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Deneb Algedi Powder

Deneb Algedi Powder


Sold out… but a new batch is available as part of Deneb Algedi II 😘

Herbal base, ritually combined and suffumigated during the Full Moon conjunct the fixed star Deneb Algedi, 2019. Traditional correspondences include marjoram, mugwort, and blue chalcedony inscribed with the star’s glyph during the election. Other fortifying, protective, and wealth building ingredients include Solomon’s Seal, holy basil, mustard seed, as(s)afetida, myrrh, 24k gold, and others, ground to a powder.

This is formulated to be actively protective, powerful, and intimidating. Full disclosure — it smells like it.

Use as a potent spike for protection magic. Dress candles, bury beneath the top soil at the corners of your property, use as an ingredient in spellwork, or in any way magical powders can be employed. Useful as a component in evil eye wards.

Pure and uncut herbs, gems, and genuine gold leaf.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $27, or 2 oz bulk pot for $81



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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Fixed Star


Benefic, Malefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, August 15, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Deneb Algedi Powder

I sprinkled the DA powder on myself before going on public transit, and our train was stopped while police swept the cars after a threat of some kind was reported. Nothing was found and I got to work safely, but this has never happened after years of commuting. I took it as reinforcement that the materia was amping up protection and was relieved to also see that the increased police presence was actually centered around a safety sweep and did not appear to result in any other stressful or harmful interactions that happen at times with police and public transit. I mix this powder in with some other herbs while doing house protection rituals and sprinkle this in the car when traveling.

Loving the DA II powder.

I don't often go for the powders, but I am loving the DA II powder. DA II is probably the series I use most often (the salve! the bluing! the kolonia!!) but there are times when the powder just hits differently. I run a bit through the underside of my hair or sprinkle some in my shoes whenever I feel like I could use the feeling of more of physical layer of protection.


Successfully used this powder while moving within the apartment complex I already live at, to deflect others from potentially leasing the unit I wanted before my lease ended. To sort of “lay claim” to it and anchor my energy there. I’m now moving in by the end of the month!

Elizabeth Cuccaro
Love, gratitude and awe

So grateful for this oil and powder. Powerful and effective…and intimately in tune with the energy and medicine of this fixed star. Blessed to be in the process of discovery and veneration with these added supports.

Kat Owen
Dened Algedi- feeling safe and protected

Very impressed with this lovely annointing oil. High quality, beautiful fragrance. I've noticed others seem to perceive me as more authorative or accomplished when I'm wearing it. Love that I can apply to wrists, anoint my gate, car, desk, bag and doors with this. I also use crystals for protection however Deneb Algedi is much more versatile, making me feel safe and protected. Thank you, Sphere and Sundry, for this wonderful creation

Nicole R.
Armour x Weighted Blanket all together

Of all the oils I have, this is the one that I find myself reaching for the most - in any and ALL occasions. Traveling? I layer it on and bring it with me. Meeting new people? Layer it on. Need a buffer between myself and work? Layer it on and carry with me. This oil manages to wrap itself around me (like a comforting weighted blanket), and provide a thin layer of armour to protect me from other people's energies (or taking too much of mine).

Once - I went out to dinner with someone I didn't know that well and forgot to wear it, and came home to a splitting migraine after sharing too much of my energy. I put this oil on when I came home and the migraine dissipated, within minutes!


I use this mainly for protection of space to maintain a boundary. I use this in concert with salts for an extra dose of psychic fortification against negative energy.

Holds the space

The DA oil is best Saturn hack one could ever hope for. It has the sternness of Saturn without the harshness. I feel it clarifies my Mercurian mind from scattered to gently but firmly focused. It also holds the space it the background when I layer it with any other materia.

Deep support & fortification

Together with the DA bath salts and body butter (& collaborating with other series), this oil has helped me delve deep into the foundations of my life and repair decades-old damage and vulnerabilities. My borders feel more secure now and my grounding more solid. The work is slow and hard, but somehow it seems to progress at exactly the necessary pace, giving little encouragements and fortifications along the way. Grateful.


Like the write up says, this oil helps reinforce boundaries by keeping things IN as well as keeping things OUT. While I started regularly using it to slough off bad intentions and feel strength in a challenging situation, it also helped ground me and detach myself from some tough emotions that were clouding my perspective and making things worse. On a practical note, it got me through a long and potentially fraught contract negotiation where I think both parties walked away satisfied with the deal. Not as palpable or immediate as (say) the Venuses or Mercuries, but still waters run deep.


