk in my head just… didn’t. I was calm but lively and loved myself like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    I went to the other party after that and as soon as I walked in the host started taking pictures of me. I chatted with a bunch of people and everyone seemed fascinated by me, including one person who described my energy as “radiant.” There were musical instruments being passed around and at one point someone was playing a blue riff on the guitar, and I stole the show with an impassioned rendition of Tom Waits’s “2:19” and received massive applause when I finished. Also someone accidentally flashed me when showing off her shirt.

    I left the party by taking a shared Lyft back to my apartment. When I checked the app to see whom I was sharing it with, it said: “You are riding with Heaven.”

    The next day I met up with a lover who was in town for a little while. I put the oil on before I left and she seemed to get lost in my eyes over and over again. She was entranced.

    I should mention that both nights I felt an ease and naturalness to being funny and charming that seemed superhuman.

    Back to Sunday, we went on a lovely date and wound up at this dessert restaurant where both of us got so turned on by the raspberry chocolate cake that we nearly tore each other’s clothes off right there. We restrained ourselves long enough to get back to my apartment. I put some of the oil on my lover before getting down to it.

    Best. Sex. Of. My. LIFE.

    It was connected, intimate, funny, hot, and hangup-free.

    The next morning we had a heart-to-heart about what we were feeling, opening up about our fears and what we were holding back, freeing up heart blocks and connecting in a fulfilling, healing way.

    In conclusion,


  7. I just received this yesterday so I’ve only used it once, before going to sleep last night. I was astounded by the immediacy of the reduction in stress that occurred when I applied this! I am, unfortunately, dealing with what I believe to be Complex PTSD. It has been making my entire life seem to be an absurd, intense struggle. As you would expect of someone in my condition, I have tried many things to help myself. Although Kaitlin blatantly states that this oil diminishes stress, I was jaded enough to think that this probably wouldn’t have much of an effect for me in that way. It makes sense, though (as per my natal chart), that this Venus series would yield amazingly positive results in almost all areas for me. I can’t wait to use this oil in other circumstances. It is truly very special & powerful.

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