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Jupiter in Sagittarius II


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  • $28.00$72.00

    Jupiter in Sagittarius Oil II

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    Smelling the incense from morning mass on your scarf and gloves, faintly now that it's twilight. Making your way up the garden path to a house twinkling with Christmas lights; snow gently falling — condensing softly beneath each step. You let yourself in, to be greeted by the most loving, enthusiastic welcome by your nearests and dearest; the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg from the mulling spices simmering over a blazing hearth-fire. Mouth-watering bites of freshly baked ginger cookies, decorated with orange blossom. Calmer, more collected, and sophisticated than Jupiter in Sagittarius I Oil (some is still available to contrast!), but warming, uplifting, and illuminating nonetheless. Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $72 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), 10 ml roll-on with flawless glide steel for $58, or adorable Mini for $28. This essential oil blend contains a small amount of cinnamon bark which may be warm on the skin. Highly sensitive individuals should patch test before broader application. Wipe away with kitchen oil on a paper towel rather than water if necessary.
  • $28.00$64.00

    Jup-Juice II (III?)

    , , , ,
    I don't know whether to call this iteration II or III because technically Jupiter's Lightning Rod was also JUP-JUICE, but regardless, it's BACK! Just in time for the holidays! For a detailed description, the one from Jupiter in Sagittarius I is basically the same, just from their respective elections, lapis instead of citrine, and the addition of blood orange and colloidal gold. Arrives in a glass spray bottle with hand drawn Jupiter in Sagittarius glyph and keepsake citrine, available in a 1/2 oz travel or sample size for $28 or full 2 oz for $64 Golden and clear drops of essential oil resulting from the distillation are still present, in some bottles more than others. These are completely natural, not any indication something is amiss.
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    Jupiter in Sagittarius Candles II

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  • $28.00$84.00

    Jupiter in Sagittarius Ritual Salt

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    See that yellow salad spinning bowl at the top of the picture? It's filled with frankincense resin, which was fumigated and consecrated during Sphere + Sundry's Jupiter in Sagittarius II election way back in October of 2019. Following 1160-days of quiet incubation — after playing a notably important role in the making of Opus (more later) — it was powdered in the day and hour of Jupiter with a hint of Butter Ocean's residue, combined with purifying Dead Sea salt, essential oils of orange blossom, hyssop, manuka, more frankincense, and 24k gold. A Ritual Salt of the highest holy + benefic order results, to apply, ward, and purify as you see fit! Use as a candle dressing, sprinkle in floor washes and the corners/ thresholds of sacred spaces (or those in need spiritual protection). Carry on one's person, in the car, and hand bags or briefcases. Can also be used in a manner similar to magical Powders, sprinkling in the shoes, pockets, brassiere, or otherwise. Brings luck and good vibes. Begets elevation, inspiration, protection, and purity. Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass container with cork top for $28, or 2 oz bulk pot for $84
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    100% Sold Out

    Jupiter in Sagittarius II Talismans

    , , ,
    Jupiter in Sagittarius Coin by Tony Mack

    Modeled in hard carver’s wax, and Cast in 90/10 electrum [silver and gold] with a small amount of tin. Casting was accompanied by suffumigation of frankincense, camphor, and saffron.

    An composite image taking elements of the 'Images of Jupiter' from book 2 chapter 9 of the latin Picatrix. “The image of Jupiter, according to the opinion of Apollonius, is the shape of a man sitting on an eagle, wrapped in a cloth, with his feet on the eagles back.." Motifs were also used via the image of Jupiter "according to Mercurius"; the shape of a man covered in a single linen cloth, as well as his holding a "lance, or dart". The back of the pendant is engraved with the character of Jupiter as written in Arabic manuscripts of the Ghayat Al-Hakim [aka Picatrix in latin translations].

    Each talisman arrives in a keepsake jewelry box bearing a wax seal of the glyph of Jupiter, and a Ritual Salt from its same mini-series for $888.

The write-up for Jupiter in Sagittarius I described it as the last harvest Sphere + Sundry made during the Greater Benefic’s fiery Sagittarian tenure, and that is technically true! Only because this  s u p r sneeaky s c r t  one had been collected days before, on October 18th, 2019.

Having incubated quietly for 1,160-days before its debut, Jupiter’s recent re-ingress into Aries seems to have awoken the Eagle’s desire to spread its wings — flying into the wide open planes of our individual and collective Spheres, desirous to escort the Light{s} in the Darkness Winter Solstice update.

And I mean that almost as literally as possible.

