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Beauty, Hair, and Beard Oil of Venus Exalted II

Beauty, Hair, and Beard Oil of Venus Exalted II

100% organic beautifying, skin soothing, and hair smoothing herbs of a Venusian and Piscean provenance from both Eastern and Western herbal traditions, fumigated with benzoin and immersed in pure, uncut jojoba during the Exalted Venus II election, alongside genuine rose gold, purple jade, and pink amethyst. Lavender, frankincense, royal Hawaiian sandalwood, and vanilla.

For the face and body, apply directly to the skin or add a few drops to moisturizer.

For hair, depending on what type you have, a drop or two can be added to any other product to dilute it if pure jojoba weighs it down too much. Directly, our Beauty Oils work best when apply to the ends while wet for the most even disbursement.

Makes you feel floaty, pretty, and easy going. Promotes relaxed enjoyment, gentle embodiment, self-love, and the soft, generous, and adoring treatment of those you encounter.

Wear before ritual, socializing, or romantic encounters.

Offered in a 1 oz dropper bottle with keepsake purple jade for $98

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2.5 in
Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2022. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body




HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Haley Hess
Pretty sweet :)

The compliments really rolled in the day I first applied this stuff. I’ve noticed myself trying on more stripped down looks and feeling so comfortable and pretty in them. Also improved relations with Pisces people. Smells great !


It took me a while to fully vibe with EVII but now I can't do without her. After a really long period of bad gender dysphoria/body dysmorphia, I've been adding a couple drops of the beauty oil to my hair care or skincare and have felt the difference in self-love and social ease.

Water and Swimming in Supple Waves

Um if you are ever overheated and overworked, this is the beauty oil to get to the other side (cough...overdid Mars materia lol). It's really unique and brings the best of the watery element of the Luna in Cancer oil with the side effect of emotional calm. It's not as strict as Venus Aerial Delight in making sure appearances are tip-top, but I do appreciate its charm, loveliness, grace, and self-love enhancing energy.

High level self-care

I adore this beauty oil. I find all of the Venus in Pisces offerings to be very accessible and natural, so I’m not surprised that this beauty oil has been the most lovely for me. Having a bottle of Venusian magic that I get to include in my skincare practice is divine. I blend it with moistuizer, use it on its own, put it on before makeup, after makeup, to gua sha, in my hair, and in any way I feel called when I want to radiate dreamy loveliness. One reviewer described it as “floaty, pretty, and relaxed”—a perfect description!


I have acne-prone skin and very fine hair, but the S+S beauty oils work fabulously for me. Pisces governs my 10H affairs--reputation, career, and the like--so this beauty oil has been such a boon with smoothing over relations with my boss and subtly blending in better at work as a closeted trans person. Like adding a gaussian blur between the best of who you are and who you'd like to project yourself to be; balanced between chilled-out and sparklingly engaged.

Pure luxury

I save this oil for dedicated self care routines / evenings as it feels so special (VAD is my daily one). It's pure luxury in a bottle. Exalted Venus is so lovely. If my mood is low I feel it helps to pair it with Jupiter or Asclepius.

Heymish Rorke
best of all the beauty oils for nighttime routine!

makes me feel like a precious teeny tiny treasure when I use it after thorough bathing & w skincare. the only one that doesnt make me break out or make my hair stringy even if I just apply it directly. little mermaid makeup


This oil makes me feel pretty and easygoing. It has a softening quality to it that makes it easy for me to relax without getting sleepy. A lot like the body butter for me in that it makes me want to pour my heart out. Definitely more on the floaty, pretty, and relaxed side vs the glamour and refinement side of the VAD beauty oil.


This oil is not as loud as other Venus beauty oils. It has gentle and softening feels of beauty to it. I love it the most when I want to look beautiful first of all for myself. Carries deep self-care promoting energy with it.

Soft and Relaxing

I’ve been adding a few drops of this to my regular, unscented body moisturizer, and the results have been great. It smells lovely (lavender is one of my favorite scents); my skin feels softer and seems to stay softer longer than with the moisturizer alone; and I generally feel relaxed wearing it. I usually apply it before bed on Monday nights (Venus’s night), and I always fall asleep and awaken the next day feeling rested.


  1. STUN. NING. Goddessssss of all that is perfect in holy in this universe~ I can’t get enough of these Venusian Beauty Oils <3 I originally thought that I was physically allergic to this one, which was honestly devastating, but it turns out that my reaction was coming from a different Form of materia in this series. I've been using this Beauty Oil non-stop for weeks now, and I'm beyond obsessed! One of my other favorite things is the VAD Beauty Oil, and they're equally incredible in every way. So how do they differ (other than composition, election, smell, etc)? I experience the VAD Beauty Oil as lush, luxurious, full; the embodiment and sensuality are second-to-none. It makes you feel divine, one with your Aphroditic self, which then becomes reflected in your appearance/ energy. With EVII, there is a lighter quality, and this is very true in the sense of the heart. There's a lifting of burdens, which translates to being rejuvenated… young, free, happy. It's such a powerhouse of renewal & refreshment. I'm totally in love. I need this foreverrrr ugh

  2. Buying this oil is potentially one of the best things you can do for your self-esteem. I have similarly sized skincare items that cost more and do not contain such potential. I quite honestly am going to buy *several* more bottles. I have struggled lifelong with my self-esteem and sense of worth being tied to my perceived attractiveness. This oil more than any other materia from this or any series places me in full embodiment of: “I am worthy, I am deserving, I am beautiful, I love myself”.

    I have good experience with various materia from various series and oh boy did this shift take the cake. I’d love to use this every day in perpetuity. I feel quite similarly about the DAII body butter (which I have reviewed as well) but the effects of the series are obviously quite different. Either way, they have given me a greater sense of ease in embodying my true self!

  3. This is my first experience with an S+S beauty oil and, uh, it’s not going to be my last.

    I’m at an age where I’m conscious of the unstoppable shift into cronedom. Emotionally, this is excellent news. Increasing wisdom, freedom, etc. Dealings with the camera, however, are getting more…real.

    A couple of drops of this beauty oil massaged into my face and the camera starts agreeing with my emotional experience of the world. The camera sees me as kindly as I’ve learned to see myself as a whole person. All the inner glow and luminosity I possess is brought to the fore. Such a sweet and heartening experience…and my vanity thanks Venus, Kaitlin and this oil, too.

  4. I treated myself to almost the entirety of EVII materia, and each offering is special in its own way. Needless to say, but I have LOTS to share about EVII; for now, this Beauty oil is on my mind. The nights that I apply this to my face and hair (it’s even nice for… the hair down there!) I feel like Sleeping Beauty knowing that in the morning, when I wake up, I’m going to love my reflection in the mirror. Seriously, I get lost in my reflection but not in my usual self-critical way, and not with a hint of narcissism.

    I seem to hold my own gaze in such a relaxed way. This oil gives me a hypnotic presence and a youthful glow. My 46 year old skin can be fussy with new “products”, but this oil obviously isn’t a product. It’s magic without all the chemical ick and marketing, and it makes me love myself after a long dry spell of avoiding my face in the mirror. I even anointed a wooden, natural bristle hairbrush with a few drops and have adopted a nightly hair worship ritual. Smells so light and yummy, not overly feminine, and like the other review mentioned, a drop or two will do ya 🙂 Big time recommend for reconnecting with what makes you uniquely beautiful!

  5. Y’all this is the real deal right here: ease and beauty in a bottle. I LOVE this product. It smells beautiful and a little goes a longgggg way. The magic is very soothing, relaxing…vacation in a bottle certainly fits. I highly recommend!!

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