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Ritual Tools


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    Ritual Bathing + Energetic Cleansing Kits

    The second restock of Sphere + Sundry's suggested tools for Energetic Cleansing and Ritual Bathing (+ space clearing!) as a full set, this round featuring the work of the wicked talented, entirely lovely blacksmith Liz Judkins of Ceremonia (seriously tho, peep her Instagram!) —
    • Iron Energy Scrapeys from Ceremonia (13" x 2.5" x .5")
    • Brass Incense Burner w/ wooden handle (9" x 4" x  4")
    • Box of premium Japanese White Ash (for the incense burner)
    • Brass Bell + Dorjee (5" x 2.75", larger than original kits - not pictured)
    • Large plastic pitcher (7.5 x 5.75 x 9")
    • Turkish Spa Exfoliating Glove
    Bath Salts and Anointing Oils offered separately. Kits are $149 and include an easy to follow printed version of the suggested ritual outline 🐳
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    Amethyst One Hitters

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    Amethyst one-hitters for smoking herbal blends, striated with quartz. Sound bathed in 432Hz using a crystal singing bowl attuned to the heart chakra, cleansed in the waters of Mt. Shasta, and fumigated with Ascending Heart Incense. Pairs well with Immortal Heart Smoking + Steeping blend, but can of course be used as the heart desires. Thirty were consecrated, offered for $33 each
  • $19.00

    Premium Bamboo Charcoal

    A beautiful box of 48 premium Japanese charcoal briquettes for burning loose incenses. The ragged edge can be lit using a lighter and blown upon for about 30 seconds. The coal will be fully lit and glowing within 2-3 minutes, no burner required, and with no chemical igniting agents. Best used on a bed of ash. $19

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