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Son of Apollo Bath Salts

Son of Apollo Bath Salts


Dead Sea salts, organic, ritually consecrated Son of Apollo herbal blend, organic clover honey, beer [see the Ritual Bathing Protocol for an explanation!], and golden mica. Frankincense, red and yellow mandarin, tangerine, helichrysum, and turmeric.

Less stripping, sterilizing, and detoxifying than Sphere + Sundry’s classic Asclepius Bath Salt formula, more warming, uplifting, and fortifying. A good choice for those who are Solar deficient and focused on building vital energies, as opposed to cutting away that which no longer serves.

Instead, Son of Apollo works to dissolve inner shadows and outer darkness, as it creates deeper cohesion within the Self and Sphere.

A perfect starter offering for those who have a hard time with “letting the light in”, and who want to start feeling better faster, bypassing the harshest, most confrontational elements of the healing process. Akin to the Ascending Heart subset from Immortal Heart, but yang in orientation.

Arrives in the Client’s choice of 8 oz glass bale jar for $36, 16 oz bulk pot for $66, or 18 oz unbreakable bundle for $60.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2.4 in

16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz

Creation Data

Morning of May 8th 2023. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Benefic, Neutral


No – Honey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Citrus goodness!

Always feel spiritually rejuvenated when I use this . I lean on this materia whenever I feel blahh


Just the right amount of energy for starting one’s day. Not over-stimulating at all. Uplifting energetically too — I notice I’m smiling more afterwards.

Zoe Allardice
A warm hug

These salts feel more warming and active than the classic bath salts which feel very cleansing and purifying. Both are fabulous with different energetic qualities. These salts provoked a kind of healing catharsis that was necessary and created space for new growth once the old was metabolised and released. Potent, effective while feeling very comforting and safe - simply put: beautiful healing in a bath!

Sunny and Uplifting

I love these bath salts! On their own, they have a cleansing but sunny and uplifting vibe, but I also like adding a pinch when using the Exalted Sol bath salts (makes it more mellow/radiant) and Butter Ocean (adds a touch more energy to a quick Thursday morning shower ritual).

Energy and lifted spirits

I was accidentally sent these salts and I'm so glad I was. It introduced me to the Son of Apollo line and I adore the energy of it so much. These bath salts are incredible for a daytime bath when your energy is low and/or your spirits are down. I feel a profound shift of energy with them. I make sure to always have these salts on hand now. I wouldn't want to be without them for the grey days!


A soak in these bath salts is always refreshing and illuminating. Such warm and bright energy! Son of Apollo is one of my favorites to use as a primer for any kind of healing or solar remediation activity. Just a touch works well to clear away any stagnant energy, and a handful in the bath is extra-powerful and energizing.


I hadn’t used bath salts before trying Asclepius, but I need to talk salt baths for a certain chronic condition. WOW. I’m in love with bath salts now. After a bath I feel so cleansed and sleepy. My dreams have been very potent with lots of messages.

Uplifting & restorative

These SOA bath salts are incredible. I reliably step out of a SOA bath with greater optimism, more emotional bandwidth, and mental clarity. The scent alone is worth the price of admission--warm, citrusy, and I cannot get over the way those small, whole flowers smell (are they helichrysum?)--absolutely divine!

Crisp and clarifying

I noticed that this bath salt is so useful to cut through brain fog that comes with my seasonal depression. The citrus scent is very pleasant and stimulating.

Helpful for Use in Cleansing Baths When Ill or Healing From Bruises / Injuries

I had a cold several weeks ago and was grateful to have these bath salts on hand, in addition to the Asclepius spell soap. The combo was helpful for clearing up my generally awful condition and congestion-related symptoms faster than expected (when used in combination with hot showers and baths, cold medicine, and Asclepius Kolonia). These bath salts are also noticeably useful for easing muscle tension and soaking sore bruises.


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