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Luna’s Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil

Luna’s Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil


100% organic beautifying, skin soothing, and hair smoothing herbs of a Lunar nature, fumigated with myrrh and immersed in pure, uncut jojoba during Moon Moon’s election, alongside white gold, silver leaf, and saltwater pearl.

Upon knowledge of this offering, a member in the Client Community inquired as to what it would be good for, in light of the other Beauty Oils having been for Venus…

While those are likely better for pure physical attractiveness and facial symmetry, the Moon provides gravitas, fascination, and raw power, on top of being quite beautiful Her Illustrious Self.

Within the planetary royal family, Venus is but a Princess to Luna’s compelling, commanding, and irresistible QUEEN

One might choose this on occasions where Venus isn’t the goal and the Moon is more fitting, such as to business meetings, rituals of a more serious or mystical nature, or when wearing other talismans and materia to magnify their influence.

The Moon is mature, seasoned, and the boss of our realm. Wearing this appears to promote auric density and magnetism, as well as bestowing a soft, cozy feeling to the energy body itself.

Still a bit intimidating, however! And in that sense, it empowers one’s ability to compel and command. People, animals, children, and spirits.

This can also be used as a way less intense Anointing Oil (in terms of altering state, instability, and oversensitivity) compared to Luna’s actual Anointing Oil. A good choice for people who want to wear the influence without jumping into the deep end, and likely better for day-to-day use. Softer. Gentler. But still very powerful

The color and smell are naturally derived from skin-friendly essential oils, and wonderfully gender neutral with a light Moony musk. More sophisticated and complex than previous Beauty Oils, intended for application to the skin, hair, and/ or beard in equal measure.

Offered in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle for $81, with organic chamomile, white gold and 9 very adorable pearls.

In stock




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Date

Night of April 7th, 2022. Hour and Night of the Moon. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

It feels somewhat too large to attempt to describe this powerful and complex influence. It is clear that it is overall healing and true-making. In a very apt way of the Glorious Moon, is is also slippery, poetic, changeable and somehow mysterious in how it is unfolding and showing it's healing in my life. Sometimes healing is indirect, non-rational, and inconvenient to hierarchical "powers". This Moon will not be told to "smile". She is bigger, older and stronger than making nice. She is also soothing and can welcome home the deep, wild feminine in you. I truly love and respect this influence.

Grateful for her ancient wisdom

My first meeting with Luna in Cancer was so potent, I was almost afraid to engage with her again (not sure what Luna was up to in the sky at the time, but it was a major *magic is real* moment in my life - thankful for this in retrospect). Every meeting hereafter has been much calmer. While I can't speak to changes in my physical beauty, I definitely feel a sense of gravitas every time I apply it and am looking forward to continuing my work with Luna. The oil itself is beautiful to look at - those little pearls!

Heymish Rorke

I am not good at taking care of myself, im working on it but whatever. the other night I was settling into bed and I just felt gross so I decided to brush my hair. my moon altar is next to my bed so I thought huh dont mind If I do and applied some of the moon moon goodies. I haven't done this in forever but I ended up putting the beauty oil in my hair, brushing it all out perfectly & then French braiding it like a mom would, or at least thats what I think moms are like. I took my hair out of the two French braids last night to go to an event & it was the best its looked in a year maybe. the moon is my mom <3 and using this stuff is a way to access how she loves me & helps me to be cared for.


I like that others already pointed out the high priestess energy this oil carries. Totally agree with this observation. It took time for me to get used to the smell as initially I had olfactory hallucination with it, but once it has settled in my psych, the energy of flow and confidence is so treasures.


This oil makes me feel grounded and strong. Strong emotionally and strong in my presence. I've been down lately, a little less happy as I'm navigating a loss but wearing Luna oil makes me feel*better*. Not less sad but more equipped to handle being down.

High Priestess vibes

I have to agree with Kit’s review. This oil gives me High Priestess vibes! Luna’s beauty oil indeed makes one feel / be more beautiful, but not necessarily in a Venusian way but in a mystical way. As in Aphrodite is gorgeous for sure, but so is Isis! A different type of beauty, no more or less. I love this oil so much. I use it on my chest and shoulders and massage myself with it, thus not face, and often use it as a base for other materia. I don’t use it daily, it really depends on my own mood but also on where Luna is in the sky on that day.

