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Jupiter in Sagittarius Oil II

Jupiter in Sagittarius Oil II


Smelling the incense from morning mass on your scarf and gloves, faintly now that it’s twilight. Making your way up the garden path to a house twinkling with Christmas lights; snow gently falling — condensing softly beneath each step.

You let yourself in, to be greeted by the most loving, enthusiastic welcome by your nearests and dearest; the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg from the mulling spices simmering over a blazing hearth-fire. Mouth-watering bites of freshly baked ginger cookies, decorated with orange blossom.

Calmer, more collected, and sophisticated than Jupiter in Sagittarius I Oil (some is still available to contrast!), but warming, uplifting, and illuminating nonetheless.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $72 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), 10 ml roll-on with flawless glide steel for $58, or adorable Mini for $28.

This essential oil blend contains a small amount of cinnamon bark which may be warm on the skin. Highly sensitive individuals should patch test before broader application. Wipe away with kitchen oil on a paper towel rather than water if necessary.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body

Fixed Star




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Jupiter ascending on October 18th, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Very uplifting, sometimes a little too activating for my Sag stellium. I use in small doses.


This mini-series has maybe my fave scent in the entire catalogue, warm and bright. Love anointing candles with this for ritual/magic work or dabbing it on my pulse points for instant uplift.

A classic to always have around

I am a sag-rising so this oil is like food to me, love having it with me all the time! Brings extra confidence, good luck, protection, and overall for things to go your way. I have bought extra ones and have gifted them to my family as well. Can't get enough of Jupiter in Sag!


I did the bath protocol with this oil + the Door Key oil and for many reasons but largely because Jupiter was aspecting my MC. I've been unclear about my career goals for some time and doing this helped a few things open up for me. I had a wonderful conversation with a friend that ended up with me having a few positive and important revelations about the way forward. And then, thanks to a close friend, I was offered a gig doing something I'd been wanting to do for a very long time. I am very hopeful for what's to come and so so grateful! I also really love the scent of this oil. It's so uplifting and warms my heart.

Virgo Sun Virgo Mars Virgo MC
Potent for Sag Risings

I am in shock. I usually take a while to post a review because the materia takes a moment to consecrate. Not with this one ! I got it yesterday and used it today for the *first* time ever - annointed the ear the neck and the sacral area. While imbibing it the attuning tincture for butter ocean. I randomly placed my first bet ever at the Kentucky derby ( I know nothing about horses and I picked a very random horse not favored to win) and just made a windfall on my bet. I kid you not. I wasn’t looking for a windfall I was just having fun. Sag risings - do not sleep on this oil- for me this has been the most potent sphere and sundry materia to date.

Pure goodness

I found this to be pure and very straightforward Jupiter. I got mini bottles of the oil for a friends of mine. This builds incredibly well over time (recurring Thursday prayers and anointments have brought big opportunities and relationships) and also builds well with others - I have been trying this as a “boost” to exalted Venus which doesn’t produce much effect for me. Four stars not five because although straightforward and benefic I was surprised by the subtlety (not huge results right away).

Romana Clifton
Beautiful scent

The poetic bit at the start of the write-up is bang on - this really does feel like Christmas to me. A warm, spicy incense scent that brings energy and helps banish melancholy. I also like to pair it with Exalted Mercury to even out the crash I sometimes get from EM. This might be my favorite out of all the Jupiter items I've tried.


Was curious to see how Jupiter in his diurnal domicile would feel compared to Butter Ocean. I've noticed that both are kind of easy to forget you're wearing; things just seem to go a bit more smoothly. I strongly prefer the scent of this one, and for me personally it's much more uplifting. I have a slight suspicion that a lot of this may be due to my own chart, but JiS definitely takes the cake for me.

smells amazing, great for cheering up

I adore the smell--I was apprehensive because cinnamon on my skin usually results in a reaction, but this is warm and sweet, like spiced cookies without being overwhelming. I'm an anxious sort, and somewhat grumpy, but JiS helps me cheer up and have fun in the most serendipitous ways. Yesterday during the Jupiter Cazimi, where I was having an annoying day due to Mercury Rx shadow? Some of my favorite songs on the radio played when I was in my car, and I couldn't help but sing along and think everything was going to be okay.

Diane P.
My Lucky Star

Oh, how I love Jupiter in Sagittarius II! First of all, it smells gorgeous: a spicy, warming scent. But the effects... wow. The most utterly striking thing is that I score Rock Star Parking every. single. time. that I wear this. Trader Joe's on a Saturday afternoon? Here's a spot next to the front door! Art museum on a Sunday afternoon? Roll up like Doris Day! It's like having valet parking wherever I go.


  1. I am new to using these oils and I jumped right in with Jupiter Sagittarius II because of my Sagittarius stellium and Regulus because of my Leo rising.
    The scents are amazing, they’re not over powering but just something you want to surround yourself in all day.
    I have used both to bless two Vegvisir tokens, one for my son who lives abroad in Sweden and one for my nephew in the military in Hawaii, soon to be Philippines.
    They are incredible and I have felt my intuition and synchronicities improve vastly since I began using them both.
    Thank you for a lovely product and taking the time to make these beautiful oils

  2. A floral, sweet oil, makes me think of abundance and plenty. Kindness and generosity definitely get amped when worn, but slight warning, I did get jury duty not too long after second application too. Perhaps this has something to do with Jove in his archetypal role of “Arbiter of Justice?” Use responsibly. ; )

  3. I love this series! Perfect uplift and feel good oil, helpful in subtle but consistent ways, and doesn’t lead to an overbearing sense of too much energy going upwards. Love applying it to the solar plexus region or pulse points.

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