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Oil of Scorpion: Emperor Edition

Oil of Scorpion: Emperor Edition


Scorpion had been intentionally omitted as an ingredient in the original Mars in Scorpio formula to reduce potential for malefic fallout, be less toxic, and more user-friendly — good for regular application by a wider variety of people for practical and remedial purpose.

Throughout its lunar cycle of gestation, dream and omen pointed to the fact that Scorpion should in fact feature, so a round of divinations were performed to see which form that should take. I had anticipated it would be the powder or incense since those are things that appeal most exclusively to fellow mages in their own spellwork, but the tarot revealed otherwise.

The reading indicated the Mars in Scorpio oil was already ideally mixed, as the goal had been to “temper” its malefic nature and the card pulled was literally Temperance upright, but also that adding Scorpion to a sub-batch would produce the kind of result you never turn down — The Emperor upright.

Thus, 10 venomous scorpions were ground to a fine powder on Saturn’s day and Mars’ hour, and a small amount was dispersed throughout each vial of Emperor Edition Mars in Scorpio oil, which also features 24k gold and a different essential oil blend befitting its darker, more lethal nature.

Use in extreme cases of conflict and danger, to invoke the spirit and allegiance of Emperor and Scorpion energy. Not intended for regular application for most people, but for those who need to bring a bigger weapon to the gunfight than a temperate Mars provides, perhaps by those working in high competition sectors, or find themselves vulnerable to particularly nasty enemies.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $75 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roll-on w/ red jasper rollerball for $60


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body


Malefic, Neutral

Chart Remediation

Mars — Good for people who are Mars deficient and need support for the natal Mars


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

New Year's Day, January 1st 2020. Hour of Mars, Mars rising in Scorpio. Chart in image gallery

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Mars in Scorpio Info Sheet



  1. This oil is potent. I was in a situation that required me to act professional while in service to two brothers, one of which was an incredibly selfish and paranoid person who was often unable to recognize that my efforts were in their best interest.
    Through the use of this oil, out of the blue , the other brother (a very Scorpio individual) had decided that they had enough of their brothers demeaning behavior towards me and went OFF on them. This silenced the bad brother for the remaining periods that I was in service to them, giving me the peace and space I needed to do my work. I felt very protected and supported.

  2. This is the first testimonial that I’ve written for Sphere and Sundry. I chose to do so with the Emperor oil because it has been one of the most effective and pleasant purchases that I’ve made from Kaitlin & Co.

    Mars rules my ascendant from a difficult position and I’ve discovered that this oil has been extremely helpful with increasing my energy levels and overall stamina. I began using it just as I entered into a new position of authority with my career and it has absolutely provided the energy of the Emperor card.

    This is great materia for getting stuff done. Great to apply before doing heavy cardio. I love the smell, and the energy it invokes. It may take a little while for your body to adjust if you use it regularly. Early on I noticed some trembling if I had to sit still directly after application, and some slight headaches (mars rules migraines, they say). But I use it nearly daily so take that for what it’s worth.

  3. This oil is so remarkably potent. I used it during a +11 Mars election to anoint my Black Handled Knife, and the blade sings with its power. Highly recommended for protection, attack, and the establishing of potent spiritual strengths.

  4. One of my favorite S and S oils out of all I have tried. So versatile! So helpful! I will be buying more.

    I most often use this oil before work to feel clearer, more focused, more invigorated, calmer, and protected from perceived external threats during the day.

    Some highlights on what I get out of the “Emperor Edition”:

    1) I can sometimes feel a noticeable shift in energy when I apply it, if paying attention. In all honesty, I’ve had some dramatic shifts in how I felt when applying this one, depending on what I used it for. Applying the oil sharpens my focus and can get me either really engaged in a task or ready to do something with vigor.

    2) I have effectively used this oil to gain emotional distance from and feel safer from past trauma or events/people that reactivated feelings of trauma. I most often rub the Emperor Edition on my lower back for this purpose and find the oil warming and strengthening there.

    3) This oil can make me feel more connected to my body and acutely interested in sex if there’s stimuli or a partner around. I used it to great effect before sex earlier this year during one memorable weekend…and well, let’s just say I look forward to the next “marathon” enhanced by this oil.

    Oddly enough, I originally thought the non-Scorpion version might be more of a sexual enhancer.** But this stuff can make for an intense time on its own.

    **I have not tried wearing the non-Scorpion one for sexual enhancement purposes yet.

    4) I’m not a naturally energetic person much of the time and can struggle with points of fatigue due to my diabetes. This oil is a big help for “bouncing back” and recouping some energy before mid-day, even if I start out tired and unenthused by the day ahead.

  5. This oil is a must have for individuals working in places where people try to step on each other to get ahead. Upon wearing this oil I feel protected. This is a powerful protection oil. This oil has not caused me any allergic reaction or skin sensitivity whatsoever. Love this!

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