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Beautifying Oils


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  • Exalted Luna’s Beautifying Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil

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    Organic and wildcrafted Luna in Taurus blend of beautifying herbs, consecrated at the height of Sphere + Sundry's Moon-Jupiter election, infused in a luxurious blend of rose hip c02, olive-derived squalane, and jojoba oils. Infused with remedial-grade pearl and 1% hyaluronic acid. White gold, dried flowers from the altar table, and organic, skin + hair s(m)oo(!)thing essential oils. Incredibly hydrating, and lightly cooling. Supports and reinforces systemic yin. Prizes self-care, encourages healthy attachment, grounding, and embodiment. Easily metabolized, gentle, and supportive. Draws resources and increases capacity. Chill, yet steadfast. The scent is reminiscent of The Empress' Beauty Oil, but less... 'pretentious', according to our lovely beta testers ; ) Incensed breeze, meandering through an almond grove beside a rose garden, overlooking a lake... Offered in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle for $97
  • The Radiant Glow of Perfect Health Hair, Skin, and Beard Oil

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    Inspired by (but not explicitly enchanted to!) the Goddess Aegle — daughter of Asclepius and Lampetia, granddaughter to Helios and Apollo, whose name means "brightness", "dazzling light" and/ or "splendor" — as in, the beautiful glow which results from perfect health. Sphere + Sundry's proprietary TCM-inspired herbal mix for Beauty and Hair, with additions of organic Son of Apollo blend, propolis, white lotus, 13 essential oils, and 24k gold, infused in 100% organic golden jojoba, argan, and emu oils. A few drops brings shine and radiance to the hair unlike any other (without giving a greasy look or weighing it down!), while application to the skin brightens, smooths, and softens. Use directly or as an addition to lotion, moisturizer, or other hair care products. Offered in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle with 24k gold for $91
  • Beauty, Hair, and Beard Oil of Venus Exalted II

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    100% organic beautifying, skin soothing, and hair smoothing herbs of a Venusian and Piscean provenance from both Eastern and Western herbal traditions, fumigated with benzoin and immersed in pure, uncut jojoba during the Exalted Venus II election, alongside genuine rose gold, purple jade, and pink amethyst. Lavender, frankincense, royal Hawaiian sandalwood, and vanilla. For the face and body, apply directly to the skin or add a few drops to moisturizer. For hair, depending on what type you have, a drop or two can be added to any other product to dilute it if pure jojoba weighs it down too much. Directly, our Beauty Oils work best when apply to the ends while wet for the most even disbursement. Makes you feel floaty, pretty, and easy going. Promotes relaxed enjoyment, gentle embodiment, self-love, and the soft, generous, and adoring treatment of those you encounter. Wear before ritual, socializing, or romantic encounters. Offered in a 1 oz dropper bottle with keepsake purple jade for $98 Other Beauty Oils (and their reviews!) can be found here... 
  • Luna’s Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil

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    100% organic beautifying, skin soothing, and hair smoothing herbs of a Lunar nature, fumigated with myrrh and immersed in pure, uncut jojoba during Moon Moon's election, alongside white gold, silver leaf, and saltwater pearl. Upon knowledge of this offering, a member in the Client Community inquired as to what it would be good for, in light of the other Beauty Oils having been for Venus... While those are likely better for pure physical attractiveness and facial symmetry, the Moon provides gravitas, fascination, and raw power, on top of being quite beautiful Her Illustrious Self. Within the planetary royal family, Venus is but a Princess to Luna's compelling, commanding, and irresistible QUEEN One might choose this on occasions where Venus isn't the goal and the Moon is more fitting, such as to business meetings, rituals of a more serious or mystical nature, or when wearing other talismans and materia to magnify their influence. The Moon is mature, seasoned, and the boss of our realm. Wearing this appears to promote auric density and magnetism, as well as bestowing a soft, cozy feeling to the energy body itself. Still a bit intimidating, however! And in that sense, it empowers one's ability to compel and command. People, animals, children, and spirits. This can also be used as a way less intense Anointing Oil (in terms of altering state, instability, and oversensitivity) compared to Luna's actual Anointing Oil. A good choice for people who want to wear the influence without jumping into the deep end, and likely better for day-to-day use. Softer. Gentler. But still very powerful The color and smell are naturally derived from skin-friendly essential oils, and wonderfully gender neutral with a light Moony musk. More sophisticated and complex than previous Beauty Oils, intended for application to the skin, hair, and/ or beard in equal measure. Offered in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle for $81, with organic chamomile, white gold and 9 very adorable pearls.
  • The Aerial Queen’s Beautifying Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil

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    Over 30+ Venusian herbs, flowers, and roots, from Eastern and Western traditions, ritually fumigated and immersed in 100% pure, organic argan oil during our Aerial Delight election. An oil for beautifying the skin (primarily one's visage, or the full body when mixed with lotion), and also promoting healthy, lustrous hair and beard — including growth *if desired*. This recipe is based off of the Hair, Skin, and Beard Oil from the Empress series, but has been expanded, improved, and brought into alignment with our Aerial Arcana. A point echoed throughout the otherwise phenomenal testimonials for the original goes something along the lines of: "I don't apply this to my skin because I don't want hair to grow on my face" — which makes a lot of sense! Allow me to clarify... This Oil is *literally* magic. Its magic is to promote physical *beauty*. The energies will stimulate hair growth where you want it, or stimulate other things (collagen production, for instance) where you want other results. Upon application, you *feel* the energetic infusion that leads to the beautifying result. These energies are guided by the Intelligence of Venus, and when applied (especially with intent, prayer, and supplemental magics: sigil shoals, petition papers for anti-aging, clarity, hair growth, &c.), incredible results in the realm of physical beauty can bloom — of and before you. Within as without. Offered in a 1 oz glass serum dropper jar with 22k rose gold and keepsake emerald for $98. Selfie in the image gallery following application of Rose Gold Honey Mask + this Beauty Oil to skin and hair (alongside makeup, obvs!)...
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    Empress Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil

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    Herbs, roots, and flowers from the Taoist and TCM tradition, classically used for topical beautification and to promote hair growth in consultation with Ashley Ayres, the collaborator who formulated our much beloved Forgemaster’s Dit Da Jow. Fumigated during the Empress operation and immersed in 100% pure organic, cold pressed argan oil with vitamin E. Aged for 10 months before being strained, combined with a light touch of skin soothing essential oils, and poured into glass serum bottles with genuine rose gold. Apply straight to the skin or add a few drops to moisturizer. Same for hair and beards. Massage into the scalp directly for hair growth. Non-greasy, and safe for all skin tones and hair textures. Offered in a 1 oz glass serum dropper jar for $77 Note: The pumps on the bottles originally ordered for this offering were not high enough quality/ did not work well, so we rushed to order something better. This photo is a placeholder. A new one will be uploaded as soon as the real bottles arrive later today or tomorrow!

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