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Asclepius Talismans

Asclepius Talismans

The one + only Tony Mack casts again —

Modeled in hard carver’s wax and cast in an 90/10 electrum alloy of silver and gold, with calcined salts of cedar and sage. Casting was accompanied by suffumigation of frankincense and S+ Asclepius incense.

An image of the asklepian serpent, or messenger serpent of Asclepius (who in myth placed a healing herb into the mouth of a dead snake, resurrecting it; giving Asclepius/Polyidus the knowledge to restore life to the prince Glaucus). Modeled in three dimensions, the underbelly of the pendant features the serpent’s ventral scales. The center of the pendant features a 5 carat carnelian cabochon set over calcined salts of Japanese Knotweed root.

The Asclepius IV talisman includes a 20-inch silver chain, and a keepsake box bearing the wax seal of the S+ Asclepius symbol.

Each Talisman arrives with a rose of jericho fren, offered for $897


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 2 in

Ornate, Standard

Creation Data

Morning of May 8th 2023. Chart in image gallery.


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Planetary Body

Fixed Star



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Derek O'Neill

I received this talisman, and other related materia, the same week I received terminal news regarding my life long best-buddy kitty. She was given weeks to months to live but only lasted less than a week. I made the remainder of her time as comfortable as possible while burning incense, energy clearings, and letting the talisman rest on her failing body. I found comfort in the materia in a time where I needed help the most and I believe she did too.

A friend to the weary

This talisman is my ride or die. I reach for it when life gets rough, I reach for it when I’m feeling under the weather, I reach for it when I need healing sleep. It comforts and heals; it soothes and coaxes. It helps me transmute negative life experiences into medicine. I am grateful for its presence in my life.


This talisman has helped me heal in so many different ways. From understanding where my illness had been coming from (gluten intolerance), to finding practitioners and practices to support me in the different ways I’m healing.

Such an incredible talisman that I’m immensely grateful for.

Praise Asclepius.

IV version of this talisman

This talisman arrived today and I immediately put it on and said hello. I immediately felt calmer which I wasn't necessarily expecting since I knew this could result in a healing crisis. I had wild, vivid dreams in the nights leading up which I will be working with for a while to understand their medicine.
This talisman is gorgeous and already feels right at home with my S+ collection. So happy to have it.


This little talisman has been a blessing to my home. During these difficult covid times, I am glad to know that my family and I are safe thanks to Aesclepius (while maintaining proper health guidance at all times). Thank you so much for this wonderful piece!


A truly stunning piece. The first thing that struck me was the warmth coming from this talisman when I took it out of the box. It has been an amazing boost in my healing meditations.


I have both malefics conjunct in the 6th house so I was incredibly pleased to be able to purchase this talisman. I have petitioned it to cure a family member from cancer with success.. praise Asclepius! Words cannot describe how grateful I am. During the Mars retro of 2020 I sustained a nasty injury to my finger and was told by the dr my nail may not grow back. (10th house tranist =workplace injury!) I anointed a sigil and my finger daily with Asclepius oil and kept the talisman under my pillow, With the Divine Physician's aid my finger is almost back to normal. Thank you Kaitlin & Austin for the election and Tony for your exquisite craftsmanship!


This talisman is just exquisite and scintillating! The rose of Jericho it came with is also such a blessing! Sacred space anchor for sure! The two create beautiful energy together, and the talisman shines with the power of Apollo and his son Asclepius when utilized in ritual! A veritable source of light


I'm so happy I was able to snag one of these. The trine to the exalted sun on the IC really called to me because I come from a deeply wounded lineage of dysfunction that could use the light work. Also snakes are the only creatures that speak to me in dreams, though they are the one animal that terrifies me, it's become clear to me that they have things to teach me. I also happen to own a lyre, so symbolism was abound here for me in a lot of ways.

Since I received it, I've begun working with it by sleeping with it near my pillow to aid me in my dreams, where I do my lion's share of inner work and healing. Although this is just the beginning of my journey with it, I can already feel it unraveling stuck, negative emotions and associations; letting light in on what otherwise likes to remain hidden in shadow. I'll give some examples. When I used to see my departed cat in dreams, I would be stuck in a loop of grief, which has since been released. Now when I see her I can just enjoy her presence without reliving the pain of her loss. Since working with the talisman in this way, which is quite ambient, given that I'm just keeping it in my attic field, I've been waking up with the realization that grief needs to be fully released before you can let the love back in as the dominant state. This has encouraged me to identify with my love for her, rather than the regret or pain of her loss. This 'coming unstuck' has been a revelation to me, and has let me remember her more richly and more vividly than I have in years.

This extends even to bitter endings with living family members. For my own mental health, I had to deracinate whatever chords I had to family members that were harming me. Rather than (in dreams) steeping in resentment, regret, loss, all those feelings, I've been able to forgive and move on, and keep the parts of those people I loved comparmentalized from the negative aspects I've needed to free myself from. I can honor the positive memories of my grandmother that my inner child will always love, without being tethered to the more monstrous and predatory parts of her nature. Forgiveness isn't about the other person, it's about making peace with yourself.

I'm not sure how well I've expressed myself here, but what I can say now with certainty and clarity is this: a talisman of this quality is an investment. No, the skies might not open up and no letters from Hogwarts will suddenly fall into the mailbox, but this is ambient, subtle magic that is with you for the long haul. I've had magnificent results just from sleeping with it in my auric field and I am stoked to incorporate it into my reiki sessions. Moreover as a comment on the entirety of Ascelpius III / Sun of Apollo: this is THE series for you if you've had a difficult childhood, family relations, a lot of grief at home. The focus on the IC is tremendous, so if that's where you need healing, this is the series for you 100%.

Hope this helps!


There have been quite a number of serious and sometimes life-threatening health/injury issues in my family over the last couple of years. Last year I had to get a skin cancer cut out of my face that turned out to be 3 times larger than the doctor was expecting. Subsequent skin checks turned up a number of other spots of concern that needed to be monitored—I'm very pale, live in the skin cancer capital of the world and have a family history, so this was a major worry for me.

The Forged Rod of Asclepius was my second S+S purchase, and I got the beautiful standard talisman 3 months ago—along with the oil and water. This year, I haven't gotten sick once—I've had a couple of days where I felt very tired but I've been able to fight off what I know would have otherwise been a terrible cold in a matter of hours.

I went for my checkup today and every single one of the spots of concern for potential skin cancer had disappeared. Completely. My doctor had to check that he had the right paperwork, he was so puzzled. My cholesterol and blood pressure are also significantly better. I feel more generally healthy than I have in years and I've been inspired to make some very positive healthy changes to my lifestyle—my sugar addiction is broken. I've also had some pretty fantastic recovery effects for other people when using the talismans to petition Asclepius on their behalf. The power of this talisman and the other Asclepius II products is incredible.

Some interesting side effects I've noticed are an increased need to sleep when I'm dealing with an illness or injury—the magic sometimes has a "shut up, lie down and let me deal with it" feel that is impossible to resist or postpone. I also tend to wash my hands a lot more than is strictly necessary now, though it has a kind of devotional feel to it, rather than a germophobe one so I'm ok with that.

Great Asclepius and Beauteous Hygeia now have regular devotions from me and my eternal thanks go to Kaitlin, Tony and Cody for making these amazing creations available.


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