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Golden Oil of Sol

Golden Oil of Sol


A blend of organic safflower and jojoba oils ritually imbued to talismanic standard on a carefully selected Sol in Leo election, complete with Jupiterian and Lunar support.

Dried sunflower harvested during the day and hour of the Sun during Sol’s time in Leo 2019, cedar, saffron, bay laurel, ginger, sweet cinnamon, rue, orange, clove, bloodstone, heliotrope, 24k gold, and more.

Anoint the heart, third eye, crown of the head, or elsewhere to better embody your authentic self, build deeper and truer self-confidence, and purify the heart-mind-spirit complex. Healing, illuminating, warming, and uplifting.

Can also be used to feed Solar talismans and items of power. Apply before going on stage, to elevate melancholic states, and to gain greater perspective. Great for self-reflection and meditation practices, as well as worldly success.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $72 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roll-on w/ aventurine rollerball for $58 (sold out)


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Chart Remediation

Sun — Good for people who are Solar deficient and need support for the natal Sun


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, August 9th, 2019, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Oh my…this oil smells deliciously warm and affirming to me. A really beautiful combination of herbs here. I tend to apply on/around my heart and my solar plexus, as well as third eye/crown area. I also apply on my back, especially with in-and-out back pain that feels emotionally like carrying of burdens that are not mine, and this oil feels immediately warming, centering, and opening of the heart. It feels like a visceral, cozy sigh, a melting of the extraneous, heavy or tense layers that have been pressed upon the heart, emotionally and physically.

    I am much more on the side of Solar/fire excess, and this oil helps balance the emotional and physical residues of old patternings of taking too much on and going too far & hard. It supports in alignment and being rooted in my center and truth in the day-to-day, as well as in public speaking and all forms of relational, social engagement. Thank you for this beautifully affirming gift!

  2. This oil has felt to me like a suit of armor that readies me for interfacing with the world from a collected and deeply centered place. A warm glow of quiet “I AM” replaces anxiety, insecurity, and negative self talk. I feel most authentic, and most authentically projected, while wearing this oil. Thank you for such a deeply life affirming offering.

  3. Sol in Leo has been lovely for me as a person with a dark house Sun, and some very fun ancestral trauma to boot. I only apply it occasionally, and generally feel its optimism and solar plexus strengthening warmth when I do. It’s great for banishing doldrums.

    I mainly use it to dress candles for my dad, and that is where it has been an out of this world success. Since I’ve done that, my father’s health has completely changed, to the point where he went back to practicing martial arts I haven’t seen him practice in more than a decade. If there’s ever more Sol in Leo materia, I am absolutely going to experiment with a larger scale healing of my paternal line (Exalted Sol wouldn’t work, if anything we have more than enough Martial influence already). Hail Sol and may all be made well under his healing light.

  4. This oil is incredibly healing. It’s hard to describe or explain – but through use over time, I have so much more self-love, confidence and forgiveness for myself. It asks me to live in the present, and to let that be enough. I’ve invited friends to use this oil with me: it always produces really great, authentic interactions.

  5. I ordered Golden Oil of Sol a few months ago and have applied it in moments where I would rather shrink from the spotlight and shirk my responsibilities. What I like about this oil is that there isn’t just shine, but a layer of resilience that’s supported through working with it.

  6. My introduction to Sphere + Sundry.
    Initiation by Golden Oil of Sol having left the overcast PNW fall into the warming hug of the SW fall sun.
    A receiving and accepting of confidence moving through the Lioness, mimicking courage and grace, while looking at fields of golden dry plants until the gold integrates…with pouncing and roaring in between.
    Thanks for the clear communication, prompt shipping and excellent customer support.

  7. My natal sun is in Pisces– not technically afflicted in any way, but still an energy that can occasionally benefit from some solar power! Sol in Leo is uplifting even while in the bottle and bestows clarity and leonine qualities of confident conviviality. It’s an asset for countering mild social anxiety and feeling radiant. A very beautiful energy and very appreciated.

  8. This oil helps me on my darkest of days. It has helped me survive 2020 working as a marketing/ boutique manager, so I deal/see with much of the worst of the internet and anti-mask Karens. This oil has helped me be a ray of light to my staff and allowed me to find healing.

  9. If Exalted Sol is like literally walking on the Sun, Golden Sol is about emanating the Sun. ES is much more of a fiery energy (get up and go), and GS is a more expansive. This is like the difference between citrus fruits – ES to me codes more like a grapefruit, and GS more like a lemon (sweeter, more mellow).

