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Jupiter in Sagittarius Oil II

Jupiter in Sagittarius Oil II


Smelling the incense from morning mass on your scarf and gloves, faintly now that it’s twilight. Making your way up the garden path to a house twinkling with Christmas lights; snow gently falling — condensing softly beneath each step.

You let yourself in, to be greeted by the most loving, enthusiastic welcome by your nearests and dearest; the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg from the mulling spices simmering over a blazing hearth-fire. Mouth-watering bites of freshly baked ginger cookies, decorated with orange blossom.

Calmer, more collected, and sophisticated than Jupiter in Sagittarius I Oil (some is still available to contrast!), but warming, uplifting, and illuminating nonetheless.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $72 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), 10 ml roll-on with flawless glide steel for $58, or adorable Mini for $30.

This essential oil blend contains a small amount of cinnamon bark which may be warm on the skin. Highly sensitive individuals should patch test before broader application. Wipe away with kitchen oil on a paper towel rather than water if necessary.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Jupiter ascending on October 18th, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Emily Stutzman
A steady joy

Unlike the water, this oil is much more of an extended release. I don't think the euphoric joy of the water is necessarily sustainable, on a nervous system level, for an entire day. This is. That is not to say it is less joyful, just tuned so that a human nervous system can handle it for an entire day. This is joy as a practice and a way of being. It is a generous spirit and one that invites the world and the people around you to be generous too. Also, it will give a certain Jupiterian generosity to the Sagittarian parts of the body if applied there ;) Also, I find this one is great for going on little adventures (or big ones). I think one of things I love about Jupiterian materia in general is that it gives you the resources you need to experience what Jupiter wants to show you. If Jupiter loves the opera and wants you to experience it, Jupiter will buy you the opera ticket.

Slow and steady

I use this oil on a weekly basis and especially this year (2024) since Jupiter is my profected Lord, ruler of all my planets in a night chart. I had to first make an altar, donate and then start using the oil since that was the result of my divination. I usually have a difficult time finding nice people at different service providers, especially at my bank. Wearing the oil puts me always in line for the nicest most helpful person at the bank/municipality/administration office and I receive amazing attention and advice from them on how to proceed with my requests. It is my out of sect benefic and it usually provides abundance on a soul level, but putting the oil on gives abundance in the form of services, good deeds from people I don't know, help and success on my daily and also not so daily ventures.

Lizzy Berezy
faith building, swoops in to save the day when you least expect it

Smells amazing first off, so warm and cosy. Though I was surprised at how... patient the results are. It speaks to the greater beneficness, definitely very different to the more apparent everyday gifts of venus. Like someone else said, works well for building over time. What I notice most is on days I wear this, by the end, I always end up having a good day, like somehow, things fall into place REALLY well. I've learnt to trust that, and not to expect the horses to gallop in to scoop me up immediately, but when they do, BAM. Talk about faith building. Also, it gave me wings? I applied between the shoulder bones and broke down crying because I truly felt Jup asking me why I am so damn hard on myself. Temperance, grace. Also, great for $ :) AND Kaitlin's poem is soooo beautiful and fun to recite. For context, day chart natal sag jup.

easy breezy

This helps me have a really nice, chill, fun time with my bf. It's a non problematic relationship overall, but this smooths things over even more and I really love it for that. It may be because of my 11th house Sag, so maybe the friendship component in our relationship gets an extra boost.

An illuminating spark

This oil feels like a blazing hearthfire in a golden cathedral to me. It’s uplifting with a heavy dose of optimism and divine inspiration. I like to work with it when I’m feeling sluggish and down as well as before spellwork/ritual to get into the right headspace. I can also see it helping with creative pursuits if you’re feeling stuck in a rut. The fragrance alone is enough to energize me..it smells like a scrumptious spiced pastry!

Ariana E
Feels uplifting

My Jupiter is in Capricorn and so I bought this to test how a well dignified Jupiter would feel in my life. I find that I reach for this oil when I am feeling down, tired or frankly frightened and it lightens my mood noticeably. It smells like the spices of hot apple cider, which I always enjoy, and it lasts for hours. The gift of the ease and light this brings is wonderful and I am grateful for it.

Gratitude for Life + Living

Deeply grateful for the life-affirming boost and boon Jupiter offers. It has been a constant companion for me since I first discovered it. It has made moments more joyous and afforded me a warm + gentle thaw in places where I had frozen over. Grateful this exists. *Thank you*.

Heather McDonald-Sand

Jup II is my 1st magical materia of this kind, and I apply a little on my bod almost every day! I can easily echo all of the positive effects I've read before writing this review, and I can add that it helps me with menstrual cramps too!

I also believe I may get an extra boost from this series because Mars is tightly conjunct my Moon in Sag and opposed by Saturn (in a night chart). My own Jupiter is conjunct Venus (yay!) in Capricorn (grr!). Using this stuff, I feel like the clouds have lifted, and life is just easier. I do use it in the morning or just before any interaction that may be contentious.

The only down side I've experienced is wearing it on a day when I was pretty heads-down with no meetings at work for a stretch. That was a little extra depressing, because this does tip my introvert/extrovert balance towards extro, whereas my usual self is typically totally down with introverted stretches of time.

Loren Fleckenstein
Joy in a Jar

This is the first product that I have used from Sphere and Sundry and boy did it deliver! I was drawn to purchasing this because my natal Jupiter is in Sagittarius and I thought this might be a good fit for my first foray into talismanic material. I am absolutely in loooove with this oil. The cinnamon scent is just divine and is so warm and inviting. I have been using this oil over the past year and don't have one bad thing to say about it. My initial impressions of it were that it felt benevolent and encompassing in an uplifting way. It offered me an optimistic outlook that was much needed for me at the time. I felt its effects immediately in small ways-the first day I used it I found kumquats at the grocery store (they are my favorite but they are rarely EVER in stores in my area). In looking back over the past year I can see some of the larger scale benefits that this has bestowed upon me. After using this oil I was able to learn a craft that I had tried throughout my life multiple times and could never just get the hang of. While seemingly small, being able to tackle this learning challenge has brought me much joy. Jupiter in Sag lifted me up when I was down and gave me that nudge that I needed to open up and look at the bright side of things.

Saved Me Many Times

This oil has gotten me through some extremely tough, anxious times. Not quite as strong for me as Jupiter's Lightning Rod, but similar, more mellow.


  1. I am new to using these oils and I jumped right in with Jupiter Sagittarius II because of my Sagittarius stellium and Regulus because of my Leo rising.
    The scents are amazing, they’re not over powering but just something you want to surround yourself in all day.
    I have used both to bless two Vegvisir tokens, one for my son who lives abroad in Sweden and one for my nephew in the military in Hawaii, soon to be Philippines.
    They are incredible and I have felt my intuition and synchronicities improve vastly since I began using them both.
    Thank you for a lovely product and taking the time to make these beautiful oils

  2. A floral, sweet oil, makes me think of abundance and plenty. Kindness and generosity definitely get amped when worn, but slight warning, I did get jury duty not too long after second application too. Perhaps this has something to do with Jove in his archetypal role of “Arbiter of Justice?” Use responsibly. ; )

  3. I love this series! Perfect uplift and feel good oil, helpful in subtle but consistent ways, and doesn’t lead to an overbearing sense of too much energy going upwards. Love applying it to the solar plexus region or pulse points.

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