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Oil of St. Expeditus

Oil of St. Expeditus


Organic sunflower oil ritually poured over Expedite’s consecrated herbal blend, along with a tiny bit of cinnamon bark essential oil, alkanet, 24k gold leaf, and dried rose petal from Expedite’s altar bouquet.

Shake well and use to anoint yourself and statues or icons of St. Expedite. Wear to increase luck and draw results of your petition to your person. Can also be used to anoint sigils or other objects of your desire. High stain potential.

Offered in a 1/2 oz standard glass vial for $66 (with optional Dropper Cap Kit), a 10ml 24k gold plated roll-on for $106, or a tiger’s eye roll-on for $49.


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body



Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

20th of December, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. This oil is nothing short of amazing and I am sad that I’m almost out. It has carried me through a few rough months and helped me find gigs and get great interviews. St Expedite delivers and is always there. I promised if things progressed I would sing his praises and I have to. I also have to thank Kaitlin for sharing this amazing oil with us. Thank you for always delivering and always supporting me St. Expedite May we all give praise and glory to St Expedite. Thank you for always delivering and always supporting me St. Expedite

  2. I was introduced to St Expedite via Sphere & Sundry, and I love everything about him. Since working with this impatient, powerful spirit, my book manuscript has proceeded at a remarkably quick pace–from my revisions to external reviews and now back to me for the remaining work. I use this product to anoint St Expedite statue, who likes it immensely. HODIE! HODIE! HODIE!

  3. I used this oil to assist in securing a new job across the country, making more money in a field better suited to me. This felt nothing short of miraculous, especially after I was initially informed I did not get the position. Turns out the first pick turned it down and I was next in line. This was my first time working with St. Expedite and I could not be more grateful for his help and S&S in creating this series. Hodie!

  4. This spirit has come through for me many times. I make simple offerings to St. Expedite on Wednesdays with the S+ materia, not always asking for favors, just offering devotion. This week, however, I had a big ask. My father just injured his back and, sadly, has been in unbearable pain– so difficult to see. Expeditus isn’t a healer per se but is known for quick miracles so I pleaded for an intercession for pain relief for dad (fate/karma permitting).
    This morning my sister called and said, after days of agony and another awful night of sleeplessness last night, dad awoke this morning and said his pain had disappeared. Entirely GONE. In less than 12 hours following my petition, without him doing anything different. A miracle!

    St. Expeditus is a wonderworking spirit! HODIE! HODIE! HODIE!

  5. I purchase:
    St. Expedite Oil and used it when I put a house up for sale. It was November 2020, a bad time to sell a home. It was on the market for two months and I had three offers almost immediately. It was truly a blessing for me. I had rented this home out only to have it thrashed over 15 years. The new owners are so perfect and grateful to move into it. I feel it was meant to be for myself and the house.

  6. I used the oil and set up an altar on a Wednesday hoping to move a stagnant situation (I have been waiting for a month for updates on an application but have not heard anything). And I finally heard something the next Monday! Though my application process is still not entirely finished, I have faith it will be soon. I’m spreading the words now. Thank you, St. Expedite! And thanks to S&S for providing the oil!

  7. Thank you St. Expedite for your immediate help! You have been helping me make progress in all the areas I have been stagnant including finding work! S&S oils have been bringing me so much positivity in dark times and this oil is no exception. St. Expedite comes through when called on and I promised him I would be spreading the word. Thank you St. Expedite. Thank you, S&S.

  8. I love all the St. Expedite materials I have purchased – use them all as altar offerings and for weekly prayers to St E. He’s come through for me big time this year and I keep spreading the word, as he requests. Can’t thank S&S enough for their high quality, reasonably priced and powerful offerings!

  9. Thank You Saint Expedite for your immediate assistance!! You truly make the impossible possible. This oil not only smells great but its a good one to work with when to you need Saint Expedite’s immediate help.

  10. St. Expedite oil worked so swiftly for me and in such a profound way that I am still in awe! Even my immediate family was left speechless.
    For a family gathering, I ordered a gift that had a very special meaning for its recipient and had to be presented on a certain day. Later wouldn’t work. For whatever reasons, the shipment was delayed and the gift should have arrived after the fact. St. Expedite was petitioned and the very same day I received a shipment notification! The gift was received even before its initial ship date. Hodie!

  11. St Expedite has become my most trusted support as a small business owner. He’s the wind beneath my witchy wings, and I use the S&S oil whenever I want to amp up my offerings. It has certainly brought us closer together. He delivers and it delivers. It’s so powerful that the first touch sent a jolt through my nervous system that felt like an electroshock. I love St. E and I love this oil. I recommend it to everyone serious about working with him. Praise and glory to St Expedite!

  12. Profound in what appeared to be a dead end and loss the fast luck oil with St Expedite created 100% return to homeostasis Where there was no loss

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