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The Lawgiver


Collaborator of unparalleled virtue, Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab, ritually crafted one of three limited edition perfume oils during the Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, 2019. Of it, she shares —

Our faith is kept alive by the knowledge, founded on long experience, that the arc of history is long and bends toward justice. We have seen so many ancient tyrannies pass from earth since Egypt and Rome held dominion – that our eyes are directed not to the tragic present, but to the beyond, wherein the arc of history will be found bending toward justice, victory and freedom.
– Rabbi Jacob Kohn, Los Angeles 1940

This is an oil for true justice. Not the manipulations and cruel machinations of a despot or tyrant, but the justice found in equity and fair laws, civil rights and equality for all. This oil can be utilized to explore the abstract and divine concepts of justice, in works of true justice, and to help achieve justice in our communities, our countries – and globally. The Lawgiver is stabilizing, ordered, and benevolently civilized, deeply rooted in kindness and strength.

Black vegetal musk and champaca blossom (Magnolia x alba) with organic elderflower C02 extract (Sambucus nigra), organic marjoram leaves (Origanum majorana), organic goat’s rue (Galega officinalis), sweet marjoram essential oil (Origanum majorana), single-origin olive oil, organic buckthorn bark (Frangula alnus), organic cascara sagrada bark (Frangula purshiana), organic celandine (Chelidonium majus), wild-harvested hickory bark (Carya ovata), red jasper chips, sumac berries (Rhus typhina), and Mexican marigold blossoms (Tagetes erecta) and calendula blossoms (Calendula officinalis) harvested from the TAL garden.

This oil was charged and consecrated under the auspices of Deneb Algedi on 15 Aug 2019 between 12:25 and 12:56am in the City of Angels. Each bottle contains red jasper chips.


Out of stock

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2 in
Fixed Star


Benefic, Malefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, August 15, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Avatar

    This perfume feels really special to me. Initially, I wasn’t at all interested in the idea of a Deneb Algedi series, but after reading the write-up, I realised it could be massively beneficial to me as someone who has a deep-seated distrust of the law and authority figures, but who frequently has to deal with such forces due to my life circumstances and chosen profession path. Feeling like I desperately needed to curry the favour of a law that was so usually indifferent and callously cruel towards me, I thought the Lawgiver would be the most important thing for me to acquire immediately. I was expecting something that felt/smelled heavy and intimidating, so this perfume really surprised me: it reminds me of something my grandfather used to wear with its gentle but firm strength, and feels more reassuring and grounding than disciplinary. The times where I’ve worn it, officers of the law have treated me with so much more human courtesy and respect than I have ever encountered before, and legal processes have gone so smoothly. The only time it’s felt heavy is when I was stalling on doing a legal-related task out of anxiety – I think this blend really values accountability, as the moment I finally did it, this heaviness lifted and I was treated with aforementioned respect and kindness from the authority figure at hand. I would say that my ease with this energy might be to do with the prominence of Deneb Algedi in close family members’ charts, and my general tendency to be overly cautious and responsible with related topics. I get the feeling that Deneb Algedi values accountability and bestows ‘just desserts’ based on that. However, I have certainly been overly compliant to the law my whole life without receiving this fair treatment back, so having this magic to help even the scales is such a massive relief.

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