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Jupiter in Sagittarius Oil

Jupiter in Sagittarius Oil


A blend of 100% organic Jupiter ruled herbs, warming and quickening spices, and essential oils with 24k gold and frankincense, ritually combined and suffumigated in dedication to Jupiter after issuing the full call from The Picatrix on a grade-A Jupiter in Sagittarius election, featuring the Moon conjunct the Leo-end of Regulus, crowned King of the fixed stars. Equal parts organic sunflower and almond oil with a natural antioxidant to preserve.

Anoint the self to draw good fortune and banish limiting melancholic beliefs, expanding visionary and creative capacity. Use during Jupiter’s days and hours as a form of ritual observation and to boost the beneficence of Jupiter transits. Use to feed Jupiterian talismans and implements.

Invokes a lightness and brightness of being, fortifying spiritual reserves and cutting through that which no longer serves. Promotes wisdom, warmth, and good naturedness.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $72 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roll-on w/ yellow jade rollerball for $58

This essential oil blend contains a small amount of cinnamon bark which may be warm on the skin. Highly sensitive individuals should patch test before broader application. Wipe away with kitchen oil on a paper towel rather than water if necessary.




Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3.5 in
Planetary Body

Fixed Star




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

October 23rd, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Moon conj. Regulus. Chart in image gallery

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  1. Avatar

    I wrote a little about this experience on the old Facebook page, but I’d like to share it in-depth here. I live out in the country, and all my animals are indoor/outdoor. Every cat I have had, I tried to keep as an indoor pet only but cats, as any person owned by a cat knows, are strong willed. So, my little Sun goes outside for most of the day but then comes in to snack and drink water and then at the end of the day, comes in for the night to snuggle and fall asleep. A few months ago, he had gone out and not showed up around noon to eat like he usually did, but I assumed he had found a mouse or chipmunk to munch on and was just hanging around the woods. Then, he still hadn’t shown up in the afternoon, and I began to worry. I called and called for him, checked the road, called my neighbors, but no one had seen him.
    I didn’t sleep at all that night, and every couple of hours I went outside to call for him. I made coffee and tried to decide what to do with myself. A voice kept telling me to anoint my heart chakra with JiS oil and offer a prayer to Jupiter (I am Jupiter dominant), asking him to bring Sunny home safely. The next day I had to go food shopping, and I drove around beforehand looking for him, but with no luck. When I came home, I went up the driveway slowly, and saw a little fuzzy white face peeking out of the woods at me. It was my baby, covered in burrs and wet from the rain the night before, but perfectly healthy and happy to see me. I still have no idea where he had been, probably was hunting something and got lost in the woods, but Jupiter in Sagittarius and many good wishes and prayers from the S+S facebook group brought him back to me. He hasn’t disappeared like that again and Goddess willing, he never will!
    I think the warmth and optimism contained in this oil should be noted; it has zing, and makes you feel like the sure-bet in a boxing match. My natal moon is in Cancer and it can weigh me down alot, so using this oil brings more of my Sagittarius out (it makes me feel like a Decan 1 instead of a Decan 3 lol).
    This community and this oil have a special place in my heart. The experience changed me as a person, and I am so grateful to Kaitlin for crafting these offerings and creating a space for us to engage on.

  2. Avatar

    I am having a wonderful time with this oil. I was facing a particularly stressful & challenging two-week period at work, after a long, exhausting stretch. I wore this oil each day during the two weeks (I have no problems with cinnamon on my skin) and everything went much better than expected. My mood was optimistic, my performance was inspired, and while the work was still hard & tiring, I had the energy of body, mind, & soul to get through with flying colors. I must say I combined it at times with Jupiter’s Favor, which was given to me by a friend.

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