Eternal oil

First of all, this oil is so beautiful, love the green color and musky smell. I use very little of it on my body usually during the night, as I want it to last me a long time. It is soothing, and great to get a good night's sleep and to understand and dig through your emotions. I wear it along EVII oil and it has always had a great effect on me. Definitely recommend! Use it along with Immortal Heart to dig through blockage and heal from any trauma.

Lunar Beauty

I was so curious as to how different this would be from the Venusian iterations of beauty oil. The first time I applied it I was a little stunned! It's difficult to describe, but I seriously appeared more... mysterious? High Priestess-like? to myself than I had a moment ago. As in, on an energetic level, but also I was slightly visually different to myself in the mirror. Put another way: compared with the Venus beauty oils I've used, this is a High Priestess to Venus's Empress. It's a more mature kind of beauty. The magic is palpable and deep in this one. (For reference, Cancer is my 10th house.)

(At 36, my skin is still oil-prone, so I always use this by mixing just one drop in with my usual moisturizer as the last step of my facial care regimen. It's able to sink in quickly and not feel over-saturated on the surface that way.)


This oil made me break out very badly on my face, giving me the kind of effect of having a cratered moon face. I didn't love that but in reflection, I became very aware of my nutrition and when I touched my face. And I feel sure that I am not treating myself well and the beauty oil reflected exactly that back to me.. That said, I began to reflect on my diet, my beauty routine and my general wellness. I've stopped using this oil on my face, but I also feel very aware of how I need to tend to myself in order to feel more beautiful. So Idk.


I really adore this stuff. After reading the write-up, I'm often very nervous to us items from this series. This oil has been a wondrous item to ease into use of it. I have a natal Leo moon, and often find relaxation/time-off to not be the easiest thing? This product has provided insight into the importance of inactivity, boredom, and rest.


  1. I’m a huge fan of the beauty oils, I went through a ton of the Empress oil, and I think LiC is my favorite. I have a natal Cancer sun and moon so this whole line has been a dream, but something about the beauty oil (applied to face/body + hair) offers an unmatched luminous and present quality. I always get compliments when I use it, like I’m shining from the inside out. It’s confidently empowered and embodied, whereas the Empress oil is more about beauty and the sensual experience.

  2. This oil is pretty! It’s a lovely blue-green like a moonlit night sky, adorned with pearls and chamomile. The oil smells of chamomile, bright yet soothing. It makes me want to go to bed and snuggle among the pillows. I love to use it on my hair and on my cuticles. I also like to add a few drops to my body lotion. I feel loved and cared for when I use this oil.

  3. I use a few drops of the oil on my hair or mixed with hand cream, usually before sleep. For me, in this particular formulation, Luna is a gentle, calming influence, which prepares the mind for a restful sleep. I also the chamomile scent!

  4. A beautiful green oil. I love using three drops of this after my moisturizer. It imparts a lovely glow and smells slightly herbal. I feel more balanced and regulated, calm and assured.

  5. I’ve been using Luna in Cancer beauty oil as an anointing oil for my lunar devotions, and also on my body- mainly a few drops spread across my belly and back.
    Trigger Warning: food issues.
    I’ve been suffering the after effects of long term stress killing my appetite. I could make myself eat, but not consistently, and my energy and general pleasure in life were lacking. Since this series has come into my life, I’ve been able to eat without that pleasure killing effort. Feeling hunger cues and satisfying them. I have not weighed myself, but I feel renewed comfort in my skin and so much satisfaction in being able to nourish myself.

  6. Luna in Cancer beauty oil clearly doesn’t have the punch that the Empress and VAD beauty oils – and it isn’t as beauty based. I feel like its more changeable. My Empress beauty oil is “gimme all the things” and you see those corresponding effects. LiC is softer, not as demanding, but no less powerful. Loads of water energy. The Empress beauty oil allows me to feel physically embodied, but Luna is more like “I am spirit that exists in the here and now”.

  7. Amazing stuff. My new secret weapon! 😉

  8. Seriously exquisite and while my journey with this profound series has only just begun, just looking at this feels divine, very beautiful, and working with it through meditation as I drifted off to a nights sleep it’s etheric possibilities began to reveal………

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