Butter Ocean (Jupiter in Pisces II) was intended to be the prime Yuletide release, and it has already been so incredibly comforting, insulating, and nourishing through rising tides of uncertainty. For myself, and the Clients and Friends who’ve partaken. And it will continue to be that for as long as supplies churn.

Yet, we are reminded on this : the Northern hemisphere’s longest Night and the commencement of its Winter months — that the need for fuel is as true on the Inner as it is the Outer. For us — the Living — as it always is for our dearly departed/ Dead.

The animating force of FIRE — the need for and generation of  HEAT; the reception and assimilation of  LIGHT; making almost 100% of that difference.

Our times play host to incredible amounts of fear and of scarcity. The period of history we’re lucky enough to be living through (+ *together!*) is not for the faint of Heart, or weak of Mind, or weary of Body. That is for SURE. And the modern materialist worldview is nothing if not emaciating of Spirit.

The magic of Jupiter’s fire is not the same as the Sun shining upon our skin… or growing the food we eat each day… nor is it party to the divide between the Diurnal, Summery aspects of life as opposed to the Nocturnal and Wintry. As a Power farther removed, Jupiter’s role is not so banal — vital Sol may be.

It is instead, the addition of a tiny chalice, flanked on each side by upward pointing spear bearers. The humblest, perhaps most meaningful of letters:

the  U  .

Jupiter’s fire is comprised of hope and of optimism, which guides the Human Spirit through so much more than what basic necessities can ever provide. It is the belief and faith in the Powers that aid us.

It is the ultimate inner light in the darkest of times.

The paper lanterns cast with full faith into the Sea, or constructed slightly differently, that ascend the night’s ink-black sky, becoming as one with the Stars.

Taking our most meaningful prayers with them.

It is the ability to keep on in good faith, for Jupiter’s children know as the Wise do — that good things come to good people who do right by the world around them. Who look after themselves, in order to steward, shepherd, and safe-keep that + those who need care.

Whose Gods do the same in turn.

It is the humble unleavened bread eaten in memoriam during specific holy-days — to connect with certain Ancestors, and to remain ever-grateful for each luxury and comfort the world is ever generous enough to gift us. The same which oppressed and dislocated people the world over would be happy to access in desperate times, with little else but a basic, transcendent hope that themselves + their loved ones remain on this side of the Veil.

To experience the richness and the beauty of this World — fallen it may be — for as many more days as their life-protecting Benefactors shall have them.

Already, the days grow slowly longer… and the seeds of warmer, brighter, more fortunate Times and Possibilities are already upon the horizon. Or rather, within Us and our Faith — always and forever.

The above is not meant as a chastisement in any form, simply a reminder to myself and anyone else to be grateful for the good in the world — especially that which we personally have access to — and the responsibility to share what we are able. As such, a number of generous donations will be made following this release toward alleviating food scarcity and suffering due to lack heat in winter. Updates toward that end will be posted in the Community!
Thank you to every Client for putting bread on Our’s + our Teams’ tables. Grateful for it.

What good luck and good grace may bring.

The write-up for Jupiter in Sagittarius 1 has more actionable descriptors for generalized Jupiter in Sagittarius things — the elections/ charge are not all that different and the formularies almost identical, albeit more Divinely Inspired. If you read it, keep in mind Butter Ocean is our current stand-in for Jupiter’s Bounty (long gone). They function very similarly in the light of comparison, and are equally fruitful, fortifying, and comforting.

This is Yang Jupiter, simply, purely. Warming, uplifting, inspiring, energizing, and of course — because it’s SAGITTARIUS!v. exciting.

It brings good fortune, speed, and optimism, and it smells of mouth-watering mulling spices. It’s great for quickening magical work and putting a bounce in one’s step, and the photos are a nostalgic reminder of when these were far more humble creations, and birthed upon the hill.

Here’s what Austin has to say regarding the election itself:

A simple but jolly configuration. Jupiter in Sagittarius rises toward the Ascendant in its own hour while the Moon settles upon the Western horizon, in-near perfect aspect to the big planet. The talkative Gemini Moon, quite full of light, with good speed, and free of any unpleasant aspects, provides excellent support for the uncomplicated potency of Jupiter here.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius II is essentially a mini-series, offering few but precious items, some beloved classics befitting the season, and at least one fresh innovation. I pray it buoys your Spirit, and warms every aspect of your Being to its very core, in every positive, uplifting, and life-giving way it is possibly able.

Love, honor, and gratitude for the gifts Lord Jupiter so willfully and generously rains down upon the Good who ask (and are willing to receive).

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