    For me, the oil is slightly more mellow than the powder. The powder is expansive, and the oil is gentler and can very much put you in tune with your authentic self. There is absolutely a self-reflective element in it.

  10. I really like this oil. It’s helping me to close a lot of toxic cycles in my personal relationships, to have more independence, enjoy life to the fullest and be a better support for my family. Thank you very much!

  11. I have this election conjunct my natal sun and for my lajjitaadi avashtas Saturn is majorly starving and agitating my sun. Suffice to say, I’ve been using this as remediation and….GOD DAMN this works! GOD BLESS the Coppocks! So goodbye self-hating, overly-sensitive, shameful poophead. Hello brilliant light of inner inspiration and joy!

  12. This oil eases you into acceptance of who you are you. It is very soothing if you are someone who is very critical of yourself and have trouble just being with yourself. Repressed feelings rise to the surface. I got to see myself, warts and all, and feel okay about it. It helps you feel deserving of love and warmth no matter where you are in your journey.

  13. Lovely and warming… it fills your soul with the warmth of sunshine on a dark day.

  14. This oil immediately fills my vision with bright marigold flowers and sunshine. of all my s+s offerings, this feels the most purely, joyfully benefic, an aid to any and all situations. when i use it i feel a deep grounded self-love centeredness that radiates outward. It is gently, calmly uplifting in a centered way, full of golden shimmering generosity and love. Thank you Kaitlin for producing such a beautiful aid in self-love and healing.

  15. This bright and uplifting oil is a “smile in a bottle”! Somehow powerful and settling at the same time, I find it to be a personal favorite of the many wonderful gifts from S+S.

  16. As someone with a moderately afflicted Sun, solar work has been something I’ve had to put quite a bit of effort into. After a few years of both accidental & intentional solar work, a friend gifted me a vial of this oil to help deepen my relationship with Sol. Every single time I anoint myself with this oil, I receive at least one compliment that contains solar words — radiant, glowing, resplendent, warm, golden, etc. — and I can feel my heart + vitality strengthen. I’m still a little wary around Sol, as I’m still developing comfort with different forms of visibility, but I find this oil to be a supportive ally in increasing my tolerance for the solar + cultivating additional comprehension of “sovereignty.” Highly recommend!

  17. Today is my Solar Return so what better time to write a review for the Sol in Leo oil …. as someone who has their Sun in a dark house, and is a night chart, I have struggled with the Sun as an energy, its just something I didn’t relate to or understand. I have been working with this oil for over a year and Its been such a great help ! Every time I apply it, its like a warm, clarifying hug and my spirits are always raised. I find it a soft and warming energy, subtle warmth that I just adore. My love for this oil was cemented when Saturn conjoined my Sun and this oil beautifully cut through a lot of the negative things I was feeling. I have found this really helpful for any form of Solar work. Thank you Kaitlin, ill be really sad when this oil has gone : ) its tres magnifique

  18. This oil always brightens my mood. Without fail, it’s easier to see the ‘sunnier’ side of things and appreciate what is good in the world.

  19. As someone with a LOT of earth in her chart, the Golden Oil of Sol has helped activate my fiery side and shine. With four planets in Taurus, including my Sun, I tend to be stable to the point of stagnation and invisibility. I’ve been wearing the Golden Oil of Sol regularly for about the last year, and I have felt a dramatic shift toward identification with my rising sign that’s less than a degree into Leo. My life has taken some major turns for the better, including “losing” a job where I’d been undervalued for the last decade and developing the healthiest love relationship of my life. Sol in Leo definitely contributes to my own sense of worth and my understanding of the importance of the warmth and inspiration I bring to both my career and my personal life. Highly recommended for anytime you need to turn on some positive glow.

  20. As a Cancer moon, my moods can change very quickly. I worry alot about things I can’t control (something that was definitely taught to me and something I will be spending alot of time unlearning) and I can become very melancholy as a result. With this oil, I’ve found that I am able to lend strength to my middle pillar and heart chakra specifically. Combined with solar meditation, it has stabilized my moods when I have felt pulled toward fear and self-doubt. Being a third decan Sagittarius, I am more prone to the Saturnian influence of my sun, and this oil lets me embody a more Leo influence, strong and sunny.
    It is also wonderful for spiritual hygiene post-hex work (return to sender rituals are obviously quite taxing); it helps bring the light back in and keep it glowing.