  1. I have been working with DA since I first came in contact with this materia in early 2021. Using primarily to ward my home, I have no doubt it has played a part in protecting us from unlawful eviction during the pandemic. But that’s not even what I want to talk about here.

    We have been dealing with belligerent, inconsiderate and increasingly threatening new neighbors since December. The night before DA II’s public release, there was a minor physical confrontation and the cops were called (by the neighbors, we don’t call the cops in this house). Before they arrived, I burned the incense and sprinkled this powder at our front and back doors. I prayed to DA to keep us safe and bring us favor with law enforcement.

    They arrived and calmly came inside, listening to our side of the story. Because there was physical contact between the neighbor and my spouse, the cops had reason to handcuff my spouse and said they were bringing them in to be booked (and promptly released, from what I understood). My spouse was incredibly calm and easy through the entire situation. One of the cops took them downtown to the station, but as soon as they parked she just wrote my spouse a citation and let them go. No booking, no actual arrest record. We were both totally stunned and incredibly grateful. A situation that could have been so much worse was surprisingly easy and ended swiftly. It was such an immediate response, I could not be more grateful to DA for protecting us. Looking forward to incorporating some DA II to help really get some boundaries up between us and these abrasive neighbors.

  2. Powder inside my left shoe/sock? I had doubts initially, but it WORKS! I sprinkled this, along with Empress powder, inside my left sock and left shoe the day I went on vacation with a dear friend (let’s call her D). We got bumped up on an earlier bus, we had a great rapport with the check-in lady at the hostel, and the best surprise of all: we met common friends (E & B) and had a very good time! D and I totally did not expect E & B to be on the same place at the same time! I really felt that Old-White-Man-Privilege meets Everybody’s-Friend energy from these two powders, I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  3. I just moved into a new home. soon after I arrived, one of my outside furniture pieces was stolen. during the last Moon-DA conjunction (this week), I offered some water, a sigil carved candle with the powder sprinkled in, and prayers and did some home warding with using the powder as incense. the next day, I found the missing furniture mysteriously in the alleyway while taking out the trash! DA protects from thieves and is an Ambassador of Good Law.

    every time I work with DA (which is very prominent in my chart), I experience so much clarity, fortification, and protection. it envelops me in my longstanding relationship with Natural Law in such a beautiful, affirming way.

    Praise the Great Star!

  4. I love this powder. I have used it to dress candles, charge gems, and mixed with the soil from my home.
    Before I even opened the package I received a notification from my credit card company that there were fraudulent charges on my account. The company reversed the charges and shut down the account.
    I have felt the Sky Grandpa’s support ever since. I am so grateful for the Kaitlin and the Sphere and Sundry Team!

  5. I love this. I’ve used this to dress candles, but my favorite way has been to sprinkle it inside my shoes/socks as I walk around my house or whenever I have had to be back in the office. I find the powder to be very versatile to be able to get a quick DA use when maybe an oil/liquid isn’t perhaps the right way to go. I’ve also had some in my hair at some point, when I’ve been out running errands.

  6. I wonder if DA has been my biggest ally in helping me and my family improve our relationship with keep the home in good condition. I’ve been using the powder around my house in the dirt of houseplants outside and in and feel the boost of neighbors taking care of their homes and our connected areas better too. Thank you Deneb Algedi, Sky Grandpa.

  7. I love the versatility of the powders in all of the series that I’ve bought, and the DA powder is no different. I burned some on an incense charcoal during the opening of a ritual recently, and it really get’s you there straight away. I’m in a business that involves navigating a lot of bureaucracy around land ownership and structures so I’ve found many ways to use it. I’ve smoked bills and contracts, sprinkled it outside my bedroom window, added it to freezer spells. The list goes on and on. It’s extremely helpful for keeping people out of your space, and gaining access to spaces you are being unrightfully blocked from entering.

  8. In 2020 as Mars retrograded through my 4th House, I was forced to relocate due to wildfires in Oregon. My partner and I, and two kitties! had no idea where we were driving, but wound up heading east from Oregon to Utah to get clear of the smoke. It was intense as I was worried about driving under such dangerous conditions. I took my Deneb Algedi powder with us, and anointed the dashboard, the floorboards, the kitties carriers, and asked for protection. We were safely transported without incident, in both directions. This is one of several ways I’ve used my DA powder, especially comforting and supportive in times that feel turbulent. DA gives a sense of structure, a straightforward soothing. Definitely recommend this if you’re looking for protection in the home, or as an added dusting for your candle magic. Thank you Sphere + Sundry 🙂 <3

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