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Premium Bamboo Charcoal

Premium Bamboo Charcoal


A beautiful box of 48 premium Japanese charcoal briquettes for burning loose incenses.

The ragged edge can be lit using a lighter and blown upon for about 30 seconds. The coal will be fully lit and glowing within 2-3 minutes, no burner required, and with no chemical igniting agents. Best used on a bed of ash.


Only 1 left in stock




Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ellen Scordato
Excellent charcoal

I love this type of charcoal as it burns so cleanly, without smoke or odor. It’s also free of chemicals or additives. I was so happy to find a dependable source for it as it became hard to get here in NYC. I’m looking forward to trying more items from Sphere + Sundry.

Caitlyn Post
Hands down the best charcoal I've ever used

Burns so clean, no weird smell, and stays lit forever. I hope S+ never takes these out of stock because I never want to go back to other kinds of coal again!

Clean Burn

This charcoal is so much cleaner burning than the widely available incense briquettes. While there is definitely a charcoal odor it is not carry the acrid, chemical malodor of the round briquettes. I appreciate the much smaller size as well.

The perfect charcoal doesn't exi--

This stuff is the best: easy to ignite and clean burning. Seriously, I didn't even realize how clean a charcoal brick burn could be until I started using this stuff. I am now a charcoal snob; the cheapo self-igniting charcoal rounds I used to get from the Bad Man's Digital Shopping Platform smell super strong to me now.

I like to put a little mica sheet on top of one of these and put the incense on that.

Also! Heather (who left the review below), on the off chance you see this: rotate the lid a quarter turn! I had issues putting the lid back on mine too until I realized the box is slightly rectangular, not square; the lid only fits going the one direction.

Heather Weingartner
Great product

This product is wonderful, I’ve used it many times. With this particular package, however, the lid didn’t fit properly on the box.

Patricia Manning
Bamboo charcoal

I appreciate the smaller size of this charcoal. It comes in a beautiful box with Japanese lettering on it. I start using it while still red hot ( not cooled) with no problems. I’m using a ceramic cup filled with pink sea salt.

best charcoal

Easy to light. Clean burning with no smell.

Michael Leger

Very easy to light - a low candle flame is sufficient - and very clean burning. It is the highest quality charcoal I have used. It lasts 20-30 minutes.


  1. Very easy to light – a low candle flame is sufficient – and very clean burning. It is the highest quality charcoal I have used. It lasts 20-30 minutes.

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