  21. So my experience has been pretty cray cray. Kind of a Hemingway slowly, then all at once situation, but in a good sense. I had a sun talisman from Chris Warnock and have been consecrating it in and off with Sol in Leo series. Aside from the ambient feel-good vibes, since the Sun has entered Leo in my 4th house the pings are how shall we say, massive. I am currently moving to a dream location by the beach near my favorite surf spot (house of home), having breakthroughs with core traumas from childhood (house of emotional foundation), and in a position to buy a dream car after my last one recently broke down completely (house of moving vehicles). Lovely interplay of magic and patience–the Dao of seasons. Cash me outside!

  22. This is so gorgeous, maybe one of my favourite oils S+S has ever made! It feels very high quality and perfectly presented, from the herbs floating within it to the bright but not overly-sour citrus-y smell. Spread generously across the chest, it really helps centre myself, bring about healing I didn’t know I needed, and generally nourishes both internally and externally, as the description states.

  23. I have both the Golden Oil of Sol and Water of Golden Sol and they have quickly become my favorite Sphere and Sundry materia. My natal sun is in Leo so I wondered for a while if I needed to add more Leo to the mix but my sun is square to Pluto so it can definitely use a little extra light sometimes and this has done just that. This series instantly uplifts me and puts me in a better mood. I feel sunny and vibrant and notice that I’m much more expressive in my clothing choices and jewelry etc when I wear this oil. It’s also helped me reconnect with myself and my inner voice. Layering the oil with the water definitely packs an extra punch. I’ve been using it enough now that I notice the difference when I’m not wearing it. I really wish I could wear it everyday for the rest of my life lol. I definitely plan to stock up on this in preparation for Saturn in Aquarius which will be opposing sun. I highly recommend this series!

  24. I am so glad I found Sphere and Sundry as Kaitlin’s astro materia is a radiant gem of a discovery! Golden Sol in Leo is the first oil I purchased and, right away I knew I had made the right decision in choosing her products. When it comes to describing the conception and application of each item of astrological magic offered, Kaitlin is unparalleled. Before my first purchase I browsed the website to narrow down my selection and was very happily surprised at the amount of information given for each item. Not only is the description of each item instructive but, it is also illuminating as it gives the reader a glimpse into the magical world from which the materia was created and a greater context as to its usage and impact. It’s delightful to see someone who puts forth so much care and effort into the products they offer and it is very much appreciated by all who have had the pleasure of interacting with said creations. I was also very pleased with the notifications and prompt delivery of the package as Kaitlin’s attention to detail and customer service is outstanding. As soon as I received my Golden Sol in Leo oil, I felt a warming sensation in my self and heart space. I carefully unwrapped the oil and felt the warmth permeating through the glass as my hand hovered over the beautiful ornate bottle. Upon my first application of the oil, I felt its healing qualities take effect. It enabled me to have a really heartwarming conversation with my mother that was long overdue. Tears of joy are an understatement as it not only helped heal the rift between us that had been felt for so long but, it helped open up our hearts and hold space to witness the tender humanity rising within the other. I can’t thank Kaitlin enough for her beautiful offerings as they’ve already made a world of difference in my life.

  25. The warmth and self assuredness I feel while wearing the Sol oil are truly divine. It’s gentle; it reminds me that it’s ok to be seen, to relax and to let the brilliance in me do its job. It pushes away even the densest residue and leaves one feeling warm, content and alright- in the most profound sense. I love this oil, it’s truly beautiful to behold and to work with.

  26. I felt the magick of Golden Oil of Sol at the time it was ordered. On arrival, its warmth and loveliness were palpable. The very first time I anointed myself with this Oil, I felt a distinct amplification: tangible, vibrant. I have worn it solo, and find it pairs well with the Golden Sovereign. Thank you for this offering effusing the radiance of Leo and the power of Sol!

  27. The Golden Oil of Sol healed me. I’m not even being facetious here, I’m being absolutely literal.

    I spent the latter half of 2019 battling a mutating illness that began with a sinus infection that became a chest cold that became something else and then something else and on and on and on. It was never-ending, and I was so devoid of energy, so devoid of anything that resembled even a tiny smidgen of life. I was sick and defeated and my physical vitality was nonexistent.

    Enter the Golden Oil of Sol. I don’t know what spurred me on to start using it, except maybe intuition, but I slowly began a regular practice of anointing myself with the oil at sunrise accompanied by a simple prayer to the Sun. Almost immediately, my strength began to return. At the same time, I also made some very specific choices and investments to better safeguard my health.

    With simple, regular use of the oil, my vitality came back manifold and it even intuitively guided me towards making some good decisions towards my nutrition and my body. I adore this oil unconditionally, and I can’t recommend it enough.

  28. Golden Oil of Sol is so special, so dear. Even just opening the box and holding the soft paper bundle, I got the feeling-answer to the question that’s been running quietly (and not so quietly) in my system forever: “Am I safe?”

