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Powder of Asclepius III

Powder of Asclepius III


Sphere + Sundry’s classic Asclepius herbal formula, ritually created on an election featuring the Moon conjunct the Divine Physician’s patron star, Ras Alhague, in trinal application to the exalted Aries Sun conjunct the IC of the chart.

Home-grown white sage native to Southern Oregon and incense cedar, each harvested in the day and hour of Sol following a recitation of The Harvesting Prayer of Thessalos as the Sun exalted in Aries, Rose of Jericho, and frankincense resin

Ground to a fine powder for magical use as a safe keeper of good health, protection, positive transmutation, and clarity. Use in any way magical powders are often used — dress candles, sprinkle, add to mojos, etc.

100% uncut organic herbs and resin. Add corn starch or another fine carrier to create a TON of your own sachet powder.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $26, or 2 oz bulk pot for $65


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3.85 in

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

April 12th, 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery

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  1. My local herbalist has a wonderful clay face mask- just add water – that I mix Asc III powder into. Weekly applications leave my 50+ year old skin radiant and smooth. Rosacea has nearly disappeared, wrinkles are hardly noticeable, and I swear I look younger. By far Asclepius is my favorite series, for so many reasons. Thank goodness it’s a recurring one.

  2. I had wrist surgery a month ago: I put Powder of Asclepius III in my shoes, mixed it with Sol in Leo oil, massaged my whole arm with it before going in, and had the power vial in my purse. And as far as surgeries go, this was the best experience ever. It went super quick and everybody was extremely nice and helpful! Praise thee Asclepius!

  3. I have been using this powder in land-healing rituals, and to build rapport with the elementals indigenous to the property I live on. Some very unexpectedly lovely things have happened. The bond that is forming is beautiful. So grateful for this series.

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