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Jupiter in Sagittarius Ritual Salt

Jupiter in Sagittarius Ritual Salt


See that yellow salad spinning bowl at the top of the picture?

It’s filled with frankincense resin, which was fumigated and consecrated during Sphere + Sundry’s Jupiter in Sagittarius II election way back in October of 2019. Following 1160-days of quiet incubation — after playing a notably important role in the making of Opus (more later) — it was powdered in the day and hour of Jupiter with a hint of Butter Ocean’s residue, combined with purifying Dead Sea salt, essential oils of orange blossom, hyssop, manuka, more frankincense, and 24k gold.

A Ritual Salt of the highest holy + benefic order results, to apply, ward, and purify as you see fit!

Use as a candle dressing, sprinkle in floor washes and the corners/ thresholds of sacred spaces (or those in need spiritual protection). Carry on one’s person, in the car, and hand bags or briefcases.

Can also be used in a manner similar to magical Powders, sprinkling in the shoes, pockets, brassiere, or otherwise.

Brings luck and good vibes. Begets elevation, inspiration, protection, and purity.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass container with cork top for $28, or 2 oz bulk pot for $84





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3.5 in
Planetary Body

Fixed Star




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Jupiter ascending on October 18th, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

I’m obsessed with this whole series, but the salt especially is a nice primer for adding other materia, kind of like a kolonia. It helps to remove negative/draining vibes, while adding a layer of buoyancy, protection and optimism. I mix a few pinches in a spray bottle with distilled water and use it as an aura or room spray!


This ritual salt is bright! Good! Cheerful! Hopeful! I’ve carried a small vial of it in my pocket for protection and also added to a dish of water beside the bed and it made me feel warm and safe.

A helpful boost!

I like to sprinkle these in the area where I'm going to draw tarot cards. And, a tip I got from other testimonials is to sprinkle some, or "season," a candle before burning. I do all this to prep the space for a tarot pull. I will also sprinkle some in my slippers or shoes. The other day I got the idea to anoint a salt lamp we use as a night light in the hallway next to the bedroom door. As soon as I did so, my eye alit upon a lost earring that I'd given up looking for. It had bounced all the way from the bed to under the lamp.

Smells like Yule

The scent is comparable to Exalted Sol, only with Sky Daddy Jupiter as the magic in this salt. Works well in ritual but also just as a tiny pinch in your pocket, purse, checkbook, bed, or car... Im a 4th house Jupiter in Aries, and Jupiter rules my chart so I love using this in devotionals to Jupiter too. If you're not sure which Jupiter series to work with this is one of my top 2.

Jupiter powerhouse

The Jupiter is Sagittarius Ritual Salt is brilliant. It’s really potent, super uplifting and energizing. I love that this salt can be used in so many ways. Sometimes I just open the bottle and smell it when I want a Jovial boost, and it always brightens my mood.


I would definitely do a patch test on the skin before following my example, but I actually love using these as an exfoliant in my shower gel! I don't always have time/energy to do a full Ritual Bath but adding a pinch of these salts to my bodywash always helps me feel lighter/brighter.

Make Way for Jupiter!

I acquired this salt along with the talisman released with round two of this series. That being said, my experience of it is definitely tied to the talisman. I find it to be active, stimulating, soothing (warming), protective, and buoyant. It has served well as a sort of extension of the talisman when I've been traveling and felt the need to keep the talisman at home with my altar. I really enjoy the hygienic quality this salt brings. It's energetically tonifying in the same way that a hot stone massage dissolves tightness, kinks, knots, or blocks. The cleansing action is stimulating and nourishing in contrast to other forms of clearing which might feel more cooling and ascetic. I find this personally extremely helpful as I'm apt to always choose the latter and tend towards deficiency (from a health and energetic POV).
I'm excited to get more to experiment with on a more mundane basis considering the wide range of applications for ritual salt in general. 

I feed it to my tally & add it to candles & my pockets & hair sometimes

its subtle, or if not subtle then quieter than the other winter jupes. I forget ive done it sometimes then find myself making dad jokes that weirdly go over well and then noticing a lot of birds and feeling strangely wholesomely grateful! also I think theres quite a lot of frankincense in there bc if you get it really hot like say if you dusted a piece of metal jewelry with it and then fumigated that piece of jewelry then a crust would form which is great bc otherwise it doesnt stick to things like metal. it does disappear pretty nicely into cloth or hair or water etc though. also ive licked a little bit of it and it tastes like possibility.

Possibly the most potent S+S offering I have tried

This stuff is heckin great. It is so intensely protective, positive, immediate, and joyful - like a jolt to the system. It is probably the most potent offering I have tried, as well as being incredibly versatile. It is a very, very fine lightly scented salt. The first time I loosed the cap, a few granules spun out into the air and it literally felt like there were tiny motes of joy in the room. Immediate and powerful. A little goes a long way, and it’s so fine that you can dust a tiny bit in room corners and on tables without it being noticeable at all. Excellent as a floor wash to cleanse and air out spaces and fill them full of hope and joy.

My favorite scented S+S materia!

By far, this offers my favorite scent of all the S+S materia, which is quite a feat considering that everything Kaitlin weaves together is a feast for the nose! Just sniffing the bottle is nice to reboot the senses and the mood. It is one of the materia that I think gels well with layers with other series too. Big fan of putting it in cleaning solutions to help bring the good vibes into the space and near the bedroom for sweeter dreams.

All of the ritual salts are someone of my favorite S+S materia and the most versatile after the powder.


  1. The powder for this is very very fine. And I currently have it dusting a Jupiter candle. A little goes a long way, smells great, and given that I’m still burning the candle – happy to state that so far so good. I’ve also used this to dust a Jupiter mojo-bag. Would definitely rebuy again.

  2. Is there too much going on for one more ritual? Don’t underestimate the ritual salt in housekeeping ! Better than a smudge and more long lasting. Comes with Jupiterian good juju sparkles. It only takes a pinch!

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