    “Yes yes yes, you’re safe, yes yes yes”

    A warm, glowing peace in my heart, and the stilling of a constant whir. A little traumatized being deep in a cave of me, spotted and airlifted into safe, fatherly arms.

    My husband, who has a job that used to kick up some longstanding anxiety, applies this oil before work to great effect. He shines, strong in himself and his ability and worth. It’s beautiful to witness.

    The scent is wonderful, too. Warm, spicy citrus, subtle and gorgeous.

  29. A nicely warming oil. Apply to your heart for more optimism and joy in the day ahead.

  30. Golden Oil of Sol has saved my nervous system this year. Most of my work is being in front of people as a performer or teacher. As this year’s leaden Saturn Pluto transits bore down, i found myself struggling with visibility. Teaching and performing became a burden and I experienced waves of dread & anxiety. I started a sun remediation practice which includes wearing this oil. Every time I put it on I feel joy! in the simple aliveness of my body. Just as the body softens under the first warms rays of the summer sun, I’ve felt my anxiety and dread soften and melt away when i’ve used the Sol series. The relief has reminded me why i love performing & teaching in the first place- reminded me how powerful seeing and being seen is- reminded me how necessary celebrating ourselves and eachother is. I am so grateful for this magic. Thank you Kaitlin!

  31. Whenever I anoint myself with Golden Oil of Sol, there’s a gentle warmth that spreads out from the center of my being through my whole body. I stand straighter and automatically smile. It’s like I’m a flower that’s blooming and turning toward a mid-morning sun on a Summer day. Simple joy. I purchased this offering to help with Solar remediation and gain a greater sense of self and purpose. It’s been a great help with that, but I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much! Just the feeling of it is delightful!

  32. This oil is warm and uplifting, when I anoint myself I find myself wanting to continue, head, heart and hands, it feels good and the effects are immediate. I have a leadership position and sometimes find it challenging to own that role, this oil helps me embody kindness and compassion- a generous stewardship towards the communities I serve. It helps me connect my intentions to my actions with empathy when that feels more difficult. I’m so grateful for this oil!

  33. For me, no other series can take the number one spot from any of Kaitlin’s Venus materia — as I feel the deepest connection & attachment to Venus and Her planetary sphere — but I have to say that the entire Golden Sol in Leo series is laughably, ridiculously, absurdly, powerfully healing. It has proven to be a cure for all that ails me. I am trying to heal from a lifetime of abuse & trauma which has severely impacted my ability to function. Since receiving the Water of Golden Sol (my first item from this series), I have truly experienced miraculous healings — or at least the beginnings of what could be deemed ‘healing.’

    There are definitely strong similarities between the Golden Oil of Sol and the aforementioned Water, but the Oil is perhaps more subtle (at least at first). I think that, over time, the Oil may prove to exert more permanent and deeper changes — lasting transformation and healing, let’s say — but in the initial stages of its use, the most immediate effect is one of “pouring oil on troubled waters.”

    I would liken the Water to a vivifying tsunami of positive power that pounds into one, dismantling everything that keeps one’s light from shining. The Oil, on the other hand, is the quiet strength of a luxuriating lion, calm and fortified as it lounges in the shade (or Sun!) without worry, fear or thought. It’s the emptiness of relaxation, the total surrender that occurs in genuine rest — which is the only state that, paradoxically, invites in power, light & rejuvenation to fill and recharge the body, readying it for whatever action needs to be taken. Such is the balance that Golden Oil of Sol evokes: Yin and Yang, stillness and animation. For those of us who need to learn or re-learn this most basic of realities in order to regain health & happiness, Golden Sol in Leo is absolutely second-to-none.

  34. My beautiful Golden Oil of Sol arrived yesterday… I ordered it a week ago yesterday and I immediately started feeling the warmth, love and appreciation from the world around me. The first night after ordering it I felt the difference. At first I was giddy and restless, then I felt free to say what was on my mind… I had to watch this a bit 😉 On the weekend a paternal cousin and her family came to visit me after 37 years of not seeing her – we had a great time. I came back to school on Monday and other teachers started approaching me to thank me for helping them with new school technology. And to tell me how impressive I have been with the new changes. … I am overwhelmed by the assurance and appreciation from this new oil. I have purchased other products from S+S. Each and every product has healed me… some have been subtle and strong and some have been joyful but this Golden Oil of Sol is amazing already. I haven’t applied it yet, I’m so excited for what may come. Thank you for your beautiful work Kaitlin.

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